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How Microsoft Killed Its Own Halo Movie

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ツAllanzo (6 months ago)
I want a halo movie :(
RemixedYoshi (11 months ago)
Wouldn't be mad if they made a animated Mario movie But then Nintendo might start a Nintendo universe but doesn't that already exist eh
flikcbigg (11 months ago)
I do miss Plumpy but I feel that Jules has really come into his own since he left.
Darth Ruin (11 months ago)
It would have been good, it’s such a shame we will never see Spartan 117 on screen
viropher o.0 (11 months ago)
there's no such phrase as "death nails" you pillock
Omagari Toshi (11 months ago)
Angry Birds wasn’t bad at all, everyone’s ignoring that one.
lennart pohl (11 months ago)
manner language church square weakness economy custom feed cell must cross hero swim cousin
Grant Gardner (11 months ago)
I still watch the 8 minute live action bit from time to time
simen30 (11 months ago)
we got district 9 which is even better than a halo movie
Travis Waller (11 months ago)
Another shitty video gam movie was by far the shittyist is Prince of Persia
Travis Waller (11 months ago)
Not all video game based movies are bad, assassin's creed wasn't that bad. It's still the best video game movies out there, doom is one of the worst because they pretty much said f u to the source and do their own thing.
RedEyesTops (10 months ago)
Super Mario Bros is the absolute worst. I think Mortal Kombat, Tekken, the animated Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII movies aren't too bad. I think the main problem is that they don't stick to the source material enough or the companies that own these titles aren't involved enough. Whatever it is, it feels like they don't know shit about the material that exists
David (11 months ago)
I don't blame Microsoft. Hollywood has a tendency to fuck over IPs for a couple quick bucks (that somehow still get counted as losses for tax purposes) and leave the source material battered and crying. Look at what they did to Indiana Jones, Terminator, Batman (before Christopher Nolan), Starwars (prequel trilogy), the list goes on. Granted, Microsoft fucked Halo up after Bungie left anyway, but unless you really wanted a Mario Bros movie treatment, be glad it never happened.
Cherry Bomb Studios (11 months ago)
Aaron Freeman (11 months ago)
Really enjoyed this format
Oscar Meyer (11 months ago)
On the one hand the level of involvement from Microsoft clearly alienated studios and resulted in no film at all but on the other if they had simply let studios get on with it we may have got another dogshit videogame adaptation with damaging connotations for one of Microsoft's biggest IPs, is it better that Microsoft wanted to stay involved and make it good in their own naive, bumbling way?
Aaron (11 months ago)
Thank god they didn’t. Game movies don’t work, EVER.
Brennan Scarcello (11 months ago)
I love getting shit faced drunk and watching YouTube videos at .5 the speed. Its like they are drunk with me.
NirvanaFrk97 (11 months ago)
If Microsoft does do a Halo movie, have it revolve around standard soldiers or an ODST squad at best. Spartans, are too silent to keep a casual audience from caring about them. Forward Onto Dawn did it pretty well.
Rosencrantz (11 months ago)
Soooo Microsoft BOTH ruined the HALO movie AND the game........since they put 343 in charge HALO has been SH*T.
Milton De La Cruz (11 months ago)
Jules is the tits.
Michael-Paul Thompson (11 months ago)
This was the best WhatCulture video I've seen since Plumpy used to do 'How They Should Have Made's. This type of well researched, well written, and well presented content is what I subscribed for, and while the News articles started off in a similar quality they've become so inundated with poor research, a lack of knowledge on the presenters parts, and so much personal ego and the personas you've all written yourselves into, that they're not that fun anymore. More videos like this, that put facts and stories AHEAD of the Your Mum jokes, are a great thing to see back on WhatCulture
asmith121 (11 months ago)
We can be grateful that Halo never made it to the movies though. It more than likely would have turned out like all the game to movie attempts; unsuccessful heaps of garbage.
Richard Walker (11 months ago)
Nintendo: "we will stick to anime, with one approaching 1000 episodes, whilst also planning a Netflix anime done by the guys behind the castlevania anime"
Taylor Piotrzkowski (11 months ago)
I like this format as a change of pace!
McKenzie Johnson (11 months ago)
You should maaaybe possibly use a different mic next time cuz this was was peaking a lot and sounded muffled. Maybe different placement?
UNDEFEATED (11 months ago)
microsoft always knows how to fuck things up.
NodMan (11 months ago)
*_It's Halo, it killed itself..._*
TheDarxide23 (11 months ago)
How long before a huge game dev studio just says fuck it, and starts their own full blown film studio the way Marvel did.
Nino Stark (11 months ago)
If they genuinely believed in the project they could've funded it themselves. Microsoft/Bill Gates aren't exactly scrounging for pennies at the moment.
Dan 123 (11 months ago)
Tbf district 9 is better than halo ever would have been
Ryan Dunklee (11 months ago)
5hrs and only 71 comments these people need more support
Dawpress Dawpress (11 months ago)
What about forward unto dawn
AEmilius Resurrection (11 months ago)
Not hating on Jules, but why suddenly we get SO MUCH Jules? He's like +80% of What Culture nowadays (except for the wrestling branch, which I don't really watch).
PurpleIsALetter (11 months ago)
After the premature demise of the movie, Microsoft decided it was time to ruin the games as well by putting 343i in charge. Nice going Microsoft, ya cunts.
VideosNoOne (11 months ago)
But what came of it was that Blomkamp directed District 9 instead and it was really good. So I think the movie would have been at least decent
Komodo Dargon (11 months ago)
Microsoft has been spinning out of control since they cut Bungie out of the picture. They have the best hardware but no exclusives and can barely even make their own OS work anymore let alone a gaming system's software. I'm excited to see Microsoft start failing because it's about damn time, all they've done in the past 10 years is drive up property cost and invite a bunch of rude people from India over.
The Cookie King (11 months ago)
And yet there have been 2 Halo movies...
John Redican (11 months ago)
What would the game industry be like if it was run more like the film industry? And it was all owned by Disney... :P
Addison Gillespie (11 months ago)
Any news on the Halo tv show with Steven Spielberg?
Mark Pate (11 months ago)
Addison Gillespie haha yeah right, just a bunch of bullshit to sell their system. I was actually really excited, when I first watched the video. Sad dude
Alexx G954 (11 months ago)
Halo had a pretty decent animated movie. Red vs blue had some great scenes but altogether was trash https://youtu.be/5ZxFo1pGbK0
The Satyr (11 months ago)
Activision sucks dick
What the fuck is a master chief
Brumakian Productions (11 months ago)
meninist[cancer]Linus just the tips a master chief petty officer in the military, look it up
Christopher Thornton (11 months ago)
This whole story is like a microcosm of the Ballmer years at MS. You could basically apply everything that went wrong here to the Nokia/Windows Phone debacle for example. Man, much as I like MS' new direction under Nadella, I miss Ballmer's crazy.
Randomark3087 (11 months ago)
Halo Legends was good
Andrew Joya (11 months ago)
Haylbays ! I care about canon and read the books, and I still love Halo Legends
Haylbays ! (11 months ago)
Randomark3087 Not if you care about canon and read the books.
Anthony Thompson (11 months ago)
TheUndying Rose (11 months ago)
The only good game movie in my opinion is Warcraft but it is blizzard they’ve always made amazing cinematic sit wasn’t much of a step to a movie
Redlife666 (11 months ago)
They would have made the Force Awakens money had they done it right. When Halo was at its peak. But when you come off as a dink well.....
NitRam TV (11 months ago)
Halo content creator over here 💪😎
Dominique Norman (11 months ago)
total forgot about they was making a halo movie
Beng (11 months ago)
Can't blame Microsoft for being controlling. They were trying to avoid making another "Doom" movie. The rest of it was pretty mental though.
RedEyesTops (10 months ago)
They could've just said something like "Look, we want you to stick to the games as much as possible and we want to overlook the production." Pleasing Halo fans would have to be the number one priority, so they could've kept an eye on casting choices, scripts, direction and things like that. I think it would've been fine if they'd gone about it that way.
The Potato (11 months ago)
I kinda like doom movie. At least it's not as awkward as assassin's creed.
Lennier Dray (11 months ago)
That was freaking amazing pmsl i love halo but this made me laugh XD
xX Valtiel Xx (11 months ago)
Nah, screw videogame films, they´re all bad.
Ragnar (11 months ago)
you forgot to mention that put of this project, district 9 merged
Darren D. MacDonald (11 months ago)
The movie had crew already lined up. The production fell apart and turned into District 9. With the more high profile keys leaving, District 9 promoted some of the assistants. A student from my program was hired as a camera assist, but when it fell apart he was promoted to camera op, thus launching his career. He's since been DOP for Chappie, Elysium, Captain America 1 and 2, and the 2 upcoming Avenger Films. So, i mean, not everything about the failed Halo film was bad.
Ninjamaster227 (11 months ago)
Honestly the only adaptation, want is an animated Contact Harvest show/movie like what fall of reach got
Mike, from Texas (11 months ago)
If you can do another one of these, *fuckin' do it.*
kempo10 (11 months ago)
WHY??? *slaps bald head* HERE'S WHY...
HanDerJim from norway (11 months ago)
umm itss halo move out there btw i sen it... dont know what to think
Ninjamaster227 (11 months ago)
gave up on halo when that “new” alien race that never leaves the ONE place they live, who the covenant just decided to leave alone showed up in Nightfall. For basically no other reason then the director wanting to make a new halo race
RufescentEAGLE (11 months ago)
There are a few good halo movies thought
RufescentEAGLE (11 months ago)
JLoughlen I thought forward unto dawn was pretty good. Nightfall was so cringeworthy, I could taste the low budget.
JLoughlen (11 months ago)
RufescentEAGLE meh, nightfall was bad, forward unto dawn was ok, fall of Reach had a terrible art direction and animation style, only Halo Legends was good tbh, but it wasn’t even a movie
Monkismo (11 months ago)
Love Halo but not convinced it would be a good movie.
maxi2643 (11 months ago)
Eric DiCocco (11 months ago)
halo 6 will almost certainly be on pc
Andrew Hall (11 months ago)
but Jules man they did make a halo movie it had the girl that parlayed the other sister in Narnia in it ? lol
First Cooommment (11 months ago)
Man people make some of the weirdest decisions. Can you imagine an Harvest Moon movie starring Vin Diesel.
Don't Read My Picture! (11 months ago)
*_never read my profile pic_*
Napoleon Bonaparte (11 months ago)
Everyday is a blessed day not a damned day you privileged trendie!
Nekogiri (11 months ago)
Oh well...i stick with red vs blue then. I don't think, the movie would be better than this series. :3
Bryan Fehr (27 days ago)
Can you just imagine a live action Red vs Blue movie but with the guys who did Super Troopers and the RvB team making it
Napoleon Bonaparte (11 months ago)
Don't you know how many Kevin Spacey Harvey Weinstein Satanic pizzagate pedophile rituals have to be performed to produce a a a a movie
Grant Gardner (11 months ago)
The problem is that Halo has a silent protagonist. It's hard to write a good script around that. Even if it were written well, the story of the games branches almost two decades, so it would be a monster task to establish the cinematic universe, let alone continue it in its entirety. I'm a huge Halo fan. It was the first FPS I ever played, and it is one of the flag ships of the genre. However, I feel attempting a cinematic adaptation would fall short of what it represents to its fan base. But if you must.....Ron Pearlman as the voice of Chief, pretty please.
modernwarrior24 (10 months ago)
Grant Gardner Just alter Halo CE a little and give chief a few more lines. Plus cortana is the one who fills the void for talking anyways. The while wonder of the original halo was taking it all in. There isn't that much of a need to have someone talking every 5 seconds.
Jewel Jade Flores (11 months ago)
No Chief is not silent but the big problem is his face is not seen in games. And faceless protagonist don't really standup well in movies. Studio want to use major actors with face value for money but showing Chiefs face in movies will anger most fans.
WHITE DYNAMITE (11 months ago)
Grant Gardner Ron Pearlman sounds and even looks much more like Lord Hood. He'd be perfect for that roll instead of Chief.
Grant Gardner (11 months ago)
Tenacious Drip Since it took multiple episodes, you cared about the story. If they were to make it into a series it would be great. Similar to how The Walking Dead did it
Tenacious Drip (11 months ago)
Halo: Forward onto dawn was good in my opinion
Victor Von Deathstroke (11 months ago)
Halo Nightfall and Forward into Dawn were good movies. They should've made a Reach movie
Turles r Good (11 months ago)
Victor Von Deathstroke they did fall of reach
Napoleon Bonaparte (11 months ago)
People who don't like Halo are usually satanic
Revive Me (11 months ago)
Or PlayStation users...
Hikaru WDM (11 months ago)
Microsoft should have just let them do the thing they've been doing for years!
ScubaSte3ve (11 months ago)
it could be shit...but a movie, if done right, would give Halo some of its rep and mojo back and could help the series become major again...maybe lead to the next game in a sense I dont know I miss Halo man
Karl Voldemar Palm (11 months ago)
I would have loved to see a movie about the fall of Harvest, a kind of bitter story about loss, knowing how in the end it would end happy but this story wouldn't be like it.
Matt (11 months ago)
The thing about it is, knowing that video game based movies are known to flop
ツAllanzo (6 months ago)
Matt what about warcraft
Z B (11 months ago)
Mortal Kombat was the best
Travis Waller (11 months ago)
Matt assassin's creed wasn't that bad it's still one of the best video game movies
Kadeem Vermillion (11 months ago)
You right. It's very rare that you find a successful game movie.
RMS (11 months ago)
Didn't they already make a halo movie
smart mason (11 months ago)
what about the pokemon movies those are based of a game
smart mason (11 months ago)
But it started as a game first then those things but it prove it the type and still of the game being trund in to a movie
Hikaru WDM (11 months ago)
smart mason yeah but the pokemon anime and manga (and card game) series was released either simultaneously or slightly earlier than the video game series, thus covering all they key areas a film would have to at least hint at given its time constraint! Taking a load off the shoulders of the animators in this case. It also helps that the pkmn movies continue the story of the anime rather than condensing the anime into a, well, a movie! I personally think that's why film adaptations like death note fail so hard.
Pikachu (11 months ago)
I really want an halo movie !
Edgar (11 months ago)
there already is one... it's SHIT!
Finn Malone (11 months ago)
GamingWith Ashwin Same
OfficalGuardian (11 months ago)
Halo + WhatCulture = 😍
striker senternal (11 months ago)
Edited comments are really fucking stupid
Master Chef (11 months ago)
+some random guy on the internet I don’t know why, but it took me a while to notice the comment was edited. I’m a fucking retard lol.
Dom Fabio (11 months ago)
KappaKiller108 exactly
GoombaGenocide (11 months ago)
Not as stupid as anyone who thinks thats clever
Renovski (11 months ago)
Under 100 views !!! Yaay
LSTNR (11 months ago)
Thank god
Powwwerr % (11 months ago)
Lindley Trueblood (11 months ago)
Unknown Bro no

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