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10 GREAT 2017 PSVR Games You Should Check Out (Best Playstation VR Games 2017)

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Text Comments (106)
블린 고양이 (3 months ago)
The smith plays?
Darth Bane (7 months ago)
So far I haven't seen any amazing stand alone exclusive vr games for the ps4 that has made the price really worth it, no interest in games you can play without it or converted like skyrim how many damn times they gonna release that game for 60 bucks? It's old. None of the space fighter games really look that imrpessive for our year either and are way too short. No amazing mech games either I dont want super high paced mech combat I want something like mechwarrior but vr.
Biggest GMM Fan Ever (7 months ago)
I played resident evil 7 on vr for like 1 minute I was like putting the head set on "Ok, I have to go around this corner. Umm uhh. NOPE I am not going around that corner.
Ryan W (8 months ago)
Skyrim VR is too nauseating. ill stick with the pc and console version of this game.
Eric Centeno (8 months ago)
I feel like Oscar from The Office is narrating this video
red crimson102 (8 months ago)
The vr is trash, there are no good games worth even purchasing the thing. Vr itself isn't really ready yet Mabye in the future when it's a more complete thing. For the price of the vr I can buy a good 4k hdr tv which holds more value for my viewing experience.
Natural Beauty (9 months ago)
Actually GT isn't the best Racing simulator...
Sinuev1 (10 months ago)
Gran Turismo Sport does NOT transition well to VR. Holy fuck is this is a shill video, using that polished up pre-rendered bait instead of representative footage. GTS looks almost NOTHING like the promo-video, with super-low resolution, highly simplified geometry, muddy blurry textures, and nearly absent shadows and lighting effects. To cut corners even further, you only race against one (extremely novice) opponent when in VR mode - and VR mode itself is not connected to the main game. It's it's own separate game mode - which makes sense, because you couldn't get the game to run in VR at the frame-rates necessary. Unlike Resident Evil 7, which integrates VR fully into the experience (and god bless Capcom for that) - GT Sport's VR mode is little more than an under-featured tech demo buried in the main menu. The best thing I can say about GT Sport on the PSVR, is that if you got the GTSport/VR bundle for $200 over the holidays - then you could trade GTSport in to GameStop for $30 since it's still a newer game and end up getting a PSVR starter set for $170.
Zultar Truth (10 months ago)
What about Accounting +? It was a shocking comedy by Justin Roiland. It's probably the most unique story for a game I've seen on the PSVR so far.
lil lad (10 months ago)
Zultar Truth its too short
Zultar Truth (10 months ago)
What about Accounting +? It was a shocking comedy by Justin Roiland. It's probably the most unique story for a game I've seen on the PSVR so far.
TheFanRift (10 months ago)
GT sport VR was shit
VR VIN BEANSEL (9 months ago)
WhiteDusk I have drive club but as a sim gt sport is soo much better and realistic..
TheFanRift (9 months ago)
VR VINCAT BEANSELGAME it's one tiny mode it's pointless, just get Driveclub
VR VIN BEANSEL (9 months ago)
WhiteDusk wrong.... With full race seat and wheel it's fantastic. Even if you are racing against yourself and your skill around tracks I haven't been to or will most likely never see. The likes or speed running through the full 15mile Nurburgring in a car that I would love to try is worth every penny to me. Spent hours and hours in VR mode. Obviously would love it to be fleshed out more...
An Eccentric Gamer (10 months ago)
I thought megaton rainfall looked great, got it, not only does the game fail you for blowing up buildings, the thing you want to do, but the controls are garbage. Trust me, there are better games
CLICKBAIT _POLICE (10 months ago)
I would love to see gta 5 be completely vr I mean I can play it on the vr but it’s more like a projector maybe rock star games should think about it since the doomsday update came out it would look more sick and they should also make red dead redemption 2 for the VR
The VR Sofa (10 months ago)
Loving the look of some of these. Can't wait for a new year making videos on vr and podcasts on what's new. Gunnar be awesome!
Peep (10 months ago)
Drive club or GT sport
Justin Case (10 months ago)
DrDooom223 In GT I couldn't get past the first bend in the road, my head started spinning.
BDDGames (10 months ago)
darkkz , mechanicly, cosmetically, realistically GTS *SLAUGHTERS* Drive club but because GTS is such a anorexic VR experience Drive Club beats it game wise. I got a BUNCH of experience with PSVR and GTS is the only game i put over 100 hours on but i still couldn't put it in my 2017 top 10 list i made.
Lavalambtron (10 months ago)
Those immersive driving games are indeed a revolution but they make the cars too wobbly.
Plastic (10 months ago)
DO NOT BUY GT SPORT! It only offers a side vr option where you can only race one slow ai player.
Brax Fistya (10 months ago)
ThePlasticHipster Big problem but they were running a version that catered for more cars in the demo. If it exists, perhaps a future update for deeper VR features (It's effin awesome in vr tho)
Tripper Gaming (10 months ago)
The moment you said gt sport all your credibility went out the window. Maybe you should do some more research before compiling lists.
Patrice FERLET (9 months ago)
Absolutly. I'm so disapointed about VR experience on GT Sport... I agree
Alvin Holgersson (10 months ago)
Rigs should be in the list. Maybe in the top. It's the best vr game I know
Deez Nuts (10 months ago)
I wanna see some good games like Payday 2 or L.A Noire maybe even fallout before Christmas would have been nice
lil lad (10 months ago)
Deez Nuts la noire is coming 2018 but dont know the reales date. Sorry for my bad english.
Elliott Smith (10 months ago)
which tree shit flehvgt reduce sick teaching drag ought
jR554 OCK (10 months ago)
hgave gran turismo sport i cant see backward
Joel Cristerna (10 months ago)
Good video as all ways GameCross😀👍🤘
Hugo Azevedo (10 months ago)
Can't wait to get my Ps VR.
RATED (7 months ago)
Just got a Skyrim kit for 280 on eBay
Have-a-cigar (8 months ago)
HopOnTheHype correct !!!!
HopOnTheHype (8 months ago)
All 3 are magic. You just hate asians.
Have-a-cigar (8 months ago)
HopOnTheHype I bought one it’s magic , psvr is pish
HopOnTheHype (8 months ago)
Never go full retard, what you just said was the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Rift is good. Overall Vive and PSVR > Rift though PSVR is the most comfortable + it has some solid exclusives + it's the cheapest quality vr experience out there, comparable to the pc ones on a cheaper price point You're still racist.
HopOnTheHype (10 months ago)
Resident Evil 7 HAS to be played in VR, it's literally only a good game without it, with VR it's literally a god tier leveled game. You haven't tried a VR headset if you think it's not better in VR.
HopOnTheHype (8 months ago)
I got scared about turning and seeing the fucking phone the first time, even though I picked it up.
Nick Halloway (8 months ago)
My Turn same thing happened to me lol
My Turn (10 months ago)
HopOnTheHype true that. In the beginning of the game where you enter the abandoned house and the inside is dark. It was all too much.. I had to take a deep breath and wait outside a bit.
Brian Katchmar (10 months ago)
I didn't even know about the Invisible Hours! Looks great! So happy I follow you guys!
Goodfella Productions (10 months ago)
looking forward to blood and truth
Goodfella Productions (10 months ago)
good shit
lil lad (10 months ago)
My man knows the wei
HopOnTheHype (10 months ago)
Plenty more than that coming.
Syd Revers (10 months ago)
Ay got here earlier all right
rpnwp (8 months ago)
sure did
Martian Manhunter (10 months ago)
How about L.A Noire VR and Fallout VR ?
NeoHD23 (9 months ago)
Martian Manhunter once a retard always a retard. In case you didn't know PSVR sales > facebook vr ads + HTC vive. PSVR more viable than your pathetic dreams
lil lad (9 months ago)
Martian Manhunter do you have a htc vive or ocolus touch
Martian Manhunter (9 months ago)
NeoHD23 it's rhetorical question, I know the garbage hardware of PSVR and PS4 isn't able to run true VR games. How am I a Sony hater just for stating the facts ?
NeoHD23 (9 months ago)
Did you skip the title "Best Playstation VR games" before clicking? Oh wait, you did cause you're a fucking retard! haha BTW, everyone else don't feel for him as he's a Sony hater
lil lad (10 months ago)
superlad101 la noire is coming to psvr dude
tonymontana5114 (10 months ago)
I just bought 5 vr games skyrim vr RAW data super hot vr mortal blitz and Arizona sunshine
BDDGames (10 months ago)
tonymontana5114 , those are solid titles, didn't care so much for raw data but it wasn't bad either.
Marky Jasper (10 months ago)
I just got my VR first game I played was until dawn rush of blood. I’m hooked
BDDGames (10 months ago)
Welcome to the VR family Marky
Gsdontbeefonline str8up (10 months ago)
That game is sick they just put it up for free on playstation store I was really impressed with it especially for free!
Prince Dizzy (10 months ago)
Some great games and PSVR has sold more than both Vive and Oculus PC headset sales put together.
gardini100 (7 months ago)
you got a point .and psvr are really user friendly and have a lot of great content and more coming
Nick Halloway (7 months ago)
gardini100 I would LOVE to own a Vive or Oculus, but I think the PSVR is sufficient enough to tide me over until the next gen of HMD'S arrive.
gardini100 (7 months ago)
psvr is what it is ..i have it to and it Works fine ..but for those who needs more Vive or Oculus hold that little extra
Nick Halloway (8 months ago)
NeoHD23 thanks, same to you.
NeoHD23 (8 months ago)
Nick Halloway oh somehow miss that. Statik is no easy puzzler, easy at start but gradually get tough. Hope you like it once you get it. Happy (psvr) gaming!
PikachuchuTrain (10 months ago)
I love Doom VFR, and really want more of it. The whole "press L2 to teleport" is a bit annoying, but I got used to it quickly enough. And while the videos make it seem like that's the only way to move, rest assured you can indeed move and look around like in normal Doom. L2 is used to "jump", but that's about it. And it's very fast gameplay, where standing still means instant death. Just wish it was longer. Can't really recommend it at full price, but I highly recommed it if you find it cheaper. Now where did I leave my Fallout 4 PSVR.... oh, that's right. There isn't one. WTF, Bethesda? :-(
lil lad (10 months ago)
PikachuchuTrain i thought bethesda loved money
Shiggy (10 months ago)
Martian Manhunter Ive got a ps4 pro , and psvr is just perfect except the Resolution but thats a thing you forget by killing demons and all that stuff.
HopOnTheHype (10 months ago)
Meh, they can just downgrade it to run on the psvr.
PikachuchuTrain (10 months ago)
If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again. Dumbass.
Martian Manhunter (10 months ago)
PikachuchuTrain too bad you truly went full retard....again Lol.
Kevin Strom (10 months ago)
RE7 VR is so good. It's the standard.
Jeff Fuehr (7 months ago)
Nick Halloway (8 months ago)
Kevin Strom love that game, although at first I had to force my self to walk into the house in the beginning. Gave up on it for a few weeks, too scared to play, finally worked up the nerve and haven't put it down. I just got the flame thrower 🔥 I'm burning that sumbitch to the ground

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