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The 14 Switch Games YOU Regret Buying

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We recently spoke about the games WE regret getting on Switch and you guys had a lot to say on the subject so today we bring you 14 Switch games YOU regret buying. Obviously, these are all opinions and you can totally disagree. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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Medachod (9 hours ago)
- ARMS relies on the motion controls to be really fun, but still a thirty dollar value otherwise. Twenty if you primarily use the standard controls since that takes away a good amount of what makes it fun since it has pretty accurate motion. And Street Fighter is a poor comparison. Just didn't really like anything that was said here about ARMS and it was only full retail because Nintendo charges full retail for all of their console games. - WarioWare should have been prioritized, especially if it had as much effort as Smooth Moves. Would have easily given the user base a stronger boost than it already got with Breath of the Wild. - Sure, it started bad, but it got better. However, the other consoles will get a polished version of the game, well Switch owners got screwed over and had to wait months for the game to get better. Really, I am most thankful that the game even got a 60fps update, because I never expected I'd see the day developers did something like that. - Did not even consider getting this once. - At least it's a fair price for what it offers, unlike ARMS. 6) Precisely why I never watched any of it beyond its brief reveal and epic trailer at the end of the first Switch presentation. I had a blast with it because of that, but I can't deny I lost interest after I dropped it and never returned. Also, that's why different genres exist, so you don't think that way. Everything we do in life is repetitive to an extent, but it's the variations that make it worthwhile. But for this guy, I understand him perfectly. I would have not had any fun with Breath of the Wild if I just constantly watched it before it came out. I'm pretty certain it's not because it's "not for him" since overindulging yourself in anything can be a bad thing. - Yeah, this one is definitely an example of something you would prefer to watch at a friend's place or try it out for free rather than buying it yourself. - For me, if the game has enough at its core, I'd much rather have it earlier than later. For Sm4sh, imagine if it launched in early-2016 instead of late-2014. That would have unarguably killed the Wii U by 2015, as in discontinuation, and we would have had an entire year without a Nintendo console on the market. Then again, if the 3DS version was never developed, Sm4sh could have launched in 2013 and it may have saved the Wii U. But, Nintendo was not smart back then. Main point is this opinion is peculiar since Nintendo is the last company I'd expect to release an unfinished game. And even if you exclude the DLC fighters, Sm4sh had an absolute massive amount on its base roster. Without the broken DLC characters, the game is still plenty good on its own. DLC only allows games to come out sooner so you can get more later, and Splatoon is nice enough to give it to you for free, so I wouldn't be complaining at all. - Yeah, Skyrim has been played so much and it's basically all Bethesda has left of that series, so they just keep re-releasing it. I don't mind at all for gamers who only stuck with Nintendo over the years, as it's amazing for them to finally get the chance to play such a quality video game on what they own. But, for anyone who played it years ago, yeah, no reason to get it again. Might have though if it ran at 60fps, but they just had to use the remastered version. And for people who only have the option to get a single console, they choose Nintendo cause their favorites are on there and the other consoles only have a small amount of third-parties they want to try out. And for them, Skyrim and Dark Souls are perhaps among those. I know for me, Battle Grounds was a big shocker and I am very glad the Switch got it. I do hope it gets Guardian Heroes HD, Harmony of Despair and more later down the road, but I doubt it. - No argument there. Got its updates way too late and it really only appeals to Switch owners of this year, who got it when it got the big update. - Oh yeah, the developers really messed up with this one. - Definitely a big regret here. The game later became thirty bucks, so that sucked even more. I hope Budokai HD Collection ends up on Switch someday, as that would offer way more replay value. - I wound up buying the Metal Slugs simply because having them in HD is great and I hope the fifth and sixth ones end up on Switch someday. Also, a lot of gamers, not a whole lot, but still a lot of them usually only get Nintendo platforms and also have a mid-end PC or something not strong enough to run modern games, so well the Switch isn't running them as well as a high-end rig, it's still usually better than what they have or it's the only thing they have. As I said earlier, lots of games I still want on the Switch and those games were on a much older console, so I really just want to have a more convenient way to play them and that's why so many people beg for Virtual Console as well. Nothing wrong with wanting them on the Switch and nothing wrong with them being on it. I don't like people phrasing it in a way where they say it shouldn't be on Switch at all. - I just want Harvest Moon 64 on their service, really. They got the twenty NES games on there, so I don't see why other platforms can't be on there. Maybe throw in SNES and the first Harvest Moon. But, I will probably play Stardew Valley once the multiplayer launches. And when it is on sale. - Oh yeah, fully agree here. Definitely doesn't hold a candle to 64, but I'd say it's better than Sunshine.
Sarah Gaeta (12 hours ago)
I regret Golf Story lol :|
GalacCee (15 hours ago)
I honetly that ARMS was great, and Splatoon 2 was different enough to be a sequal However, I did regret Breath of the Wild
Serperior 5 (16 hours ago)
I'm just upset...I really like Snake Pass and I love ARMS.But I guesd everyone is entitled to their own opinion,as much as I or anyone else would disagree.
Benjamin Thierman (18 hours ago)
I believe that MARIO Odessey stinks because I lost interest in it. I'd give botw an 100 star rate.
Cynthia Hawk (1 day ago)
There's 14 different games for the Switch?!?... lol
DJB GAMING (1 day ago)
Wait? There's more than 14 switch games?
DB everything (2 days ago)
i got a good 3 months of botw before I got bored. after that i played the dlc and then redid botw in mastermode
SuperZombiepimp (2 days ago)
For me it was splatoon 2 plsyed it for a week and was bored of it
Soohable (2 days ago)
Don't assume people plays every single game developers release. I have never played Dark Souls because of personal reasons. Now I have time and money to play them for Switch and am excited for it.
Totoro 2000 (2 days ago)
Don’t buy PORTAL KNIGHTS it gets Boring and repetitive.You should buy DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS
Chance Brunson (2 days ago)
I regretted playing fire emblem warriors to short
metalfaust19 (3 days ago)
I feel like Arms has a ton of potential if they can make a sequel to it and really flesh it out and remove the marketing crap about motion controls. It's a deeper than game people realize and it plays great with the Pro Controller, but they marketed it in a way that makes people instantly think it's a throw away MoCon party game. I really like the third person view in it and that is something I don't think I've ever seen a fighting game do right. It has the potential is all I'm saying but I think it's gonna be a one and done series because it's not very popular with the first game. But Street Fighter had the same story...the original game is so weird compared to how the series changed with the sequel.
Isaiah Johnson (5 days ago)
I did believe botw was overexposed. It did make me lose a lot of the sense of wonder by the time the switch was even in stock for more than 5 minutes.
MrSmileyFaceGames (6 days ago)
They really need to do a deal on skyrim and bring the price down to what it is on xbox. Paying 60 bucks for a game i can have on the xbox for 30 just isn't worth it. And that right there is where bethesda went wrong.
MrSmileyFaceGames (6 days ago)
I regret buying Hollow. Horrible port to the switch. Shaking and blurred graphics along with just terrible frame rate making it unplayable unless you like feeling like your about to throw up from motion sickness. Also with the BoTW thing, its best not to watch too much of gameplay on a big name game like that if you know you plan on buying it yourself. Good rule of thumb is to watch a 20 minute gameplay video to get a feel of what the game is like and then don't watch any more videos on the game until after you play it so it doesn't ruin the fun. It's best not to watch a lot of videos on a game you are planning to buy.
resume play (6 days ago)
I regret buying super meat boy and woodle tree adventures(A cheap game I bought when I was bored)
Thisismine (7 days ago)
You have just lost one subscriber.
Cream Soda (7 days ago)
I definitely regretted getting Breath of the Wild, but have since warmed up to it a little. I was originally sold on it when someone described it as "zelda meets skyrim", but instead of being the best of both of those put together, it was like the watered down version of both. No dungeons, next to no story, no real reason to get invested in developing your character beyond having enough firepower to beat the final boss. Also, I wasn't a fan of the fact they ripped all of the NPC voices from pornhub clips; makes it hard to play the game with the sound turned up when there are other people around.
Erik Weber (9 days ago)
ummm heres a thought dont watch the damn gameplay for zelda. I just feel that is a dumb excuse like i have dodged any spoilers of the game and RESISTED the urge to watch any of the game play cause guess what...i want to experience it when I do get it -gasp- such a sinner I am.
David (11 days ago)
I don't think skyrim aged well. Just play switcher 3 or Zelda. I bought skyrim remastered for the ps4. Playing it for the first time ever, and I was just unimpressed. It might as well been a NES game.
Vincent Kenjiro (11 days ago)
This is a stupid video with stupid people ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE LOSERS
Hassan Al-Husseiny (11 days ago)
I regret living
Wesley Maartens (12 days ago)
So every switch game basically hahah
ParkerPla (12 days ago)
Oddesy sucks
The Vision (13 days ago)
Arms is just bad
Droplet (14 days ago)
I like Xenoverse 2 But it’s pretty broken. And I don’t think it would be fun to people who don’t like dragon ball, or people who don’t like 3D fighters But I ducking love my 3D fighters and dragon ball
IkanaMusicBox (14 days ago)
As soon as i saw BOTW on the list, this video lost its credibility
Ryan Horton (14 days ago)
I liked your duo team up with responses from viewers and then showing footage with voice over. I like the format. Subscribed
CULT_GG (14 days ago)
I noticed that 90% of these people/games are really built to be played with friends locally. If you are a basement dweller single male gamer, ya you ain't going to like them. Play Zelda again. However as a father with young kids a wife, and family over all the time and friends. I feel like some of these are the reason we bought the console. If you want to play single player games, get a PS4 or an Xbox, Nintendo is about multiplayer with family/friends. The single basent dwellers already ruined those consoles. When I was a kid, my friends played FPS games, Fighting games ECT. This was Super Nintendo, PS1, N64, ECT days. Now a day all these gamers just want to hide away and play online. No social interaction allowed. Now here's the thing. I'm both, I have a family and friends but I'm also a basement dwelling gamer. As the latter, people thinking of the switch as a hardcore gamer system. Are creating there own issue, Nintendo is never been a hardcore gamer company IMO. If you bought it wanting hardcore gamer games, well that is your own fault. Get some friends and you won't regret half these games.
WaVeYBabyV (14 days ago)
I was tight I payed $30 for Troll and I.
Crowbar44 (15 days ago)
You just ripped on Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Mario. Prepare your buttholes.
Jon Plumer (15 days ago)
I regret Minecraft 😂
Zero 23 (16 days ago)
Breath of the wild not repetitive? It's one of the worse repetitive games I have played in idk how long. Bosses literally the same 4 copies and the main. The world I loved the story literally seemed to be tossed in at the very end after the world was made. The puzzles or shines we unforgivingly easy the dungeons exactly the same. Took little thought if any. The world and combat push forward was the only good things about it. The rest is ass whipping material. Zelda is one of my favorite franchises but I'll let you know if its shit and it is garbage. All those fan boys talk so good about everything about it like it's a perfect game and that's a mistake. Point out the bull so it doesnt happen again
CringeChilly (17 days ago)
18:14 I'm playing stardew Valley right now.
pathawaii (17 days ago)
8:00. I was able to avoid all spoilers, even though I got my switch in the end of June. I knew that BotW would be huge on youtube, so I avoided every channel on which BotW content was big on.
Jaime Mariscal (17 days ago)
I agree with the Breath of the wild since I never had a chance to play a zelda game (ever) and I would like to see what's so hype about it by playing previous older games. It feels like you never played pokemon in the gba days and everybody being hype but when finnaly getting that chance (like ultra sun) you just feel like you never got to be part of that community.
Matt in a box. (17 days ago)
Please don't crucify me but I regret buying Super Mario Odyssey. It never hooked me. I felt no purpose to explore. I'm 14. I don't have much money. It is 1 of my 3 games on the switch and it disappointed me.
Yorkiesrule (19 days ago)
I do not agree with any of these, but I won't hate. By the way, I regret buying the rabbids kingdom battle game because IT WAS SO HARDDDDDD Im also not good with stradegy games, it's like chess but with lasers.
Krizefugl (20 days ago)
question...why get the switch in the first place then if you seem to dislike all the great games?
Duarte Vieira (20 days ago)
Soo... dont buy switch and dont buy any game?
MoonKnight (21 days ago)
I also regret wasting my money on Snakepass
Panoris Holiday (21 days ago)
I'll bet I wouldn't regret buying 007 or ninja gaiden if switch released them. let me know what y'all think
Gaming Super Max (21 days ago)
pretty subjective, a lot of those games are loved by many, like me, "The Binding of Isaac +", touted as a classical "Zelda type game", it is not and gameplay (for me), and look sucked yet, is super popular but I love "Sonic Forces", the vid should be renamed "Games I Regret", not being rude, just suggesting.
Mario Odyssey? Yeah it's bad.
Hacim 42 (22 days ago)
wait a damn minute is that ghostrobo?
Hacim 42 (22 days ago)
So good to hear that voice again.
ST.Rebecca Miller (22 days ago)
One second in and there's Sonic Forces gameplay, I can already tell this will be a worthwhile list
So you traded an epic RPG with unlimited world exploring... for some game where you catch random monsters just because you don't like it being repeated... wasn't pokemon the one being repeated?
Old Aussie Ads (23 days ago)
I find it hard to believe that anyone purchased 1-2 Switch. When I saw it demoed online I knew it was just a tech demo and assumed it was bundled with the console. When I found out that not only was it a full priced game but people were actually buying it my jaw hit the floor.
NickieB (23 days ago)
I never, ever watched ONE video of breath of the wild till I played it for myself!
Fredcetious (24 days ago)
I think that Gabe needs to take a few writing classes. His sentences far too often don’t go anywhere. Also, he stutters quite a bit.
Gabriel Luziene (24 days ago)
too much nonsense talk, almost don't hear the other voice,.. and the facts... ah.... yeah, no comment. Why i watch this video? oO
C. Scott Davis (24 days ago)
Morphite is the first Switch game that I have ever regretted buying. I like the concept, the look, the music -- in fact, I like almost everything about it, except... The controls are twitchy and inconsistent. When using the right-stick, sometimes it seems to randomly move further than other times, making it really hard to point specifically where you're trying to. Even worse, when moving the right-stick left-and-right, it sometimes "drifts" up or down, making it even harder to reliably move and aim where you intend to. I've tried increasing and decreasing the sensitivity, and it doesn't solve the problem. This is the only game that does this, so I know it's not my controller. The end result is a really unpleasant, and frustrating, playing experience, and I really wish I hadn't spent the money on it.
Cameron McDonald (24 days ago)
So your saying botw is bad even though it won game of the year 😂
Dan (25 days ago)
I regret buying doom. The only game I have sold since I had the switch. I was wanting a fun first person shooter but it got boring real fast. Just my opinion.
wenn (26 days ago)
i would regret getting Mario Odyssey because once you complete the story it's just boring...
Treeves 40 (26 days ago)
cough cough *Mario Kart 8 Deluxe* cough cough
fluorescentruss (26 days ago)
Don't watch gameplay videos then if you plan to play a game with story? lol. Plus Zelda is only repetitive if you stick to the main campaign.
Joseph Moulton (26 days ago)
I regretted buying flame in the flood because despite its music and theme, the game was unfairy difficult and the story isn't engaging at all because you're everywhere except for where you should/want to be
TheeHolySoldier (27 days ago)
I probably regret buying splatoon 2. I just don’t have time to play the game when there’s so many other games. I didn’t play much of the first one probs because I have school and work so I just don’t have time for online games.
Guruvansh The great (29 days ago)
Even Zelda’s a stupid game
JA Schwalm (1 month ago)
Ya I I’m a victim of DB
Conversation Hunters (1 month ago)
It’s his own fault for spoiling the game the tit
rochel guidry (1 month ago)
I hated LEGO ninja go video game I had high hopes but it lagged everything
Wim Boeren (1 month ago)
Lot of good games on this list. Thankfully i can like or dislike whatever i want. Like everybody else.
Pixel gun Myth (1 month ago)
Legend of zelda breath of the wild is the best game I played
Dylan Melencion (1 month ago)
damn, with all due respect to that person, but that reason for regretting buying BotW is the dumbest shit i've ever seen, yet it makes me laugh. he missed out on one incredible game, and i feel so sorry for him :p
CFN Gaming (1 month ago)
i regret buying mario kart 8 :(
J Hewitt (1 month ago)
I watched many vids of Has-Been Heroes, it looked like a fun retro-SNES rpg, but what you CAN'T see is the controls are WAY OVER-COMPLICATED, it's more like Final Fantasy had a child with Mortal Kombat, then gameplay gets cluster fracked and if someone had told me that when you die you start the whole game back from the begining.......NO, yes it mentions on the box (which I did not get because I bought used), it is a small mention and when you read it, it seems more like a poorly described reset from the last save thing. but no, die and it gets old REAL QUICK !!!
Dragon Girl (1 month ago)
how is it possible to get bored of stardew valley
Sand 22 (1 month ago)
boy your video sucks.
Ancient Hero (1 month ago)
Potato (1 month ago)
I wasted 50 pounds on pointless mini games aka 1 2 switch
RiggsHB (1 month ago)
This is more-or-less a list of the best games on the Switch with a bunch of hipsters talking shit on popular games. I do however agree that Has Been Heroes was a bad game.
Link (1 month ago)
For me BOTW was getting boring but when I checked my acc I saw that I've played it for 140 hours. 😂
Krys Katastroph (1 month ago)
On zelda BOTW, I avoided all spoilers, I'd see somone talk about it and quickly scroll past. My friends would talk about it and it cover my ears. I didint get BOTW till January this year and I'm so glad I avoided all spoilers cause it made it that much more amazing.
Qodesh Barber (1 month ago)
you basically said every game
Michael Morosov (1 month ago)
i regret buying mercenaries saga. Boring and laggy. I just wonder, how does this trash manages to lag? And NO gameplay. NO. Gameplay. Just routine. Boring storyline, boring characters, boring dialogs, boring character leveling system. It's the quintessence of BORING.
Steven (1 month ago)
I had a great time with Mario, it's just too damn easy. Just way too damn easy.
Steven (1 month ago)
I have played 1000s of hours of Dark Souls 1 across PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. I will be playing 1000s more on the GO! So yes, some remakes are worth it.
It’s high f’n noon (1 month ago)
I played super bomber man r with my best friend on my birthday. I and him loved it but only for one reason which was making fun of the super cringy cutscenes.
Totally Unfocused (1 month ago)
1:25 I like the fact he says "like anything trying to force motion controls" and his profile picture is from splatoon. To make my point more clear, motion controls are also somewhat forces in this game.
Tom B (1 month ago)
Know what? I get Splatoon 2 feels like Splatoon 2.0 but at least it's not Bioshock 2. Then again, I'm just some person on the internet who never got Splatoon but never got it. Damn you hackers and horrible timing of getting a Wii u. It's so sad. It had great games, but some nonsense mechanics.
Neonlayers (1 month ago)
i would expect poken tournament to be in the video
Dark Vendar (1 month ago)
I hope #1 is splatoon
Angel Aguilar (1 month ago)
How does he say that about botw because it also won best game of the year for 2017
Michael Edwards (1 month ago)
Can not hear the second presenter in this video
Dimonds Shadow5428 (1 month ago)
i love botw how dare he not like it
Natasha Galea (1 month ago)
I think I own and like every game on this list :3 Has been heroes is a great portable game, it is a shame it wasn’t popular, I would love more content/dlc.
John DoeBoy (1 month ago)
I regret buying Kirby star allies. The CPI does everything for you do you are kind’ve just walking
88 Gaming (1 month ago)
i agree with 12 switch my dad spent £40 to by it for my brother and he never plays it
So you got a game based on a show you never watched? I'm not surprised you regret buying it. I've had it for days now and having a blast and it's jam-packed with content. Then again I am a fan so YMMV. Sorry you didn't like it.
Andres Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I regret buying shovel knight
Clarence Ratliff (1 month ago)
I loved Has Been Heroes. Once you’ve unlock a lot of spells and characters when beating the boss it’s great. Your suppose to die. I’m guessing the people who didn’t like it expected something different.
Frog Dawg77 (1 month ago)
Frog Dawg77 (1 month ago)
Hey guys this may change your idea on sp2 there’s a new campaign and huge update Octo.
Cinnamongamer (1 month ago)
TBH, ARMS was one of my selling points for the switch, right beside Splatoon 2, SMO, and BOtW.
Mcdeevils gaming (1 month ago)
All the games that you said are bad! They are real darn good
Mcdeevils gaming (1 month ago)
Are you kidding arms is the best game I regret watching this
Sans1221221 (1 month ago)
You shouldn't of watched all those botw video's if you wanted the game

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