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Top 12 Best Upcoming PS4 EXCLUSIVES Games of 2017 & 2018 (New Playstation 4 Exclusive Games)

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In this video, we take a look at 12 New Best Upcoming EXCLUSIVES PS4/PRO Games in 2017 & 2018. Some Games are Cover Upcoming open world Games 2017 like Spider-Man & Shadow of the Colossus. Which of these titles are you want to play? Comment your thoughts and Subscribe. 01 - Yakuza 6 - The Song of Life (PS4) - March 20, 2018 02 - Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - Early 2018 03 - Spider-Man (PS4) - TBA 2018 04 - Gran Turismo Sport (PS4) - October 17, 2017 05 - DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT (PS4) - January 30, 2018 06 - Days Gone (PS4) -TBA 2018 07 - Fist of the North Star (PS4) - TBA 2018 08 - gOD OF WAR (PS4) - TAB 2018 09 - Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds (DLC) (PS4) - November 7, 2017 10 - Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - TBA 2018 11 - Death Stranding (PS4) - TBA 2018 12 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS4) - TBA 2018 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (38)
The !st Winner (11 months ago)
[9:37] Oh FUCK, *ZOMBEAR!!*
jotaro kuju (11 months ago)
omae wa mou shindeiru
Care n Tech (11 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcKUOkOCJr8&lc=z22wth1ocy2ezxsbo04t1aokgbjr2zym5sgq2vj4lweabk0h00410 watch my video and subs me i will sub back my promise!
Kevin Grenouiller (1 year ago)
I have gtx 970 sli i can stay in pc, but i want to buy Ps4 because there's a ton of exciting games coming in
B Lewis (1 year ago)
That god of war doe !!!!
First Name (1 year ago)
But but but we got Forza 6 , 7, 8 and Halo 6, 7 and 8!!!
Marvy Toshi (1 year ago)
Still don't have a ps4
Exmonofied (9 months ago)
Marvy Sanz go buy one dude 😊✌️👌
Game Force (1 year ago)
IF they upcoming games How do you have it dumbass
B Lewis (1 year ago)
Delete this comment lololol you just made yourself look like a dumbass
Chosen Dreamer420 (1 year ago)
Game Force He doesn't have those games. Those are trailers and gameplay that the developers themselves put out.
Greg Kilby (1 year ago)
Spiderman A.K.A. Dragon's Lair 2.0
G B (11 months ago)
Greg Kilby if you would've watched the full trailer with commentary you would know that they used more QTEs in the trailer to keep it smooth and action-packed. Spider-Man will only have QTEs when it's a simple task like grabbing something like every spiderman game from 08' has.
Greg Kilby (11 months ago)
I'm not hating the gameplay mechanics. It can be argued that QTE has been with us since the first videogames (move your ship before the Space Invader hits you, move Pac Man before a ghost gets you). Most games rely upon an input to determine an outcome, and generally quicker inputs result in a success. To me, Spiderman is littered with on screen prompts for successful QTE's, as it appears modern gamers can't remember button presses and combinations and have to be reminded EVERY TIME (a bane of recent games). That is the link to Dragon's Lair. Give the players a button map and remove all on screen prompts, it destroys immersion. You like the look of the game, you play it. Not for me, that's the beauty of choice.
G B (11 months ago)
Greg Kilby Why are you hating? It will not be all QTE. Are you mad you can't afford a PS4 to play it? Lol
Ultra-Niche-Gaming (1 year ago)
Two of those games may be timed exclusive as we may see them as pc ports. Pretty sure FF7 remake will be one of them.
Just some dude (1 year ago)
First game looked stupid !
B Lewis (1 year ago)
Have yall ever played a yakuza game if not do! You will understand its one if the best games you could play great story good mechanics some times funny in a Japanese way
Tomasz Starzyk (1 year ago)
I also ask myself why Yakuza is so hyped
RAYMOND KAKANDE (1 year ago)
I love it guys this is great compared to ps3 version
Fraaa Wit (1 year ago)
Instead of remaking the game make a fuckin sequel for shadow of the colossus
Fraaa Wit (1 year ago)
Tomasz Starzyk he turns into a baby lol
Tomasz Starzyk (1 year ago)
Fraaa Wit how? Is he dead at the end?
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (1 year ago)
Best platform to game by a long mile.
Romulan kush88 (11 months ago)
Sr DeSilva well put it this way I have alot of "real world" experience 😂 and all the PC master race people rarely male it outside 😂 console gamers tend to have lives not a stereotype just a fact.
Sr DeSilva (11 months ago)
Romulan kush88 the irony is that applies to console gamers too. its also a gamers stereotype :-D
Romulan kush88 (11 months ago)
PC, The mothers basement of systems 😂
Sr DeSilva (11 months ago)
Afiq Qusyairy well each his own. as like i enjoy PC more because everything i want and need is on PC vs console. Though to every time i see videos of things lable console exclusives. those same exclusives find its way to PC. Nioh being an example. Only true exclusives PS4 has are the ones thats first party and thats not many.
Afiq Qusyairy (1 year ago)
Sr DeSilva exclusive means specialy for that console. Let say ps4 exclusive, that mean for ps4 only.. unless for some reason like low on marketing, surely will be port... hardly since pc can be download with so called "share website"..... lol I know pc beat console cause I had pc too, but still I enjoy console more cause what I want does show up at console more than pc, like batman arkham knight, surely too damn poor on pc even my pc worth 5k upgrade... then im played on console... pc too damn boring these day
Christian V (1 year ago)
What about A Way out? The trailer looks awesome
reyesarsenal9 (1 year ago)
Death Stranding will not be out next year already, too early, just started making the game. 2019 at the earliest.
Admyr 6 (1 year ago)
reyesarsenal9 they started development in 2015 and said it will take no more then 2 years for death stranding late 2018 is my guess
LORD AME0 (1 year ago)
death stranding 😍😍😍
PS4 Fan (1 year ago)
Can't wait

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