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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - Official Saw/Jigsaw Gameplay Trailer (2018)

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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - Official Saw/Jigsaw Gameplay Trailer Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (576)
michiru mizobe (29 days ago)
*I use this saw regularly and if you actually read the instructions, this saw is fool proof. It makes absolutely straight cuts>>>**ur2.pl/822**  I set the orbital control on "1" for most cuts. Perfection! Regarding blade retention, I've noticed that you need to make sure the blade is fully seated in the chuck. It will work with the bade not fully seated, but you run the risk of the blade falling out. Also, the base adjustment does in fact have a detent for 0 degrees. You pull/push the base plate to engage the 0 degree detent. Overall, great saw!*
Madin Boy (2 months ago)
My fav jigsaw people is doc Gordon
Dr. Tex (2 months ago)
I expected him to say "Live or die, it's your choice. Let the game begin"
Piernikowy Wiatrak (3 months ago)
i need jeff the killer and piramid head
Slimey Annihilation (3 months ago)
The pig is a she?!
Mc Gio (3 months ago)
Add jigsaw's puppet. Make it human size. And, we got good game
Specter Unit (4 months ago)
This sucks Why Couldn't we get jigsaw
Why are you reading this (3 months ago)
Gaming Nathan the Best Because Mr. Kramer is canonically dead. And hes an old man.
Tim Solnze (4 months ago)
Hey, geniuses, did you know that Adam's body lies right near the tube at the corner of the bathroom, not near the toilet...
Dianna Heath (4 months ago)
What is the Background Music?
Angry Boi Bakugou (4 months ago)
the pig supposed to be Amanda Young?
Drawxne (4 months ago)
Really glad they picked Amanda to be the Killer instead of Hoffman.
Profesdestroyer1 65 (4 months ago)
King_ Griffin (4 months ago)
Maybe they should add the jeepers creepers dude
Jose Martinez (4 months ago)
They give the killers such over powered perks and they the survivors crappy ass perks
Gwynvere Daniels (4 months ago)
Warning Undertale kids in comments
Craig Campbell (4 months ago)
We need antiseptueye
Niconacho Z (4 months ago)
cool! i mean scary
Noah HackZ (4 months ago)
Why are you just reuploading everything
Uk Gaming711 (4 months ago)
Excellent just excellent
Grant Cooper (4 months ago)
This game is gonna be good!
Andrew Curtis (5 months ago)
That music tho
Getting close to the killer fills you with Determination
This is the spotlight not the trailer
Frida Dashi (6 months ago)
And it's sill loading after the ad!
Frida Dashi (6 months ago)
And also I'm on a ad and it's still loading!
Frida Dashi (6 months ago)
This is my first time watching it
thebeastxdkiller (6 months ago)
Hello YouTuber I Want To Play A Game. For years, you have been liking your favourite videos. Sharing them with those you hold close. You've done this...using various electronics such as a desktop or phone. Waisting precious bandwidth on mundane and outdated content. The device you hold has been hacked. Viruses will seep through your files and expose your most private internet history searches. All of social media will bare witness to the secrets you've kept guarded under a username. Inside one of your fingers is a key. But in order to access it. You must self mutilate your hands with the very same technology you cherish so dearly. Ironic, isn't it? How much blood will you shed to stay anonymous? The clock is ticking... Live or Die The choice is yours.
TheRealFbi (6 months ago)
I swear am I the only one who wants original killers
Khannhly Vu (6 months ago)
Habababa (6 months ago)
getting close to the killer fills you with DETERMINATION.
Zapprozz Official (6 months ago)
Survivor perks than killer perk?
My IndieAesthetic (6 months ago)
Can you believe Trump is banning this game!? That’s bullshit!
Digit Smith (7 months ago)
This killer is so op what the :p
BITW5 (7 months ago)
Plsss all i want is pyramid head from sillent hill and nemesis from resident evil that would be AWESOME
Will Portello (7 months ago)
Predator as a killer would be awesome or even doing alien
Brother Malachai (7 months ago)
Can you play as Leatherface and/or The Shape in the Meat Plant?
Hugo Stiglitz (7 months ago)
I'm confused. Is this a multiplayer game?
Symebo Symebo (7 months ago)
The Uncunning Fox (7 months ago)
Nice coat.
Viridian Thief88 (7 months ago)
I wanna play a game. Survive or die detective. Make your choice
CHuBByCaT7 * (7 months ago)
JigSaw Is Op
蔡煒俊 (7 months ago)
Where .ca. I download it
Rhodie Koshik (8 months ago)
Det an slaughter
it's time boi the savage (8 months ago)
We need Pennywise
Tree Jones (8 months ago)
Why i can't find this game? I look up dead by daylight and get a different game???
Nia's Bae (8 months ago)
I love whoever comes up with these
the gaming creation (8 months ago)
ozvok (8 months ago)
I love how he says det
Chubby DerpPug (8 months ago)
I want them to make a killer that very big have a clever and a butcher knife, when the killer use the butcher then he can charge at the victim and one hit them, every time he hit a survivor, there will be a slim chance that a survivor will get a chip that make the killer see the survivor
Roman Hebert (8 months ago)
Chubby DerpPug I thought you were saying something like the pig should use a cleaver or a butcher knife and I was gonna say the pig doesn’t use that. So I didn’t read your comment very carefully or twice so yea, my bad.
Chubby DerpPug (8 months ago)
Roman Hebert why do you ask
Roman Hebert (8 months ago)
Chubby DerpPug Nevermind.
Chubby DerpPug (8 months ago)
Roman Hebert yes
Roman Hebert (8 months ago)
Chubby DerpPug Have you ever watch the Saw movies?
Anthony Adame (8 months ago)
2010 grafrics
Gwynvere Daniels (4 months ago)
1029 spelling
Symebo Symebo (7 months ago)
20 dollar game
Lucas Wright (8 months ago)
"Det", yup he's Swedish.
Symebo Symebo (7 months ago)
he is canadian
Ok And (8 months ago)
I never [SAW] that coming ;)
Hey what is this song
Symebo Symebo (7 months ago)
survivors theme dead by daylight
Jester 393 (8 months ago)
Let get scream, The Predator or pennywise
Giorgio Larriva (8 months ago)
Just need to get the Creeper from Jeepers creeper
TacoRepublic 2018 (8 months ago)
In Soviet Russia trap disarm You
Aiden Blake (8 months ago)
beHaviour are the guys who made Doritos Crash Course
Ayden Krueger (8 months ago)
Everytime he says death it sounds like debt, and every time without fail I think back to the poker comment in the beginning.
flame god McFarland (8 months ago)
3:06 I saw jigsaw in dimly lit window or square
BBG (8 months ago)
now we need pennywise,chucky,scream killer,casper and those demons off star wars can you guess which ones were a joke?
Dejion Jon (8 months ago)
isn't this kind of stolen? Or how does this work?
CJG G (4 months ago)
Dejion Jon They most likely payed for licensing to use the pighead model and Tapp.
Symebo Symebo (7 months ago)
XanxiousPedro (8 months ago)
s u r v i v o r p e r k s
Fishystew Productions (8 months ago)
You see the killer standing in front of you. *IT FILLS YOU WITH DETERMINATION*
Sheylor Vasquez (8 months ago)
Now we just need dracula
Scott The Philosopher (8 months ago)
I love this
Ajay Beaudoin (8 months ago)
Can't wait for that update
StaleBoy (8 months ago)
Zeb89 lo deve sapere
Eimix (8 months ago)
It fills you with...DETERMINATION
BlueHippo45 (6 months ago)
Ga Lang (8 months ago)
Da wey
(8 months ago)
KRISTUS DIANCUK MONTOK dan goblox dari penis dan vagina dan toge montok dan semok dan babi KONTOL BODOH DAN konyol dan aneh TOLOL banget
ShadowNov (8 months ago)
Gameplay: holy shit this dude is camping
iam Batgames (8 months ago)
Robert Colo'n (8 months ago)
Ill do the PIG. She's such a PIG!
Juli LaDue (8 months ago)
david again? why
joshilosh (8 months ago)
you'd think the traps would kill but they dont
Just me Playing (8 months ago)
‘Fills you with DETERMINATION’ Yall undertake fans know dis
Annoying kid :D AmyXD (8 months ago)
"Getting closer to the killer fills you with determination" I'm a little bit surprise when I hear this. Undertale phrase some how got here. Well 100% a war between Undertale and Dead by day light will begin soon. Cuz Undertale haters make it. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN. #UndertaleProtectionSqaud But I also won't allow you guys to spread hate on Dead by day light too.I love both games #DeadbydaylightProtectionSqaud COME =)
Jaeden Edwards (4 months ago)
The phrase "(blank) fills you with determination" isn't an undertale reference.
Gwynvere Daniels (4 months ago)
Hoping I can run you over in a steam roller.
menonolis (4 months ago)
Annoying kid :D เด็กเกรียน hello it's the meme club were here to rain terror on you for using Hashtags telling people hey don't hate this game not like opinions exist and trying to save a dead game
Quantum Boy (5 months ago)
WE NEED JASON FOR THIS! #JasonVoorheesForever
BoomStick (8 months ago)
oh yeah yes you sure showed us by making a comment
Abraham (8 months ago)
А ничего, что все побиение демонстрируют на чёрном парне, это чё за расизм?
Filling Sauce (8 months ago)
This is cool and all but why does she have a hidden blade?
Alexander Andersson (8 months ago)
a lot of things can fill you with determination (undertale reference) but i dont think getting close to a murderer is one of them
Gwynvere Daniels (4 months ago)
Alexander Andersson No one talks about Undertale anymore.
out of order (8 months ago)
When it drop
MobMania45 (8 months ago)
I need this game, but I need xbox gold first
Matthew Cotton (8 months ago)
Buddersolder 100 (8 months ago)
Man I'm pissed that Jigsaw the puppet wants the killer
Parad0x (8 months ago)
These "The X" names are making me think Neo from the matrix is next but that's not scary.
the real Richard levett (8 months ago)
That is what you call buying
Guy Fieri (8 months ago)
Scrub's animations (8 months ago)
its like saw but i love it
Golden Gibus (8 months ago)
It’s pighead not pig.
Deividas Sukackas (8 months ago)
Sorry, but the game lame ....like movie
it will be cool if next is slender man
William Clack (8 months ago)
The Pig is a she?
ThePuppet Girl (8 months ago)
William Clack yep...she in Saw movie is Amanda
Cary Meyer (8 months ago)
They coulda made dead by daylight so good but they really missed the nail on that one.
niggasaki (8 months ago)
This isn't saw
ThePuppet Girl (8 months ago)
niggasaki yea...is not Jigsaw(John) is Amanda she is in first 3 movie
OCEAN mon (8 months ago)
Cool but I'm not paying money for it
youngangelito22 (8 months ago)
Was hoping it was jigsaw on a tric lmao
Adrian Jablonski (8 months ago)
I can’t even fucking understand the voice
m.r hardcore (8 months ago)
Hello....I wanna play game..
Panda with A knife (8 months ago)
Yeeeesssssss fineally
Knight Chemical (8 months ago)
What type of bathroom is that?!

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