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The Witcher 3 | 6 Things To Get You Started | Xbox On

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Picked up The Witcher 3 and looking for some top tips and tricks? Then join Kate as she details all you need to know to get adventuring like a pro! _______________________________ This is Xbox On, the home for all things Xbox in the UK. Join our videogame experts: Benny “Shoot The Thing” Central, Kate “Let’s Talk About Biscuits” Gray and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd. We’ll be giving you exclusive content covering the biggest games, and news and events like E3, Gamescom, and Crufts (one of the above may not be true). It’s all you need to know on the latest games you love, Halo, Call of Duty, FIFA, Deus Ex, Battlefront, Tomb Raider and loads more. Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xboxuk Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Instagram: https://instagram.com/xboxuk/
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Text Comments (27)
We Are The Sons Of Mars (4 months ago)
Wait but if you play on the Xbox or PS4 doesnt that mean since you dont have 1 & 2 your choices can't be shown to effect the story? Or does it have some questions you can answer before starting the game?
Milkysoul2012 (3 years ago)
Just picked up the Witcher 3 and watched the video. Good tips Kate
komfortliinumb (3 years ago)
Hey cutie pie 😘
Stepperot (3 years ago)
Liking this channel!
Evil Lynx (3 years ago)
The only reason I bought Witcher 3 is because I thought you were pretty. Now it's my favorite game thank you :D
Noble Survivor (3 years ago)
Pls don't get and xbox save your money buy a PC if you want a free online gaming experience and not Xbox live rubbish For a free and better looking game come to PC battlefield Hardline run at a small 420 on xbox on PC 1080p don't be fooled!!!!
Stepperot (3 years ago)
420? Hardline runs at 720p because of bad development not the console Also PC gaming is only free because you are a thief.
lgd661 (3 years ago)
Go sell your crap elsewhere mate, and don't lie either pc is not cheaper in fact far from it over the years I dread to think just how much I have spent keeping pcs up to standard. Sure there's a lot of things that are simply free on pc but that money still gets spent so your fooling nobody, yes they have the power but in the end its not about power its just about prefered experinace and what suits people best or in other words its called choice and preference now go stick your nose where its wanted
Shalm (3 years ago)
trying to convince people not to buy an XB1 on a XB channel 😁
Sid Snot (3 years ago)
pls show how to make bombs and were are good places to get or buy ingredients for them.
Xbox On (3 years ago)
+Sid Snot Good shout Sid. We may well look into that in our next vid
Hypnostedon (3 years ago)
I'm in love with this girl. She is abl goddess 😍
Hypnostedon (1 year ago)
Justin Heywood (1 year ago)
Hypnostedon she reminds me of the girl from the mummy
Jabahaba (3 years ago)
Like if you're part of the ''I'm stuck at botching fight'' team
Xbox On (3 years ago)
+MrYuutube Ahh sometimes all you need is some good old fashioned level grinding. Glad to be of help!
Jabahaba (3 years ago)
I figured out that being lvl 3 (lvl6 was recommended) and trying to kill it was a bad combination xD All good now though! thx for tips
Xbox On (3 years ago)
+MrYuutube Cursed oil and lots of dodging is a necessity!
Fallout_and_more (3 years ago)
I was but im not no more (DONT KILL IT AND BLOCK)
Gary Shaw (3 years ago)
All good tips - keep it up guys and gals!
Gary Shaw (3 years ago)
I have finally got an Xbox One and The Witcher 3, so I'll be putting these tips in to action.
Xbox On (3 years ago)
+Gary Shaw Glad you enjoyed the video Gary, thanks for watching!
PC Monkfish (3 years ago)
Advocating Geese killing - the Daily Mail will be horrified! Looks good. Save myself for Arkham and try and play my Xbone and WiiU Pile Of Shame
ZT MAN 1 (3 years ago)
You gotta love your Xbox One RPGs!
Xbox On (3 years ago)
+TheZTMAN1 Dragon Age Inquisition followed by this has certainly rejuvenated our love for RPGs!
Noble Survivor (3 years ago)
+TheZTMAN1 I also love my PC which run it at twice the settings LOL i also love free online gaming on PC Save ya money
Dill kirwan (3 years ago)
What ones?

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