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SNES Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch | 8Bitdo SN30 Pro / SF30 Pro Review

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8Bitdo throw their proverbial hat into the ring with their SNES-styled SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro for Nintendo Switch! But are they any good? Alex is the man to ask. ~ Some of the link(s) below are affiliate links; a small percentage of a sale may go to support Nintendo Life ~ Buy 8Bitdo SN30 Pro (Purple) ■ http://nintendolife.com/p/6861 Buy 8Bitdo SF30 Pro (Multicolour) ■ http://nintendolife.com/p/6891 Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (393)
Nintendo Life (7 months ago)
To put an end to the 8bit doo/doh argument: https://youtu.be/pGpe5ZlLdQQ?t=26 Now hush.
Lanceypantsy17 Gaming (2 days ago)
"ITS 8-BIT DO-" *FALCON PUNCH* Well he's gone now.
Dragon_Eat3r (1 month ago)
FUCK YOU its "doh". "Do" sound weird. BTW love your content ^-^
David White (5 months ago)
For those sill wondering; I emailed the company and they responded in these exact words: "Pronunciation is the same as DO". When I asked them, I was, of course, talking in English and I asked them it is pronounced like the English 'do' rhyming with 'you' or 'screw' or if it was pronounced more like 'dough'. So, they confirmed it's the same as their speaker product sounds: like a 'dooo' or 'you' or 'screw'. If anyone wants this email, PM me your email address and I can forward it. Or email them yourself.
Bruno Ilave (5 months ago)
Do: Japanese for "the way of". Karate-do: way of the empty hand. 8bitdo: the way of 8bit. Little cultural reference some people don't know, and its perfectly fine if you do not, as it takes some knowledge of the history of martial arts .
David White (5 months ago)
It's got nothing to do with how 'Nintendo' is pronounced.
LeadFarmer (12 days ago)
To be honest....I'm not overwhelmed by the rumble. In fact, I found the hd rumble on all switch controllers to be too underwhelming (grew up with psone controllers). I agree best piece of hardware for third party.
Andrew Dupuis (13 days ago)
nice does it work on nes and snes Classic Edition ?
Daniel Claggett (3 days ago)
I am not sure about the nes classic but it does work on snes classic although you will need an adaptor that 8bitdo sells.
Fixx Foxx (13 days ago)
These are incredibly difficult to sync to anything wireless. DO NOT BUY ONE! you will be frustrated!
Daniel Claggett (3 days ago)
I didnt have any trouble syncing mine. Did you have it on the right settings?
Vinzan (14 days ago)
Does it have the same D-pad problems as the Pro Controller's?
Neil MacPherson (14 days ago)
I like the north american controller better, probably just because I grew up with it.
Vivek (14 days ago)
Never had a PS. Wtf dude
Pro Nerdy (15 days ago)
I want a snes controller with colored buttons but also concave and convex buttons
randomsimplemovies (17 days ago)
parma bloody violets
Elon Pate (29 days ago)
Ish on I got one for 10 on ebay buy now from China est Aug 10 but will arrive June 26th :DD
TheA_Gamer554 (1 month ago)
i never thought I would say this, but this is perfect for sonic mania
Powderkeg (1 month ago)
Quit calling it the “SNEZ” it’s a Super Nintendo.
the bootlegger (1 month ago)
i'm a proud owner of this controller! the shoulder buttons and the triggers work perfectly for me(mainly because i use my index finger with it).i also love the fact that i'm able to use it across several devices!
SpazziJackazzi (1 month ago)
the modern day HORI??
Mugur Matei (1 month ago)
I just wanted to order 4 of these controllers but until the input lag thing is fixed I will stick with my official Pro Controller for the Switch. Great review!
Jorge Cardona (1 month ago)
I dont care for rumble. I never really did.
Shaun McCance (1 month ago)
Can anybody do a comparison between the N30 and the SN30? The N30 looks way cooler, but I get the impression that the SN30 might be functionally better.
superpaul (1 month ago)
The rubber is coming off of my analog sticks and it doesn't work online in splatoon 2 at all, but apart from that, GREAT PRODUCT, and cheaper too!
The Quest (1 month ago)
Every controller company should be racing to fix input lag before the release of smash bros
Samponsite 23 (1 month ago)
Can you charge these with the Joycon charging grip/Switch Pro Grip Charging cable??? USB C to USB A will it cause problems?
Gino Foogle (2 months ago)
my experience with the 8bitdo controller is that the connectivity with windows sucks major donkey dick..
Kamil S. (2 months ago)
Are shoulders buttons any better than those in nes30 pro? The latter break easily.
DJ Rainbow (2 months ago)
Does it work while the Switch is docked ?????
MedIevalCyrax (2 months ago)
Love the d-pad placement,excellent for fighting games and platformers.
KBMplays (2 months ago)
Hello ! I Need some help please. I have bought an 8bitdo n30 Pro Controller and cant connect it to the retron 5 console. I want to use it in tne wireless mode and what ever I do the n30 pro won t pair with the retron5. What do I have to do ? Is it the Firmware ? I have already installed the 4.10 Firmware. But nothing works. Please help me ! Thank You
Erlking Finn (3 months ago)
If I buy one, I will most likely break it through normal use. It's just me, I manage to break and lose stuff even if I haven't used it before.
Arden Drake (3 months ago)
Best thing is that it's really cheap.
J Frye (3 months ago)
hold the phone alex let me get this straight they want all consoles and pc computers gamepad controllers to have an analog sticks and vibrate exactly like a sony playstation's controllers aka dualshock style?
J Frye (3 months ago)
usb hunh hmmn well i know it's pc mac linux compatible too.
SIR1U5 (3 months ago)
what if you had 2 bitdo controllers plus two joycon grips, would there still be input lag ?
ThunderCats (3 months ago)
Do you call it Nintenduu? No? Don't call it 8bitduu.
strifeedits (3 months ago)
Have they updated the firmware to get rid of the lag yet? Thinking about purchasing one
Amon (3 months ago)
I want a Game Cube Pro Controller for the upcomming Smash
Muhammad Ahad (3 months ago)
Can this work for the Wii?
Michael Naas (3 months ago)
Anyone know if they have fixed the lag/connectivity issues with the switch in their firmware updates?
Dusty Dust (3 months ago)
Let me introduce you to the very shexual... The very toight... SF30 pro
tims (4 months ago)
Vinny V (4 months ago)
4:02 Input lag? Really Nintendo? Time to go back to wired controllers.
Vinny V (4 months ago)
0:22 "The old SNEZ controller".
AmadeusL (4 months ago)
I love that you added "through normal use". Subscribed.
4arms4life (4 months ago)
I might get this for my classic games on the Switch (Like Arcade Archives and Namco Museum).
Cristhoffer Diaz Santana (4 months ago)
Your links to Amazon are affiliate links, your review is fake news.
Fredrik Love Byström (4 months ago)
I'm getting two, one for me and one for my friend. both for swich use.
Fredrik Love Byström (2 months ago)
Glad to be of help.
itsGREGdudeTV (2 months ago)
Fredrik Love Byström I have one pro controller but i want a extra controller like this one for playing with my friends So, thx for your info dude ;)
Fredrik Love Byström (2 months ago)
it works very well for one player, but i wuld recomend to update them for multiplayer, and it is actually sooo comfortable. The buttons and rolling on the d-pad are a bit to loud, great feel though, and so is the rumble, (not updated), but this doesn't matter if you have hedphones. But another thing to note is than without updating it it get's lagy during online play. i wuld recomend these even if you have a pro controller. 9/10
itsGREGdudeTV (2 months ago)
Fredrik Love Byström does it works good?
Fillet 'o Fish (4 months ago)
Oh boy I love me a good Snezz controller
thesvc2006 (4 months ago)
your snark-ass comment telling people to hush when all it did was prove YOU wrong lmao! it's 'dough', just like YOUR little pushy-block said! haha
SlimeCityBlues (4 months ago)
that controller looks comfy as heck
Si Le (4 months ago)
Great review alex
Just bought one of these controllers on aliexpress, can't wait to test it out but I'm afraid it will last me a week or two.
Epsio0 (4 months ago)
How long is the battery life and what bluetooth adapter do you use to connect it to PC?
Msf101 (4 months ago)
LOL enable subtitles right when the vid starts
Michael Boster (5 months ago)
Go into options on Mario Odyssey and you can turn off rumble.
Sam Adams (5 months ago)
Ugh why can’t anyone make a cheaper pro controller that’s actually shaped like a pro controller... (and has motion controls)
TheTVisReal (5 months ago)
8 bit doh...
Ryan Kaine (5 months ago)
it was not made FOR switch. it's been around for a couple of years now. before they released switch
Alex Tesdahl (5 months ago)
Ryan Kaine you're thinking of nes30 pro
Esprit Orgue (5 months ago)
The SF30Pro should have HD Rumble.
happykid21 Garcia (5 months ago)
Anyone knows how to connect it to the ps3 ? Help plis.
Krisztian 08 (5 months ago)
you can turn off rumble in the system settings. (for switch)
Krisztian 08 (5 months ago)
also why are you hitting your head with a controller??
Thunder Draws (5 months ago)
if this is ever gonna be available for about 30 Euros I'm gonna buy it, I need a second controller for my PC next to my Xbox One S controller, and this one is more portable... probably better dpad, different layout... just 10 bucks more right now though edit: also!!! USB C!
El Comanche (5 months ago)
anyone have one of these? is the dpad good for fighters?
Bibasik7 (5 months ago)
Hello there, lovely D-pad!
Red-Monty YT (5 months ago)
for me I can connect 2 joycon, a ns pro controller, and a 8bitdo 30 controller and there is no lag....
Bran Lags (5 months ago)
Where did u get the Mario odyssey canvase behind u
n8m8s (5 months ago)
does it come with a charging cable?
Fennec Besixdouze (5 months ago)
By the way, the latency and rumble issues on Switch were corrected with a firmware upgrade. It's now the absolute perfect third-party smaller pro controller. Perfect size to toss in a backpack when you don't want to carry around the official pro controller. Also has the best d-pad available on the switch, making it the absolute perfect controller for games like Axiom Verge, Sonic Mania, Street Fighter, the upcoming Hollow Knight (which I play it on the PC with), etc. The one thing I hope they add is USB connectivity with the Switch (deep in the Switch settings, you can set the official pro controller to connect over USB-C). Also it would be cool if they would make a grip cradle for it to nestle in when you're at home that would add handle grips to either side of the controller.
Transfiguration (5 months ago)
I think the biggest downside, is that you can't turn the Switch on with the Home button, although, you can put the Switch into sleep mode with it. Not sure why you can't turn the system on with it, though?
N8tn (5 months ago)
Put on captions and look what it says in the beginning of the video (intro and first couple words) mine said “hey look they’re lovely people at Sonics women’s center”
Chris Sheppard (6 months ago)
"Eight-Bit Doo"
Jonathan Nedry (6 months ago)
A firmware update will turn the controller from a diesel semi-truck to a nice rumble in a controller
Brad K (6 months ago)
Firmware has toned down the vibration. That said some Switch games put out very subtle vibration and this controller either doesn't recognize it or if it does will simply do standard vibration, no HD rumble here. Although it has both R/L & ZR/ZL buttons I found it awkward to use them because the controller is fairly thin. I did start getting used to the form factor but playing Mario Odyssey and constantly getting standard vibration where normally it would be very subtle, with official controllers, just broke the experience leading me to returned mine. Show less REPLY
Marius Møller (1 month ago)
Well it's should make sense that this controller work best on 8 and 16 bit games, that's why I'm getting it.. For Odessey use the joy con's like me or the pro controller
David Navarrete (1 month ago)
RedGeoBlaze. Uh… You know Mario Odyssey has some moons you can only find by ground pounding every single square inch OR following the rumble, right? Right?
RedGeoBlaze (5 months ago)
Uh . . . You know you can turn off the rumble right? Right?
Rufioh (6 months ago)
does it work wired?
Rufioh (6 months ago)
why is it always amazon.com links? and no amazon uk links? come on Alex
Dante R. (6 months ago)
Where'd you get that Tostarenan + Mario print?
Nathaniel Engberg (6 months ago)
turning the rumble off is done from the switch settings menu or in game
Lyndan (6 months ago)
What kind of analog sticks do they have? If I wanted to swap them with some replacement sticks, could I? I mean, are they the same mold as any other controller analog sticks?
Abelsoli (6 months ago)
Is the lag problem from just 8bitdo controllers or all controllers as long as you have one connected?
Kolapot (6 months ago)
He wants the analog stick within the d-pad position. Ha!
Orbus G (6 months ago)
I'm getting one of these things purely for 2d/retro games on my switch so the rumble and control sticks don't even matter to me.
deusex machine (6 months ago)
if you ask me official switch pro controller should look like bigger original SNES controller (with PS4 like shoulder pads and hd rumble )
GamingMuscles (6 months ago)
Does these work on a real snes with the snes adapter from 8bitdo?
Jesse Darty (6 months ago)
I havent got this model, but ive had the old 8bitdo that looks like a NES for a couple years now (its got 4 buttons on the right like a snes). I bluetoothed it to my phone, and im able to play roms no problem. It even can be mapped quite simply in the playstore games (like Pacman CE and squaresoft jrpgs, thats all i got of "actual" mobile games.). Ive hardly ever charged it, which is weird. It must have a good battery in in. The d pad and the buttons are spot on and none of them have gone bad, even though its often in my pocket. This new pro controller probably is up to par. Its really a gamble with chinese companies and their products, but 8bitdo are pretty awesome. I also go a dual analog stick pro from them about a year ago. its a different one than these new switch pro ones. Theyre more circular and very flat with a blue light that runs across the bottom. the sticks when bad in my pocket. Im looking at this one and seeing its got the sticks in kinda a raised crevice. It looks like itd not be as susceptble to the sticks going bad maybe. Id have to see in person. Its probably not a good idea to keep it in your pants pocket regardless.
Patrick Williams (6 months ago)
I got one of these just last week, the rumble has been fixed in the latest firmware update. I have to agree, it was awful at first, but after the update, all is now well. I've yet to try it with lots of controllers, so I don't really know how it handles, but that is a minor thing for me since it's not often that I have multiple people on at once. Over all, definitely worth the money. Serious 10/10 would buy again.
The Mask animated series (6 months ago)
Patrick Williams nice
TheRassmaster (6 months ago)
Can anyone tell me if this is a good controller for the raspberry pi3? I'm sure it works for it but I want to know if this a good controller for it or is there better controllers? I preferably want something for SNES and 64 games
The Mask animated series (6 months ago)
TheRassmaster I have same plans as you. I want to know If I can use this wiredly, because Flirc case is said to muffle Bluetooth and WiFi signals a little bit.
Order of ICC Productions (6 months ago)
try using the controller for longer than 5min before making a review about it .... these style reviews are stupid
Nibernator (5 months ago)
garbage video.
Tomáš Bubeníček (6 months ago)
Man I'd love for 8bitdo to actually create a modern style controller, these controllers seem to have everything I want from a controller, but all of them have that old school shape that makes my hands feel cramped after a long session...
Tim Tishman (6 months ago)
I can't turn off rumble. And just realized you say it in the video as well. Why does it still stay on even when you turn off rumble in system settings. Wtf so annoying. It's terrible. 1/5
GamingMuscles (6 months ago)
Tim Tishman you can. L+R+Select
Alexander Wan Lum (7 months ago)
what firmware on the switch was he playing this with?
Caolan Robinson (7 months ago)
Everything he says can be quotes
lupahole (7 months ago)
i want this for windows gaming. Do you recommend it? you know, for nostalgia sake
SvenDaHacker64 (7 months ago)
Got SN30 Pro last night. Now I can use it for emulation on my PC ;)
Luke Jordan (7 months ago)
fyi the rumble can be turned off
Obi Wan Shanobi (7 months ago)
I want this for Mario Maker 2.0 and platform games in general 👴 cause I'm old AF.
FR7 Galaxy (7 months ago)
You can disable Rumble in the switch settings.
Sk8TheGamer (7 months ago)
Where did you get that tostarena poster behind you at???? I WANT ONE
Lionel Harris (7 months ago)
snez... omg... where you even alive when 9/11 happened?
The Dank Goat (7 months ago)
Skull Kid (7 months ago)
These controllers both look amazing
Billy Williams (7 months ago)
Version 4.0 did not work
Medachod (7 months ago)
The d-pad on this controller is miles better than Nintendo's. Really sad to say that, but it's true. Much better for fighting games and it presses softer. Sure wish the Switch Pro Controller one felt that nice. Sure wish the controller had HD Rumble, much less a quiet rumble. No third-party controllers ever have good rumble. They feel good, but sound too loud.
Kafka Crow (7 months ago)
but what about the triggers and bumpers? they look pretty small ... what do they feel like to press?
didz13 (7 months ago)
+Nintendo Life Great content. I would have a request: please put the title of the songs you use in your videos, not only out of respect for the copyright owners, but also for viewers who might be interested in the songs that you actually took time and effort to place in your videos.
Nathan Parrish (7 months ago)
What did he say at the beginning?

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