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Which Game Console Is Best NOW? PS4 Vs Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox One

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Now that we are a few years into this console generation I see a lot of gamers asking "Which is best to play on in 2018?" Let's dive into the exclusives, the features, and the things that suck about all these machines! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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DreamcastGuy (15 days ago)
This is by far the most requested video of the year so I was happy to make it! Yes that ending of the video is real and yes I accidentally broke a bunch of stuff doing it lol. Thanks for watching and liking this!! <3
Blaque Link (12 days ago)
Aristophanes2009 The bosses are just bland to me because 1.Most obvious the designs are too similar to each other.2. There fighting styles are too similar to each other be it for one or two move differences.The beasts are just tilting the beast and activating terminals which is not fun. The game is good but, it’s not that great for me. Just my opinion.
Blaque Link (12 days ago)
Aristophanes2009 Oh☹️A sad generation we live in.
Aristophanes2009 (12 days ago)
Oldskoolgamer 4545 I see a lot of ps4 and Xbox 1 players telling people to kill themselves and calling people fags meanwhile the Nintendo fans are calmly roasting people without swearing.
Aristophanes2009 (12 days ago)
Blaque Link you don’t like the game because of the enemy style?
Blaque Link (13 days ago)
DreamcastGuy Breath of the Wild wasn’t that fun for me. The beasts were just subpar and so are the bosses and the ending.
Talisman218 (1 hour ago)
I switched to xbox. I like the online service and game pass has been such a fantastic deal for me. Being a pc gamer, getting the pc copy of certain games free has been great too. I liked my ps4, but the exclusives never really appealed to me personally. Im sure a lot of people enjoy Horizon, Uncharted, etc. But...well... I don't....
Emre ! (20 hours ago)
Ps4 has better games Spiderman God of war The last of us 2
Xbox one x is two generations ahead
Switch wins just cuz of splatoon
Nintendo switch is basically mobile with its own exclusives/controller
1 word: SWITCH!
SuperZombiepimp (2 days ago)
Own them all my x gets used the most though cause its fast and the fact it supports HDR and pyhiscal 4k movies
FlameZ 700 (2 days ago)
Nintendo switch vs Xbox one vs PS4 PC win come on guys! We all know the PC is the best
HYPE 123 (3 days ago)
Nintendo is the original
Sigils, ETHEC. (3 days ago)
Trick question. Switch is a handheld that connects to the TV and isn't competing with the others. It's something you buy alongside the other platforms, not instead of so it has no place in this nonsense war.
Kaya Akay (3 days ago)
Hanaa Hanaa (3 days ago)
Mature and awesome exclusives (and controller): Ps4 Portability and VERY GOOD EXCLUSIVES and versability:Switch Best performance for a console and service(and bc): xb1 x.(the slim doesnt have the best power)
Douglas Menjivar (4 days ago)
No gamecube is better and switch
Fidget Anthony (4 days ago)
Nintendo Switch is my style
TheRetardedGoat (4 days ago)
In my opinion its a switch because it’s a handheld plus it goes on tv so if I get told to get of the tv I can just play handheld mode or tabletop
John Wick (5 days ago)
When fortnite dies and halo or any game that was popular before fortnite ps4 players wont have the best expierience since xbox has halo forza and many others ps4 only got spiderman thats it in the e3
John Wick (5 days ago)
Xbox won e3 which means its better for gaming
John Wick (5 days ago)
Xbox best overall ps4 all the exclusives switch best for family
John Wick (5 days ago)
Why everyone that has a playstation thinks its the best let me tell u its cause more people have it and they dont know anything about gaming they will say 1080p is better than 4k no joke
John Wick (5 days ago)
Im dead all these ps4 fangirls saying they have all 3 and xbox is the worst wtf if u ask what better the xbox one x or ps4 they will say ps4 right away without knowing xbox one x is basically a gaming pc lol
Stray-Zer0 (7 days ago)
PS4 and it’s not even close
Depthblast Gaming (7 days ago)
Xbox and Switch are the best. Sony just want money and don’t seem to care about their fans. Btw this is MY opinion.
Depthblast Gaming (2 days ago)
Sigils, ETHEC. Lovely paragraph
Sigils, ETHEC. (3 days ago)
Saying something is your opinion doesn't mean it's protected against criticism. Opinions can be wrong. All three have done ridiculous shit based on making money, Sony is just the leader currently so it gets to do so freely. If anything it's Microsoft's own consumer fuckery that gave them that position. Or have you forgotten the always online DRM they had to backpedal from after receiving intense backlash because of that anti-consumer tactic? Especially when you consider that companies will often backtrack on things they rescind, I'd bet many people went with the PS4 just because they thought Microsoft couldn't be trusted not to insert that DRM later on once they won people back. And make no mistake, if they had ended up back in the lead they probably would have just like Sony is being a dick now and Nintendo was a dick in the past.
ETV LIVE (7 days ago)
nintendo switch
Orange Bacon (7 days ago)
I own PS4 and Xbox One and play on my friend’s switch all the time. #1 PS4 #2 Switch #3 Xbox
Joshua Suggs (8 days ago)
I say Xbox One
MrHustler (8 days ago)
PSNow is shit if you have shit internet like me!
Captain Maniulit (8 days ago)
Nintendo is first among gaming companies since the 19th century plus their consoles right now are fresh and latest.
tyovo (8 days ago)
I play PC so should I be here?
Yves Salomon (8 days ago)
Hey check the Oculus Go out
Oscar P (9 days ago)
ps4 is the best...the switch is a cheaply made plastic crap...xbox welll lol they dug their own grave a long time ago
pizza_got_no h8ters (9 days ago)
I'm 90% sure that Nintendo didn't make fortnite
Lee CA (9 days ago)
I’m a halo and Mario fan so the Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. Not much a PS4 fan but enjoyed the PS1 & 2
VenuZz (9 days ago)
Ya que soy el único que habla español, elijo Nintendo Switch y Xbox one x
I say switch
Issac Grier (9 days ago)
I like the switch the most
ClickbaitMoose19 (9 days ago)
My family has ps4s but my friends have Xbox and all my online friends are on switch Idk what to buy
BOI Z (9 days ago)
sony and switch good 1st party,and great 3rd party,PlayStation graphically beautiful,Switch play anywhere Xbox1x- graphics and thats it
Pauline Vores (10 days ago)
Xbox always
The Resistance (10 days ago)
ps4 sold 80million plus units worldwide even if you add switch and xbox units sales worldwide ps4 still wins i own those three consoles and i can say that ps4 is the best switch is just hype and xbox is just a copycat of ps4 minus the exclusives.
Seniku Moonjewel (10 days ago)
PS4 for me. I use my PS4 daily, whilst I do love my Switch, the poor thing is collecting dust right now as I wait for a good game.. however I see nothing coming in the remainder of 2018 but hopefully 2019 will be a great year for it!
Syuna (10 days ago)
Funny I like Xbox controllers but PS4 exclusives am switch’s portability someone needs to combine all 3 of them an make a console
Sigils, ETHEC. (3 days ago)
What? Xbox controllers are worse than cheapo third party garbage somehow.
Abdul Aliakbar (10 days ago)
You still didn’t tell us which one you prefer??? The title is miss leading!
Jonathan Mora (10 days ago)
Ps4 right now is the best who knows in 2019
Ricci Choi (10 days ago)
Best for family fun and party: Switch Favoured by Asian: PS4 Favoured by the West: Xbox One
Pasi. (10 days ago)
Switch hands down....then Xbox then Ps4....because no f*cking crossplay.
Your_Clone. (10 days ago)
dreamcast wins
Moby Dick (10 days ago)
Really wish and hope each company will watch or someone does and they work on things to come for current gen and next gen
CrazieChipmunk (10 days ago)
IT will be switch once smash and new pokemon comes out
Give Away (11 days ago)
PS4 and it is not even close
Update: NoSleep (11 days ago)
What a stupid ass fucking video. Which console is best now? NIGQA ITS ALL ON OPINIONS THERE IS NO BEST CONSOLE u either like one or the other. Fucking stupid as shit bro.
razmw (11 days ago)
I will go with ps4, 2018 is one of their strogest year, with spiderman, god of war, detroit and shadow of the coluses. The xbox and the switch not so much.
Hippic (11 days ago)
If I’m on the go, I’m going to use my vita :)
CarsensMask (11 days ago)
Umm did you really say the ps4 exclusives are unrivaled sorry to tell you but Nintendo’s exclusives are already catching up really fast
Alex Dumont (12 days ago)
1. Switch 2. Xbox One 3.Ps4
butterflyknife (12 days ago)
i dont think crossplay is a real issue. i dont even consider it anti consumer- it's just natural business practice. gotta keep investors interested . but i do agree with backwards compability.
刘Jack (12 days ago)
put off your other consoles battery charge to compare with NS,XD
Kuuhazan (12 days ago)
The biggest issue for PS4 is no crossplay? So it's a perfect system.
A Real Gamer (9 days ago)
no back compat, just charge for remasters over and over
Jay Smith (12 days ago)
PS4 is trash. Xbox is okay. Switch is awesome. PC is fucking amazing!
Randaboy 1738 (12 days ago)
But Microsoft make there own games they make halo,Forza and Minecraft
Randaboy 1738 (9 days ago)
Yea I know bought notch sold minecraft to Microsoft and minesoft make the new minecraft update
A Real Gamer (9 days ago)
ms didnt make minecraft they just bought them out
Cameron Meggerson (12 days ago)
Xbox One X is currently the best. I also have a PS4, so I am not a fan boy for either side. But I am not even going to bother renewing my PS Plus subscription when it expires in November unless Sony starts offering cross play before then.
Jay Smith (12 days ago)
Political Correctness Offends me Sell the PS4 and get a Switch or PC.
xMegaJohn (12 days ago)
Well, I dont know if Sony is "Closed Minded" to Backward Compatibility. Im sure they would have jumped on that right after Microsoft did it with Xbox One, but that PS3 Cell Processor is such a pain in the ass to deal with, and it wouldnt work. However with Sony's stance on Cross Play, can lead you to questioning everything.
A Real Gamer (9 days ago)
if sony were behind they would have had a good alternative, look at ps2 ports on ps4 you have to buy digitally yet modders just got it working so ps4 can play ps2 games by itself, sony just want to charge again
stefhendricks (12 days ago)
The best console is the one you have with you, same goes for cameras :)
Joel (12 days ago)
i think playstation and xbox are interchangeable whereas nintendo does its own thing. if i could only have two consoles, i could flip a coin to choose xbox or ps, but definitely give me a nintendo switch. im not saying nintendo is better, as i do play my xbox more, but i really appreciate the very different games and features of the switch.
Scum E. Badger (12 days ago)
XB Fanboy, called it.
drimic forchan (12 days ago)
Wait who won e3
Jay Smith (11 days ago)
drimic forchan Yer welcome.
drimic forchan (11 days ago)
Jay Smith oh thanks
Jay Smith (11 days ago)
Yeah, Microsoft won won. They actually had games to show, and Nintendo was the only other conference that interested me.
drimic forchan (12 days ago)
Jay Smith. Like won won I was go in for nintedo but it was alittel blane I mean I love smash but I need more than just one big trailer
Jay Smith (12 days ago)
drimic forchan Microsoft.
La Jin (12 days ago)
Im getting bored of ps4 so ima buy a switch
Yusuke Kitagawa (12 days ago)
Everyone knows the answer between the three is the PS4. That said, I still love my Switch.
Micah Vincent (12 days ago)
Onex for visuals PS4 for exclusives As much as I love the switch, I don't think I can recommend it as a primary console
BLOODY__FATALITY (12 days ago)
Sony fanbase is *toxic.* "The problem with xbox is the graphics." *xbox one x is released with way better graphics that put the ps4 pro to shame* "oh did we say it was the graphics? Nah it was the exclusives. We said the exclusives." Eh, screw pleasing them. Btw to all those saying xbox has no exclusives, try playing Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Gears of War 4, Rare Replay, etc. on your playstations. Lol
Jay Smith (12 days ago)
BLOODY__FATALITY PS4 system is good, but the community is so toxic. Hell, people say Nintendo's and Xbox's communites is worse? Give me a fucking break!
BLOODY__FATALITY (12 days ago)
#1 Nintendo and Xbox #2 Playstation
BLOODY__FATALITY (12 days ago)
Dude *SHAVE!!!!*
Vidya Bros. (12 days ago)
I just beat God Of War last night. It's definitely my favorite game of this year so far. Such an amazing experience and it's so hard to go back to the past games now with this game and how much better it is and how different it is. I think it's a great contender for Game Of The Year award. Btw I think you meant Kirby Star Allies, not Kirby All Stars. Btw I love my Switch, too and most games that are for all the consoles, I usually get them on my Switch because why not? I can bring it with me wherever I want to and play it on my tv as well. I don't care to buy an Xbox One, though. I don't really have any reason to. The only game I would get for it is Gears Of War 5 and that's it. I don't really care for anything else on it. I love the Gears Of War series but not to buy a console for just that series, though. It would be a waste of money.
Russian Bot #2237 (12 days ago)
Xbox FTW!!!!
RaNdOmLy RaNdOmZ (12 days ago)
Not really fair to put the switch up against the ps4 as the ps4 has been out longer
Monthly Gamer (12 days ago)
He called the joycon a wiimote 😂
Electric Coconut (12 days ago)
The switch is the only console I own. I have a 2 year old who likes to monopolize the TV lol. Plus the switch is great family fun. My wife, my 13 year old and I have so much fun with splatoon and Mario kart and I’m really looking forward to Pokemon Let’s Go! I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo and have owned every system going back to when I was 6 and owned the NES
Chucky Chucks (12 days ago)
Who cares you waste time playing Fortnite.
Joypad Bandit (12 days ago)
Going for more views with that bullshit bait & switch title,huh Dreamcast Guy? *Looks Around* FUCK!
Tim Jones (12 days ago)
“Detach a Wii-mote” huh?... oh dear... “Nintendo makes all the games themselves” huh?.. oh dear... “Not as powerful”.. dude, have you noticed the SIZE of the Switch Vs. the X-Box & PS4?... did you notice it’s about 50% screen?.. Ever tried taking your PS4 & TV on a train/bus/plane... the office? Shesh... it’s not a console.. it’s a handheld... facepalm..
D. Fortner (12 days ago)
I like the xbox one better but the ps4 got the better exclusives but then i like xbox for its controller though.
n0zebl33d (12 days ago)
I have the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and I tend to play on my PS4 way more than the Switch because of it's HUGE library of games (especially it's exclusives). And also the ability to create group chats, stream, join events/tournaments and communities all on the console really makes it hard for me to put the controller down xD
Juan Alvarado (12 days ago)
Xbox is 2 consoles in one. Xbox 360 + Xbox one. also it has the best controller
Juan Alvarado (12 days ago)
720p upload? SMH
theblood weaver (12 days ago)
I agree with your indie assessment of the ps4 to bad it doesnt have hollow knight.
Dylan John Cahill (12 days ago)
1st=PS4 4 the win 100%, 2nd=Switch, 3rd=Sega console, 4th=Atari console. The trash 5th=Xbox.
Addison Cheddie (12 days ago)
1.ps4 2.switch 3.not Xbox lol they have no games 😂
Ibrahim Alsewaify (12 days ago)
The switch I mean
Ibrahim Alsewaify (12 days ago)
He switch is the worst
Ibrahim Alsewaify (12 days ago)
Ps4 is the best
Xaviar Clay (12 days ago)
What he fail to say in this debate is that even though the xbox one x plays third party games just a little better than the ps4 pro, you can still play those games and all of sony exclusives....
Michael Pascoal (13 days ago)
Great video! You did a great job illustrating the pros that each has. I was wondering, what did you mean when you said you weren't a fan of 4K?
McScroggz (13 days ago)
“Microsoft and Sony pay developers for exclusives while Nintendo makes their own games.” What? Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us), Guerilla Games (Killzone: Shadow Fall, Horizon: Zero Dawn), Sucker Punch (Infamous: Second Son, Ghosts of Tsushima), Sony Santa Monica (God of War) and more are all internally owned studios. Sony makes just as many, arguably even more major exclusives than even Nintendo. Sure, they have probably the most amount of fairly high profile exclusives made by third parties (Persona 5, Detroit: Become Human, etc.) but they may plenty of great and diverse first party exclusives. Microsoft just doesn’t make that many. And for Nintendo, ummm Bayonetta 2 & 3? Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle? Hyrule Warriors? The Shin Megami Tensei games? Octopath Traveller? If you prefer the Switch’s exclusives to PS4 and/or Xbox One that’s perfectly fine. If you prefer Nintendo games in general that’s cool. But the blanket statement that Nintendo makes their games while the others, specifically Sony, pay others to make their games is wrong, disrespectful and ultimately a pretty silly point anyways. If Death Stranding is the best game of all time (just as an example) who cares if Sony owned the studio or if they partnered with Kojima to make the game a reality?
Nafis Zaman (13 days ago)
Look Nintendo and Microsoft advertised themselves to "survive together"...that puts them runner up by default, they know their place but their fans don't lol.
Cyfer (10 days ago)
Or maybe since next gen is maybe the last console generation the phrase "survive together" fits a lot more.
Patrik Lerntoft (13 days ago)
switch + PC, nintendo with the best exlusives and PC with the best graphics and a mouse + keyboard for shooters (which is way superior)
Nafis Zaman (13 days ago)
PC is the best deal in all senses PS4 has the best exclusives Switch is the best portable console to date Xbox is a bad deal in all senses
Sinuev1 (13 days ago)
Objectively, it goes PS4 > Switch > Xbox One - and it really comes down to simple numbers. Currently, Sony has the most exclusive games available at the lowest price point. Nintendo has better exclusives, but far fewer of them - and while the console launched at a low price - the games are rarely discounted compared to the PS4 or Xbox One. Even when bought second hand, they're much more expensive than Sony or MS's games. Microsoft has the best customer service and online infrastructure, but Sony does allow free-to-play games outside of their multiplayer paywall - while MS does not - and Nintendo's online infrastructure is basically non-existent. All of the consoles this gen have absolutely terrible storefronts and UIs, with Nintendo probably being the worst since you can't customize your home-screen or pin software. Microsoft allows you to pin games/apps, but the rest of the interface is a cluttered clusterfuck, and Sony does allow ordering of apps - but only within folders, and the folders themselves float according to last-access. Also, the Switch has no Dpad... which I severely underestimated how much of a negative that would be. They really should release an official D-Pad left Joycon. Switch really needs some quality of life improvements. Price cuts on games, D-Pad on L Joycon, customizable homescreen, USB mass storage on the dock for easy storage of games and local-save backups. But it has the most potential, especially once CFW gets here and allows it to become a highly robust portable emulation platform capable of taking the crown from the Vita/PSP. Also, the Switch has a Wishlist on their eShop, which is pretty tits since it allows you to more easily keep track of upcoming games that have caught your interest, and allows you to sit on games you only have a mild interest in until a sale.
marksapollo (13 days ago)
I have all three consoles, I thought no the PS4 and Switch are the best. It’s hard to chose only one, but if it had to be one I think the PS4.

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