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Cities: Skylines does what SimCity didn't (and that's enough)

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Cities: Skylines hasn't reinvented the genre, but it also didn't need to, says Eurogamer's Chris Bratt. By avoiding the worst of the mistakes that SimCity has now been remembered for, it's arguably the best city builder we've played in years. Read our written review here: http://bit.ly/1955F00 Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (192)
MrsMoon Jelly (21 days ago)
Skylines beats any city builder
I quess you're a square builder
flip1sba (1 month ago)
Mods and workshops made Cities Skylines better! So good that there are former Maxis employees creating buildings for it!
AUSSIE DUDE (1 month ago)
Shout out to joehills in the thumbnail near the start
Who am I? (1 month ago)
31 Simcity players. :|
MusicNerdMIDI (1 month ago)
I remember when I was deciding to buy either SimCity or Cities Skylines, so I watched a bunch of reviews and such on here. I feel that both games appeal to different audiences. SimCity gets criticized heavily because SimCity 4 set the standards high and SimCity fell in a lot of areas. A person who has never played SimCity 4 or older games will probably be happy with SimCity, whereas older players were disappointed over and over.
Fgg Fgg (4 months ago)
What about the water mechanics and landscaping in cities skylines
Wolfo100 (4 months ago)
I can understand that SimCity wasn't what was expected but it's still a good game. I honestly think it's better than Cities: Skylines. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, so why do people have to try to force it on other people?
thaintriguing1 (5 months ago)
Results of an American vs a Finnish education
James Behrje (5 months ago)
I remember the playing the original and Sim City 2000. I loved those games. I haven't played the newer versions but I can tell you I like everything about City Skylines because it represented the old son city games. They were the best. I guess overtime the creators lost there way with the players. They lost me with just the pricepoint of the game, and of course having to have internet access to play the game. I remember when it came out being disappointed about that. Not everyone is rich and can afford to shell out 50 / 60 bucks for a game let alone have Moby to psi for monthly internet service. Have they forgot primarily kids and young adults play these games. People that typically don't have much money to spend. Geesh.
Lego Bus (6 months ago)
900th like
Ryan 7149 (7 months ago)
First, I hated city skylines, and I liked SimCity. But now, I think that city skylines is Waaaaaayy better than simcity.
Kenneth Sinclaire (7 months ago)
2018 and its still the best. It just is
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Milo McGinnes With green cities expansion dlc
Carl36 (7 months ago)
*Gameplay in Cities: Skylines showing residential next to industrial* WHAT ARE YOU DOIN
Nguyễn Hải Dương (5 months ago)
not as bad as leisure district tho.
Carl36 (5 months ago)
Yes but they're still producing noise pollution, which is just as bad.
God (5 months ago)
WHAT ARE YOU DOIN *you didn't pay attention, he was placing down farms*
Toxicbean78 Gaming (7 months ago)
Around 3:10 Xbox should add steam app or something for mods on the Xbox One Store
Sekrit dokument (8 months ago)
I see huge cars in the sim city clips
Zaheed Chapman (8 months ago)
People keep making sim city 5 look bad. Atleast it was a decent game. It had government buildings and lots of cool stuff. It has way better music than cities skylines. So yea guys and without sin city, who knows if the game makers of cities skylines would have though about making a city game but with way more stuff? So why hate sim city when its beautiful?
Robert TheCatRuler (8 months ago)
i kinda wish cities skylines had multiplayer
Chris Nr (9 months ago)
00:21 why is this guy making residential zoning near industry buildings
L (3 months ago)
Nguyễn Hải Dương Noise and traffic makes residents unhappy.
Nguyễn Hải Dương (5 months ago)
They are farming industrial building, they don't cause pollution so it's fine to put them near residential zones.
Chris Nr (6 months ago)
Scientific Stevie (6 months ago)
He is a bad mayor :/
Andrew Cox (9 months ago)
Thanks, I was debating purchasing this with some spare cash, and your review sold me on the product.
DiamaundioPC (9 months ago)
At least in SimCity you can have multiple cities . . . Instead of having one huge one. With more than one, I can make one city try to be a Metropolis, one city a tourist destination, another city for Mining & stuff for a Great Works, and another city that is just like a little cozy village. Sure, for $30 some people might not think it's worth it, but at least it's good for what it is now.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
DiamaundioRBLX&MConYT One city in SimCity is like 10 acres. Totally not accurate
Polando (7 months ago)
technically you can make few cities in skylines too
Trance Kuja (9 months ago)
Problem is Skylines is a paint job without challenge... While sure, Sim City 2013 had bugs at starts and often misunderstood mechanics. (Wait, Im out of land!) You have plenty lands... No cities are as big as skyline as --->1 plot<--- irl... Being terrain issue, mountains and so forth! Its like the loading screen make people forget they are playing the same game. (Wait, Im losing educated sims!) Sure, you have a university in another land and they are going there because you used college only in your "main city". Its normal that if you threat your main city as a village it will become less educated. That is what happen in real life. and so on... I can go about 90% of the bugs people list and still talk about including the garbage and it come down to people not understanding how closer to reality this game is then trying to do a max-min strategy with university in other city to save space and cash farm to start which end up stealing the worker of their so called "main city" and end up not understanding what is wrong with the city and why there is so much traffic jam at the entrance... Dont even get me started with how people try to fuel 1 city with a great archeology that is supposed to feed 4 and call it a bug when 400k+ ppl try to enter the city at 8am.. It isnt a bug.. Its simply normal...
Adam Smith (9 months ago)
Until C:S has realistic lane splitting, I will never be satisfied with it.
Adam Smith (6 months ago)
As I already mentioned above, you shouldn't NEED mods. It should be proprietary. Go and look at any highway interchange in the real world and then try to recreate it in C:S without using a dizzying array of mods, props and decals (that don't work with 100% reliability). And even then it still won't be right because there will always be that one hair slightly out of place, which, for players like myself, makes all the difference.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Adam Smith There are mods for that
Adam Smith (8 months ago)
Oh yeah, I know all about that. What I meant to say was that building highways and ramps with realistic slopes and curvatures is next to impossible without third-party mods and assets. Using only the vanilla game, highway traffic performs sharp maneuvers that are highly unrealistic at such high speeds. You can't even build a proper interchange in the asset editor because the grid is too small. TM:PE is a great mod with powerful functionality. I just hope that the next C:S game includes it as a standard feature.
Ben Paulsen (8 months ago)
Install traffic manager presidential edition and then once loaded into a save game go into the options menu, select traffic manager on the sidebar, click the second tab at the top and turn on better driving AI and turn up the dynamic lane switching slider
Ben Paulsen (8 months ago)
Theres a mod for that
toilet paper (11 months ago)
Sim city has something what cities skylines didn't and that is expandible service buildings
Tristan Southwood (1 year ago)
anyone know the song used in at the very end?
Trance Kuja (9 months ago)
Yes, its the music from Sim City on Snes. I love it. :p
maximized777 (1 year ago)
Your Neighbour (1 year ago)
3:10 Thomas the steam engine strikes terror into Skyrim
Gohs Art (1 year ago)
Shit city 0.5 ? No thanks. I'm fine here whit 81tiles skylines.
Timothy Greene (1 year ago)
The game mechanics just don't work right. I can't play a game that just didn't work. The graphics are way behind the times.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Timothy Greene It’s probably your computer. I play my game in 4K with mods on my laptop
DawnFang 7051 (1 year ago)
I feel like cities skylines is both the king and queen of city building games the mods are just the jewels on the thrown
Alexi Nasra (1 year ago)
cities: skylines runs on Linux .
Otanaku Leana (1 year ago)
I've already played all these four games (Cities Skyline,SimCity5,Cities XL and the previous game) 1st Cities Skyline 2ed the previous one 3rd Cities XL And the last place for Simcity 5 (But 4 is really great)
Nguyễn Hải Dương (5 months ago)
even simcity 2013 is still better than that garbage of a game cities xl.
LOLOLOL 3000 (1 year ago)
See no one like Sim City cus it's a stupid game
ICanDoBetter Official (1 year ago)
LOLOLOL 3000 stupid? Not to the modular building or graphics.
Goldenclaw (1 year ago)
"We... might have gotten a chocolate fountain for our office." LMFAO
PyroMancer2k (1 year ago)
SimCity wasn't pushing the genre in a new and interesting direction. It was pushing the genre into a direction that has already been tried and failed horrible. Cities XL series started as basically what the SimCity wanted to be, only it actually did it better cause you could build large cities. Besides C:XL the online city building was already done better back in the early 2000s with the MMO City Builder StarPeace. A bunch of players took the roll more of corporations and they built various factories, stores, and residents around the city trying to make them as profitable as they could. The world was huge and had several cities in it seemlessly connected. Each one could have a player run to become Mayor which then allowed them to build roads and rezone areas. This of course impacted other players since curtain buildings can only be built in curtain areas. But overall it made it feel much more like a community city builder where as the trade mechanics in both Cities XL and SimCity just felt rather shallow tacked on systems. StarPeace had it's own issues though, like mechanic setup to limit player growth was per industry and thus it forced all players to become a jack of all trades which greatly reduced the need for cooperation and trade. Instead players more often than not became cut throat business players with large players massively undercutting new players in curtain regions as "punishment" for trying to break their monopoly on the area. Since they had income in several different industries they could afford the hit but new players usually only had one or two thus their businesses would loss money and they'd have to find another part of town or go to another city. I know it was ultimately a little more of a company sim than the traditional City Builder but honestly I don't see much other way you could do MP City Building aside from just letting multiple people work on the same city and they would have to agree not to mess with each other's areas. I think an MP DLC for Cities Skylines could do this quite nicely since the maps are so large have it where the zone you unlock already could be claimed by players and they can setup their own districts and connect them for trade the way some people already do with several smaller "cities" on their map with connections through trains and highways. The problem with the approaches done thus far in games like C:XL and SC is it's not very "realistic". I mean sure cities in RL do trade but it's not the Mayor's job to manage that trade. It's the Mayor's job to manage zoning, roads, and public services so that businesses can thrive in the city. Once you start getting down into the economic management of trading your stepping outside what a city planner does and thus it doesn't feel natural to the genre because the people in your city should be handling that stuff. And this I think is why people get turned off by trade as these mechanics are made so that it's nearly impossible to have a self sufficient city and the trade mechanics become the major limiting factor to city growth rather than your ability to actually plan out an effective city. Like in cities XL needing lots of food so have to take up a ton of land with farms, except I'm not here to play farm simulator I'm hear to build and manage a large city. Taking up huge chunks of land for something easily simulated off the map is a waste. Most cities don't have farms near them anyway there food is shipped in for the huge chunks of farm land in more fertile regions. Honestly I still see StarPeace's approach as the best one. Where you have an asymmetrical gameplay setup as some people are the Mayor duing the Typical city building stuff and others are companies playing more of a trade/business simulator that builds up the city. It would also allow players to work together to improve the city as business could donate to the city to encourage public works or road improvements in their area. Those managing their companies are likely to more aware of issues in the area then the mayor who is trying to oversee the whole city.
The issue is the SPACE to build in Simcity
AlwaysRM_ (1 year ago)
Space: Simcity: 1 tile Cities Skylines: 9 tiles Cities Skylines 81 tiles mod: 81 Tiles OMG!
Antie LP (2 months ago)
there is a mod with 25 and 81 tiles
Ricardo alves (3 months ago)
AlwaysRM_ 81? Isn't it just 25? (With mods)
Stick Man (1 year ago)
Simcity 4 together with rush hour expansion pack was the predecessor king!
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Stick Man There’s a rush hour mod for cities skylines
Simon Ro (1 year ago)
Uttam Basak An i5 @3Ghz or AMD equivalent, GTX 660 or AMD equivalent with 2GB of VRAM and 8GB of ram... I think that's about the system you should have to run it good on medium setting
Stick Man (1 year ago)
EA said. Yes we can make SimCity 2013 better but it would affect the Dollar bills in our pockets😁
Stick Man (1 year ago)
what are the requirements for the game cities skylines?
Simon Ro (1 year ago)
Uttam Basak And now it got kicked it's ass by the prince
Collin (1 year ago)
lol simcity game play footage has lots of curved roads I cringe, no no no all roads have to be mathematically perfect or else you wont get the maximum potential with your limited space 90 degree angles for all roads. I wish i didn't enjoy cities of tomorrow so much i hope skylines does their own version.
SerdarCS (1 year ago)
Atleast cities deva still exist. R.I.P Maxis, fuck ea for ending them. simcity 4 was my childhood.
Funky Rodd (1 year ago)
Simcity could have been better by removing that parted city
Jack de Reduvo (1 year ago)
I'd like if there was a multiplayer-sort of thing for Cities, but you start with two different tiles on a bigger map and eventually compete with them for money and stuff
Jack de Reduvo (1 year ago)
I like to recreate real life cities in Cities Skylines because SimCity isn't big enough and doesn't let you customise the terrain
Jkund17 (2 years ago)
isn't this the first city builder to have: -snow maps -temp -bikes -decent steam/ community since simcity 4 -flowing water
Axan0 (2 months ago)
snow maps are also there in an anno game
A wild Filing cabinet (7 months ago)
the first two are in snowfall DLC, and bikes actually mattered in public transport DLC, but last two yes.
I Game A Lot (7 months ago)
You need a few DLCs for what you just described. (Except for the water)
Kingdom of BonBon (1 year ago)
City Skylines have Temp, Bikes and flowing woah ter!
Jack de Reduvo (1 year ago)
Jasmine (2 years ago)
I think that both are the best but simcity is awesome and beautiful
Zwambie (2 years ago)
i hope the next simcity would be better than cities:skylines but i know it wont happen
Nguyễn Hải Dương (5 months ago)
everything sim by ea won't be good again for sure.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Zwambie SimCity is dead forever
Marble League (2 years ago)
SimCity ruined the franchise. The devs could care less about their fan base.
Ethan Santiago (1 year ago)
Jack de Reduvo there's no men in that fanbase
Jack de Reduvo (1 year ago)
It's as bad as the player base for No Mans Sky...Oh, wait...
Koto Nizna (2 years ago)
I am buying this game with all the expansion pack tomorrow. yay!
Timothy Greene (2 years ago)
It's a ripoff of SimCity poorly done.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Timothy Greene omg what are you high on? Poop? SimCity is the shittiest game in the world. You ca play Cities Skylines in 4K while SimCity is not even hd. I kicked and spat on SimCity when I found out cities skylines was a game.
ICanDoBetter Official (1 year ago)
Timothy Greene I think he's talking about the graphics.
Poorly done, but in what way?
AwkwrdPrtMskrt (2 years ago)
Poorly done how?
Francis Quiling (2 years ago)
fuck people who say cities skylines is a bad game , whoever says that are clearly talking out their own ass
5 Hunna (1 year ago)
never heard anyone say that
Vinnicius Rosa (2 years ago)
Simcity has a better programming. The team maybe had bad ideas, but Simcity is a lot better tecnically talking. Simcity has an original engine and it is something that we have to applaud. In my oppinion Cities Skylines only exists because of Simcity. The players did'nt understand how to play the game. It is sad. Simcity is more approach to management instead of a construction game. When the city grows up you will have to adjust things and work as a real mayor. The new Simcity is amazing!
leopold (1 year ago)
And that's fine if you want to be a mayor. I don't want that, I want to build a sprawling metropolis and then waste hours of my life tweaking the transport infrastructure, which Skylines lets me do. It's all down to what you want. I did like playing SC2013, but for me, Skylines is a better game, more akin to SC4, which I used to play even though it crashed a lot.
Tuppoo94 (2 years ago)
LOL'd at SimCity. It was supposed to be an always-online multiplayer game. Last time I checked much, if not all, of the online stuff has been shut down. This game came and completely destroyed SimCity. Mods have only made it better.
Timothy Greene (2 years ago)
Skylines is horrible.
JoshuaIND (2 months ago)
Timothy Greene Nope, Skylines is like 50 times better than SimCity.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Timothy Greene Are you high on poop? You have to be kidding me. SimCity is the shittiest least realistic game in the world. Your computer is probably too weak to play Cities skylines. Cities skyline sis way better
north player (2 years ago)
+Timothy Greene Look, an angry EA slaveboy!! ^^
Timothy Greene (2 years ago)
If a game needs mods to make it playable it's bad.
AwkwrdPrtMskrt (2 years ago)
Skylines doesn't need mods to be playable, but mods are there for players to customise their experiences.
north player (2 years ago)
+Timothy Greene Oh you are the EA slaveboy, i have built 16 CITIES in CS without mods and i loved it. You know it actually takes skill to manage it and it has realistic boundaries unlike SC cancer.
north player (2 years ago)
+Timothy Greene what game are you talking about?
Silent CG (2 years ago)
Sim City 5 Sucked ass. Skylines is the new king of the city builder.
Morien Bendinelli (3 months ago)
Agreed: -Simcity (1989): the first one. Cool! Some good dozen hours spent on it, OK, for the time. -SimCity 2k: improved version, more details, etc. And Arcologies. -SimCity 3k: few actually knew this thing, but I personally enjoyed it while it lasted (I lost my CD =( ) -SimCity 4: the very best of the series: mods, regions, all-playable connected cities with variable sizes and all. Then it went downhill: -Simcity (2013): always on, lotsa issues on EA side, a somewhat capped version of the previous one. I did not buy it, and even with many (most?) issues fixed, it was already too late; -SimCity Societies, is it even part of the franchise...? A bad joke, to say the least. R.I.P. SimCity? I sincerely hope not, for the sake of competition (you know who wins, when companies compete - through their products & services - for public).
Potato United Channels (7 months ago)
dima antoniadis bruh.. SIM CITY IS SHIT YOU CANT EVEN BUILD MUCH EVEN WITH MODS IN SIM SHITY YES ITS MULTIPLAYER BUT YOU CANT PLAY WITH EVEN A INTERNET CONNECTION. what I’m saying is that sim city is way worse and is at its knees.
Ivorocious (8 months ago)
With one game? Pfft sim city has alot of amazing games that needs to be defeated
Rashad Wilkins (1 year ago)
dima antoniadis They really aren't. You can't use a mod as a argument.
dima antoniadis (1 year ago)
Silent Cheech Gaming fuck off simcity and skylines are the same fuck theres a mod that you can build all the way to the end of the map
smart451cab (2 years ago)
Can Cities: Skylines be purchased without going to Origin/Steam? I hate the way you have to install their software and log on to their site to play their games. If that nonsense didn't bother me, then I wouldn't have any issue with SimCity 5. Ideally, a clean download, or 2nd choice a physical disk.
DiamaundioPC (9 months ago)
You don't have to go onto the Origin to play it, just find "SimCity" in your downloads and load it . . .
smart451cab (1 year ago)
+leopold I think I adequately described my 'beef' with Steam, as well as the other various membership game sites. The post I made was 11 months ago.  I have since found a viable alternative in Gog.com.  I like to buy games, DRM free, and be able to play them without have an umbilical cord to the seller.
leopold (1 year ago)
What's your beef with Steam anyway? You need an account with them to get to the mods for Skylines.
Jkund17 (2 years ago)
Yes it's on Amazon and their own site.
Shawn Ewig (2 years ago)
How is this game? I already have SimCity 5, but this game looks a lot of fun. I do not want to hand out $30.00, for a game that I already own. Thanks.
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
Shawn Ewig Kill SimCity and buy cities skylines. There’s a huuuuuge difference.
CateDoesAYoutube (3 years ago)
I agree with you, this is why I play SC4 and Skylines, but, in SimCity, or at least four, the point of a boundary is to expand up, and not out. In the regular, 2013 version, the boundaries are much too small though.
No Goal (2 years ago)
I agree I have SC4 and I want Cities Skylines it looks really cool! I have SC5 too but it's kinda shit
Alex.R JumpSquad (3 years ago)
Square cities? lol
libbybuntz (3 years ago)
City skylines is just a copy cat sim city came out earlier
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
libbybuntz Have you ever played Cities skylines? It’s SimCity with better graphics and more stuff, and if you install mods. OOF? The game becomes so good
Hagmof (11 months ago)
libbybuntz r u 5
Araam Zaremehrjardi (3 years ago)
You didn't even get the points of the video did you? I have played both games and I highly prefer Cities skylines.
Creeper_Havaiano (3 years ago)
Top 3 Best Cities Simulator games: 3rd: Simcity 2013 2nd: Simcity 4 1st: Cities Skylines
Ivorocious (8 months ago)
Logoncal and that is why simcity 4 is king. Cities skyline keep dreaming... i like the water physics doe
Small-ish Spider * (1 year ago)
Logoncal man ur just starting to become cringey
War Conductor (1 year ago)
HeadStar007 I never heard of that game ps it's me from the trailer to xbox 1 and last time I played a city building was on my ps 2 sim city 2000 I loved it
Payne Musically (1 year ago)
umm I never played cities xl, can someone please tell me why it sucked?
chongjunxiang3002 (3 years ago)
Even though Colossal can do more for this game, for example bigger lot, currently is 4*x only, but I' m looking for as big as 10*10 big RCI.
aussiebear22 (3 years ago)
Who would've thought? Give gamers what they want! EA can suck it!
Sean Carlucci (3 years ago)
Tom Spander (3 years ago)
That review! Able to play on launch day 10/10 XDD
Th1054 (3 years ago)
Hehe nice review. What was the music?
Harvey Sullivan (3 years ago)
simcity is ok, but i feel that this is essentially a massive improvement. I do think though that cities skylines would not have been as successful if it weren't for simcity
Harvey Sullivan (3 years ago)
+marinabreeze Simcity would have been better with mods and larger city sizes. I think that if those things were included (and a stable launch of course) the game would have been at least a moderate success. But yes, Cities: Skylines is a considerably better game for sure.
marinabreeze (3 years ago)
+Harvey Sullivan - I think some people like myself chose not to buy it because of the "always online" requirement it started out with. I'm a fan of simulator games (e.g. SimCity, The Sims, RCT), but I prefer single-player and I don't want to be forced to socialize with others when I play my games, or otherwise I would be playing Second Life or WOW. I also have a huge issue with the always online DRM the game companies are trying to push. So for me (and I'm sure many others), it wasn't the content of SC2013 per se, but it's the way EA/Maxis released it. By the time they backed off on the always online, I still had somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth from it. C:S was coming out also, and I was willing to give it a shot instead, and I love it.
Harvey Sullivan (3 years ago)
+John Rankin I agree, but I don't think Simcity was awful, it was just not as good as people hoped. I personally never experienced any issues with the game myself, so I think I probably have a better opinion of it then most people
John Rankin (3 years ago)
+Harvey Sullivan Simcity was a failure and another game company saw that they could capitalize on EA's mistakes and they did.. If SimCity wasn't a disappointment I doubt Skylines would have ever been made..
Risky Nights (3 years ago)
Traffic ruined Sim City for me.
toilet paper (11 months ago)
Risky Nights I agree even a busstation won't help
Ashita Kenomaru (3 years ago)
also that it was 30$ cheaper! =b that's a nice plus
Jberesford (3 years ago)
That step-brothers reference.
BigMikeHDD (3 years ago)
no words about the same problems that all these games have? Like traffic ki sucks as well at cities skyline as specialy for emergency trucks...
Noodle Mango (6 months ago)
BigMikeHDD It’s e sus you need a better road layout and highways going through your city
keiichimorisato98 (3 years ago)
+BigMikeHDD they could always put in public transportation in as either a mod or DLC or free update.
vodkaandcoke (3 years ago)
Enjoying cities skylines but I feel its getting most of its praise for just not being sim city which is fine it does tick most of the boxes sim city failed at.    But the problem with skylines is it doesn't actually simulate the population/economics very well meaning it turns into a road management game very quickly.  Citizens don't really have any logical way of going about day to day life. No day / night cycle means sims can get up go to work for 10 days straight without leaving.   Offices dont seem to create any traffic making it easy to just fill a city without traffic problems. No ability to trade or negotiate with fictional outside cities. Way Way to easy,  after about 4/5 hours you can have a pretty self sufficient city that will cause you no problems and just make money.   Only thing left to do after that is build more and more with no real risk or reward.    You can litrally walk away come back a couple of hours later and everything will be fine. Wile i enjoy cities skylines and think its pushing things in the right direction with city size and mod support,  it lacks any depth to keep you invested in one city for more than about 8 or 9 hours.  For all the things skylines gets right it also is missing some of the things that made sim city interesting like modular buildings, city specialization, deeper simulation and even the disasters keep sim city interesting in late game.   With the cool water physics in skylines i though for sure flooding was going to be a big part of the game, unfortunately missed opportunity.
Manet Musta (4 months ago)
Flooding was also added. Disasters too.
Manet Musta (4 months ago)
All of this has been added and fixed now. Just check the Workshop and you can find services/mods for citizens.
Rackie (7 months ago)
vodkaandcoke mods and dlc's fix all of your problems. Also, this game is great toake good looking & realistic cities.
Pookachu (1 year ago)
+vodkaandcoke Traffic is a nightmare to manage!
JezaGaia (3 years ago)
+vodkaandcoke123 True, and I certainly would appreciate any additions in that direction. But they did the job properly with people. People are all generated and have a fixed house and job contrary to what EA did in Sim City 5. It's even a step above simcity 4 where they were only "numbers". With the resources CO had to develop this game I think they did very well. I certainly agree that an hypothetical "perfect" city simulator should have the level of management you speak of on top of what cities scylines already offers but perfection is hard if not impossible to achieve. And what we got was good, not perfect but good. Also as others pointed out MODS and DLCs will help bring it closer to that perfect game we all wish could exist.
Ryan Morris (3 years ago)
Bratt; always appreciate your opinions sir.
James Ellis (3 years ago)
The districts tool is a new concept as far as I'm aware? Although granted the feel and style of the game is still very derivative, but its been done well and considering the size of the team its a solid accomplishment.  I hope that its commercial success gives the team an opportunity to expand and push some serious innovation into the genre.
Jasper Oskari (3 years ago)
EA got beaten by a Finnish game company 😃😃😃
Muhammad Yaseer (3 months ago)
Irish Potato 😂😂😂😂
Irish Potato (3 months ago)
Are you even surprised? EA does stupid stuff so I’m glad to see it come back at them
Rackie (7 months ago)
Wilhelm Thomsen Collosall order is a finnish company, that at the timr, only consisted out of 13 people. Paradox is a swedish one, but they only marketed and published the game, they didnt create it
Ronja Janatuinen (7 months ago)
It got fucking rekt! 😂😂😂
Ahcomcody (1 year ago)
I know this is old, but Colassal Order is Finnish and Paradox (who helped greatly) are swedish.
MrDerpian0 (3 years ago)
DaveSimonH (3 years ago)
"We have to launch all our games in November, or they won't sell". O rly?
Zaheed Chapman (8 months ago)
DaveSimonH well there's black friday... so yea there actually telling the truth!
Oliver Little (3 years ago)
Those city layouts offend my eyes :P
Eurogamer (3 years ago)
+Oliver Little Listen. My cities are all about character mate. -Chris
Captain Davian (3 years ago)
Good thing mods work so well with the game as my only complaint is that it doesn't have much variation in its buildings.
asher taz (3 years ago)
Able to play on launch day - uhh, such a burn for EA.

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