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Destiny OST - ''Be Brave'' Music | Piano Version

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I can't wait to hear all the Destiny music! Music by: http://www.youtube.com/user/akmigone This is NOT from the Destiny OST.
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GamerRed YT (9 months ago)
alguien de casi 2018 que venga a recordar los buenos tiempos? :')
This brought back so many memories at once I cried.
ThatOneBystander (1 year ago)
Just came back to this. Not even ten seconds in and I'm crying because of all we worked for. Thanks BUNGIE, from us to you. ☺😂😀😀😀😀
Tristan Waldron (1 year ago)
This music gave me true imagination on what the game would be like... their original vision was beautiful... now it's ruined.
Dermot Flanagan (2 years ago)
Link to sheet music?
guiobana sama (2 years ago)
very wall
LowSupport (2 years ago)
the games only been out for 2 years but I have a slight feeling of nostalgia
Infamous (2 years ago)
+AdrianTheGamer indeed my favorite time was one year ago i had no idea about patrols or anything it gave me a sense of wonder i remember being stuck on the devils lair for three hours or getting a dragons breath from a legendary it made me happy but now that i have experience i lost my sense of wonder in it.
Mohamed Avdol (2 years ago)
Why this sound is not in the Game ? Why Bungie ?
Manolo Mendez (2 years ago)
+Ian look up destiny be brave original or idk and in around 00:25 it will ring a bell
Manolo Mendez (2 years ago)
+Ian this is a piano variation of the original,you can look it up
Mr.Smuggypuss (2 years ago)
+Manolo Mendez where? never heard of it until I accidentally saw this video.
Manolo Mendez (2 years ago)
it is
Annett Brahja (3 years ago)
in the next morning guardians a new chapter for destiny is coming TTK is going to (hopefully) bring Destiny finally to a better overall game and change to the good game that we all imagined back when it was annouced
Jana Raila Hlavsová (3 years ago)
Is it possible to download this version? It is so beautiful. Thanks.
bostonianful (3 years ago)
i was so excited to play this game. then i found out it requires xbox live. my dreams where shattered.
bostonianful (2 years ago)
+Bush Did Burger King it sucks being in a location with bad internet, and just to show how much it sucks, i live right next to the boarder of where good internet is, i swear, if i moved about 10 miles down the road, i would have decent internet service.
Cameron Gray (2 years ago)
bostonianful (2 years ago)
+AdrianTheGamer xbox live, internet connection. it doesn't work either way. my internet is shit, hence why i couldn't play it.
LowSupport (2 years ago)
why did you get sad when it required Xbox live which it doesn't need it only needs an Internet connection
bostonianful (3 years ago)
+Spartanspear with all thats come out with destiny. i respectfully disagree.
Reame (3 years ago)
I need this Song (Be Brave) as Synthesia video to learn it on my keyboard
SearNinjatoast (3 years ago)
Since this is fan made 343 should get on it and use it in an emotional cutscene in Halo 5, because this sounds very Marty and the music so far in this new trilogy is streets behind that of Marty's Halo scores. If only they could hire him...
cruelcanadajoe (3 years ago)
Even though I'm done playing Destiny, I still come back for this song.
SIR•PE 13 (3 years ago)
Es maravillosa 😭es inevitable
Mat Lloyd (3 years ago)
Hermy (3 years ago)
I came. Twice.
Lydia Barber (3 years ago)
This is awesome
Jbaccason (4 years ago)
Marty:The OST is done. Bungie:Good,now fuck off.
CD (4 years ago)
Everything about this game is somehow very chilled. Even after epic solo battles or crucible fights, it still seems very relaxing. I put Ghosts in about an hour ago and found myself screaming at the tv. This game, Soundtrack, production. Choir ,Absolutely sublime. I hope the new Halo is as good coz this shits amazing
TheSir98 (3 years ago)
I agree I totally think destiny and the other halo games are chilled and relaxing.
FuranDuron (4 years ago)
over hyped game
Kai H (4 years ago)
So I can play it cause i reeeeeally want to play it
Kai H (4 years ago)
Can you tell me where you got the music? :)
Akmigone (4 years ago)
I arranged it :) It could be heard in a old trailer, and is in the offical OST. But I made a piano version of it. 
Where can I download all the soundtracks Destin! prompt!
Mike Gray (4 years ago)
http://www.bungie.net/en/Forum/Post/69183979/0/0  < for anyone that don't know and if you don't get them reset your platform/console
Emily Colvin (4 years ago)
this is amazing.
Larry Nichols (4 years ago)
Sheet music pleaseeeee!!!
Akmigone (4 years ago)
I arranged this by ear, so I dont have sheet music sadly.
Kai H (4 years ago)
BEst song ever
Infinity OST (4 years ago)
I got the complete score of Destiny on my channel. (Including Tracklist)
GamingGodshd (4 years ago)
this reminds me of halo I dont want the halo series to end man 
Natsuki (4 years ago)
Which is better the original Halo trilogy. Or Destiny? I choose Halo because its what i grew up on. I was mind blown when Halo: CE came out. Halo just wont be the same since Halo 3. Im hoping i can regain the Halo feeling in Destiny.
milkerfish (4 years ago)
Bungie how could you, after all the xbox community has done for you.
So close to 100K views! This is amazing! Akmigone is a beast! ;)
ketvector (4 years ago)
Broke 100k! Only eight days left until the game drops!
Jduhbs (4 years ago)
This was amazing. 
TheRoflcopterGod (4 years ago)
It sucks that Marty is gone but hopefully he can become a free lance or something.
Charon (4 years ago)
This... is just so beautiful.
Shahjm Kopaci (4 years ago)
This reminds me Halo 3: ODST theme music... am I the only one?! LoL
Lo que pasa es que son los mismos creadores :3
Nepetepu Depeda (4 years ago)
I agree
Kayla Bojkovsky (4 years ago)
codyr (4 years ago)
Those 12 people who do not like this music probably do not dream.
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
Stephen Osiemi (1 year ago)
MrTexasFree no its not
Akmigone (4 years ago)
It's not completely fan made, I arranged a track on piano that Marty composed.
Peter Tran (4 years ago)
Though I must admit I feel bittered feeling "left behind" as an Xbox Player, I'm really happy to know that Playstation finally gets the big bite of Bungie's work..Trust me PS3/PS4 players, waiting long gave you this; Halo never failed to impress me..Bungie never failed to impress me:]
SuperArppis (3 years ago)
+Commissar Waaagh Yeah ofcourse. Bungie has always done this with their games thou, you need to read some off-material to make better sense of it. It was done worse in this game than it was in the Halo games, but even in them you felt like "Huh?! What?!" at times, if you haven't read the books or something. :p
Spirit Suspect (3 years ago)
+SuperArppis I just wished they'd give a sh*t about the storyline, So yeah, I guess a real big update/DLC could fix it. But I doubt it's gonna happen.
SuperArppis (3 years ago)
+Commissar Waaagh This type of DLC can't for sure. If they'd overhaul most of the game, then it might work. It's not broken, just lacking.
Spirit Suspect (3 years ago)
+Robert Lindy DLCs can't fix a disappointing game.
White Hyde (3 years ago)
+Caesar nope, it is only beginning. Later will get more DLCs.
gstut1 (4 years ago)
My god that was beautiful, makesbit sadder that the dude who made this doesnt work at bungie anymore.
gstut1 (4 years ago)
amazing work!!!
Akmigone (4 years ago)
+gstut1 I created this, but it's a piano arrangement of a track that Marty composed for Destiny.
gstut1 (4 years ago)
oh :(
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
he didn't make this.
aianurodriguez (4 years ago)
I know but he's dead to me now that he has left Bungie
Sciatic Money (4 years ago)
cool song 
doorkicker911 (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that there is a little halo reach inspiration in this song.
Reminds me of halo 3 and reach side by side
aianurodriguez (4 years ago)
RIP Marty O Donnell :(
James P4G40 (4 years ago)
He never died
G94 (4 years ago)
Its tells a story of how badass this game is gonna be
Steven Messina (4 years ago)
at 0:32, at that exact note, this song is so reminiscent of Halo. Why, Bungie. Why did you fire Marty???
Chris Parker (4 years ago)
This song gives me two feelings, the first being a sort of sad goodbye to Bungie's Halo days (for me 343 killed it), but the other being excitement and premature love for Destiny...
Joseph Arnett (4 years ago)
Too bad when Martin left . :(
James P4G40 (4 years ago)
He never left, they fired him.
hach258 (4 years ago)
one word...epic...
TelvanniGuard (4 years ago)
Reminds me of ODST. Ah... ODST.
Michael Morris (4 years ago)
+Akmigone Yeah, you can really tell.  The piano is reminiscent of the pieces from Mombasa Streets.  You can also see similarities in how it rises and falls in intensity.  Why oh why did Marty get fired?  Why?
Akmigone (4 years ago)
The ODST OST actually inspired me to to arrange this track :)
Akmigone (4 years ago)
I can't believe my piano arrangement is close to 100k views, I can't thank the community enough! Thank you!
Luis Vasquez (2 years ago)
Hey can you send me the music sheet of the arrangement of this song you made? Thanks graykutrieb@gmail.com
Hermy (3 years ago)
+Sam GR Leak the midi if u get it plz
FiShDiSh Films (4 years ago)
Akmigone is awesome. :)
Sam Rahma (4 years ago)
+Akmigone You're Really talented man ! I'm really big fan of your works :) cause you please help me with mid of this song or sheets to learn it :) please here is my email : Samgr93@gmail.com Thank you so much 
Akmigone (4 years ago)
Thank you! :)
Jewan Herbert (4 years ago)
This is.....very peaceful. Really reminds me of the end of halo reach when you have to fight until you die. Like if you were to replace the end game music with this, it would still feel just as awesome.
Siul kun (4 years ago)
idk why but i will love this game
FreedomGH WritingGH (4 years ago)
Holy Moly, don't you guys just FEEL the epic, soothing, legendary-ness of these tracks? I have a slight twinkle on my left eye that wishes to have the same experience of amazement and realness that I got from the first 3 Halos. Bungie, let me see those '1 million players online' text at the top right of my game screen.
Gerardo (4 years ago)
James P4G40 (4 years ago)
idbane (4 years ago)
Was trying to reserve myself to hearing anything until I get the game and soundtrack but I couldnt take it anymore. This sounds so amazing, now I wish I hadnt heard this because now I really want the soundtrack today.
SplinteredX (4 years ago)
I am so excited for this game. DA: Inquistion and Destiny. This is a great year for gaming
Jordan Collins (4 years ago)
Damn it! I told myself I wouldn't buy this game....
RogueKnight24 (4 years ago)
+MrTexasFree And still awesome...
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
fan made music
HangDeath (4 years ago)
I love Bungie.
MrMustache (4 years ago)
+LostinHyvee911 Maybe not at Bungie in general though. From what I can tell, the majority of his grievance are directed at Harold Ryan, considering he's going to be the defendant. 
LostinHyvee911 (4 years ago)
+Splavacado Yeah. Martin isn't mad at all. Especially when Bungie is getting sued by him. They kind of had that one coming.
Alerom Vasendive (4 years ago)
halo reach was also epic,better than halo 4, even though its 343's (only) first game
Splavacado (4 years ago)
+Elliott Race He didn't leave, he was terminated by Bungie's board of directors (I think). 
Elliott Race (4 years ago)
+Sam Matthews Why exactly did he leave? 
thetranman1000 (4 years ago)
I hope they put a lot of work on the story, it's been a while since xbox released a game that had a really good story in it. Please make this one good.
James Monson (4 years ago)
This game really hadn't garnered any of my attention until now. But after hearing the music I feel a tad interested. Hmm...
DJean (4 years ago)
By Marty o'Donell  Lastima que lo despidieran de bungie hasta hace poco....
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
not by marty
NEPTUNE117 (4 years ago)
This reminds me of ODST for what ever reason. Bungie you messed up by getting rid of this genius.
norina medici (4 years ago)
Absolutely. Music played a HUGE role in the longevity of the Halo series. Not saying the music makes the game, but a good score is definitely the icing on the cake. And who likes cake with horrible icing?
J T (4 years ago)
The thing that upsets me the most about the whole Marty being fired thing, is that there's no guarantee that the next thing he works on will be sci-fi. Whilst I'm sure it could still be something amazing, there's something in his music that really captures that grandness of space whilst being subtle and personal at the same time. 
UserNr333 (4 years ago)
This music is incredible but it seems like bungie fired Marty O' Donnell. -_-
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
this is fan made
Timothy Snow (4 years ago)
+Thel 'Vadam There is some truth to that. I was a bit bitter about the Halo 4 soundtrack because it wasn't Marty. And while I absolutely agree that Halo 4 contains great music, (I do own it after all) I didn't get the feeling that it was a cohesive  soundtrack. You can listen to 2 different songs and never know they were from the same game. There was, in my opinion, a lack of theming.
UserNr333 (4 years ago)
I wonder what will happen to the Destiny Soundtrack, are they finished? Do they get another composer?
Timothy Snow (4 years ago)
+Thel 'Vadam The nostalgic part of me would like nothing more than Marty going back to Halo, but at the same time, I want to hear new music from him. I always got excited when he worked on new themes like ODST and Reach. Those departures from the trilogy's themes were a testament to his talent. And honestly Halo 4 left a bad taste in my mouth. I really disliked it for more reasons than it's score. I want to see Marty flourish somewhere else, somewhere new.
MARCKO 9902 (4 years ago)
SmosherXD (4 years ago)
Love the piano, :) this game is going to be epic :)
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
fan made music
MIK3LIK (4 years ago)
I wish they wouldn't have given halo rights to Microsoft. You finally became free from them, they tried to form it in their own way and make it their game. It would have been time for them to shape it in the way they see it! But i am also glad they are working on this. I have been with Bungie since Marathon and will probably stay with them from here on out!  
JustinRM (4 years ago)
Microsoft did good to Bungie. They were working with Apple first. Remember their 1999 show? Showing a cinematic for Halo. Jason was with Steve Jobs there. After all that they went to Microsoft - which is a much better choice than Apple. Also, there's a reason Bungie stopped making Halo, as they wanted to do something different which is Destiny.
MusicisLife8393 (4 years ago)
+mik3likGAMING Don't worry about. I've never heard of Marathon but I run marathons :D 
MIK3LIK (4 years ago)
+MusicisLife8393 What?
MusicisLife8393 (4 years ago)
+mik3likGAMING you're a Bungie game
MIK3LIK (4 years ago)
+MusicisLife8393 A Bungie game
Cade E (4 years ago)
they spent 5 years on this game. bungie said they made it to last over a decade and reach top charts on selling!!! they better be right
Ted Dier (4 years ago)
This is what Halo 4 lost. 
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
no, since this is fan made
hell spartan (4 years ago)
this has a hint of halo CE in it 
Spirit Suspect (4 years ago)
I love it!
Tayzanara (4 years ago)
It's not Halo, but you can still here Marty and Bungie in this game, I'm looking forward to playing it!
MrTexasFree (4 years ago)
Ren (4 years ago)
Fellow future guardians of the last city on earth...on September 9th....we will find our destiny...and become legends.....
AJet Pilot (4 years ago)
Destiny and Halo may be two completely different universes, but they'll always have one thing that's the same. The ridiculously high caliber of the music.
Akmigone (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for your kind words! :) Keep in mind, that everything is possible with practise, I know you can play this!
AJet Pilot (4 years ago)
+Akmigone Wish I could do this.  I'm self-taught, and I didn't learn no special finger positioning, just random and spontaneous.  'If it reaches the keys it works.' Destiny is on it's way with the beta right around the corner. I' don't know what the best song on the official soundtrack will be, but this will always be the best song on it's unofficial soundtrack. Who knows, could just be my piano addiction speaking. I always get alerts from this page and every time I don't even look to see what it is.  I just listen to it again and go on my way. xD
Akmigone (4 years ago)
I'm really glad you enjoyed my arrangement :), the music is amazing indeed!
KyIe Reese (4 years ago)
+megahazard99 Activision is not working on this title at all. They're only funding it. Activision is the Publisher. They take care of all the licensing, legal, and funding aspects of game development. Bungie gets an extra big check (a budget) to develop the game, Activision reaps in the profits. Bungie partnered with Activision because they don't want the publisher becoming involved with their work or trying to control them, like Microsoft was doing.
MusicisLife8393 (3 years ago)
+Reggie Joseph it's also a mmo but it looks extremely fun. i trust ubisoft 
Asanagia (3 years ago)
+MusicisLife8393 I just want a game that looks fun to play with others
MusicisLife8393 (3 years ago)
+Reggie Joseph No offense, like you said, it seems like a pointless game to me. Eventually people are gonna get bored with it. The DLCs are gonna extend the story? Big fucking deal that shit should been there on release. I mean the game looks fun and all but I think I'll pass sorry Bungie.  Ps. What do you think of the game The Division that looks like a game I'd invest in. 
Asanagia (3 years ago)
+MusicisLife8393 It's meaningless to buy a game, without your friends in on it. Even if you want it for the story, you'll play it for 2 days or so. I'd stay on the console that I started with and have friends on. I see no difference in PS4 or XO. Only stupid, meaningless exclusives. 
MusicisLife8393 (3 years ago)
+Reggie Joseph i have friends lol but not playstation friends lol. I switched from an xbox to a playstation. 
Antonio Caballero (4 years ago)
Even though a PC version will not come at release, I have my hopes way high in a high quality port. The personal computer platform should not be left out. It has been so long since I played a Bungie made game on my computer due to those greedy assholes at Microsoft.
Ecchikiss (4 years ago)
i know the feel. consoles are big and fun to use for many titles, but the gamers using a pc, like myself, usually enjoy games more on the pc due to mouse and keyboard. if you are not used to a controller that is.
Gamer XDD (4 years ago)
La verdad me molesta un poco que bungie este alsando tanto a destiny por ensima de Halo, cuando Halo fue el juego que los impulso y triunfaron. No estoy diciendo que destiny sea malo, espero que sea el hermano menor de halo y que tenga la misma magia que Halo tubo.
elchicoargento (4 years ago)
no se porque piensan que las empresas al haber creado un juego le deben algo a la franquicia, seguramente tiene un lugar muy especial en la mente de bungie, pero tienen que hacer el mejor producto posible y tiene muy buena pinta, claramente el legado de halo esta asegurado
Madrid_1969 (4 years ago)
igual a mi :(
Elmarcus300 (4 years ago)
Incluso 343 mato a Cortana D: HIJOS DE PUTA me cagaron la infancia T_T
Madrid_1969 (4 years ago)
+PROGenetick317 por eso me cambie a sony microsoft la esta cagando cada vez mas ya hecho a perder la magia de halo y espero destiny sea mejor que su padre "halo"
Elmarcus300 (4 years ago)
+PROGenetick317 Cuando Destiny sea igual o mejor que Halo voy a agarrar la caja de mi juego y se las voy a refregar en la cara a cada funcionario de Microsoft diciendoles: Bungie los acaba de superar idiotas!
jacobme12gmod (4 years ago)
My body is ready! I wan't this game inside of me!
Chaotic Elite (4 years ago)
Josué Molina (4 years ago)
Martin O'Donnell=Da Best.
Jakx118 (4 years ago)
Sounds very similar to Halo. Which is a good thing considering all of the Halo soundtracks are the best work of music in video game history.
Sham_Coot (4 years ago)
This Really Brings Tears To My Eyes.
Smac1K (4 years ago)
Right, see of sick of seeing this so; 343 = 70% of bungie who wanted to work on Halo, STFU
Filip the bold (4 years ago)
+KyIe Reese try the kilo five trilogy. they continues ghost of onyx and gives a better understanding of the story. :)
Nathan Dam (4 years ago)
+KyIe Reese Wow, I knew that 343i screwed up the story but I didn't know they did it THAT bad.
KyIe Reese (4 years ago)
+Ben Sanders +Smac1K  Thank you. It seems people like to think that Bungie and 343i are the same. They are not. It's Microsoft. It's a subsidiary of Microsoft to oversee the Halo franchise. What Microsoft wants, they do. If you have ever seen Bungie's vidocs, you'd see how they portray Microsoft and Bungie as night and day, black and white. They're two different companies with two different visions. If you ever read their news posts, listened to their podcasts, or read their threads/blogs, you'd see all crap they spout off about Microsoft trying to create Halo in their own vision, like some obnoxious kid hanging over your shoulder trying to tell you how to play a game. Frankie is not BUNGIE. If you know anything about their code, and the community just eats that up, Frankie lost his flames when he left. He is no longer a part of Bungie. Honestly, I prefer Staten's work over Frankie's. Frankie has allowed the series to be butchered, violating story and artistic canon. Frankie (and those under him) split Didact into two characters. Made one evil and other good. Didact was originally portrayed as the MacArthur of Halo, the Forerunner that led the fight against the Flood and eventually Mendicant Bias.  Now he's some Bornstellar crap clone and the original is a galactic criminal that hates humans. What happened to the implication that Humans and Forerunners are the same!? That we are their successors!? It has been held as this since the first Halo game! "All our lost time!" "They may hold the answers to our own mysteries." "You are Forerunner!" Now Humans and Forerunners are ancient rivals. The Precursors are no longer an ancient and revered race by the Forerunners, instead being a victim of them. Forerunners now begin to look less like Guardians and more like dictators and conquerors. Let's not forget about the Librarian, Didact's lover, and excellent contrast to his militaristic ways. She held a compassion for all life, that if Halo was the only way to stop the Flood, that it be her duty to save that life. In collecting the DNA from various species for the Index, she managed to save a multitude of life by transporting it to the Ark and setting plans for it to be returned. The cloning thing is arguable, but whatever. Now she is portrayed as some old hag that locked her husband away, spent all of her time planning the perfect plan, but somehow thought it was a great idea to place her knowledge and memories on the same planet that housed the most dangerous criminal that ever existed (according to the Reclaimer Trilogy)! (Books Should NOT Excuse Halo 4's Bad Writing) Have you played Halo 4? I mean, have you played it without Xbox LIVE or the internet, just the plain old game? It doesn't make sense. None of it fits together. How does Chief get new armor? Why is his new armor old? Why are the Covenant attacking them? Why does Didact hate humanity? Why did Mendicant Bias send us HERE? What happened to that AI? Why is Cortana going rampant despite achieving Metastability? You see, all of these questions and more are answered on Halo Waypoint ($$$ a Gold Xbox LIVE subscription is needed $$$) and you need to purchase the books to even have a glimmer of understanding it all. Books should not excuse sloppy writing. All it is, is a ploy by Microsoft to get you to buy into their extra Halo content! That's more money for them! Media and books are supposed to expand from the original content, not serve as detrimental profit makers! You shouldn't introduce all these new ideas and content without explaining one bit of it! You know who did that? George Lucas with the Star Wars Prequels. He added all this crap in and made a confusing story. Why? (A) He's lost touch with reality and artistic honesty & (B) he wanted to include as much content and ambiguous plots in his films so that people would buy the books and games, and they'd have more crap to make toys out of. Transformers did this as well! On and on and on it goes... What I laugh at most is how people claim that one needs to read the books to understand the new story of the Reclaimer Trilogy and how it all fits together. Well, I have read these books and I can tell you now: They're crap. It makes me wonder how much these children read or critically analyze just what they're reading. Sure they use big name authors, but as far as I am concerned, they're just in it for the paycheck from Microsoft. The new books come no where near comparing to Eric Nylund's work. Eric Nylund, an author who without a doubt developed a passion for just what he was writing about, wrote Fall of Reach which stands at the plateau of excellent sci-fi novels. Each page is more compelling than the next. We watch the rise and fall of humanity during the Great War, seeing Humanity build the greatest weapon ever known, and watching them defend a doomed planet from its inevitable fate. What do we get with the new books, Cryptum for example? Some albino hanging out with a bunch of bronze primitives exploring Africa. Boring! _______________________________________________ I'd like to note that by removing the Human/Forerunner relation, you remove the irony from the Covenant's genocide, that they were killing their "gods" all of this time. Instead, it only adds justification. Humans were ancient enemies that the Forerunners feared and despised enough to devolve them into primitive societies on Earth! They deserve to be wiped out! It'll certainly make Didact's job a lot easier. The story is now plagued with retcon.
Ben Sanders (4 years ago)
You need to learn better sentence structure. Only a handful of people from Bungie stayed with halo about 3 or 4 of them maybe more.
shark bait (4 years ago)
Cod might be killing halo, but Destiny will kill cod. There's no doubt in my mind about that.
MARCKO 9902 (4 years ago)
titanfall killed cod
SomeonesPC (4 years ago)
im gonna go with kyle reese on this one he seems to know his shit. I love Bungie, not halo 4 dawn
shark bait (4 years ago)
Yes. For the menu. The dmr in halo 4 has the halo reach function. They just reskinned it to look more like halo 4's other weapons
TwoTimingBlues (4 years ago)
Thanks for the fascinating read guys!  Did 343 really use the Reach engine, I never knew that. 
shark bait (4 years ago)
You type to much. Rage less
Dramus the Ice Dragon (4 years ago)
destiny = one gallon of man tears
HiveBeresrker (4 years ago)
And it hasn't even been released yet..  I can't wait to experience what Bungie has in store for us.
xGoodOldSmurfehx (4 years ago)
dude, CoD belongs to Infinity Ward, not Activision, Activision only publishes it and have a long-term exclusivity contract with IF, therefore IF have nothing to do with Bungie's business
xGoodOldSmurfehx (4 years ago)
some people really need to read Bungie's forums and CEO quotes, shit Halo is not even a masterpiece according to Bungie's CEO, its just a side project for Destiny :)
xGoodOldSmurfehx (4 years ago)
ARMA 3 fucks Planetside 2 which fucks Destiny which then fucks Halo who in turn fucks Battlefield that fucks CoD who fucks absolutely nothing :)
xGoodOldSmurfehx (4 years ago)
Halo = #1 competitor against any console FPS until Reach no wonder ActiVision agreed to help Bungie out by publishing Destiny on Bungie's term also Activision now belongs to Blizzard, which means it probably wasnt even Activision but rather Blizzard who took the final decision :) i wonder why most Halo fans are soooo obsessed with "a Halo comeback" i mean Halo is so over now plus i want to hear Martin's music again, which made Halo so special in the first place this is SO a win-win moment
Ken Kord (4 years ago)
i think the reason bungie left halo was because microsoft was too hands on so ya i agree
Kevin Wheeldon (4 years ago)
This is going to feel like playing Halo all over again for the first time. I'm so excited. I've missed you so much Bungie!
Kevin Wheeldon (4 years ago)
Hey dibshit, I hope you realize your bagging on the same company that created Halo. So if your talking shit about Halo then your talking shit about Bungie. So go fuck yourself like the fucktard faggot you are.
Chris Ray Gun (4 years ago)
Stop labeling these as OST. It's misinformation.
JMcmstr08 (4 years ago)
Such a vast array of Emotion in this music. Visions of History, Duty, Loss, Victories, and Honor. Something like that
TheDestinyUnion (4 years ago)
very inspiring

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