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Top Ten Nintendo Wii Platformer and Action Games

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Top Ten Nintendo Wii Platformer and Action Games - This is my opinion so please dont argue but you can put ur own top ten Platformer and Action Games games.
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ThoseKokiriKids (5 years ago)
What did you expect. This video was uploaded 2 years after release.
Stray-Zer0 (5 years ago)
sum might fine games there sir. im not a big wii fan but now i hav the wii u i am open to giving wii games a chance. sum of the gamess u chose r very good
Joshua Minns (5 years ago)
very bad choices of games
shawnzchannel (8 years ago)
Call of Duty World at War is a shooter; not an action nor a platformer.
Jim Rowell (5 months ago)
shawnzchannel exactly

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