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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST #55 - Another Round for Everyone (Extended OST)

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST #55 - Another Round for Everyone (Extended Soundtrack/OST). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Original Game Soundtrack) Enhanced Edition. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt extended 56-track soundtrack. The soundtrack features 25 tracks previously unavailable anywhere else. For more information about The Witcher visit: Buy now: http://buy.thewitcher.com Facebook: https://www.fb.com/thewitcher Twitter: https://twitter.com/witchergame Homepage: http://thewitcher.com/witcher3 Instagram: https://instagram.com/cdpred/
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Text Comments (20)
SHADOWARRIOR mk2 (1 month ago)
"Up for a round of cards? More specifically Gwent?"
Urina Terapia (2 months ago)
Sorry for my English im from russia
Urina Terapia (2 months ago)
Wicher is nice
Eric G (4 months ago)
Hours and hours of time wasted on gwent, becoming the Witcher-universe equivalent of an ultimate pokemon card master
Vali Si Atat (4 months ago)
Link for pictures? please
BloodEagle13 (5 months ago)
Finding Ciri < Playing Gwent
philipp plein (8 months ago)
Dandelion ! Ready the tankards! We've guests ! Gotta love Zoltan's voice actor, perfect for the role
Yves721 (10 months ago)
Poor Fucking Infantry
Erik Andrews (1 year ago)
Yeah, toast!!!
Azeleen (1 year ago)
Philip Yuan (1 year ago)
i real like it!
Tekdrake (1 year ago)
Hip, hip, heeey!
Brising Conan (1 year ago)
Gwent !!!!!!! When you were losing them bam ! Blue stripes!!!!
iHeartAxes (3 months ago)
Northern Realms ftw!
Luís Miguel (1 year ago)
How about a game of Gwent?
GamingPride (29 days ago)
"Ever play gwent?"
Toodles Mcguee (1 year ago)
Geralt: "How about a round of Gwent?" Innkeep: *nods* _without saying anything, Geralt knows the universal meaning of that nod. He had accepted to play Gwent_
ElGamerVago (1 year ago)
Ciri+15, Geralt+15.. Gwent win
박지환 (2 years ago)
궨트브금 최고
Mickel Ntek (2 years ago)
i have the sudden urge to play a round of gwent.

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