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What we know so far about Fallout 76

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Bethesda have dropped the bomb - a new Fallout game is coming. Rich and Fallout nut Jordan run you through what we know about Fallout 76. Head here for more Fallout 76 details: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fallout-76/fallout-76-release-date. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (287)
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
What do you reckon we're seeing at E3? Are we wrong about a New Vegas-style spin-off?
Zen Monk (1 month ago)
Or State of Decay?
Luke Low (1 month ago)
I'm thinking a survival sandbox, similar to Ark, Conan or Rust
Zen Monk (1 month ago)
I'm kind of hoping for a ESO style Fallout Game but maybe it's just a Fallout game with some PvP or PvE.
Kukwes VR (1 month ago)
IM expecting a pvp game
brian overby (1 month ago)
Another fallout spin off game, I'm down
cervixexternal (1 month ago)
The guy in the grey shirt looks like a brat. Spank!
gamin tacoos (1 month ago)
take the "online" part with a grain of salt for now until e3
stormp00per x (1 month ago)
HYPE = DEAD Please do not buy this if it's online .Multiplayer Fallout= No Buy. VOTE WITH THE WALLET
Will Powers (1 month ago)
EternalGaming786 (1 month ago)
76 :-: Where have I been to skip from 4 to 76 =o
loDiN (1 month ago)
CR3ATUR3 (1 month ago)
The E3 of this year will be insane...BO4, Fallout 76, BF V...the list probable keeps going on!!
Killzone1802 (1 month ago)
I Hope we can Join the Enclave
Princely G (1 month ago)
I'm already going to be buying the game simply because it's a canon Fallout Title. I love the Fallout series. From lore to the landscapes and beyond, it is amazing. I don't care if the game is Co-op, honestly I'd welcome it so long as they leave Single Player as a option. I don't want an MMO, that's just not for Fallout. I didn't mind the settlement building, I just hate that it was forced onto the players. If it wasn't forced I'd of welcomed it.
himura502 (1 month ago)
West Virginia completely separate state, since the civil war....
Chance Mueller (1 month ago)
No one has confirmed online meaning. Could just be co-op like borderlands. Bethesda is not a mmo company though multiplayer will probably appear, not in a rust or day Z manner is my guess.
Lucas McCleskey (1 month ago)
Cars maybe?
Lucas McCleskey (1 month ago)
Would be nice to see virginia
Piranha Drama (1 month ago)
The moment I saw the trailer, I almost cried out've joy.
Regen Bluefire (1 month ago)
its not fallout 5, but I cant wait
Justin Prochnow (1 month ago)
Disappointed, I wanted Fallout New york or story advancement maybe see what is good in 2300's or something.
Alphai (1 month ago)
It says "21st Ocotber 2102" so that's 25 years after the war in 2077.
Thomas Matteo (1 month ago)
Single Player RPG please!
jeff wimer (1 month ago)
So my best friend works on the development team for this and let's just say I know exactly what this game entails! Alls I can say is its gonna be epic.....
DewsJaz (1 month ago)
DewsJaz (1 month ago)
Can you leak it for us?
Yak T.Ripper (1 month ago)
jeff wimer lol
Terrible Twosome (1 month ago)
It's fallout 3 remastered so don't get your hopes up
AkA (1 month ago)
People are upset about online fallout I’ve wanted this since FO3
Sabaku Ookami (1 month ago)
I'd say people are upset because they're probably making a good guess that Bethesda will do their usual work, and while it'll be online or have multiplayer there will probably be enough bugs in it to make it impossible to play in such modes. Especially if they're using the same engine, again. They need to create a new engine if only to deal with current engines problems and have more opportunities that a new game engine may give them.
GuildBankLooter (1 month ago)
So basically, you don't know shit other than what is clear from the trailer...?
Annoyingcreeper (1 month ago)
YES! finally a new fallout game with multiplayer and better graphics. See you on the game soon...
ianforsure (1 month ago)
I see a bunch of people saying in the comments they dont want fallout mmo, but sadly I think thats exactly what we are getting. I dont want it either, but I already see it playing out. They made Skyrim, then they made Elder Scrolls online. They made Fallout 4 now they are making Fallout Online. Elder Scrolls Online took place before almost all the Elder Scrolls games, so does this. Its probably going to play out like this. We are the first Vault dwellers to be released, all the online players are given quests that are suppose to tame the land and grow humanity after the bombs. Thats just what im getting simply from it being online and what 76 was
Shipx7 (1 month ago)
I just want them to show us what happens after New Vegas. WHO WON THE WAR IN CANON?!
Shipx7 (1 month ago)
Some hardcore fans claim its clearly the Legion, which then breaks down shortly after. We just don't know and Bethesda continually refuses to acknowledge it in their games. Its unfortunate.
justin metcalfe (1 month ago)
Shipx7 I'm going to guess ncr
The_Nerd (1 month ago)
Can we expect to see the Enclave in this game?
gamin tacoos (1 month ago)
no, since the enclave are still hiding in the sea
Dirty Ape (1 month ago)
I feel that it's going to be a big-budget, MMO version of Fallout Shelter with Fallout 4's engine. _Sigh._
ake staaf (1 month ago)
This looks super cool!
The guy reminds me of that guy that Rick brings in to check an items history
This was *too* fucking quick
DeenanTheKemon I (1 month ago)
Here it comes, online only, fps non tactical shooter with pay to win upgrade cards in place of boring scavenging and battle royale being the only playable option. Maybe throw in lootboxes that you can pay for with random perks inside.
ajttambo (1 month ago)
I hope it is more like Fallout New Vegas than Fallout 4. I want it to focus more on the RPG elements of Fallout and have actually interesting missions and factions.
Paul Green (1 month ago)
Online MMO really? Co-op would be fun but another online MMO give me a break. I was excited to hear about another Fallout because its such a fun series. To hear that its online is a kick in the balls.
okaysoph (1 month ago)
i was a fallout in the midwest! like minnesota. there can be snow!!
okaysoph (1 month ago)
i hope that since its online itll be a far cry 5 type of thing and not an eso type of thing
Oriel Castroverde (1 month ago)
Will be cool if its a spin-off. I don't want online!!!
robert rezac (1 month ago)
Mmo will ruin game
Chewbacca Box (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice that the trailer takes place completely in the vault? Does this mean that there is no wasteland or is it just not done
Ray Hoodoo (1 month ago)
Seems to me that it’s not gonna be a regular Fallout game. But that’s not bad. Whatever it is, I don’t think they’ll stop making the SP rpgs we are used to, maybe this will be like a side project.
Dirtyfrancis (1 month ago)
"West Virginia" tis the correct no brit bong GOD SAVE THE QUEEN VIRGINIA
Chase Wages (1 month ago)
I'd have no problem with an MMO so long as it isn't $60 with more $60 expansions in a year.
Outcast (1 month ago)
Fallout Royale : 76
Crying Onion (1 month ago)
There better not fucking be battle royal I swear to god
Insert Name (1 month ago)
I just want to know if its using the crappy creation engine or not
Jer B-love (1 month ago)
27 Oct 2102 is on the Pip Boy in the very beginning of the teaser.
Patrick Griffiths (1 month ago)
I'll pass on it if it is an MMO
Jamón Marshall (1 month ago)
Yo we should be able to make vehicles in Fallout and just like with weapons in Fo3 and NV they need to be cared for
Bardock Xfinity (1 month ago)
I'll be happy as long as it is not a mmo
Yeats (1 month ago)
A new elder scrolls
TheConquistador (1 month ago)
i heard it's mmo , online and a construction game like Rust... that's sounds really Bad...
*insert username here* (1 month ago)
So it's gonna be elder scrolls online fallout edition? *sigh*
FullTimeSlacker (1 month ago)
How will there be loot with it being so close to the war?
Nino Naumovski (1 month ago)
i want to see more life in a vault like in fallaut 3
PIGEON MAN (1 month ago)
A new fallout game means a new brotherhood of steel storyline
cassandra5322 (1 month ago)
Online game? You mean i have to share my sweetroll?
Megasuperbros (1 month ago)
A mmo
cassandra5322 (1 month ago)
I hope there'll be sweetrolls.
Whiterun Guard (1 month ago)
cassandra5322 no loligagin
Mistah Morningstar (1 month ago)
Isn't Kotaku Blacklisted by Bethesda? I wouldnt trust the whole "online game" thing tbh
John S (1 month ago)
Bethesda black-listed them because they kept leaking info on Fallout 4, and all of that info turned out to be accurate. Fallout 76 was already leaked back in December 2017 on 4Chan with the anonymous poster claiming it will be a Rust clone set in the Fallout universe. Kotaku were reliable with Fallout 4, so I imagine they are correct here again. Get ready for Fallout Online with lots of lootboxes, skin packs, DLCs, season passes, ect.
Yak T.Ripper (1 month ago)
Mistah Morningstar Good point.
Mistah Morningstar (1 month ago)
Seriously, they're probably just trying to get you to click on their page. Isn't it a little too convenient that the second we find out about it ALL OF A SUDDEN Kotaku has all the fucking answers? Kotaku as in Blacklisted by Bethesda Kotaku, and whos "sources" are rather unconvincing?
F4Wildcat (1 month ago)
*bethesda shows Fallout 76 OH MY GOD! A NEW FALLOUT GAME! I tought that was gonna be it! I should've worn the white pants today!
Gøner (1 month ago)
I really hope that they don't sacrifice story or single-player gameplay for multiplayer, I'm sure they'll make it a great game regardless, but I've always enjoyed Fallout as it is. Don't know how everyone else feels, but I certainly don't think Fallout would be as good as a game where most of the effort has been put into a multiplayer mode. However, I'm interested to see how they'd make online mode work in a Fallout game. What does everyone else think?
Jordan Forward (1 month ago)
The Fallout fan in me hates the idea of change, but in all honesty an online Fallout game could be awesome. I really wanted to get into ESO, but wasn't as invested in TES lore, so if this is a Fallout MMO I'm up for it.
GammaDude1721 (1 month ago)
My Guess Its The Origin Story Of The Master. The Main Antagonist From Fallout 1
Crazy Valentine (1 month ago)
I don't think so, there is nothing about the Mariposa Base.
Aaron Gardam (1 month ago)
Judging by the child's bedroom and the timeline of 26 years passing after reclamation day: my theory is that the story has something to do with a child being left behind during reclamation day. Maybe you were taken care of by a Mr. Handy or something and finally have had the courage, or ability to leave the vault.
Yak T.Ripper (1 month ago)
Aaron Gardam interesting theory
Michael Reed (1 month ago)
I’m a huge fallout fan played all of them but if this is a forced mmo like I been hearing im not playing it if it’s optional mmo then that’s fine with me
Austin Watson (1 month ago)
Hope they don’t kill it like elder scrolls
Jacket (1 month ago)
Feels like an mmorpg judging by the logo in my opinion... something similar to TES online. I know judging a game by some logo is retarded but thats just what it feels like its going to be.
Glen Dorner (1 month ago)
hey atleast its not fallout : battle royal
Oliver Steinbeck (1 month ago)
Oh it'll be an online game...
arsenal2621 (1 month ago)
As long as its a rpg unlike Fallout 4.
Oliver Steinbeck (1 month ago)
Survival mode will probably be more hard-core than F4 n ima love it
Patriot (1 month ago)
Don't fuck with my fallout like you did my elder scrolls. I swear that if this is an mmo or some online bullshit.....
BigBird93 (1 month ago)
Oh dear god I hope it’s not multiplayer
Zebz_Fish (1 month ago)
*translation* The game was just teased so be barely know anything
Castle Road Official (1 month ago)
I also wonder if it will have anything to do with the 76ers mentioned in new vegas' honest hearts DLC. The graphical quality of this trailer makes me nervous, not sure what it implies.
A Black Screen (1 month ago)
A MMO is my worse case scenario, Co-Op would be fine as long as it’s optional and doesn’t take away from the game to play alone, but I guess we’ll get our answers at E3 most likely
Akula971 (1 month ago)
It is going to be an online thingy? I bet it will have lots of micro transactions. We shall see.....
BucketOfCancer (1 month ago)
So basically we know nothing yet, thanks
Private Joker (1 month ago)
I actually wouldnt mind if it where a mmo or a Single player like Fallout 3, 4 a d NV
LeTHALxHeaDBanG (1 month ago)
If it’s an MMO I’m gunna be so disappointed. I hate MMO’s with a passion. Co-Op would be cool
Max Dilauro (1 month ago)
Multiplayer will be a nice addition, but it needs to be done right, like co-op would be great. I don't want an MMO, especially for Fallout. I want to explore the world on my own, or with a FEW other people, not hundreds
Dante Savage (1 month ago)
Fallout online it has finally come
Joe Garcia (1 month ago)
Really a new fallout 💪😁
to Gulag (1 month ago)
I hope to hell we see WAY more player abilities. Forming settlements with more stuff like working TVs, air defence and sending out scavengers or patrols, being able to make your own player faction and designate how you want it like robotics in the institute and a huge ass air balloon like the BoS. If it sticks mainly on the vault, I hope it takes a fallout shelter approach, having people make rooms stuff for you and get it right so it wouldn't be so boring to build a room, so a lot more on the NPC and leadership side of things. I hope we get to explore DC and even, with a player faction addition, take over it. All these things would be so cool and I can't wait to get a deeper insight into how it's going to be. Played fallout 3 and 4, hope this could combine the two with more tech and possibilities.
Caden Atkinson (1 month ago)
I so want a single RPG right now
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
Everyone does, I actually hope to god and on earth that they focus on single player
Jonathan McCammon (1 month ago)
So the Vault 76 was suppose to open twenty years later which would be 2097...but the clock by the bed says October 27th 2102 0634 and the vault is empty. Thoughts?
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
Around 20 years maybe?
Sea Panther (1 month ago)
I hope Fallout 76 will add a Monster Hunter type appeal to the game. What I mean is, because this fallout takes place only 20 year after the nuclear destruction there will be a ton of new mutated creatures with one sole purpose; survival of their respective species. Having the ability to explore and capture these new and rare species while exterminating evasive ones would be an awesome side addition to the game. Pass the word, fans! Let's make this happen!
Tyson W (1 month ago)
That sounds shit
Genocidal Ape (1 month ago)
Less time for the population of billions to dissipate, radiation still wouldn't have seeped everywhere so farming would be more viable, relatively very few people would actually die to the explosions compared to the centuries of effects, very few mutants would exist and deathclaw numbers would still be low until given more generations(they were man made). So the human population would be a lot higher than what it would be 200 years later once everything settles.
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
More humans in the wasteland? How? You would only come across Vault Dwellers and the odd ghoul.
Genocidal Ape (1 month ago)
Actually, its the opposite of that. There will be very few genetically ravaged species after only 20 years. There would, however, be a hell of a lot more humans.
Shaneyyshane Gaming (1 month ago)
I'm thinking November for the release date
Kiyoko504 (1 month ago)
Let's just hope they've been working on it, but then again if they made a full detailed trailer perhaps it might have been, all we can do is wait til June 10th and hope it's ready to roll!
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
i hope so
Justin Fencsak (1 month ago)
I hope it doesn't have crash issues.
Avery Bunn (1 month ago)
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
Dude theres no hope
iamfiefo (1 month ago)
dustin padilla (1 month ago)
Seems like an MMO style Fallout where we rebuild the wasteland.
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
I hope fucking not
lorne benjamin (1 month ago)
i really dont care for a fallout online, especially if it interferes with single player
Niall Walsh (1 month ago)
VR2 Crossquake I meant that they could make it light on content
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
Niall Walsh As long as its two player and with a good story then yes they could
Niall Walsh (1 month ago)
VR2 Crossquake they could do a destiny
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
How can it interfere with the Single player, i'm okay with it IF they make it completely optional and push Multiplayer to the side
Captain Breakfast (1 month ago)
"It will be an online game" All my excitement is destroyed. I don't want an another TES:online, but a proper Fallout game.
HuntedOne4 (1 month ago)
Well maybe it will just be co op because 2- 3 years to make an MMO is not a long time at all those games need a lot of time to make if they want them to be good elder scrolls online was in development for 7 years
okaysoph (1 month ago)
i hope its co op not mmo :(
Armand Esterhuizen (1 month ago)
i just hope i eill be able to enjoy everything in single player as well
The mango Robot (1 month ago)
Is it going to be on the switch
The mango Robot (1 month ago)
VR2 Crossquake that would be weird but weird is cool so I’m okay with this as long as it’s a good game than I’m happen but I bet people are going to be mad after the game release its cool it’s a prequel
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
But it just seems of a weird game to put on a portable platform. It would be cool if they did though
The mango Robot (1 month ago)
VR2 Crossquake well Bethesda and Nintendo do a healthy relationship so it could happen
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
Doubt, but never know
Eric oung (1 month ago)
Fuck an online game :(
Rathernot Disclose (1 month ago)
My heart broke when they said "same game engine"
Zhan Zhang (1 month ago)
The FO4 engine is a reworked version of the FO3 engine.
Rathernot Disclose (1 month ago)
Thats like the same fuckin thing
Emydius Montes (1 month ago)
Who cares. At least it's not the fallout 3 engine.
Rathernot Disclose (1 month ago)
I dont like the "feel" of the engine
ruflelol (1 month ago)
Lets say you have building blocks. And you make a tower with it. Simple baby building blocks. There will be a limit of what you can make with those. However, when you get sand, glue, bricks etc you can make much more sophisticated buildings. Same goes with the game engine. Older engine = quicker to pump out games / cheaper / outdated? / simple interactions, New engine = long time to pump out games / more expensive / better graphics / better interactions / might feel like a different game (In a good way).
KnytetM (1 month ago)
an online vr board game!
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
Secretz316 (1 month ago)
I'm not gonna let myself get excited until I hear just exactly what it is first. I don't want to get my hopes up for a New Vegas type thing and then find out it's more Fallout Shelter or the Fallout equivalent to Elder Scrolls Online.
Luminescence (1 month ago)
Secretz316 I was completly bummed out when I heard people saying that it was going to be online so I looked it up and found that that's just rumors. No idea where they come from but it doesn't seem like the information is official. I hope that it's going to be a spin off like New Vegas but I doubt it. The Maryland office (Bethesdas main team) and the Austin office are developing this game and the latter was working on a hero shooter that Bethesda canceled so I doubt that the game is going to be an actual RPG. But that's just pure speculation on my part. Just hope I'm wrong.
Comp Wiz2007 (1 month ago)
Hope it's not online with subscription...   I'm not doing that.
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
WOW: Fallout Edition (Premium DLC)
Big Cheese (1 month ago)
I pray that this game has single player because they'll just ruin the whole fallout experience in all.
VR2 Crossquake (1 month ago)
No doubt it will, they would screw up the whole franchise by making it multiplayer dependent

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