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JUMP FORCE - E3 2018 Trailer (Xbox Conference)

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JUMP FORCE - E3 2018 Trailer (Xbox Conference) • Release Date: Q2 2019 • Platform:PS4, Xbox One & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (2894)
cony (2 days ago)
Acaso vi a Kira y riuk??? 1:40
Brian Paredes (2 days ago)
La nave de freezer jajaja
Areno11 (4 days ago)
I need Saitama i like him
Blue Skye (4 days ago)
Porototype alex mercer
Maikol Jhordan Neko (4 days ago)
1:40 khe hace hay Ryuk :v?
alexrezerolol:v 1545 (4 days ago)
Team Goku
V3NOME SAVAGE54 (5 days ago)
So Xbox only
Porfin este juego es muy bueno era la combianacion que queria
lol lol (5 days ago)
Kshitij Sahdev (5 days ago)
Rhuan Robalo (5 days ago)
GametillGrave (5 days ago)
u ruined our fun by combing all of them! all these characters are good in their own story mode! classic is always good..its like combining tom & jerry with adult anime story!
only for Xbox one X or also PlayStation 4?
canal otakus nime (5 days ago)
ahahahajababah F Bc (6 days ago)
Onde e que eu to homi ;-;
Malabika Das (6 days ago)
i only came for goku
Monty Nandal (6 days ago)
I don't think that light will fight in this shinigami will fight
Monty Nandal (6 days ago)
But I love naruto toooo
Monty Nandal (6 days ago)
Saitama: hi my name is saitama. Who are you Light: wait let me garb by notebook... Okay so what was your name Saitama: saitama Saitama R. I. P
Le Andro (6 days ago)
Cadê o ichigo do bleachhhhhhhhhhhh?????????
tio Goku (6 days ago)
Have to xbox 360?
mohit korram (6 days ago)
Where is OPM ?
mohit korram (6 days ago)
They r from death note . Isn't it guys , and that wings guy he is shinegami
Mike Mike (6 days ago)
Ohhh Upgraded version of DON? You know PS2 game Dragonball-One piece-Naruto (DON)
lerskgamer (6 days ago)
dair renteria (6 days ago)
where is saitama sensei??!
Team naruto
anghelo muñoz (6 days ago)
Falta Doraemon
Andrei Camposano (6 days ago)
Инглиш оф, вкл джапан
Dark Side 307 (7 days ago)
kapan ada filmnya
koku :v
Hunter (8 days ago)
GO CRAFTER (8 days ago)
Lance Abdon (9 days ago)
Why did they put it in ps4 too
Philly_ed Candelario (9 days ago)
They need to add Tokyo ghoul
Ego Kamum (9 days ago)
its cool man
Itachi Uchihå (9 days ago)
Uzumaki Naruto Yeah!
Sarah Sousa (9 days ago)
Elyon Kunda (10 days ago)
Naruto would not stand a chance to frieza
LeSergioC (10 days ago)
Donde vergas esta ichigo ?
Anderson Batista (10 days ago)
Naruto 😍
McM † (10 days ago)
ligth y riuk al final más random todavía 😂
Juan Angel Rios Genchi (10 days ago)
Esta mal decir que soy team de los 3
Mauro Galvan (10 days ago)
Le falto kira y saitama
Mauro Galvan (10 days ago)
Aguante Naruto
jevo Jimenez (4 days ago)
+naruto uzumaki espera eres el verdadero naruto
naruto uzumaki (4 days ago)
+jevo Jimenez eeee hola
jevo Jimenez (4 days ago)
+naruto uzumaki naruto saludame deberas!!!!
naruto uzumaki (9 days ago)
si claro estare bien deberas
PAT B. (10 days ago)
It said 2019 at the end🤔
Saitama fanboys cream their pants more often than they do in front of a real woman smh
ツРасти (10 days ago)
iii!!! mugivara
Rias Gremory (11 days ago)
Wow, last scene with Ryuk and yagami, I didn't ever expected them to b in any game
jesvi jonathan (11 days ago)
Anthony Fry (11 days ago)
Is that in ps4 to
Eeeew,Goku.Saitama is better
pbs kn (11 days ago)
why is there no blue super saiyan
ArticuloBastard (11 days ago)
oh ke wea porke hay un ryuk ah ctm kero una xbox
dnndb Hxhdh (11 days ago)
I need this in my life
Veli 121 (12 days ago)
Anime smash brothers
Fonetix ELiTe (12 days ago)
poompat pat (12 days ago)
poompat pat (12 days ago)
Uvan Kyznetsov (12 days ago)
Что енто за дичь??))
فعﻵ غوكو الاكثر هيبه😻😻
Ariox 12345 (12 days ago)
Savage Gaming101 (12 days ago)
And Some My Heroe Academia(btw final boss should be Zeref i dare u to ask who this is
Savage Gaming101 (12 days ago)
I better see fairytail in this game
Bankai HD (12 days ago)
Where is ichigo
Bhe Sheva (13 days ago)
Selalu ada bendera Amerika hoammmp
Jhade Co (13 days ago)
This is so cool 😍 but always team Naruto ❤️
hammer comma (13 days ago)
Sakry Gaming (13 days ago)
Mark Sora (13 days ago)
anime is still popular
Matheus androide (14 days ago)
Не скажу (14 days ago)
What is that?
Arturo (14 days ago)
yeah, i would throw out one piece
Wheres my boi levi??
Luiz Phelipe (14 days ago)
o vilão vai ser o sonic
Sun Go-kong The Legend (14 days ago)
nino elizalde (14 days ago)
se podra en ps4
Chirag Mehta (14 days ago)
If luffy sees spider man. What will be do. Wait replay for sec
Dinanita (14 days ago)
Al final está Akira??
Fabricio Perez (15 days ago)
Ahora si viene lo shido :v
Uno Rendo (15 days ago)
Japanese heroes in america,LOL:)
Wolf gamer (15 days ago)
you know why i hate this kind of games they are ONLY ON CONSOLE THATS RACIST
c.d.e big (15 days ago)
Realidad virtual puff esto es mucho mejor
Sir Berzerker (15 days ago)
Fuck One Piece
Leon Lungsta (15 days ago)
Ricky ricon (15 days ago)
Naruto nande nande bayo
lalo eduardo (15 days ago)
PeDrO sk (15 days ago)
Eu joguei a beta
facu j (15 days ago)
Esto es real bro
Fake o True
Pala Ni (15 days ago)
So power. Plz help me 😱
EITOR AIRES (15 days ago)
Vai ter para ps4
Foxy 3011 (15 days ago)
Naruto el zorro
ZEN GHOST (15 days ago)
*kkkkkkk na E3 a mesma coisa do miranha só q não foi tam foda assim não o gráfico e muito diferente mostrado na E3😂*
Sagar Goswami (16 days ago)
Mario Huhn (16 days ago)
Sailor moon digimon pokemon elfenlied codes geas inuyasha Highschool DxD more more more

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