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Top 10 Best PS4 Games of 2017 So Far

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What are the top PS4 games of 2017 so far? We run down our list of the best PlayStation 4 games so far this year. Do you agree? --- For more information, visit: http://www.pushsquare.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pushsquare Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pushsquare
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Push Square (1 year ago)
Hey everyone! What are your favourite PS4 games of 2017 so far? Share your list with me! - Sammy
RockSolidGorilla (1 month ago)
Horizon zero dawn is the best
Dominik Knight (7 months ago)
Horizon zero dawn
KA6'EM (7 months ago)
Push Square 6 Nier Automata 5 Yakuza 0 4 Crash Bandicoot N.sane Trilogy 3 Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Uncharted The Lost Legacy 1 Persona 5
CLONE HD (7 months ago)
Push Square
Miguel Colon (8 months ago)
venjoe sj. Best games of 2017.
RockSolidGorilla (1 month ago)
Horizon zero dawn is da best
Jesus Christ (2 months ago)
What a terrible, misleading video. This is a list of ten Japanese-style action games. What a waste of time.
Robert Verwijs (3 months ago)
Wtf. ????????? I dont get it. Hes just saying stupid name of games that nobody know. Are you sponserd by them? Becouse there is not a big name on your list.
Nitu Bubna (4 months ago)
Horizon zero dawn is the worst game I had ever played
Jaedan Webber (4 months ago)
nigga fortnite is all
Phairaoh (5 months ago)
I respect this list is based on your opinion. But it's not a list most could agree on, and not very helpful. Just a lil criticism there.
sanbeee (5 months ago)
you suck just like your list
Nawshad Shafi (6 months ago)
you are mental patient
Kingjerry (6 months ago)
2k18 fifa
hazem ali (6 months ago)
Horizon zero dawn
Ryan W (6 months ago)
what about fortnite
Juri Van Den Dool (6 months ago)
Fifa18? ???
David Turner (6 months ago)
Horizon is Ass. Only good thing about that game is the story, otherwise, it is empty. It’s shit.
Dragon RaidZ (6 months ago)
Codww2 Fornite
Alexandra Makulova (6 months ago)
Resident evil Is top games💋😘😘😘😘👌👌👌
Arif -A (6 months ago)
So far GTA 5 is the best game right guys ; )
ConstipatedLenny (6 months ago)
Arif -A For fun.
dennis cooper (6 months ago)
im so addicted , to military shooting games
Yuvaraaj N (6 months ago)
bro u forgeted to add uncharted 4 and 5 games
Kamal sankar (6 months ago)
Yeah they are also my favorites
srymp boy (6 months ago)
leave a like for ps4 or a coment for xbox
srymp boy (6 months ago)
i like ps4
Kaleb Hancock (7 months ago)
What shall i get injustice 2 or resident evil 7
chris pozega (7 months ago)
this is the shittiest list😂
Mahmudbinu Rmsc (7 months ago)
You have no choice....u fucker.....just waste of time with the fucken games
Matthew Davis (7 months ago)
You sound like MrDalekJD
Jeff Crowley (7 months ago)
your dumb resident evil 7 and injustice 2
Izaya (7 months ago)
Person 5 > Like > Subscribe.
sishir reddy (7 months ago)
Lol haha really persona 5????
The Protagonist (6 months ago)
James OG364 👍
James OG364 (6 months ago)
The Protagonist FACTS
The Protagonist (6 months ago)
Lawren Stewart it's also the no. 1 best ps4 game of 2017 on metacritic.
James OG364 (6 months ago)
2 best games of 2017 on ps4 by far persona 5 and nier automata nuff said
Lawren Stewart (6 months ago)
Persona 5 is the 3rd highest rated game of the year so I don't see anything wrong with being no 1. Persona 5> all other ps4 games that came out this year.
Dont worry About It (7 months ago)
What is a Tiole lmaaaaaaaao
Xmarriot (7 months ago)
Far cry primal is also very nice
Fico Arias (7 months ago)
worst list ever dude 😭
K2 FU (7 months ago)
Fuck you and fuck your shit list.
Ark Angel (7 months ago)
Video starts at 0:51
Aya Saig (7 months ago)
HZD and P5! 🙌
Calm Dude (7 months ago)
My favorite ps4 game is crash bandicoot n.sane trilogy
Richard Turner (6 months ago)
Calm Dude it's soooooo fuckin hard though! Lol
daiseechain (8 months ago)
Correction Top 10 best fighting games of 2017
Hanad Gaande (8 months ago)
leon323 (8 months ago)
Final Fantasy 15
TECH BOT (8 months ago)
So what it is showing 2017 games
0nli Hak (8 months ago)
Horizon zero dawn is n0 1
Mamamiya Ren (8 months ago)
My only problem with Persona 5 is that it takes hours before it gets anywhere and it's really slow at the start. But after the 5-ish hour mark, it becomes a game worthy of GOTY. Might be my new favourite game too.
MrBigballs1971 (8 months ago)
Horizon: Zero Dawn  Resident evil 7   are good games
Tom Button (8 months ago)
Dreadful list
mysterious cardister (8 months ago)
P5 forever!!
Unknown Me (9 months ago)
Why you named your channel push square
FavJam (9 months ago)
Wrong title! Should be "worst games of 2017"
pokemonix 10 (9 months ago)
Nice helpful vid
Raiven (9 months ago)
No Witcher 3??? WEhhhh...
Onig Onig (8 months ago)
Raiven 2017 genius...
ProYoutubeGaming (9 months ago)
This list sucks!
Muhammad Siddiq (9 months ago)
where is GTA 5?
wat (5 months ago)
Muhammad Siddiq gta 5 suck
Onig Onig (8 months ago)
Muhammad Siddiq lool
bighands69 (9 months ago)
To me the best JRPG of all time is FF7. My question is Persona 5 as good as it I have not played it so your opinion matters. It is now on my list of must haves.
bighands69 (9 months ago)
To me the best JRPG of all time is FF7. My question is Persona 5 as good as it I have not played it so your opinion matters. It is now on my list of must haves.
TheGamingLabMLG (9 months ago)
This is junk!
TECH BOT (9 months ago)
U really forget uncharted 4 u fucking piece of shit
Scary Gimmick (8 months ago)
TECH BOT uncharted 4 was realesed in 2016
Marc Amico (9 months ago)
Resident evil 7 is overrated. Sorry,for being the outcast. They were more focused on graphics then game play. Resident evil 4 had more action and game play then RE7. Returned RE7 for Dirt 4 and was impressed. Surprised Titanfall 2 wasn't on this list ...
Steve Frye (9 months ago)
edward lomena (9 months ago)
p5 the best game ever made... hands down
Erriu Mitchell (9 months ago)
persona smh
Boltz (9 months ago)
What’s with all the Chinese and Japanese games
The Protagonist (9 months ago)
Another dumbass patriotic american who hates stuff that are foreign to him
Susan Quirk (10 months ago)
All these games are mostly dumb anime fantasy
The Protagonist (9 months ago)
Persona 5 is the higher rated game for a reason. The only way you cannot enjoy it is if you are so fucked in the head that looking at anime visuals makes your eye bleed in agony.
Susan Quirk (10 months ago)
Iced Tea just my opinion
Jorge Murilo (10 months ago)
Susan Quirk Where?
Natd (10 months ago)
Communist fuck.
Priya Pandit (10 months ago)
I have horizon zero I got it with my ps4 slim
Mianlo Mangaing (10 months ago)
Persona 5 is also best 2017 game for PS3.
ShionShinigami (10 months ago)
Yes, on PC you have higher frame rates, higher resolution, mods and online multiplayer for free. Yes, on Xbox you have the more beloved controller, a better online infra structure and backwards compatibility. Yes, your Nintendo is now portable and you have the most iconic video games franchises of all time. But man does it feel good to be a Playstation fanboy. \(^o^)/ ANTWORTEN
EveryTypeOfVideo (10 months ago)
I traded my Horizon Zero Dawn Limited Edition for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 I didn't like Horizon Zero Dawn i played it twice and haven't used the codes
ASA T. (10 months ago)
I fucking hated horizon zero dawn for some reason. Maybe it's just me but I thought it was just way too hard. Please dont say that im just not motivated enough too appreciate a hard game. I'm sorry, it was awful. Plain out sucked.
Richard Turner (6 months ago)
ASA TERWILLIGER how was it hard? It has like 5 difficulty levels. Lol. I just started playing it the other day and seems like a really good game.
IzWarped (10 months ago)
ASA TERWILLIGER yeah, no problem. I'd recommend getting a ropecaster, it helps keeping machines in place. Also, shadow weapons are your best friends, if you're stuck with anything let me know
ASA T. (10 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion I'll try it out
IzWarped (10 months ago)
ASA TERWILLIGER Probably your weapon setup, I played it on very hard for my first run through and it got so much easier every time that I bought better weapons
Juan Pablo Cardona (10 months ago)
Men this video should name top 10 japanese/arcade games for ps4...
The Protagonist (9 months ago)
Persona 5 is the higher rated game for a reason. The only way you cannot enjoy it is if you are so fucked in the head that looking at anime visuals makes your eye bleed in agony.
Natd (10 months ago)
Communist fuck.
Reflex Level 0 (10 months ago)
To me NieR:Automata is a masterpiece. It is the best game I have ever played.
Eiluniey Nadzri (10 months ago)
Absolutely agree with the top 5 given. Though I will put Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 both on number 1 😉
3isagani (10 months ago)
The majority of these games are pretty crap.
3isagani (10 months ago)
Also how would you know I was a communist you retarded idiot.
3isagani (10 months ago)
Yeah right. Persona 5 is dank my ass
Natd (10 months ago)
Communist fuck. Persona 5 is dank.
WowDude1029 (10 months ago)
Horizon was good as you continue through the story and side quests. I personally didn't feel like there was much replay value. Only ranged combat gets a little annoying. The staff is there, but the combo's get very boring quickly. Cool world and cool concept. loved the creatures a lot
Akis Dobrev (10 months ago)
Best game by far is uncharted 4!
Kamal sankar (6 months ago)
You were right
Daniel Sanchez (10 months ago)
Nier and p5 are at a tie for me right now.... and i havnt play hzd but it doesnt look very interesting to me but hey niether did p5 lol
Wilmer Taveras (11 months ago)
I was gonna pick up a few used game at Gamestop gonna go with persona 5 Ima revisit No man's Sky ( one of my favs IMO) ( had to capitalize that) not sure on third already have Nier easily top 3 of the year. Horizon Is not lol sorry I played it and ahhhh nothing special aside from it's looks. Ima go with Nioh or Yakuza 0
Buyakasha (11 months ago)
Persona 5? For real? what are you fucking gay
The Protagonist (9 months ago)
Persona 5 is the higher rated game for a reason. The only way you cannot enjoy it is if you are so fucked in the head that looking at anime visuals makes your eye bleed in agony.
Natd (10 months ago)
Communist fuck.
chunfei liew (11 months ago)
horizon is no:1
Joseph gaming (11 months ago)
Is sammy Sammy Paul from tomska
Shane Kingx (11 months ago)
I want GOOD games not nerd games
Gahag Shha (11 months ago)
Where is fifa 17 and gta 5
chunkysouth (11 months ago)
Magma Ball (11 months ago)
i highly reccomend horizon zero dawn but i cant believe rocket league didnt make it here
Dixon .exe (11 months ago)
Are you joking ?
Joel Savage (11 months ago)
In my opinion, Horizon zero dawn > persona 5
Mamamiya Ren (8 months ago)
But have you played Persona 5? If you've played both and Horizon is still your favourite that's fine too, it's just that I've seen way too many people say bad things about Persona even when they haven't played it.
Antonio Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Trash games so far and the last games broo wtf
Sa Lam (11 months ago)
Battlefield1 is the best game in my
K.Dot_Finest_ (11 months ago)
I have persona and horizon the real question is do I get nier automata or yakuza
K.Dot_Finest_ (11 months ago)
too late i alredy got nier ima get yakuza next tho
andrea filacchioni (11 months ago)
K's Finest Gameplays yakuza is bloody brilliant, was my first game of the saga and now i'm in love. Cant wait to play kiwami this month!
Jason dp (11 months ago)
Gravity rush 2 any good
THEshaq (11 months ago)
It seems like you only picked games you like
Malik Crim (11 months ago)
That's how these types of videos usually work, right?
caos024 (11 months ago)
So many asshurt people in the comment section because Persona 5 is number 1 lol! It's called opinion. Ever heard of it. Just because YOU don't like the genre, it doesn't mean it sucks, especially, when you haven't even played the game. I played and beat the top 3 games and honestly all are awesome and must-haves. The Order could go in any way. Quit crying just because a genre you don't like beat HZD, casuals.
ConstipatedLenny (6 months ago)
KostaKidon I have Fifa 18
KostaKidon (10 months ago)
This dude is correct, in my opinion best game is FIFA 17.
Chyno (11 months ago)
Well Horizon needs some dlc's ASAP.
Vincent Kiu (11 months ago)
Wht nioh 9th? Really? So underrated...
HiddenBlade 953 (11 months ago)
Injustice 2 and horizon are the only good games here
Mamamiya Ren (8 months ago)
Injustice 2 and Horizon are the only games you've played*
marcus johnson (11 months ago)
Played Nier right after Horizon..2 of the best games I've ever played. Everything from the gameplay to the soundtracks were top notch.
Deadman Gamez (11 months ago)
I thought you said tekken wasn't worth the wait lol dumb ears
BabyboogerGaming (11 months ago)
Should I get the skyrim remastered
Alex Townley (11 months ago)
That JRPG shit is better than Horizon HAHAHAHA okay.
Lawren Stewart (6 months ago)
It is
The Protagonist (9 months ago)
Persona 5 is the higher rated game for a reason. The only way you cannot enjoy it is if you are so fucked in the head that looking at anime visuals makes your eye bleed in agony.
Travis Smith (11 months ago)
this is a piss take. a joke.
Black Raven (11 months ago)
Um, half of those aren't even exclusive to PS4. Stupid listing.
Carl Joseph (10 months ago)
Who the fuck wants a ps 4 exclusives list! Im watching this with a view to buy a new game for my PS4
Joshy Hillary (11 months ago)
"PS4 games" implies that they are games for the ps4, if it was gonna be ps4 exclusives he would put in the title "PS4 Exclusives".
MarkEz DEZ (11 months ago)
Fran The Man he did say "PS4 games", it kinda implies PS4 exclusives
Rulink (11 months ago)
10. 0:50 Tekken 7 9. 1:20 Nioh 8. 1:50 Nex Machina 7. 2:23 Injustice 2 6. 2:58 Resident evil 7 5. 3:30 Edith Finch 4. 4:08 Yakuza 0 3. 4:35 Nier Automata 2. 5:18 Horizon: Zero Dawn 1. 5:54 Persona 5
Oh bummer (2 months ago)
trash list. thanks, glad i didn't waste my time watching this
Juri Van Den Dool (6 months ago)
Soul Glo (6 months ago)
Thanks :)
David estrada (6 months ago)
Raúl Munguía UR the goat
K2 FU (7 months ago)
Super shit list

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