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God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Opening Cinematic

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Check out the action-packed intro for the sequel.
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*Kamui_23* (2 days ago)
Really like GE2rb and GER right now, both opening has the real protagonist shown.. Yuu for GER and Hiro for GE2rb
Jake Dragonfire (12 days ago)
Great game. Terrible ending
Shinigamimon (1 month ago)
If Rage Burst ever gets an anime they better use this opening lol
gilgamesh lucifer (2 months ago)
is this going to be an anime???
ZETMAN Z (2 months ago)
Van a sacar 2 temporada del anime
Nexie Terithu (3 months ago)
Why did I get here
DeadLine (3 months ago)
The tird part is near... Save money fools!
Ananya Mathur (3 months ago)
Is this season 2 ,almost all characters are new
Main thay đổi ak
Bao h ra z
Kev Dar (3 months ago)
Who's the person going ham in the ending though? I'm currently playing the game but I've on reached like difficulty 5.
ThePOKOkitty (4 months ago)
"Monster hunter worlds! blblblbblblblblblbl"
Khuất Binh (4 months ago)
Where Lenka ?
Midoras Diabano (4 months ago)
Can't wait to see code viens opening
Midoras Diabano (4 months ago)
And god eater 3
Jonh Some (5 months ago)
Kota GE1: "Nice to meet you sir." Kota GE2: "The Aragami call me Daddy too."
Polikx C (5 months ago)
when is the release?
Nadz Hujan (5 months ago)
In my opinion I think this OP is better than Resurrection Remix... Both animation and song...The Res remix just have so many wuub2... Also can someone tell me who did the animation for burst and this OP
A Khairani (5 months ago)
I wonder if they want to make anime adaption from GE2, the protagonist will not be Lenka anymore, right?
mohammad sharif (5 months ago)
If they would that is :(
Mund 465 (6 months ago)
Wait... last i watched, it was the girl. Now the one who charged at the end was a guy? 0_0
Mund 465 (5 months ago)
Yeah i just confirmed only yesterday Thanks! XD
mohammad sharif (5 months ago)
There are two version of the music video, the male version and the female version
Jamasia Anderson (6 months ago)
Asada Shino (6 months ago)
That intro omg 🔥
Ebee (6 months ago)
Quite the coincidence that I ended up getting stuck on the monster at the end of the intro..
soul hunter (7 months ago)
Nadz Hujan (7 months ago)
Damn Alisa get prettier from time2time
Siti Juhairyah (8 months ago)
God Eater games ppsspp itu ya yg mod
ZaGoS (8 months ago)
Great song...God eater opening 1 and 2 in my top 10 favorite anime songs.
Kuma Kuma (9 months ago)
Wish Alan Dawa sang the opening song again
伊藤誠 (10 months ago)
ps4でこのゲーム始めてから、この曲聞いてハマったわ( ´∀`)
Grayson Zalishqi (10 months ago)
Nero Official (10 months ago)
No Utsugi Lenka? Man.... I'm dissapointed.
vega reno (11 months ago)
WTF, this game is very similar to monster hunter... i see Gore Magala and all weapoin in this vidio!!! good good i love monster hunter
Miguel Del Valle (11 months ago)
no sé quién se encarga de los soundtrack tanto de los juegos y el anime... pero es un genio!
Pelo! (1 year ago)
real good
Thomas van Spronsen (1 year ago)
my brother bought this game a month ago and said it was terrible on day 1 now i got bored and played it and that was the best 8 hours of my life
SW 83 (1 year ago)
This is not a good opening for first timers. This is basically the opening for the 2nd arc (Rage Burst arc). I wish they use GE2 opening the first time we play the game and then use this opening after the credit of the first arc.
Yoshiharu Iwai (1 year ago)
is this a game?
SW 83 (1 year ago)
Dark Stalker (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thought that the Blood Rage scene was supposed to be Julius at first?
Phoenix Destiny (1 year ago)
Anyone else think this could sound like a RWBY intro? I mean after all, they DO have a Ruby Rose expy in the game.....
Vladicarus (1 year ago)
seeing how God eater came before RWBY..so it's more like RWBY sounds like this, bud. and thats Livie collete.
ModoF4ll (1 year ago)
Korobo The Robo Poro (1 year ago)
Woah! these comments xD blames memes! >.> its always memes!
The Allied Powers (1 year ago)
So it was 'Ufotable' that's behind these retardedly brilliant and detailed animations, huh. Should get on them.
Jerry Ofvalvrave (1 year ago)
where LENKA???!!!
Vladicarus (1 year ago)
Lenka's the anime character for the anime loose adaption of God eater, which is basically a big trailer for God Eater Ressurection. This is a video game where Lenka's character doesn't exist.
Sofia Grace Nadela (1 year ago)
Who's the MC?!
Vladicarus (1 year ago)
You, technically..They do have canon names, but you make your own character. its a game.
Gaming with Levi (1 year ago)
what happened to lenka
Vladicarus (1 year ago)
Lenka's from the anime, This is a video game, God eater started off as a game, with a MC you make.
Anime For me (1 year ago)
Is utsugi still in it
Vladicarus (1 year ago)
Different canon, so no. God eater anime, and God eater Games have different universes...well, different canons anyway.
Alex Nakajime (1 year ago)
At 1:29 Isn't that Hiro Kamui?
soldiersigma507 (1 year ago)
1:28 Hiro Kamui
Epic Noob Plays (1 year ago)
is there season 2?
SW 83 (1 year ago)
Nope. No news about season 2.
Elink perez (1 year ago)
realy cool
Donovan (1 year ago)
This game has too much stuff that i can't even keep up with it, lol.
GunRunners (1 year ago)
meh I rather ressurections intro better. expesually the second one you unlock late game
BradLad56 (1 year ago)
Did ufotable animate this?
SW 83 (1 year ago)
Phoenix2450 (1 year ago)
This makes me wanna see season 2 happen so badly
Julian Bass (1 year ago)
1:21...Gore magala, anyone?
CloudStrife07 (1 year ago)
That was badass
Muslim m.mudin (1 year ago)
i already finish complete the mission guys
Рисовка аниме самого класс
Repoman (1 year ago)
Waiting for s2 with nana :3
GrimReaper (1 year ago)
WHERES LENKA????!!!!!????!!!!!!!!
Neo Virz (1 year ago)
for everyone that doesn't know God Eater is game series, just play the game...
Miguel Cruz (1 year ago)
is this a season 2 of God Eater??
Kaishi Mitsune (1 year ago)
Miguel Cruz there is no season 2 of the anime.
Miguel Cruz (1 year ago)
RinX I know but there's also an anime
RinX (1 year ago)
This is a game >.>
mr weirdope (1 year ago)
where's Lenka?? is this a game or anime??
Mark Sky (5 months ago)
Ampelus Those things are only dlc clothes. Lenka doesn't exist in the game. Yuu is the MC of GE 1.
Kelvin D'Arctrius (1 year ago)
This is game.. And Lenka only exists in the anime.. Even the protagonist of the first GE (Yuu) is not here..
Ampelus (1 year ago)
+Chuong Dang Well. _Technically_ You Can Be Lenka In Resurrection, Cause Everything Is There; His Hair And Face, Plus You Start With His Outfit.
Chuong Dang (1 year ago)
Lenka is an anime only character
Ampelus (1 year ago)
This Is Rage Burst.
Atomic Fart (1 year ago)
ahh just give me the season 2 of the anime
Ridzki Andiyono (1 year ago)
Finally! Reached the Blood Rage story! Now the the true battle begins...
Luqman Fikri (1 year ago)
I can see you I can feel you Cos I know you for too long Your submission Your ambition I don't know why things go wrong Saw you rise up Saw you fall down Now I see you're not too strong We were younger We were closer Why we never walked along Wanna know why Wanna know your fantasy Hope it's not too late Tears falling from your eyes No it's not fate Wanna know why Wanna know your fantasy Hope it's not too late Wipe your tears from your eyes And stand still on your feet We're here to stay
Andreas Munube (1 year ago)
what is this song called
Death (1 year ago)
Just got this game yesterday! I love it so far
SkIzOjImBo (1 year ago)
Damn that song is cool. God Eater oppenings are so cool!
boypirata1990 (1 year ago)
All hail UfoTable!!
Samalama Marriott (1 year ago)
is lenka in god eater 2
Ridzki Andiyono (1 year ago)
you can create his avatar in God Eater Resurrection. So, you can play as him...
Derpblade (1 year ago)
Lenka is the "Player" so basically he's the character you play in game.
Death (1 year ago)
he only exists in the anime
Seppiroth32 (2 years ago)
I liked how they re-uploaded this in 2016 April.
Seppiroth32 (1 year ago)
I know, I was referring to the title being the exact same thing with almost no edits to it, the only thing changed is the video. Which practically is the same as the original with a slight visual edit at the end, so it doesn't change anything.
TheLightningYu (1 year ago)
Yeah but look at both=P In one in the and is an woman, and in the other an man!^^
Seppiroth32 (1 year ago)
+TheLightningYu But it wasn't in the title of the video, they shared an almost identical name if I recall correctly.
TheLightningYu (1 year ago)
April wasn't reupload, it is the Female-Version of this.
ivan muñiz (2 years ago)
Saquen la segunda parte
vc180191 (2 years ago)
Took me a while to realise, but isn't there two variants of this opening? I've seen one where Blood Alpha at the end is female, so does the opening change according to the gender of your character?
Vladicarus (1 year ago)
11 months late. but normally the OPENING cutscene is at random, however after making your character you will get it again with either the male or female as you made.
Shurryy Namegenerator (1 year ago)
Nah, the gender in the opening is random to me.
smward87 (2 years ago)
Flavius Kenneth (2 years ago)
i like got eater burst opening song than this :/
Shurryy Namegenerator (1 year ago)
Huh... So Hiro is canon, then? Meh, doesn't matter. EDIT: Turns out there's two variations of the same opening for both genders. Huh.
DarkChaos313 (2 years ago)
Is it possible to switch from the English dub to an English sub in the (US versons) Rage Burst and Resurrection games? So far of what I've seen of the English dub is not very good. I'd like to know if I can switch it, if possible.
Shurryy Namegenerator (2 years ago)
You can't.
Gustavo Fonseca (2 years ago)
The best opening that I have seen in all my life
DANIEL TNT (2 years ago)
Omega0918 (2 years ago)
Hiw can ressurection have such a great opening and then the sequel has this garbage song? So dissapointing : ( nothing to do with the actual game but whatever loser they picked to sing this is worse than the xenoverse cover.
Omega0918 (2 years ago)
I don't think we watched the same opening with that nasly god awful full auto-tune voice so no your correction is denied.
Minh Lê (2 years ago)
Where lenka and alisa? i don't see them, somebody please tell me why? :(
Kelvin D'Arctrius (1 year ago)
Alisa is there for a second or two.. She wears a Cradle uniform.. You just don't see her.. For Lenka, he only exists in the anime and not the game.. Even the protagonist of the first GE (Yuu) is not in here..
vc180191 (2 years ago)
Alisa is met early on in God Eater 2 (after Blood responds to an emergency call when the first Psion appears), but isn't on the main roster. There are some new episodes with her much later on, but as she's a member of Cradle, she isn't part of the Blood Group. Blood is an expeditionary unit on a moving fortress, they aren't a part of the Far East unit. And Lenka is an anime-only character, a template charecterto replace the faceless, nameless protagonist of God Eater 1. The Captain is never met in God Eater 2, however, Alisa notes that Blood Alpha (protagonist of 2) reminds her of the first game protagonist.
Lenka is like the Ash of all the pokemon games (( Non Existent ))
Scott Baker (2 years ago)
anyone know what them lyrics where?
Edgar Allan Poe (2 years ago)
romeo is dead
vc180191 (2 years ago)
The opening shows it, notice that at the end when it shows each crystal form on the M.C's Blood Rage, each one appears after showing some clips with Gil/Ciel/Nana. Notice after Nana, we get a half second clip showing Romeo's God Arc, with the final crystal appearing at that point. Yeah that kind alludes that he's dead, if all they show is his God Arc lying along on a table.
you uh.....kinda forgot the #SpoilerAlert but whatevs right?
Cheese4G (2 years ago)
While the animation and action is cool, am I the only one who likes the song from God Eater 1 better?
Kanny Boy (1 year ago)
Yes you are. Get taste.
Bluezone785 (2 years ago)
Should I get this game? I'm completely new to this series and never played any of the games before. I did a quick search of the story and it sounds interesting. So is this game any good?
Ned Zukoski (1 year ago)
Get it.
StarSketcher (2 years ago)
Resurrection comes with the game too
Bluezone785 (2 years ago)
+Rizky Saputra Ah okay, much thanks man ;)
Rizky Saputra (2 years ago)
+Nagalina Xakarin Yes, it's a new version from GE Burst on PSP, so if you want to follow the story, Play the GE Resurrection first then GE 2.
Bluezone785 (2 years ago)
+Rizky Saputra Wait is that like the 1st game of the series or something? How many games are there in the series (if you don't mind me asking)?
Zoe Senka (2 years ago)
I love 0:16. The slow mo of characters jumping off the hill in time with the music beat just really stands out to me. Looks epic.
Zaksec Gaming (2 years ago)
this video got me into the series
Mr. codebreaker221 (1 year ago)
Zaksec Gaming same here
same :D
Enthusiastic Gamer (2 years ago)
Monster Hunter came first and while I've played MH3 Ultimate for Wii U. I still find it to be a bit slow, after a little while of playing I lost interest. I'm getting God Eater 2 Rage Burst on the 30th of this month for PS4.
StarSketcher (2 years ago)
i also recommend freedom wars if you havent tried it
Lilly adam (2 years ago)
if this is season 2 and the character is changed im really going to be mad 😠💢💢
IcyYou (2 years ago)
NO, not season 2, God Eater is a game franchise, and this is the second game basically remastered, this isn't the anime. Lenka's story is exclusive to the anime. However, if you play the game it's basically following the same story..
Duzzie. Ashigana (2 years ago)
meh the game was okay god eater 2 story mode had a better story
Johnny Bravo (1 year ago)
Cool I love the game 😁
Marcy Adoulin (1 year ago)
+Johnny Bravo It removes none at all.
Johnny Bravo (1 year ago)
Duzzie. Ashigana does rage burst remove any story content from the original god eater 2 ?
+Marcai Valoid lol same xD the Pre Order was worth it
Marcy Adoulin (2 years ago)
+Marco Trolio Yeah. It was REALLY good actually. But I still run back to God Eater Resurrection like a little girl anyways.
Vandoeun Long (2 years ago)
liek dis if yu cri evrityme
Fahmi Tajjuddin (2 years ago)
Yeah hiro in 1:30 is so epic
TheBlind One (2 years ago)
Dear Lenka, What happen to you where are you in game do you really exist in game or just in anime
+Zabusy Naw he had me buy the game and is the reason why I'm dissagreeing
white walker (2 years ago)
technically lenka is the customize character that you will be playing in the game... since it is customizable you can create an exact lenka character in the game.
Fahmi Tajjuddin (2 years ago)
dude lenka is just for anime,the real MC is yuu
Cris Guevarra (2 years ago)
did you notice that they made a exact mh monster the gore magala
Nine (2 years ago)
monster hunter ripped off gore magala from GE2
Droid Playz (2 years ago)
Prefer the anime (just my opinion) BTW who agrees with me?
Eddie Juarez (1 year ago)
no one, noob
Candido Esteves (2 years ago)
que dia sai ?? mês ??? e ano ?? whatss the date 2 season???
Yummy Bear (2 years ago)
Had to cancel preorder due to no Japanese voice option for NA release. Sigh.
Yummy Bear (2 years ago)
Preordered Zelda instead :)
+Yummy Bear Lol game still worth it lol
Yummy Bear (2 years ago)
Emilio Escobedo (2 years ago)
In the anime are they going to put Lenka and Alisa together or something?
Sukhraj Cheema (2 years ago)
when sseason 2 coming ive been waiting for such a long time and where is lenka in the vid
kai, just kai (2 years ago)
god eater is a videogame from years ago, lenka is exclusive for the animated series.

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