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Which Game Console Is Best NOW? PS4 Vs Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox One

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Now that we are a few years into this console generation I see a lot of gamers asking "Which is best to play on in 2018?" Let's dive into the exclusives, the features, and the things that suck about all these machines! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Text Comments (1602)
DreamcastGuy (2 months ago)
This is by far the most requested video of the year so I was happy to make it! Yes that ending of the video is real and yes I accidentally broke a bunch of stuff doing it lol. Thanks for watching and liking this!! <3
Christian Salcedo (9 days ago)
Thank you so much! I'm torn what to buy. Your video helped me a lot to decide what to buy. Thanks!
Blaque Link (2 months ago)
Aristophanes2009 The bosses are just bland to me because 1.Most obvious the designs are too similar to each other.2. There fighting styles are too similar to each other be it for one or two move differences.The beasts are just tilting the beast and activating terminals which is not fun. The game is good but, it’s not that great for me. Just my opinion.
Blaque Link (2 months ago)
Aristophanes2009 Oh☹️A sad generation we live in.
Aristophanes2009 (2 months ago)
Oldskoolgamer 4545 I see a lot of ps4 and Xbox 1 players telling people to kill themselves and calling people fags meanwhile the Nintendo fans are calmly roasting people without swearing.
Aristophanes2009 (2 months ago)
Blaque Link you don’t like the game because of the enemy style?
Peakay (23 hours ago)
It's Nintendo Switch and PS4 in competition really nowadays. The Xbox One is sure to die soon
Xbox better
werewolf 627 (1 day ago)
Aidan Espinosa (2 days ago)
JayTheGamer (3 days ago)
My opinion? All of them.
Jo Erik (3 days ago)
there are only -200 switch games sayed you play 500+
Dead Pool (4 days ago)
Paper Mario (4 days ago)
Switch vs ps4 vs XBox: SwitchStationOne
Bryan Melo (5 days ago)
1st nintendo switch 2nd ps4 3rd xbox one
Antony Khoury (5 days ago)
To me exclusives Nintendo > ps4 I really really love odassey and Zelda much much more than I do uncharted or god of war 🤷‍♂️
MiNeSkI ALL NIGHT!!!! (7 days ago)
The only reason thay i buy ps4 because my friend all ps4 fans but i really like to buy switch more than that if my friends also have switch this time im planning to buy a switch but buyimg a switch stopping me to replace my old laptop
Cyber Peanut (7 days ago)
Meme Boy (7 days ago)
i want all of them
Bryan Chheng (7 days ago)
Sir Solid Snail (7 days ago)
Nintendo is not making their own games. Other companies like game freak do the jobs.
JayTheGamer (2 days ago)
Um... Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, etc. are all in-house.
Gavin Spears (7 days ago)
Sure Xbox may be worse than rest but fortnite runs best on there and has the most competitive players
oussama fouatih (8 days ago)
1:ps4 2:xbox one 3:switch
JayTheGamer (2 days ago)
The real winner is the PC.
MalarkeyMan (8 days ago)
Switch if you actually want to try something new for ounce. The rest if you want to do the same thing the 100th Time
XxAM0RixX عمووري (10 days ago)
Ok fanboys stop it all counsels have there pro and cons there is no perfect console even the switch and I'm a nintendo fan and I love the playstation I don't like the Xbox but that doesn't mean it sucks i know that there is alot of good stuff in Xbox instead of fighting just be friends...
VERGRADO (11 days ago)
sony had sold so much just because Nintendo was finishing up training in the "room of spirit and time". But now that it's out ... oh, oh, oh. No one is safer from his incredible powers and fantastic exclusives. If only Devil Cry 5 and Darksiders 3 also came out on Switch as Doom probably my PS4 would start to take dust along with all its exclusive full of boring cinematic and poor, copied, and generic gameplay.
Aaron Mulroy (12 days ago)
I applaud you for owning a psychical copy of BioWare’s best game : Jade Empire
Jasper Hanson (13 days ago)
Chaka2 Allen (13 days ago)
this was soooooooo helpful!!
Troofey (13 days ago)
90%- Ps4 8%-Xblox. 2%-Switchy
Luigifan gaming (14 days ago)
Uumm Lmao of course switch is the best, it has exclusive games that are great and it's a home console but also a portable console and I think they have a plan for VR so.... Duh and for all those who say I'm a Nintendo fanboy I also have a PS4 and it's not the greatest console just because graphics and 3rd party games are on it.
MaxGaming LV (15 days ago)
PS4 and The Switch are the kings! Xbox is gonna die
Z s (16 days ago)
Switch is best don't @ me
Z s (18 hours ago)
+ChaoticStorm99 no you suck dick
Scissors (3 days ago)
*Xbox sucks dick. ftfy
ChaoticStorm99 (8 days ago)
Switch sucks dick.
vibhav bawase (16 days ago)
ps4 is the best console for this gen
Hermansyah1093oh Hasbi (16 days ago)
My favorite playstation vita and switch
Hermansyah1093oh Hasbi (16 days ago)
Nintendo number won
the grimm03 (17 days ago)
My opinion is: 1.Switch(because i am often not home because i am a professional swimmer and i am sometimes at conpetitions) 2. Xbox and ps4 for me are the same because i like them all ( the xbox has the controller more comfortable than ps4's And ps4 is better at gameplay) NO HATE pls,it is just my opinion Edit: for me microsoft , sony and nintendo are all doing a good job!
Mohammad Jarada (17 days ago)
Ps4 is the best console in the entire world
nume privat XD (18 days ago)
1. Ps4 2.switch 3.Shitbox on- i mean xbox one
nume privat XD (2 days ago)
+Scissors ikr
Scissors (3 days ago)
You would still be right if you called the Xbox One the Shitbox One, because it is shit.
kaius evans (18 days ago)
Ps4 exclusives are better, only if you like playing alone tho Xbox exclusives are better if you actually have friends Switch exclusives are fucking lit cuz you could hit up like 4 of ya boys to play Smash and thats wayyy too much fun But realisticly, Single player games are overrated since they only really relevant when they gettin reviewed or right after release, Currently, its all about multiplayer all of todays leading franchises have multiplayer, I would say 2 of the top ten are xbox exclusives (halo, gears) and the rest are cross Sony doesnt compete if you have people to talk to and Switch is best for party games but idk cuz all that looks worth it is Smash and Mario Kart😆
Internet Dude (19 days ago)
My god no one gets along.
Hasbo Fatiha (19 days ago)
I agree with thedelbel
Username (19 days ago)
Where my switch bois at
Frerv (20 days ago)
1:switch 2:ps4 3:PC 4:Xbox
JayTheGamer (2 days ago)
Frerv (2 days ago)
+JayTheGamer i don't have a PC or a Xbox I had a ps4 but I sell it to buy the switch(my opinion
JayTheGamer (3 days ago)
Why is Switch first, and PC third?!
Antony Khoury (20 days ago)
All of them are good but I judge a consol buy its fan base Ps4 fanboys toxic and bad but easy to deal with Switch fanboys netendo nerd heads they’re annoying but also easy to deal with Xbox fan boys toxic af they are not as easy to deal with they will also have any trash can that Microsoft releases
Antony Khoury (20 days ago)
My fav combo is ps4 for its exclusives and a pc for more other games
Sooubic Kreollo (21 days ago)
Nintendo Switch is superior. PS4 and Xbox One are basically the same thing, they don’t differentiate themselves from the other.
Sooubic Kreollo (21 days ago)
“Kirby AllStars”???
Sayd Monirul Islam (22 days ago)
ps4 and switch = one deadly combo
Shubham Bora (22 days ago)
I wish I could say Switch is the best, but Nintendo is kinda *RACIST PIG* of a company. That's because they *_refuse_* to support any country in the Indian sub-continent (plus China). And they have done so since NES days. . As for PS4, it's awesome, has a lot of fun exclusives _and_ indies, can play on-the-go (through PS Vita remoteplay. And yes, it works.). Their Backwards compatibility sucks, though. . XBox is lack lustre, both system-wise, and game library wise. But, with this console, you can live in the past and stay there, due to great backwards compatibility and no fun new games.... . For me, clear winner is PS4.
Wolfebane (22 days ago)
But graphics are not everything. The reason why I've gone back to Nintendo is not because of my love for Nintendo itself, it's the fact that Nintendo pours more money and effort into core gameplay compared to visual presentation. For console generations, it's always been about bigger and better graphics, but better visuals isn't always necessarily better. I used to be a huge Xbox fanboy and I have a PS4 now, along with Switch and PC. But I often find myself disappointed by Sony and Microsoft's games because a lot of them look great visually, but lack a lot of depth or core gameplay to them, it just comes off stale or bland and uninteresting. Whereas most Nintendo games I have purchased I walk away feeling like I got my money's worth in some way or form. What matters most is if you got your money's worth, and to me I feel like I get it out of Nintendo more than any other company.
Drool Dogs (23 days ago)
Gambit2483 (24 days ago)
The Switch being weaker is NOT a flaw. It's a necessity for it being portable AND affordable. Also the graphics are just fine for right now. The fact we went from 3DS/Vita handheld visuals to Switch is nothing short of amazing
StormGaming 206 (24 days ago)
switch beacause ican bring it to school and ican play on tv in my house
Yoshian (26 days ago)
I say Switch is best
GamerLegend266 (26 days ago)
But which one is the best
Assassin Boy (26 days ago)
brian 2 (26 days ago)
Jesse zwitser (27 days ago)
Xbox ez
myyris (27 days ago)
Julian Mancera (29 days ago)
Nintendo switch is better ps4
NoneOfYour Business (30 days ago)
xbox is shit Person: I just got my XBOX One X and as soon as i get home im gonna download Fortnite and play it instantly Microsoft:Fuck You bitch you pay 60 dollar for free game
imafuckinbird (1 month ago)
I want the Xbox to keep succeeding, but if they aren't investing in exclusives I just can't justify buying a console. I'd say in terms of exclusive Nintendo's Switch is already the best. Sony is also there when it comes to exclusives, but you have to sacrifice mobility for them.
Caelan McIlwraith (1 month ago)
Nintendo switch
ImReaper (1 month ago)
Lmao Nintendo only cares about Pokémon Mario and all that shit Xbox literally cares about miencraft. Even though it’s dead PlayStation is best for fortnite players Pc is for hardcore tryhards and real gamers
ImReaper (2 days ago)
JayTheGamer stfu bitch. Your probably to poor to afford any console or pc. That’s why you play shit Minecraft in your phone cause you can’t play anything else
JayTheGamer (2 days ago)
Oh look, a fake gamer.
Mattsup (1 month ago)
PHXNTXM (1 month ago)
*Definitely:* #1. PS4 #2. Switch #3. Xbox One PS4: Incredible and Quality Exclusives/Large Amount of Exclusives, Great UI/App Integration, Most Well Rounded 8th Generation Console Switch: Amazingly Quality Exclusives, Portability/Intuitiveness, Cross Play, Most Innovative Gaming Experience since the Nintendo Wii Xbox One: Backwards Compatibility, Cross Play, Xbox Live, & Games Pass
Phantom Mercy (1 month ago)
I know that PS4 is better buuuuuut Xbox is what I prefer it’s what I’m comfortable with :)
dark fighter (1 month ago)
Well despite the whole which console is better i can say one thing Nintendo switch has broken the record for the most video game unit sold in 1 year since it did beat the ps2(previous record holder)
Brandon Izunia (1 month ago)
I'd recommend the Xbox One S for those who just want a console to game on. It's fun, almost all of the games you want are on it an I really enjoy it and the experiences it gives me. Not that I don't enjoy my PS4 or Switch either but the fact is the Xbox is the best to me.
The Prank Wars Bros! (1 month ago)
I like Xbox and Nintendo Swich
Johanna Delgado (1 month ago)
tenth gen (1 month ago)
Wow that ending lmao
Duchess Curry (1 month ago)
Nintendo Switch hands down!!!!
SMA5H ULTIMATE (1 month ago)
I feel like the PS4 sold more units worldwide because in other countries that aren’t the US, Canada, Spain, etc. Usually only sell PS4’s. South America is a good example, ive been to many countries there and I barely see Xbox One’s in game stores.
animeniac (1 month ago)
I like the switch's design more but think ps4 has best games and xbox best gameplay
Jakob Wielgat (1 month ago)
I say Nr 1 nintendo switch it has the best exclusives. Nr 2 ps4 Nr 3 xbox one I only own the ps4 but I have played the switch many times.
Deutscher Xbox Kanal (1 month ago)
Xbox One X - for me the best consol!
Asura Azoth (1 month ago)
TDrew 3 (1 month ago)
Cresefo (1 month ago)
I’d say Nintendo for now. The PS4 has been making anti consumer actions as of now.
Phil Mintah (1 month ago)
100000% Playstation
Nonstoplink Official (1 month ago)
Someone called dreamcast guy talking about nintendo sony and microsoft
AddXbash (1 month ago)
These comments are filled with toxic fanboys that need to shut the fuck up. All consoles have something good and we don't need you spreading your hate.
AddXbash (2 days ago)
+JayTheGamer ayyy
JayTheGamer (3 days ago)
Ayy, it's you!
The mobile yoshi Lol (1 month ago)
PS4 actually copied Nintendo since Nintendo left Sony they copies the nes controller Nintendo’s better
AJ (1 month ago)
Talk about Xbox game pass, What does ps4 have? They are just greedy for money.
BearZz PLAyZz (1 month ago)
Lmao, Sony makes TVs
Chess TownKing (1 month ago)
I had all 3 systems but sold Xbox for Switch. PS4 is my main system....i liked XBOX ONE (my first xbox ever) but it was far too similar and only wanted to play GEARS 4 which i beat....
JaCrispy 69 (1 month ago)
I own the ps4 and xbox one. I played the ps4 years before the xbox one. When i tried to play the xbox one it literally felt like i was playing a 10 year old console. No matter how good your internet is, the xbox one will take forever to download something. On the other hand playstation downloads perfectly fine. Plus the xbox controller is completely shit. If any person who has played both tells you that the xbox one is better, then they actually have a mental disorder.
Jeremiah Paul (1 month ago)
Fuck you
Tyler C (1 month ago)
Why are people fighting over this? Switch and mobile are out of the question, and ps4 and xbox are neck and neck. They both have their pros and cons. Thats why its mostly on preference on games, like laid back people are usually on ps4. Tryhards and sweats are on xbox. Ps4 is good with fps games. Xbox is good with racing, fifa, EA. So both consoles are good in their own way. I have no preference.
Marco Almonte (1 month ago)
Own all consoles but I prefer pc
Harman Singh (1 month ago)
I like Nintendo switch
MrPhozaw (1 month ago)
Valle Kingsson (1 month ago)
1: switch 2:Ps4 3:Xbox one
ChaoticStorm99 (8 days ago)
Switch is ass.
Amir playz (1 month ago)
I think ps4
Harrison Vogt (1 month ago)
xbox one is the king
The Chosen Gamer (1 month ago)
Have all three,like the Xbox OX best,still think ps 4 and switch is better in some ways.
Sunny (1 month ago)
That vsauce intro tho
Someone Unknown (1 month ago)
Most people that bought the switch had either super Mario oddossy and breath of the wild, I don't see people with Sony exclusives
SMA5H ULTIMATE (1 month ago)
Someone Unknown Well most people bought for the portability and the good games.
Panda Gamer (1 month ago)
None of them Its the gameboy:ali a intro plays
Danny Birman (1 month ago)
Switch 4 me
Myles Is crazy (1 month ago)
Wii remote????? Its joycon
Doge The Dog (1 month ago)
I think PS4 is a decent console, but those people at Sony are money hungry scum
Ryan Mania (1 month ago)
Nintendo Switch is Winner
W-O-A-H !!! (1 month ago)
Nintendo Switch FTW. PS4 and Xbox are just plastic Fortnite toys made in China.
ChaoticStorm99 (2 days ago)
Stop rewording my comment you unoriginal little twat. LMFAO, you don't need a Switch to have good games, because the Switch doesn't have any.
JayTheGamer (3 days ago)
+ChaoticStorm99 You sound like a little kid. I'm more of a hardcore gamer than you will ever be. I own a Switch, an Xbox One (primary console), and a PC.
ChaoticStorm99 (8 days ago)
Switch is for little kids. PS4 and Xbox are better and more mature than the Switch will ever be.

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