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PS4 Disc Eject Issue And How To Fix It

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A lot of PS4s have started spontaneously ejecting discs. Here are a few ways to definitively fix that. Wulff Den T-Shirt Store: http://shrsl.com/?~8fv7 BustedTees: http://shrsl.com/?~9546 Twitter: http://twitter.com/bobwulff Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden Previous Games: http://youtu.be/xGMhO8kHA3M?list=PLc3r8OvpITM7g8LLYnufVYlSaDg54fRgO Previous Wulff Den: http://youtu.be/JANtrkB94jI?list=PLc3r8OvpITM5eMn-_94M4Ipzx4xpiVgPl SUBSCRIBE TO US: http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (1888)
David Cipriano (33 minutes ago)
just how tight does the screw have to be? i firmly pressed down the screwdriver and i kept turning clockwise I have done this issue again and it still gives me problems. it will not read regular dvds and blu-rays.
RogueGhost GamerFTW (4 hours ago)
What are you guys doing to have your PS4s act up that bad. Ive had my first PS4 for 5 years before i upgraded to Pro and it still worked like it was brand new.
Gavin Serdeña (4 days ago)
I'm so happy that I discovered I'm not the only one who have this problem.
khalidsaud22 ِ (5 days ago)
I was playing overwatch and it happened right after i found a match😢
niclas møller (6 days ago)
It did not work manually but when I pressed the button, the disc came out.
Clay Haynes (8 days ago)
Thank you. Quick fix.
trashpakker (9 days ago)
This fuking guy knows what time it is. "Nailed It". To many fuks doing sony tech regurgitation. Nice fucking job brother! This was happening daily to me. The Wulff mans fix murdered it. Not one occurrence in 30 days. That Rocks.
Valor Yost (9 days ago)
U r a life saver
Layla C (10 days ago)
Thank you. This worked, needed a good light to see the screw & rotated the screw the same as video. Ps4 now takes discs. :)
Ivan Ciscomani (18 days ago)
You sir... won a like and a sub... it worked.. thnx
Em Vasquez-Holtzhauer (18 days ago)
So my co worker said. I like PlayStation more because it just seems better quality and built better and I said yeah. Well you know I like Xbox better becuz even though I have to pay I always had to pay nothing different there. I know Microsoft had it's fuck ups but I have the X. I'm fine with what I have rather than a ylod pos you have to pay for online now. There was a promise that ps4 was gonna be 4k with a Samsung tv promoted as well well that's horse shit now. They have a lot of shitty products along with a ps5 now. You believe your lies coworker😂
77galletti (23 days ago)
Thanks a lot mate saved me!!!
DaPickle M8 (25 days ago)
i fix it and it just comes back a bit later
MrSpadeofAce (1 month ago)
dude my ps4 is weird, it used to eject randomly.. in the night sometimes or during a game.. i don't know what i did but now it only ejects after 4 hours of gaming.. when its hot when i turn it off... if play a bit then stop turn it off, let it cool down then start it again , it doesn't eject anymore.... so weird. at least its letting me game now... i haven't tried opening it up yet. thats a last resort
MrSpadeofAce (1 month ago)
update : it still spits the disc out from time to time. but only after i turn it off... not during game for some reason, idk wtf is wrong with it
Peshmerga 1234 (1 month ago)
Thank u
Rikard Håkansson (1 month ago)
Thanks a million man. I was so nervous about this but it worked fine :)
jasonwgarbutt (1 month ago)
This video is complete bullshit you can't even eject a disc by pressing the screw in.. Not to mention that you literally can't tighten it because it doesn't work like that. Moron
Jonathan Requena (1 month ago)
Definitely helps a lot appreciate it up man you earned a subscriber
HouseGoose (1 month ago)
fuck you, you long haired fuck head, your fucking SOLUTION!! fucking sucks big dick. Fuck you
Jason Stewart (1 month ago)
Omg, I think this worked for me! I abandoned the system a year ago! I hope this keeps working. Thank you so much!
Jason P (1 month ago)
Absolutely brilliant!! Great fix working fine now after eject got stuck in a constant loop! Thank you!
Q-rious (1 month ago)
why the fuck does the screw look like the 'x' button like wtf.
Sumeet Goutam (1 month ago)
I cannot believe this worked, I tried everything else and this was the only thing that resolved it. Thanks alot
ChanceVFX (1 month ago)
I literally just reset my ps4 and it worked
john constantine (3 days ago)
I am getting xbox one s and i own a ps4
Jerod George (1 month ago)
It works thanks men
Sad Panda (1 month ago)
This didn't work.
Jehel Sinois (1 month ago)
Dude! You're a life saver!
Nelson .S. Nezomba (1 month ago)
The screw is black and might be covered in dust !!! So guys blow there ...
Nelson .S. Nezomba (1 month ago)
The screw turns but the disc doesn't read
X Body You (2 months ago)
If you really wanna fix it, put a binder or anything that makes your PS4 look like a ramp with power button facing end of ramp! So you ain’t gotta do this bullshit
gandelf s (2 months ago)
Thankyou good sir...
Anthony Baker (2 months ago)
Quick and easy. Works so far.. Thanks
Dominick Contrisciani (2 months ago)
Rebuild data base works <<<<<<<
luny poo (2 months ago)
I don't have a screw
Winnie the Poo (2 months ago)
The one with the game covers worked for me
Didn't work... fuck you
oscar hernandez (2 months ago)
My screw seems to be not going downward after being screwed in what should I do. Where can I get a another screw
Matthew Nicol (2 months ago)
I’ve managed to mine I used this method but it doesn’t work forever, if anyone is interested and still watching this video reply to me and i’ll let you know :)
Guy Larsen (2 months ago)
This was a temporary fix for me it worked for 3 months then after that didn't work at all
David Fallows (2 months ago)
My screw is loose and won't tighten at all shall I completely remove it
wong erenade (2 months ago)
Its not working 😑
Alex151 (3 months ago)
Yo I can't find that screw, :( I having issues playing my game and sends me out it's f messed up :(
Hi Bye (3 months ago)
I found different solution , which is easier,Put the PlayStation upright And all the problem solved.
sean rogers (3 months ago)
I'll never get a reply but my screw just kind of pops up a little bit when i put my screwdriver in. It's really loose and it doesn't seem to tighten. If you push on it, it pushes down and the pops back up again. The solution also didn't work
Stuart Macleod (3 months ago)
I am afraid of srue driver lol
Elias Nahra (3 months ago)
It worked bro thanks so muchhhhh
TheHGCGamersClub (3 months ago)
Sony will not tell you about the screw because it is not A F-ing Screw Dip Shit! It is a Gear and it Can not and Will not ever become loose! That thing is only to manually turn the gears OMFG! Go to School and quit teaching shit you obviously know nothing about other than what you learned from some kid or another fake ass repairmen ideots youtube channel
michael delgadillo (3 months ago)
My dude thank you so much I might try this on my PS4
Epicscore Eu (3 months ago)
My new ps4 slip (1tb) started doing short beeping/sqeaks with 1 min in between when on "high load" (monster hunter playing) any idea how to fix this ? /(restarted-replaced power cord/ reboot/changed usb settings/have added additional USB-LapTop fans bellow it thinking it might been an heating issue) any one had simmilar problem or know what the issue is.
Martino-Santana (3 months ago)
Can’t find the scree
Orion Prime (3 months ago)
I cannot fins the screew is too dark
longjohn McHugendong (3 months ago)
worked thank you so much
Dominik Hansen (4 months ago)
Wow Nice IT works
yourtub (4 months ago)
I have an easier solution 1. whip ur dick out 2. cum all over the power button
Booker Childress (4 months ago)
totally worked. the screw is covered in dust. it's there.
J-Prox (4 months ago)
the beeping noise is annoying af
AnimeLeo11 (4 months ago)
Instructions weren't clear, dick got stuck in disk reader.
Logan Allen (4 months ago)
You need a terminating screw driver. Big difference between regular screw drivers.
DVVSR (4 months ago)
Really works ! U're the man.
Marlon Alucard (4 months ago)
My cousin saya thank you! <3
Jerry B. (4 months ago)
well it worked for 2 days, now it's back. so this method doesn't appear to work. I saw another youtube video that said the only real fix is to remove the disk eject button. I will have to try that next.
Chris kiko Tadros (4 months ago)
Should we remove it ???
Ignacio P (4 months ago)
Guys if u dont have a thin screwdriver dont freak. Use. TOOTHPIC it works just fine
Ashton Perez (4 months ago)
Its the middle of the night I’m sleeping and the PS4 turns on and tries to eject the disc without anything in there
Shadowkiller180 (4 months ago)
How do you do it on a slim
Awesome Boss (4 months ago)
Thanks man it really help alot
Xx Dubz xX (4 months ago)
This only happens if u play for about two years and then after ur ps4 will start glitching and lagging so yeah well that’s my opinion
Das Originall (4 months ago)
very helpful, ty for fixing my ps4 bro hahaha <3 !!!!
Manuel Guerrero-Morales (4 months ago)
Your a legend. My screw was covered in dust. Its 100% there
Hexalina (4 months ago)
Perfect worked thanks if it's goes wrong again will try the two dvd case trick.
SNITZEL (4 months ago)
could you glue the screw in?
TheBlam57 (4 months ago)
thank you so much 😭
Kye H (4 months ago)
Thank you
Lillyz (5 months ago)
If the Switch spat out the cartridges everyone would loose their minds but if the ps4 has issues no one cares
hungrynapps (5 months ago)
i recently got the new cod world war 2 . n the ps4 spit it out. i guess it's trying to tell me something
MoNsTa ViPeR (5 months ago)
My button doesn't work and I have a game stuck in the ps4 and can't eject the game because i only have downloaded games on the console and just deleted the game then I realised that now I have to download it to eject the disc from the home screen. Help
Me Cuelga (5 months ago)
Fucking hate my ps4. Hasn’t stop doing it . Ima have to buy my games digitally or buy a Xbox
William Dean (5 months ago)
Worked perfectly on my white ps4. Thanks.
Mauri-_-69 (5 months ago)
Love you bro (No homo) 😎
Alpha Gang (5 months ago)
I just tapped the rubber part and it made the noise that signifies the disc has been removed and it worked
someone anonymous (5 months ago)
This worked but only for like 3 or 4 weeks then it came back so i screwed it again and in 2 weeks it came back again so i have to keep agreeing it over and over again
Bart Shakur (5 months ago)
You sir, are the MVP
Michael Aimone (5 months ago)
Mine only worked for a day
89 Bruh (5 months ago)
Issue? I just threw the ps4 and bought xbox one
Mart Mine (5 months ago)
fuck you man
Octavio89 (5 months ago)
What kind of screwdriver do you need? I have tons of them around here, but even the smallest one is too big apparently, but also not long enough
Alejandro Llamas (5 months ago)
fucking amazing thx man I know its a old video but it worked
Guy Prieto (5 months ago)
Earned my sub even if it doesn't work
JuWo Gaming (5 months ago)
my disk wont even go in and if i click the eject button it makes a loud ass noise
wild_cat_luis (5 months ago)
my little cousin pull my controller charger and moved the ps4 a bit then it started making beeping sounds then it ejected the disk out i turned it off and unpluged it and that shit fix it i guess
David Helou (5 months ago)
Sweet thanks bro
jan offeren (5 months ago)
Jow thanks mate that Sony shit didn't work took your advice and no problem with the ps anymore
Ricardo Mendoza (5 months ago)
Man bro my eject button just jammed, it's pressed in so I can't eject a disc when i press cause it doesn't pop out. Idk if you understand me but yeah.
connor mccathron (5 months ago)
My PlayStation just took my disk and it won't come out an it dosint register it's there
RoninHunter (5 months ago)
My long thin screwdriver got stuck and now I piss blood please help.
Mrbigzz (6 months ago)
Dude why do you look like you should have a comic and you as the star on some electric power type hero slash devil may cry shit
Manuel Jerez (6 months ago)
Some one give this man a fatty!
Piotr Mrówczyński (6 months ago)
Ok all those solution videos are useless, the problem is easy to fix but not permament to fix so: Problem is in touch buttons, when your console get warm to much, or you bring it from cold outside, the buttons will interpretate tempreture diffrences as placeing finger on it, so all you can do is do the tempreture right. You can warm front panel with hair dryer when you bring ps4 from cold outside and want to play immedietly, but when you play too long you have to make tempreture colder. You can try to clean your ps4 inside to avoid overheating or makeing pause in playing e.g every 2 hours. There are no obvious solution and sony will not admit to this architecture mistake. They confirmed it by producing newer models with phisical buttons, thats it.
Raghav Rohan (6 months ago)
Stfu A hole ! That dsnt work t all

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