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NES Classic Returns! Nintendo Restocking Soon!

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Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic on June 29th! Are you excited to pick one up? And what about the coincidence of this timing? Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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2D Stuart Pot (2 months ago)
I got one today from game force
zen strata (4 months ago)
the difference here is, you buy this once and you are done. No recurring fees for the rest of your life, it's just yours to play anytime for the rest of forever.
mattdyer0 (4 months ago)
Why the HELL didn't Nintendo add a second controller, increase the cord length, and make it $69.99???
Photo Nerd (4 months ago)
This is NOT a surprise announcement I have known it for over SIX MONTHS as has everyone who READS nintendo announcements. Anyway I have two SNES classic and only one NES classic. Going to add the second NES classic now to my collection as I plan to have one of each in the box and one of each in a display case.
Johno Daz (4 months ago)
Nice video guys. If VC isn't coming in the traditional sense on the Nintendo Switch then having more of these Classic Mini systems available is a good thing and hopefully Nintendo will keep the Mini systems coming. 4th Edge Out.
PineConeRudy (4 months ago)
How about don’t restock it and give use the virtual console
I hope scalpers will end up with a shitload of minis.
VA BEAR (4 months ago)
Nintendo is literally the greediest of all video game companies.
VA BEAR (4 months ago)
They're releasing another batch of physical virtual consoles.
JKindly (4 months ago)
Sorry my english is not that good, but does it mean that the NES games are coming out at September for the "Nintendo Switch Online Service" and also for a brand "new" NES Classic console? - or do i have to buy the new console to play them?
Gamer Addy 99 (4 months ago)
We knew about this since 2017!
Ben Sheppard (4 months ago)
I'd forgotten they were bringing this back, but now that I know, I'm pumped, because I was really disappointed when I didn't get one originally. I have the SNES Classic and love being able to experience games that were before my time.
Chas the Spaz (4 months ago)
Wow... NES Classic, Wolf II, and Crash all in one day!! It's gonna be a good birthday!
David V (4 months ago)
Why you get free games for online service
3to5andglassy (4 months ago)
The controller cord is too short. Unless they made the cord longer, it unplayable for me.
Steve Lovelace (4 months ago)
2:16 Remember when you couldn’t save your progress in games? Really!!! Are they kidding? You still can’t on Nintendo Switch without paying £18
SuperSwitchBoy (4 months ago)
I already got it back in 2016, but im still hyped!
Tragic Toast (4 months ago)
I think I’ll maybe just buy a SNES Classic. I plan on subscribing to the online service, so I don’t think I’ll need to get the NES Classic.
Skyler (4 months ago)
I'll buy it for $60. It will be a great collection piece. I probably won't play it though to be honest. Better emulators out there if I actually want to game. I think it's just the nostalgia I enjoy. $60 is a good investment, it will gain value over a few years like all Nintendo stuff.
An 8bit production (4 months ago)
im so glad its coming back. was desperate to get one at launch
be b (4 months ago)
Have they restocked on SNES classics too? I've been seeing an awful lot of them in stores.
Annette Jensen (4 months ago)
I'm definitely getting one... But I've seen the snes classic at several different walmarts in the past few weeks, shop I'm pretty sure they are already restocking those
Retroagv (4 months ago)
the NES was never huge in the UK and the SNES is much more popular but I don't really understand why anyone would buy this when there are upgraded NES games coming with the switch online. I've thought about buying a SNES mini but the lack of store on it means you're stuck with 21 games officially and it's just not enough to justify the price, if there were translated Fire Emblem games on it I might consider it
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (4 months ago)
I already hacked my SNES Classic got all the NES games I wanted and then realized I'm not that interested in classic games so I'm selling it.
Pro Gamer (4 months ago)
Same day as n sane
Daniel Despres (4 months ago)
Or you could just get an emulator for your phone and play these games for free. ON THE GO. Seriously people, if you're complaining about no virtual console you DO have alternatives. If this thing goes even a dollar over $60 (which is still too damn much) then emulate. It's that simple.
ShiftingShark (4 months ago)
yes it was confirmed since last year
DragonLord222 (4 months ago)
Eh, I couldn't care less about the NES Classic. My SNES Classic is good enough.
Eddie Hippisley-Cox (4 months ago)
Just waiting for that 64 Classic Edition to be announced.
Communism 96 (4 months ago)
Let’s hope the scalpers won’t get them first
DJ Ranoia (4 months ago)
So not important to me not a fan of these kinds of games ..... bring on the MARIO tennis aces to the switch. I am glad these will be normal prices again though
Nyg 131021 (4 months ago)
Does anyone know when we’ll be able to preorder this or if we’ll even be able to preorder this
guuu881 (4 months ago)
While there are several NES games i wouldn't mind playing / replaying, I have been planning to buy paid online anyway (for Splatoon 2), and think that should be enough for me. Having said that, this does include 30 games (so more than what is initially provided by paid online), and notably paid online hasn't yet promised any 3rd party games (while this includes 12 or so 3rd party games). So depending on how much Nintendo improves the offerings of paid online over time, this might actually be the better deal.
PierzPressure (4 months ago)
This wasn't surprising. They already announced this, just not the date.
POKEjake 132 (4 months ago)
What about the N64 classic?
Ariom (4 months ago)
I want it for Switch also SNES
Ah the memories
A Spy (4 months ago)
Does that mean Nintendo will start selling the N64 again?
Scruff Zilla (4 months ago)
But will this re-released version come with a longer controller cord?
Max Loomis (4 months ago)
what's the point of making something limited if your just going to release more of them. Devalues the system. It's no longer a collectors item.
Chicken Perm (4 months ago)
what a waste, Ninny must be really behind on the actual new original game releases. Enough of the rehashes, remakes, and re-releases! Unsure about the online service too, will you be able to download those 20 classic games and have them as your own or just stream them w/ service like PS Now bc that service sucks.
Mark Seward (4 months ago)
Shouldn’t they be getting ready for the n64 classic mini
Marc Gilray (4 months ago)
It could be good of they made a switch card version. NES classic and a SNES classic. For £40 each. With all the online features. Then they could volume (number) them. The spines of the boxes could make a nice picture of the console.
Cyberbrickmaster1986 (4 months ago)
I want to pre-order this, but I won't have the money just yet and I'm going on holidays next week, which will be on my next pay. I only hope that when I get back (which won't be until the 2nd of June), it's not too late to order one and that stock isn't limited this time, like it was 2 years ago.I missed out before, I learned my lesson with the SNES Classic Mini and I don't want it to happen a second time with the same system!
Keen James (4 months ago)
Stop padding scalpers pockets with $200 a pop! It’s coming.
Squidwood (4 months ago)
I won't be buying any of these mini consoles.
Super JaMAalRIO (4 months ago)
This is why they see no reason to no longer support or offer any sort of Virtual Console....because the mini console is far more profitable and lucrative.
Heart Donor (4 months ago)
Thanks for the info I really appreciate it!😊
Sam Hines (4 months ago)
i rather have them on the switch
Nasser Albaradie (4 months ago)
Honestly if the online service has all the games I want then I don’t think there’s a need to buy the nes classic ,cause I’m not interested in all 30 games
jose recio (4 months ago)
this will be the big showcase for nin at e3 boi.🤪
Dodo Bravo (4 months ago)
I was excited when it came out because I didn't have a lot to play. That is not the case anymore. I might still be up for SNES because I never played any of these games but NES does not grab me anymore.
BCT Alicorn (4 months ago)
Cool and all, but we're already getting 20 NES games with our online service so........
Ty Simpkins (4 months ago)
I dont see how its a surprising announcement. We knew it was coming. But exciting none the less
That Anarchy Dude (4 months ago)
I hear a lot of people saying the death of Virtual Console is not that big a deal because of the games we're getting with the online service, but they're missing numerous important aspects of this online service, not least of all is... The games you're getting through the online service are only playable via ONLINE STREAMING. That means you can't actually play those games on the go. So what's the point? So they expect people to pay $20 per year to be able to only play CERTAIN classic games on their portable console while they're near internet connection, i.e. AT HOME? At this point, my notebook PC with emulators for every console, and ROMs of every old game I've ever enjoyed on it would function better as a portable Virtual Console than the Nintendo Switch is going to with this online service... And the games would be free.
infernaltim1 (4 months ago)
That Anarchy Dude Did Nintendo actually say the games are streaming only? Because I don't see that anywhere in their announcement. I've seen a bunch of YouTubers speculate, but Nintendo never said that.
Kyubey (4 months ago)
Yay! More scalpers
Shan Santee (4 months ago)
I already own these games but the snes rocks!
Dominic Johnson (4 months ago)
Smitty Man (4 months ago)
This is the best news of may
I'm not really excited about this, I would prefer to buy some of those games on 3DS to be able to play them on the go rather than buy that device. I still hope Nintendo will sell those games for the Switch (and not just rent them).
dannydsi3d (4 months ago)
I wonder if the releases would still be hackable?
logicalfundy (4 months ago)
I think it's fine for those who want it, but since NES games are coming to the switch, I doubt I'm gonna pick it up. The Switch has basically become my platform of choice for games outside of my PC.
Robo-Chu Games (4 months ago)
SNES classic is better
JoyconDrew 123 (4 months ago)
I just purchased the snes
Sab Vazquez (4 months ago)
Here's to hoping the cord length on the controllers is longer! The first wave had very short cords
Sab Vazquez (4 months ago)
THETOOT yes agreed I have a 65" TV and sitting at anything closer than 6ft is overkill for my eyesight lol
THETOOT (4 months ago)
I agree, it's odd having a large setup and being forced to play close to the TV
Sab Vazquez (4 months ago)
THETOOT I'd still rather long cords lol like SNES classic had more formidable cord lengths
THETOOT (4 months ago)
That's the point, the classic is like a shrunken down supercharged version of the original
MoreMetalThanMetal (4 months ago)
This my chance to finally get it and put it next to my SNES Classic on my second gaming station. Yes, I’m also getting them on the Switch but who cares. About time they did this. Can’t wait!
Morning Glory (4 months ago)
Now that I am sure Nintendo is withholding VC because of these consoles I won’t buy one. I’ve realized sitting at my tv to play NES games is stupid when the switch exists, especially with a three foot long controller cord. As a collectors item this is fine, as a substitute for VC this is an outdated idea. I think Nintendo is run by genuinely dumb people. I will just play pirated nes games online, Nintendo doesn’t really deserve our money on this.
JackDXT (4 months ago)
Wii U Classic Edition
xdecemberguy1 (4 months ago)
Nintendo, let's go forward not backwards. If you want to bring some excitement how about releasing star fox 2 for the switch. Blast from the past.
Portishead Biscuit (4 months ago)
Definitely picking one up
josh Mcguire (4 months ago)
I feel this is still a diffident market then switch
Charles Gurley (4 months ago)
of course these mini systems played a role in delays and the vc announcement. Why have them come out on switch when people are buying these like crazy...
Dog9040 (4 months ago)
name is mike (4 months ago)
Looks like NES Classic prices just plummeted on eBay.
Silver Fox Geek (4 months ago)
name is mike good, I'm sick of scalpers
Emufasar (4 months ago)
Damn only one dislike right now
Dog9040 (4 months ago)
Keep this video quiet so me and my dad can get one shhhhh
THX1968 (4 months ago)
They announced this about a year ago.
Xray_534 (4 months ago)
its gonna be advertised at e3
Emulators for PC (4 months ago)
isnt this SWITCHforce?
Joe Donnelly (4 months ago)
What if they're planning something bigger like being able to add more games to the classic consoles through the switch or being able to use the classic controllers by hooking them up through the classic consoles attached using the USB port on the switch
Jorge Gonzalez II (4 months ago)
Me personally, I like the idea. I didn’t get to get one, but I got a SNES. I also have an original SNES in box, but it stays in there, comes out rarely. This allows me to play with my kids and not messing up the CIB console. And no worries if they drop it
shortazn97 (4 months ago)
I wish the famicom classic was available in the states. I want to get one ):
shortazn97 (4 months ago)
I've been considering importing one actually. $90 is a bit steep for my current situation though, and yeah it being in all Japanese is a bit hard for me haha
jose recio (4 months ago)
i got one and it looks so damn cool.
Jonathan yousif (4 months ago)
shortazn97 import it if you really want it. I was very interested as well but all games are in japanese so i really would have no use for it.
ElijahvsGaming (4 months ago)
539th person yesss
josh bellino (4 months ago)
im so happy :'D
Spacey (4 months ago)
Gotta go get that snes classic
The MW X-perience (4 months ago)
I don't want 3 different systems to play Nintendo games just 1.
QuintN (4 months ago)
The MW X-perience i just want every nintendo game ever on my switch
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (4 months ago)
Stimzee I thought I wanted the same, but really I just wanted to play those games on the Switch.
Charles Gurley (4 months ago)
finally someone with a brain!
RED entertainment (4 months ago)
Yes I have been wanting for this!
Alien Frequency (4 months ago)
IS this a surprising announcement? I thought. Months ago, they said the NES classic would be coming back summer 2018.
raynik (4 months ago)
Right, Nintendo already announced last year that they were bringing back the NES classic this Summer. The only bit of news is we have a release date now.
Smitty Man (4 months ago)
I actually didn’t hear about that
Undres S7 (4 months ago)
So true. Idk why all these channels are making videos haha
Super Facts (4 months ago)
Alien Frequency teah i was about to comment the same thing This was announced in december as an apology for stock shortages
Alien Frequency (4 months ago)
Ty's Reviews And More I thought so. I’m pretty sure Switchforce reported on it even. SF and Spawn Wave are the only video game news sources I watch, so I learned about it from one, or both of them. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dwayne St John (4 months ago)
I'm still debating if i want I have the snes classic edition still play it I love it but I feel like there's not very many good games on the new classic like their is on the snes classic and their making new games available in September on switch
Dwayne St John (4 months ago)
The only new games that I would like to really are the super Mario bros games zelda and metroid that's it
Manuel Zarate Jr (4 months ago)
They had already mentioned quite sometime ago that this was coming out in the summer. I doubt it has anything to do with the VC or NES Classics. It's just them honoring what they said about bringing it back out for those of us who weren't able to get it initially.
Mickey (4 months ago)
Watch it will be sold on ebay and no one will get it just watch.
EDDY C. (4 months ago)
You cant
n21james1 (4 months ago)
I play my snes classic all the time
Robin Flipper (4 months ago)
I would play mine but i lost the damn thing!
Corey Ashton (4 months ago)
me too but the lost of 8 games tho
supr maro 46 (4 months ago)
it’s only here for nostalgia, that’s been the point since the beginning.
JMTeen13 (4 months ago)
Matt M (4 months ago)
Where’s my classic Gameboy Nintendo?
Kevin Lydon (4 months ago)
this is virtual console
HinaCabina (4 months ago)
Not so Virtual
Anti-Chuckle The Knuckle (4 months ago)
Kevin Lydon You didn’t hear? Virtual console is dead...
PeabnutPanda (4 months ago)
I better sell mine before June 29th I never use it
Nintendofanboy (4 months ago)
I can’t wait
Corn Bread (4 months ago)
Lets just hope they got super mario 2 game of the year edition

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