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10 Reasons Behind Why Your Favourite Video Game Franchises Died

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In their heyday, certain video game franchises were practically unstoppable. So when their demise came about, it left many bewildered. Just HOW did a series die? Surely it was doing well? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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GriffintheBoredOne (7 hours ago)
That Timespliutters one really hurts...I loved Future Perfect and 2 was great as well. I was hyped for 4, but it never happened :( Luckily, I still have my copy of Future Perfect on the original Xbox
KodredCud (17 hours ago)
Do you and Jules smoke a fatty or something before showing up on camera?
Andrew Prenga (1 day ago)
Dmc failed cuz it was ass
Justin Nappier (2 days ago)
Red Faction Armageddon, killed it not because of the linear game play thou that didn't help, It had a horrible ending at which you seem to now be able to fix something that was broken at the start of the game and left broken for years but suddenly now you can fix it. Why didn't you do that years ago?
that fit Asian (2 days ago)
I liked dmc
Chad Pugh (2 days ago)
I still thoroughly enjoyed Phantom Pain. But the second half was certainly the shits compared to the first. I expected Andromeda to tie up the loose ends from the crap ending of ME3 somehow at some point in the game instead of that ridiculous excuse for a DLC that EA released as damage control.
Joseph Lybbert (3 days ago)
I think mass effect deserves another chance
Prashant Rocks (6 days ago)
Saints row series rip😢😢😢
Prashant Rocks (6 days ago)
Saints row 4 rip 😢😢😢
Prashant Rocks (6 days ago)
I love new dante he is a badass
Sight Unseen (7 days ago)
Resistance was my favorite franchise...
The Sedaiv (9 days ago)
How about Legacy of Kain?
Jordan Madden (12 days ago)
I see everything talking about Andromeda, DMC, and a few others but no one mentioned how Dead Space was killed off by EA, along with Visceral Games with it.
Han SoHigh (14 days ago)
Was that Lil Wayne on Tony Hawk? Rofl.
Punk N Stein (15 days ago)
Yes so DMC isn’t dead
Austin Kuchenbecker (15 days ago)
Red Faction Armageddon was actually one of my favorite games as a kid and I played the he'll out of it but when I grew up and played the other games in ths series I saw how week it was in comparison
邓龙豪 (15 days ago)
Does anyone think Super Smash Bros will die
Daniel Barton (16 days ago)
How is Dead Space not on this list? EA completely changed the game Dead Space 3 was supposed to be by telling the devs they wanted more action where as it was meant to be more of the same as 1 and 2
Lava Yuki (1 month ago)
Konami's own "unique spin"...
Lava Yuki (1 month ago)
Crash, Spyro, Sonic and FF were my childhood favourites. At least there's remakes to make up for it, but I still find the newer games aren't as great. After FF13, FF went downhill with XV being terrible, and Crash was best on the PS1. I did love Sonic Heroes though, despite it being 3D
Pat McCrotch215 (1 month ago)
Tate Anderson (1 month ago)
Some of these returned
Matthew Walton (1 month ago)
In summery, they died because of corporate bullshit.
Knight And SpaceShip (1 month ago)
these Aren't reasons. this video should be called 10 games that died to bad decisions or just a bad game
shazzad shishir (1 month ago)
how did prince of persia die
shazzad shishir (1 month ago)
how did prince of persia died
doddy125 (1 month ago)
time splitters was the shit
awesomedude 13 (1 month ago)
What's worse is that when THQ NORDIC went bankrupt it almost stopped making the Darksiders games and would have stopped on deaths run
dauði sigla (1 month ago)
Man I miss red faction ....what it could have been. Red faction 1 is still my favorite fps game of all time. Sooooooo fucking good. Then they went and ruined it.
Julien Jolly (1 month ago)
What about Half Life? 😢
Izhar M Azis (1 month ago)
I love mass effect 2 & 3. Only play andromeda for just 30 mins. Andromeda broken my heart.
Tyler Campbell (1 month ago)
Lol DMC 5 just got announced
Error Fox (2 months ago)
God crash of the titans reminds me of when Activision got a hold of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and made Night of the Quinkin.
Kuky 4ever (2 months ago)
They throw a knife in my heart when i saw andromeda first time but it was a good game kynda they just fucked up my favorite seeies i spend just like a month t play me 123 and thes got me today hell even side mission was perfect Andromeda buck it all up in hurry so no i know why there is so many revelant quests on every planet just to male the game play longer because without these sidequest andromeda woudnt lest at all
David Hammond (2 months ago)
Also screw you Konami for killing off Suikoden franchise because you're Konami.
Leonis Yggdrasil (2 months ago)
Shadow the Hedgehog was an amazing addition to the sonic lore
Mythical Nerd (2 months ago)
EA ruined the Star Wars games and they don’t deserve forgiveness! Ever!
kdpflush (2 months ago)
Thief died, in part, because the idiots managing these companies nowadays have this ridiculous impression that you need to have the same person do the voice acting who does the motion capture. Why is that a thing?!? I sorta got my Garret fix with Dishonored 2 but it isn't the same :-(
Dylan George (2 months ago)
Pretty good list. Metal Gear. What a shame
luke cooper (2 months ago)
"relevancy" is not a real word.
Kevo Walker (2 months ago)
I thought Armageddon, and andromeda were decent games. Just not great like their predecessors
dylan christensen (2 months ago)
You can add Battlefield to this list
daniel c (2 months ago)
His voice is so annoying I can't watch the video
Mike Choi Droma (2 months ago)
But metal gear was the best....fuck
TheMercsAssassin (2 months ago)
Can't believe how Mass Effect was screwed.
Paul Hampton (2 months ago)
Crash team racing and timesplitters were great games and it was a big shame about mass effect Andromeda cos that game could have been special And as for konami,they really screwed over hideo kojima which was a big ass mistake cos he's a freaking legend in gaming,more than konami is
chrisleeharvey (2 months ago)
Terrible writing killed Andromeda
flow repins666 (3 months ago)
Only one reason. Konami
Peanhead M (3 months ago)
Fuck you Josh
samualwatkins (3 months ago)
Fuck Konami
Jennings Richmond (3 months ago)
Why the hell does the thumbnail show Destiny with no mention in the video?
Ace of Spades (6 days ago)
Jennings Richmond umm it doesn’t my dude
Madalin Grama (3 months ago)
Biggest irony: Dante wasn't even that angst ridden. He looked pretty emo, sure, but really wasn't.
Daniel Wellington (3 months ago)
Why don't software houses tell engine makers to piss off. The engine makers, can't solve every problem (or accomplish every goal) the software house has. So the question is : WTF!
justin g (3 months ago)
Not going to lie. I got Duke nukem forever in 2011
Cody M (3 months ago)
Phantom pain was trash
Quantimatter (3 months ago)
#1: EA #2: EA #3: EA #4: EA #5: EA #6: EA #7: EA #8: EA #9: EA #10: a greedy company claiming to quit a hated business practice then brining a gambling mechanic to a game to a fanbase with millions of fans just before the eighth installment of the movie comes out, claiming exclusive rights to several genres, to fish for more money, and buying many small groups of video game creators, to either shut them down or make shitty games with microtransactions that are nothing like the pre-EA era.
DenOfWhasps (3 months ago)
Don't give a shit about any of other games mentioned on this list, but Mass Effect still hurts.
keeganshigh (3 months ago)
Earthworm Jim
Joseph Moore (3 months ago)
Bioware keeps pushing these short release dates and when the game loses content and fans hate it you would think theyd learn. DA:I was good but was rushed and when that came out as criticism youd think theyd pause and be like "oh i guess we shouldntbrush our team and force out these games the require tons of editing" youd be wrong
K D (3 months ago)
You do know that SH Downpour wasn’t made in America, right? Of course not, because you guys never research your damn videos anymore.
Yukisuna Samura (3 months ago)
Honestly, its extremely depressing. I recently tried Mass effect: Andromeda, and its an amazing game. If the developers had kept patching and updating it, it could easily be called a masterpiece - but as it is, it lacks the variety to truly reach that title. Even so, it is a great game. At least in the early portion, up to roughly 35-40% progress, it feels great to play and very immersive.
OverREACTOR3000 (3 months ago)
Mass Effect is NOT dead yet. IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT!
KnucklesR2 (3 months ago)
I'm so sad NFS and Burnout died after they decided to merge studios :( They shouldn't have did that.
Okay Keith (3 months ago)
I'm still praying they give us DEAD SPACE 4 but unfortunately Visceral Studios is no more.
shadowthehh2 (3 months ago)
>No Ogre Battle I cri
Eliyah Montgomery (3 months ago)
Honestly, I would be SO satisfied if Tony Hawk just re-released Underground 2 with updated graphics. I would waste SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY playing through that again.
Race Frazier (3 months ago)
I played TS2 for hundreds of hours. Ive noticed that Time Splitters is not that popular in the states
Kevin Knutson (3 months ago)
Still hoping for Gabriel Knight 4 someday.
Nate Andersen (3 months ago)
Rip kotor the mmo killed everything great about the old series
L. Knight (3 months ago)
So, wait. MGS is dead COMPLETELY? Like, we'll never see another game? I love Yu-Gi-Oh and all, and I'm glad Konami deals with that... But fuck you right up the ass with a monkey wrench, Konami.
The Nintendo Nerd (3 months ago)
RIP Good Star Wars games
The Nintendo Nerd (3 months ago)
RIP Star Fox
matt Cloud (4 months ago)
Where is half life lol
Saurabh Misal (4 months ago)
Y'all left out half life RIP
The common Skrublord (4 months ago)
Actually, you can change back to the old Dante in settings
Dawkins & Tools (4 months ago)
BloodRider 14 (4 months ago)
Crash probably isn't dead. The N Sane Trilogy, even though it's a remake, sold very well, even as a PS4 exclusive. Now that it's coming elsewhere, it'll probably sell even better. If Activision has any brains, they'll make a new Crash Bandicoot game. Then again, I know they don't have any.
Incredible Jake (4 months ago)
Honestly, I feel that Mass Effect 3's horrible ending is what truly killed the franchise. I feel that it killed whatever quality writing Bioware was known for. We can blame EA all we want, in the end Bioware clearly had no ending planned. MEA is was only the nail in the coffin.
Tomb8521 The Cool Kid (4 months ago)
Man I want Dead Rising 1 back.
DerpyGamer0013 (4 months ago)
Jesse MacKenzie (4 months ago)
Okay but there are a few decent sonic games in 3D. The one with rings in its name I used to love and also the one where you controlled three people at a time I fuckin binged
T M (4 months ago)
#1 EA
Awkward Avocado (4 months ago)
So Andromida was a mess made in 18 months, do you know what else was made in 18 months? Fallout: New Vegas
killerteddy999 (3 months ago)
New Vegas was by a team with only that game in focus. They could go in every day and work souly on that game. Plus Bethesda use to be more relaxed on how stuff was ran and deadlines were not a huge concern because they dont reveal the game until it is about 90% done. That being said fnv is amazing and the work put into it was fantastic. Fnv is my favorite game and I really hope Bethesda let's obsidian make another game in the series.
opnmind (4 months ago)
So... no Half-Life... does that means it's not dead... One can only dream.
Reginald Regency (4 months ago)
Uh the Sonic Adventure was good. It didn't get bad until Shadow the Hedgehog.
Mason P (4 months ago)
Sonic had some great 3D games. Directors Cut XD and Adventure Battle 2 were some of my favorite GameCube games of all time.
TheCivildecay (4 months ago)
Team Silent was never a thing... people joined and left the team all the time during the first 4 silent hills.
Knightwing56 (4 months ago)
The shadow sonic one was actually pretty fucking cool
SpiderLily (4 months ago)
The loss of P.T. is the most painful of all.
Mohamed (4 months ago)
I loved the new DmC
Adam Stark (4 months ago)
Dead Space deserves another game
Michael Giblock (4 months ago)
Konami sounds like Scientology
Seth Nathans (4 months ago)
As a kid Shadow the Hedgehog was the shit
Bourben Biscuit (4 months ago)
I wouldn’t mind seeing a remaster of Tony Hawks pro skater, the first one was so good
vengefall (4 months ago)
Shitty publishers. That's what killed them.
tyler Williamson (4 months ago)
Take away the bugs from Mass Effect and if they added more side quests. I dont think the game is that bad tbh. The story is pretty fair and leaves an opening for something exciting. Lets remember this is a new game, its not so much a sequel as there is no Commander Shepherd
Meme Iselfaneye (4 months ago)
Crash and Spyro both died for the same reason, their legendary developers left and the games were left to subpar teams.
Richard Harris (4 months ago)
Final Fantasy, because of its decision to make the FF7 remake an action RPG.
Dakota Loven (4 months ago)
I miss time splitters :'( it always seems like people either didn't play this hilarious awesome game or they just down right never heard of it I haven't met many people who have even heard of it let alone liked it as much as I am you know that meme "if you could erase one game from your memory to play again for the first time what would it be" always time splitters it's unlikely but I really REALLY hope that time splitters rewind actually comes out ever I'd pay way to much for a new game in the series
Davon Daniels (4 months ago)
what happend to EA SPORTS BIG!!!???

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