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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze http://eminem.com http://facebook.com/eminem http://twitter.com/eminem http://instagram.com/eminem http://eminem.tumblr.com http://shadyrecords.com http://facebook.com/shadyrecords http://twitter.com/shadyrecords http://instagram.com/shadyrecords http://trustshady.tumblr.com Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records http://vevo.ly/0XH5c8
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Text Comments (168533)
Ebola (11 minutes ago)
Is slim shady Eminem?
Filip Kuprewicz (39 minutes ago)
it s recording is Detroit ???
Peste Negra (45 minutes ago)
"Callate boca mejor, maricon, Little puto, and all of you culo" Que mierda?
alton davis (47 minutes ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they Killed IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marko Ivankovic (51 minutes ago)
Baka Prase--Pariz!
Austin Casullo (53 minutes ago)
Not mumble rap
Austin Casullo (53 minutes ago)
L24Football Npb (59 minutes ago)
Joyner lucas part was better
MikeFromLunch (1 hour ago)
wtf lmao the part where they all copied them was funny XD
killa ky1e (1 hour ago)
Joyner is going to kill this rap game
Xoom Gotaio (1 hour ago)
No one gonna say anything bout Joyner?
sal chang (1 hour ago)
[Intro: Joyner Lucas] Whoa, Joyner, Joyner, yeah, yeah, yeah [Bridge: Joyner Lucas] Yeah, I done did a lot of things in my day, I admit it I don't take back what I say, if I said it then I meant it All my life I want a Grammy, but I'll prolly never get it I ain't never had no trophy or no motherfuckin' ribbon (Yah I said it) Fuck the system, I'm that nigga, bend the law, cut the rules I'm about to risk it all, I ain't got too much to lose Y'all been eatin' long enough, it's my turn to cut the food Pass the plate! Where my drink? This my day, lucky you Fuck you too, woo! [Chorus: Joyner Lucas] Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move Give me some room, give me some room, give me the juice Hop out the coupe, hop out the coupe, hop out and shoot Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, give me the juice [Verse 1: Joyner Lucas] Back on my bullshit, my back to the wall Turn my back on you, all of you finished Back to these bullets, it's back to the job Pull my MAC out and all of you runnin' Back on my hood shit, it's back to the pushin' These packs and I'm actually pumpin' Can't fuck with you rappers, you practically suckin' You mighta went platinum but that don't mean nothin' I'm actually buzzin' this time Straight out the kitchen, I told 'em the oven is mine I do not fuck with you guys If I don't kill you, just know you gon' suffer this time I ain't no gangster but I got some bangers Some chains and some blades and a couple of knives Choppers and jammies, a partridge, a pear tree My twelve days of Christmas was nothin' but lies (Ayy) I run at you hard like a sumo (Sumo) They say I talk like a chulo (Chulo) I live in Mars, I'm not Bruno (Woo) Bitch I'm a dog, call me "Cujo" (Rah) You play your cards, I reverse on you all And I might just draw 4 like a Uno (Bup) Cállate boca mejor, maricón, little puto, and all of you culo (Joyner) They've invented a level up in the ghetto to get old Lookin' for somethin' I prolly can never find now Shit get relevant 'til the beef die down In truth a nigga just really want me tied down I've been alone and I never needed nobody Just only me and my shotty, I'll tell these niggas to lie down Keep all the money, I never wanted the lifestyle I just pray to God that my son'll be alright now I said ain't no love for the other side Or anyone who ever want smoke (Joyner) When I die I'm goin' out as a underdog who never lost hope (Yeah) You in the wrong cab down the wrong path Nigga, wrong way, wrong road (Woo,Woo) Snakes in the grass tryna slither fast I just bought a fuckin' lawn mower (Vroom!) [Bridge: Eminem] I done said a lotta things in my day, I admit it This is payback in a way, I regret it that I did it I done won a couple Grammys, but I sold my soul to get 'em Wasn't in it for the trophies, just the fuckin' recognition Fuck's the difference? I'm that cracker, bend the law, fuck the rules Man I used to risk it all, now I got too much to lose I've been eatin' long enough, man my stomach should be full I just ate, licked the plate, my buffet, lucky me Fuck you think? (Woo!) [Verse 2: Eminem] I got a couple of mansions Still I don't have any manners You got a couple of ghost writers But to these kids it don't actually matter They're askin' me, "What the fuck happened to hip-hop?" I said, "I don't have any answers." 'Cause I took an L when I dropped my last album It hurt me like hell but I'm back on these rappers And actually comin' from humble beginnings I'm somewhat uncomfortable winning I wish I could say, "What a wonderful feeling!" "We're on the upswing like we're punchin' the ceiling!" But nothin' is feeling like anyone has any fuckin' ability To even stick to a subject, it's killin' me The inability to pen humility Ha-ta-ta ba-ta-ta, why don't we make a bunch of Fuckin' songs about nothin' and mumble 'em? Fuck it, I'm goin' for the jugular Shit is a circus, you clowns that are comin' up Don't give an ounce of a motherfuck About the ones that were here before you that made rap Let's recap, way back, MC's that wreak havoc on tape decks ADAT's, where the G Raps and Kanes at? We need 3 Stacks ASAP and bring Masta Ace back 'Cause half of these rappers have brain damage All the lean rappin', face tats, syruped out like tree sap I don't hate trap, and I don't wanna seem mad But in fact, where the old me at? The same cat That would take that feed-back and aim back, I need that But I think it's inevitable They know what button to press or what lever to pull To get me to snap though (Lil' bitch) And if I pay it attention I'm probably makin' it bigger But you've been takin' ya dicks in the fuckin' back, ho (Get it?) On the brink, any minute got me thinkin' of finishin' Everything with acetaminophen and reapin' the benefits I'm asleep at the wheel again As I peak into thinkin' about an evil intent Of another beat I'ma kill again 'Cause even if I gotta end up eatin' a pill again Even ketamine or methamphetamine with the minithin It better be at least 70 to 300 milligram And I might as well 'cause I'ma end up bein' a villain again Levels to this shit, I got an elevator You could never say to me I'm not a fuckin' record breaker I sound like a broken record every time I break a record Nobody could ever take away the legacy I made, I never cater Motherfucker, now I got a right to be this way I got spite inside my DNA But I wrote 'til the wheels fall off, I'm workin' tirelessly, ayy It's the moment y'all been waitin' for Like California wishin' rain would pour In that drought, y'all been prayin' for My downfall from the 8 Mile to the Southpaw Still the same Marshall, that outlaw That they say is a writer might've fell off I'm back on that bull like the cowboy
maya summers (1 hour ago)
Em's signature move 3:44 😂
maya summers (1 hour ago)
Em's humor and quirkiness aint going nowhere. 😂
''Mumble took the easy way out''
Accidently listened to lil pump Gucci gang now I'm having brain treatment so I'm watching this ...
Mr. Toza (2 hours ago)
Dab god
TurtleWeirdo (2 hours ago)
Kelly made fun of his beard but he looks better with a beard
skull kid (2 hours ago)
Imagine this Eminem Royce da 5'9 Joyner Lucas
VitanStefan : Cristian (2 hours ago)
Joyner lucas what shoes do you have?
Jake Kreller (2 hours ago)
Eminem diss track = lucky you MGK REPLIES = unlucky me 😂 agree public??? 🌍
Mp3Download (3 hours ago)
download the full album of eminem kamikaze on my channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN3SIVaNJ-U
kadir killuminati (3 hours ago)
Marcus H (3 hours ago)
All I need is a Eminem/Hopsin collab and I can die happy
Jennifer Kleber (3 hours ago)
Hey jerk never wanted to meet or anything you..my watching video was all about my billy ..so go fuck your self eminem
haaseerabo (4 hours ago)
This is my favourite song from kamikaze it’s acc disgusting how many times I’ve listened to this song on repeat
Muhammad s Akhtar (4 hours ago)
Who’s Here in 2050? Eminem :)
Lucky Strike (4 hours ago)
Bako pičko
willy arisman (5 hours ago)
speed 1.25 the song is cool
MichaelFrew (5 hours ago)
Gimme the juice ❤
Sezai Dogan (5 hours ago)
fuck the rules🙌🙌🙌🙌
Nikola Kurtić (5 hours ago)
King musical
Nokdang Lusang (5 hours ago)
No matter what people say..disagree or agree about if Eminem is the best or not He is... All the people who started with him or before him are long gone There maybe some but they are hardly holding on Eminem can kill any style Of rap or beat... He is an awesome lyricist propably the best No one tries to diss him because look at MGK.. look at his sales numbers don't lie...more over if you say the name of Eminem in any part of the world they will know him..even the conners of the word..he units every genre fans hip-hop,pop,metalheads etc etc every race the whites the blacks Asians etc..whole world talks about him for some people other rappers maybe their favorite but for billions he is our favorite Hence Eminem is the best
Wak (5 hours ago)
What if joyner get shot in the back?
UvealSteak 13408 (6 hours ago)
Who loves Eminem
Lord02Infamous (6 hours ago)
Ain’t gone lie man this fkn beat goes the fuck in bruh!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Steven Carter 8 (6 hours ago)
Mic drop
MattyBespoke (6 hours ago)
I''m not gonna lie.... GOAT not the biggest Em fan but damn... even Jesus would be like god damn thats fire!
Dmontrail heath (7 hours ago)
I fuck with this still
psychician (7 hours ago)
im a huge eminem fan, love the dude and think he is by far the best rapper/lyricist to ever exist. After hearing joyner and listening to his other stuff i am honestly truly surprised, this dude has mad skills and is clearly way ahead of the curve. Joyner is clearly top 5 rapper already in my eyes and the dude is young as hell, only rappers ive heard hold their own on track with em is royce and busta, and thats only on a couple tracks. Joyner is far above any of the new cats out mad props dude is ridiculous
The Godfather (8 hours ago)
Came again after deconstruction video, who else?
GeekSHizzle (8 hours ago)
Wait'''have they been doing everything we do?They askinn me what the f-*-* happen to hip hop?
Dustin Arnett (8 hours ago)
Hate me all you want but blacks say nigga in every verse as a cop out becuase they cant think of nothing em may have said cracker once in these song but other then that Us WhItE PeOpLe dont say cracker in everyline like blacks or even wanna be blacks like stiches hate all you want but you know i got alot to say#imnotrascist
Tyler Durden (8 hours ago)
UnikkatilVEVO (9 hours ago)
3:54 🔥
TheFaze (9 hours ago)
We need to get this to 100 Million Views before 2019 is over
TheFaze (9 hours ago)
The scene in the middle with the dabbing and dancing and even the Adlibs to the crowd of hooded people following them and copying them were all more Disses to Mumble Rappers and their fans riding them
bibek karky (9 hours ago)
Mumble rappers rapping: omg omg omg omg more than two words, more than two words , more than two words, how is it possible x4 , eminen f****ed us x4..😂😂😂😂
Eric Luis Jr (10 hours ago)
Best song ever listens to Thant you Eminem and joner lucaus
Mitchell Fletcher (10 hours ago)
The Rackket (11 hours ago)
3:42 rated r
Terence Mayer (11 hours ago)
Subscribe to pewdiepie for luck. Lucky for me I already subscribe to pewdiepie.
LiL_i-GoTeM (11 hours ago)
Rap god x2
LiL_i-GoTeM (11 hours ago)
Eminem dan is as sharp as a razor blade
jevaun259 (11 hours ago)
fuck Eminem he fucking dabbed smfh
LiL_i-GoTeM (11 hours ago)
LOL why
LiL_i-GoTeM (11 hours ago)
Wat did that Spanish verse say
LiL_i-GoTeM (11 hours ago)
Baba Bc (11 hours ago)
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vivek Agrawal (11 hours ago)
A great from Eminem after a long time
zondy008 (12 hours ago)
anyone know what type of drop leg bag that is?
SIdalia C (12 hours ago)
Wow! Amazing song!!
asscheeks mcbuttface (12 hours ago)
I like how em dabs xD
Carlos L. Garcia (12 hours ago)
But holy shit, EM always tears shit up! Thank you EM for being Original gangsta! 💪🦁
Col.Glover 413 (12 hours ago)
Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️
Carlos L. Garcia (12 hours ago)
Ohhhhhhh shit, twista is always on point
THONIO TUBE (12 hours ago)
I just realized the similarity to the Tom Clancy game "The Division"
Alexa Miller (12 hours ago)
eminem dabbed were making history everybody
Alexa Miller (12 hours ago)
i liked my comment
fordmustang1945 (13 hours ago)
4:44 Killshot ☠️☠️☠️
Showkat Shah (13 hours ago)
Showed this to a new born baby He slapped me and told me "you gotta move,you gotta move,give me some milk"
fordmustang1945 (13 hours ago)
MGK is better than Eminem
Jamie Miller (13 hours ago)
Amartya Sharma (13 hours ago)
He raps faster than a electrons revolves arround neutron 😂
RipperPlayz (13 hours ago)
Ooooo I like this soooooo muchhh
Crystal A (14 hours ago)
Eminem your the man/god!!!
Unknown Is watching (14 hours ago)
Xxxtentacion death=eminem
chou tzuyu (14 hours ago)
Impossible makes possible by Eminem
Shadow Playz (14 hours ago)
I love the post apocalyptic vibe.
AstroGames (14 hours ago)
Other Rappers: Eminem is a joke. He can’t rap anymore. Eminem drops Kamikaze Other Rappers: This album’s garbage. They listen this song. Other Rappers: Ok then sorry we all love you
Colin playz (14 hours ago)
Why cant eminem do old school still
Delvisions Dela Rosa (15 hours ago)
Worth the title of being a "rap god"
Cyrill Bucher (15 hours ago)
Song of the year, in my opinion🙌🏻
Juan Esteban Benitez (15 hours ago)
Rap Bruto. Residente-Nach, Eminem- Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas, disfrútalo como quieras, solo hazlo
Thomas PALMA - 1 (15 hours ago)
Two words discribe Eminem astonationing savage I love eminem
Víctor Diaz (15 hours ago)
The King.
Jordan Sherrod (15 hours ago)
FataLsPoTs (16 hours ago)
wtf is asitamitophen
Seth Summers (16 hours ago)
Joyner Lucas went off
Blake Beach (16 hours ago)
i think there voices are a perfect combination, y'all should do more together fr
Ruben Loftus-Cheek (16 hours ago)
Name a Joyner Lucas song - this is the one they gonna say LMAO This sounds like a drake song when they’re rapping normal 🤔
Everything sounds like a Drake song. Because a Drake song is everything
Dark Pazific Dorofeeva (16 hours ago)
Wagon (16 hours ago)
I can tell eminem made this song based off of the lyrics. It's just not as well made as joyner lucas music.
YT Triple XxxX KID (16 hours ago)
No cars No hoes No money Just pure rap Skill.................and I can't believe someone convinced Eminem to dab🤣
There are cars all over the please. Even fucking boats
WOLf SOL (16 hours ago)
this is the official channel of Eminem ?
R B Violettt (16 hours ago)
3:36 when middle schoolers still think dabbing is cool
Dabbing is awesome.
ry Wise (16 hours ago)
Who still come here every single day for the part where em and Lucas are making all the soliders mimic them loll... *Yo if y'all like real rap check my page. Have a great weekend don't stress bout shit that aint worth worth your time. Check me out*
Isaiah Madrigal (16 hours ago)
Boudi Dawson (17 hours ago)
I love this collab
WAR READY (17 hours ago)
No joke the guys with the red eyes were part of my Halloween, costume

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