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10 Best Xbox One Games That Are Now DIRT CHEAP

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Looking for solid games to play on Xbox One but not willing to break the bank? We've got you covered with some game prices that have aged like fine wine (*chef kiss*) Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv 10- Ori and the Blind Forest 9- Dishonored 2 8- Quantum Break 7- Final Fantasy 15 6- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 5- Sunset Overdrive 4- Halo 5 Guardians 3- Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 2- Batman Arkham Knight 1- Cuphead Bonus: Titanfall 2 Dying Light Rare Replay Rocket League
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Text Comments (808)
Chesco (1 day ago)
Titan Fall 2 ($10), Borderlands Collection ($15), Skyrim HD ($15), Bioshock Collection ($15), GTA V ($15).
Steven Machurick (9 days ago)
dying light is the best game you mentioned out of this whole video...... should have been your number one.
Master Duk (9 days ago)
20 bucks is a lot for dirt but cheap for a game
Rumen Videnov (12 days ago)
I got batman arkham knight GOTY for... 10-12$
Titanfall 2 often goes on sale on Xbox live for €6.99 as well which is a steal! And that's for the Ultimate Edition with all the dlc!! Can't go wrong with that!!
Kenneth Hartman (18 days ago)
I loved sunset overdrive!
fernand gauthier (20 days ago)
the only good game i remember on the game whit gold program is Dark Soul 1 . ff15 is a mmo ... not a classic rpg if you like 150 hours of go there kill that go there bring back some ingredient for cooking 😢😯 . it will be a gwg free game before 2020
jamicheal gates (22 days ago)
Sunset overdrive great game
jamicheal gates (22 days ago)
$9 at wal mart sunset overdrive
jamicheal gates (22 days ago)
I love it
Danny D (23 days ago)
"Xbox one games"
shivanksolaris (23 days ago)
Fifa 18 10$
Weediot (23 days ago)
Dishonored 2 is the best game on this list no lie.. when you unlock new game plus and can experiment with all the powers.... My God... The detail of this game is insane like the difference between high chaos and low chaos is crazy. Little things like how npc interact with one another. And holy shit the time powers on here is ssssssooooo satisfying
RedSlashGaming (23 days ago)
Good games 😊
Joshua Minix (24 days ago)
And the best place for a dirt tier gaming experience
Emperor_ Shädman (24 days ago)
Quantam break tip: git gud with the sniper rifle and never drop it. Makes the game insanely easy.
chris leff (25 days ago)
GamerTree69 Just GamePlay Why No Vlog ?
Nate Rivera (25 days ago)
Doesn’t have anything with the video, but I wish the sound that plays in the intro was available as a notification sound.
vagrantmessiah (25 days ago)
Arkham Knight the best Batman game? Were you actually being serious about that? I can sum up why that's wrong in just one word: BATMOBILE
Jack Fisher (26 days ago)
Gears of war sucks! Batman is a winner here. Anyways Xbox offers game pass , EA access and games with gold.. If that is not cheap enough then stay off the console, it is just not for you. Titles offered by game pass and EA access are just great. And EA access is just so so cheap...
Pyro_ Doctor (26 days ago)
I just bought the 2016 DOOM for $15 at GameStop for Xbox one.
TheSameDufus (26 days ago)
Every price mentioned is easily beaten on eBay. Half the price or LESS of every price mentioned in the video. And I am not exaggerating.
Jesus Almanzar (27 days ago)
You don’t no HALO 5 is the besssst HALO THE BEST GAME EVER
ch2onic (27 days ago)
game pass has a few of the games listed
badb37t (27 days ago)
Playing on pc has it's advantages too you can buy new games cheap because your not forced to only buy from the market place or the shop
james m (27 days ago)
I completed Dishonored 1 but never really felt like it was great
TigerKitty 2 (28 days ago)
I only agree with 2/10: Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain maybe Halo 5...
Will Stopka (28 days ago)
take out halo 5. worst one in the bunch... and talk about multiplayer graphics... literally hurts my eyes playing it
John D (28 days ago)
$14 for FF15 right now on amazon, picked it up.
Dozer Taylor (28 days ago)
Several of these are also on Gamepass right now.
Angelus Nielson (29 days ago)
The Arkham Knight game has been patched to playability on PC.
guitar6664 (1 month ago)
I found a game for Xbox One that reminds me of the movie called Grave Encounters. The game is called Outlast Trinity for Xbox One and I found this game at Best Buy for $20.
Lobo 229 (1 month ago)
Totally agree with another user on here, "dirt cheap" should not mean $20. P.s. Arkham City is the best Batman game. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. - Dennis Miller - Lobo229
The Blind Raccoon (1 month ago)
I just buy games when they first come out because I'm not poor..
Sleepy Jarvis (1 month ago)
$20 for Sunset Overdrive is crazy, I bought it brand new at Walmart for $12
Amfibios (1 month ago)
that's one badass thumbnail on the vid, what game is it from?
Silxnt Scout (1 month ago)
Why is halo 5 here, come on gameranx
Ormus (1 month ago)
Both dishonored games were amazing imo. Well worth it at full price.
Antonne Turner (1 month ago)
Xbox games are trash
PrimePikachu (1 month ago)
half the list isn;t console exclusive on a console based video
elijah galvan (1 month ago)
I Own 90% of these games due to sales 😂 hey you forgot Doom 2016 you can find that for $15-$20 easily and Deus Ex Mankind Divided as well
WeSeeAsWeSpeak (1 month ago)
Im getting Batman now
Raoul Iacob (1 month ago)
That because every x box user sold his console and bought PS 4 Pro 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Artis Lapsley (1 month ago)
Cuphead is hard as shit..STILL havent beaten the frogs or the flower on normal yet 😠
Fuzzybunny 5150 (1 month ago)
Bret Hudgens (1 month ago)
I'm glad you put Titanfall 2 in there at the end. it is probly the best FPS of this generation with a great campaign, That everyone thought they would have mailed In just to make people happy. Since you squeezed it in at the end I'll cut you a break. I'll give you a thumbs up should have been on the numbered list. my opinion number one.
Cameron Williams (1 month ago)
What's the game in the thumbnail
Fenris Ulfr (1 month ago)
Most of these are on gamepass. Lol.
resourcesaver1 (1 month ago)
Batman Arkham Knight is on PS Now. Is it on Xbox Game pass?
Devin mccampbell (1 month ago)
I don't know what your definition of dirt cheap is but mines is like 3 games for $2.50
Jolly Cooperation (1 month ago)
We both have very different perspectives on *dirt cheap* Gameranx definition is 20 bucks. My definition is 5 bucks.
Ninjagamer 247 (1 month ago)
can you do one like this for pc
halowaffles (1 month ago)
Sunset overdrive was actually fucking fun. Mindless, but just get super high and watch the time fly by lol
HyperVenom523 (1 month ago)
Please put game titles bigger, the way they look are too small and not bold enough to see them, thanks!!
Fable (1 month ago)
sunset overdrive
Torak and Wolf (1 month ago)
Borderlands: Handsome Collection? So much content for such a low price.
Daniel Curtin (1 month ago)
Nice video but I do not agree about that being the best Batman game. The batmobile killed that chance.
Mr.SmithGNR Smith (1 month ago)
I still play Arkham Knight at least once a week
Mr.SmithGNR Smith (1 month ago)
Dishonored 2 is criminally underrated...played etc
mousek801 Mousek801 (1 month ago)
Sunset overdrive was so repetitive, more so than any other game I've ever played.
Mareep king (1 month ago)
Played the story mode of gears of war 3 20 times for some odd reason
Matthew Byrd (1 month ago)
Just picked up Titanfall 2 for eight bucks at Walmart!! That is a super steal!
Ruso (1 month ago)
Just got Resident Evil 5/6 for $8 each with all DLC included...
ArawnDan (1 month ago)
Truthfully I own all these games except Halo and Gears. Got Recore for cheap some time back. I kinda like it.
David Winters (1 month ago)
If they are the best, I would hate to see the worst games.
Delta Frost (1 month ago)
Buy gears UE people! We need more peope for KOTH😁😁
Johnson W. (1 month ago)
Sunset Overdrive and Arkham Knight are pretty good games.
ItmustbeF8 (1 month ago)
Ravus ;(
darthwisner47 (1 month ago)
Titanfall 2 Ultimate edition is routinely $6 on sale at Microsoft store.
Csumbi (1 month ago)
i hate the combat in ff15, and i hate the fact that ff7 remake is coming with the same combat system
Dylan Meier (1 month ago)
Great video have a safe and awesome day! God bless!
Happy Raven (1 month ago)
FAKE NEWS !! xbox doesn't have good games
Samikall (1 month ago)
Quantum break was actually pretty good.
Agumon5 (1 month ago)
Rare Replay and Sunset Overdrive are fantastic games that are still exclusive to the Xbox one.
*Son* (1 month ago)
I feel like you haven't even played most of these games cuz saying batman arkham night has enjoyable gameplay is a lue
Donut Frump (1 month ago)
Great list for gaming on a budget, good job.
jake plant (1 month ago)
You should have just titled yours "10 great older Xbox one games" and left the price/deal factor out. Pretty much every one of these can be bought for half the price you mentioned by just waiting until they go on sale in the Xbox marketplace (Ori is routinely on sale for $10 during every big sale), or at a place like Target (I've seen FF15 gold edition which has all the dlc on sale for $20 multiple times). Buying them used at GameStop is possibly the cheapest way to go for a lot of them. I bought sunset overdrive for about $7 (which is closer to it's price during sales on the Xbox marketplace) I also picked up the double pack rare replay/ gears ultimate for around $20. I'm sorry for the long comment, I think you do a great job explaining and commenting on each game, but the price aspect could be much more helpful.
Phillip Lemmon (1 month ago)
And most of not all of them can be played on pc..... THE MASTER RACE!!!
not a troll (1 month ago)
Sunset overdrive is my favorite on the list. Its got a good story
Mr. Burrito (1 month ago)
Destiny2 just became free on Ps4
Hunters Last Nightmare (1 month ago)
What’s the game in the thumbnail?
andreas krallis (1 month ago)
falcon your the man , love ya bro
Sean Cannon (1 month ago)
Ugh... this video set off my echo too much... "Amazon" is the wake-up word...
Apoxiosis (1 month ago)
quantum break is shit. its not even a game, its an interactive movie. pls redo list.
Gub Gub (1 month ago)
i do not condone the use of halo 5
Nathan Brown (1 month ago)
Hey the new starwars was 9$ a few weeks ago pretty good for the store but we all know pc gonna have the best prices g2a!!
Black_Leg_Sanji (1 month ago)
I got Arkham City for like 20 bucks
Marc Andrei (1 month ago)
Ya better make a pc version
Dani3po (1 month ago)
Buy the games in the Turkish Store. They are dirty cheap right now.
Snake Eyed Ghoul (1 month ago)
Dark Souls III was under £10 on Amazon and, my word, if the class based RPG games are your style you CANNOT turn that offer down
Finlay Martins (1 month ago)
dishoured 2 never quite resonated with me quite like the first one did, I'm still not sure why
drysty (1 month ago)
why isn't prey on here?
Michael steffens (1 month ago)
This is why we listen to non monetized channels more than yours.
Nathan Flannery (1 month ago)
What a joke, putting Boy Band Simulator on the list at #7.
Michael Johnson (1 month ago)
Bf 1 just had a huge deal on the xbox marketplace. 7 dollars for the premium edition
thebootydudes (1 month ago)
I would never consider 20$ dirt cheap. If you want a more honest video, a lot of these were free at some point with games with gold like sunset overdrive, and also if you had the game pass you’d be paying way way less to play all these games. And if anything seriously check out a used video game store near you and you could probably find lots of games that cost less than 20$
nick de coster (1 month ago)
i think most of these games are cheap is because they where like upgrade's of there predecessor, but missed aspects what the community wanted. (exept sunset overdrive, ori and cuphead)
vally V (1 month ago)
also ff 15 is still being updated to this day. major gameplay overhaul plus a new chapter comeing in december with 3 more and an alternete ending afterword.
bob merlen (1 month ago)
Rainbow Six Siege?
BeagleBear Gaming (1 month ago)
10 Best PC Games That Are Now DIRT CHEAP
Lemon Cat (1 month ago)
Some of these are on gamepass which is $2 right now
Elijah Barnett (1 month ago)
I always go to gamestop there’s some used game for 5 bucks

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