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UNRULY HEROES | Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games Trailer | 2018

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UNRULY HEROES is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018. No exact release date yet. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 29 New Games Announced - https://goo.gl/6QveWQ 18 New Games Released - https://goo.gl/13sWS2 ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (57)
SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
Rayman! with wukong ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 29 New Games Announced - https://goo.gl/6QveWQ 18 New Games Released - https://goo.gl/13sWS2
TheRichardFG (11 months ago)
This looks like Journey to the West.A 400 year old novel. The characters look like the Monkey, pig (with a rake), water demon and monk if I'm correct.
SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
oh I would love a po game! ^_^
Nick (11 months ago)
SwitchPlanet gives me a kung fu panda vibe too lol thx for the video!
zuppa zone (4 months ago)
thanks, already wishlisted on steam
zuppa zone (4 months ago)
from FAQ "What platforms will be available on? You have the choice : XboxOne, PS4, NintendoSwitch and PC."
zuppa zone (4 months ago)
Michael Dust (11 months ago)
Reminds me of trine
Дикий Xxx (11 months ago)
Смените этот музон монофонический
Ananta rr (11 months ago)
hollow knight vibe 💜
Jay2Gutta Gold face (11 months ago)
I want this game .
Lewis Clark (11 months ago)
One of your other vids you showed tiny metal coming out 11-21-17 did you just make that up cause it didn't come out
SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
we never made up anything, it was the date given by them, now it just got delayed to dec 21st
pagro xxx (11 months ago)
Michael Archibong (11 months ago)
Chinese Rayman
Michael Archibong (11 months ago)
Escanor Lion Sin of Pride clearly a joke as it is just using the same art style calm with the paragraph
Escanor Lion Sin of Pride (11 months ago)
Michael Archibong So, for you, Jorney to the west ( you know the Chinese Novel which was written and published in the 16th Century ) is a chinese Rayman !? LOL !!! P.s : this is an evident troll
CookieJoebee (11 months ago)
I'm pretty sure this is based on the Chinese fantasy story “Journey to the West” lol
INGSOC (11 months ago)
Looks like the ubiarts engine.
Chris Gennusa (11 months ago)
It's like Rayman mixed with smash bros
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
This looks interesting. I think. Stay positive guys! Every console has its mobile-ish-looking games. St-Stay positive for Switch's future! These are indies. What can you expect? It might be a good game!
Joey (11 months ago)
Another phone game...
Ferris Argyle (5 months ago)
nesscube Still a massive map with 100 players. Much more demanding than this.
nesscube (5 months ago)
Ferris Argyle that's lowered versions with a basic 3d
Ferris Argyle (5 months ago)
nesscube PUBG and Ark Survival Evolved run on mobile devices, so this could too.
Wallace Navarro (5 months ago)
This game is better than 50% of PS4 games. deal with that!
nesscube (7 months ago)
no mobile phone could handle that what do you smoke ?
Joffa99 mmmh (11 months ago)
Noooo! Another plattformer. Switch is supposed to conatin more mature games. After im done With the games that wore good im selling my Switch it had nothing. The only thing im waiting for right now is La Noire, doom and skyrim. That's it there is no more. Exept zelda ofcourse
BladeMasterEvan (11 months ago)
Yeah https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/wolfenstein-ii-the-new-colossus-switch
Joffa99 mmmh (11 months ago)
BladeMasterEvan wait are you sure about wolfenstein 2?
BladeMasterEvan (11 months ago)
Possibly the Evil Within 2 - I think the dev said he would like a Switch version.
BladeMasterEvan (11 months ago)
Wolfenstien 2
Joffa99 mmmh (11 months ago)
BladeMasterEvan ok forgot about that one but still not enough.
Dracquiteur (11 months ago)
UbiArt Engine?
Lord Bizou (11 months ago)
Nope, it's made with Unity
The Temptress (11 months ago)
Will get this game on Day one!
Alejandro (11 months ago)
Goku !!!
marvin ginyard (11 months ago)
If Ori and Rayman had a love child
JohnHenric (11 months ago)
marvin ginyard #BringOriOnTheSwitch
Jay Lucien (11 months ago)
This looks awesome!
Gl do (11 months ago)
so it's a "grown up" version of Rayman
Gustavo CVE (11 months ago)
I hope it's coming physical. I want this game so much!
Misterallstar (11 months ago)
Retail pls
SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
hopefully ^_^
Juventus Club (11 months ago)
Primooo 111🥇🥇🥇🏅

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