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How to Choose Your Weapon in Monster Hunter World: Monster Hunter World PS4 Gameplay

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There are fourteen different weapons in Monster Hunter World, so new hunters might struggle to pick the right one for them. Johnny's got some tips and info to help you make a good choice. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (392)
Häwärths (6 days ago)
im gonna play hunting horn so hard. dj bagpipe at it again.
Unknown Archon (25 days ago)
One thing that irks me about Monster Hunter is that the shields are held in the right hand........ is everyone at Capcom left handed?! Edit: what did your Palico say when you chose to enter the training area? "Stupida facking gaame"?
A Cleric name Femboi (29 days ago)
I use the dual blades, its not the best weapon, but with enough barrages on the legs...Barney dont stand a chance
javier garcia (1 month ago)
make a video on how to chose armor regarding on what monster should you hunt especially for lower level players
Miciso (1 month ago)
Can bow still heal??
Gorse Aurn (1 month ago)
i beat the tempered kirin quest solo with the hunting horn... am I a support class yet...?
Oblivious (1 month ago)
Gorse Aurn Support is supposed to be badass.
AOE VapoR (1 month ago)
I main the Longswords but for relaxing weapons i use Dual Blade and the Insect Glaive
Mroqqq (2 months ago)
Hi there. Will it hold stable 30 fps on my ps4 slim? I saw many threads about fps drops in this game. Did the patch this?
Luxairy Arcadia (2 months ago)
I'm a great sword been that since the first monster Hunter
Human Being (2 months ago)
The person voicing this video gets something about the how wrong, or at least he doesn’t say it. You don’t have to charge the bow to get to a level three shot. You can shoot three times and each time you let an arrow out of your bow it levels up the charge. One shot, one charge, two shot, two charge, three shot, three charge. It goes back to one after the third charge.
Matt Vanok (2 months ago)
Insect glaive team boys where yall at
Nightmare eyes (3 months ago)
Does he even know he can store phials to his shield?
AnimeWasabi (3 months ago)
A quick note for anyone using this video. Lance has 2 types of gameplay. Guard (the one he showed) and my personal main. Evasion. With evasion lancing you make use of the tripple hops to dance around the monster avoiding its hits while keeping your assault going.
Avery Jessel (3 months ago)
Being a proud wielder of the great sword, I would add in that a touch of dodging adeptness not to dissimilar from dark souls also comes in handy.
Funhow123 (3 months ago)
How to choose the weapon... choose the one that goes to with your play style DONE
Ivory Mask (3 months ago)
We all know the real best weapon: ALL OF THEM.
juanlash (3 months ago)
Switch Axe, why? because its the bloodborne weapon version of this game thats why!! lol what a beauty
X1Pikachu1X (3 months ago)
#teamswitchaxe let me hear you!!!!
bluefang6 (3 months ago)
Gotta say those who use hunting horns well are easily my favorite people to co-op with
Dyl D (1 month ago)
bluefang6 They are the master race tbh
monkeyplays 405 (4 months ago)
I want to be unique wut is the most used to least used weopons
monkeyplays 405 (4 months ago)
I want to be like tracer so light bowgun?
Sir Cheesecake (4 months ago)
Team switch axe for the win
Christoffer Ipsen (4 months ago)
I know to choose a weapon. Step 1: go to the item box, easy to find. Step 2: equip a weapon Step 3: play the game. You find your weapon by using it.
Leaf Erikson (4 months ago)
Dirk gently
Waragi Yunagi (4 months ago)
I running solo with my charge blade and my cute palicco for the win
Cake (4 months ago)
He also neglected to mention there's a bit of stamina management with the glaive as well, since floppin' around in the air takes up quite a bit of stamina
I HATE CABBAGE (4 months ago)
Hunting horn, a funny weapon that is my new favorite in group hunting. I speed hunt investigation with a hammer(not speed run cause I'm not that pro) Hunting Horn a but tricky to learn, but easy to handle weapon. It can hit parts out of reach by most weapon, have surprising amount of damage, can buff/heal players and even stunt monsters, and has the most generous decos. This weapon is so good that newbies can be a badass when I am around.
Ya didn't mention that bowguns special ammunition. Wyvernheart and wyvernsnipe. The light bowgun's mines as well
Bouncy Creeper (4 months ago)
I got it. How to choose your weapon: Use the hammer. "But wh-" Whack-a-mole. "But what if-" Whack-a-mole. "Then who will-" Whack. A. Mole.
Windu Waika (4 months ago)
I’m using all the weapons. Always have for the previous games, always will.
Elliott Baker (4 months ago)
Longsword for me :)
Joe Ceresini (4 months ago)
If your gonna go solo like me, i reccomend the light bow gun. Im 300+ hours in and solod every elder dragon even the tempered ones. Once u master the light bow gun, u can do just as much damage if not more than the powerful weapons. Also use the recoil mods. This allows you to fire and dodge anything. You can then retreat to reload. Shotgun with zero recoil is insane. You can usually stagger and drop Nergigante with one good shotgun3 blast to his head.(this will break his horns with one shot too!) The only drawback is cutting tails, since the slash ammo has been nerfed, its rare you can cut a tail on an elder dragon without using your entire slash ammo stock. To all my lone wolfs doing solo, enjoy!
Joe Ceresini (4 months ago)
Akroma 349 nice! Youll luv it. Shotgunning with zero recoil has become my favorite. I started to play with people occasionally and noticed im always doing the final killing blows with shogun to the dinos face lol. Still prefer solo though. True lone wolf at heart👍
Akroma 349 (4 months ago)
Joe Ceresini i started today on mhw (solo) and i chose the light bowgun as well. Feels very powerfull
Bobby Heatwole (4 months ago)
I use the weapon for what I think is best at the time. Large damage, hammer and great sword. High mobility, duel swords and LG When I fight one that stays in the air a lot or one with blast the it's the bow.
Zay (4 months ago)
Anybody got any suggestions I more mobile or something? Basically I want to be dodging more easily.
Zay (4 months ago)
Alright thanks
Windu Waika (4 months ago)
I would recommend the Dual Blades, Long Sword, Bow, Insect Glaive, and/or the Sword and Shield.
DIABOLICRETURN (4 months ago)
Hammer main here!
Winter Rhodes (5 months ago)
I use the lance and I have to say, contrary to what he says, the only thing slow about it is trying to switch between shielding and not shielding because of the whole second and a half the game devotes to it. Otherwise you have three different modes of mobility that don't involve walking and one of them makes the lance SUPER FAEST with a linear movement speed that tops that of literally every other weapon. also i'm trying to learn hunting horn and it actually is as much a pain in the ass as he makes it out to be pls send hep
happyfly1000 (3 months ago)
Switching between shielding and not shielding isnt slow. U have those shield advance to the left right front or back. And those charge shield(i forgot what its called) to counter attacks
neolithiumproduction (5 months ago)
I am so glad they introduced the charge blade. I was trying to get into Monster Hunter, but hated slow weapons. So I often played with dual blades, but they just didn’t have the power for later beasts. Then along dame the charge blade, and at last I found the weapon for me. Love the speed and dodge/block in sword and shield mode, and the power of the axe mode. :)
Liron Levi (4 months ago)
neolithiumproduction the DB is very powerful,maybe it just wasn’t your weapon style
Joe Mustoe (5 months ago)
Insect glaive ftw
Doc BooM (5 months ago)
Hey uhh buddy here's a friendly tip. Try charging your shield it takes CB from mediocre to absolutely broken really quick. Also spam Ultras they do insane amounts of damage and one final tip learn your guard points. P.S- Capcom please make it were the red shield charge goes away after an ultra. I played CB in MH4U and Gen and I can't play it in World because I feel like I am cheating the game.
Cjloha (5 months ago)
Currently using the bow and the sword and shield. Loving both. I’ll eventually experiment with some of the others
Lagiacrus (5 months ago)
About the LBG: Im not sure if its still in the game (but i hope it is) that is most important with the LBG is something called critical distance. Each and every bullet has a certain distance at which its most effective and its key to mastering the weapon, because if the ammunition is shot from the wrong distance it leaves a major damage dropoff. Also its important that you know where to shoot at with your weapon. Hitting the right hitzone with the bullet makes the difference between a 10 and a 30 minute hunt.
Kinjiro Tsuchiya (5 months ago)
LS and IG are my mains followed by GS and HH
ryuukaryuudo (5 months ago)
The two best weapons for dps is the twin blades and the gunlance. I prefer the gunlance for that balance of offensive and defencive power and how easy it breaks parts off.
Exodemus (5 months ago)
If you're looking for a video to help you find a weapon you like, leave. this video wont show you how a weapon is played, the difference between similar weapons, or even show you what the weapon is fully about.
Cécile J (5 months ago)
Charge blade and Insect glaive look so sick !!! Though I think I'm completely won over by the Hunting Horn, it makes no sense and I love it to bits xD
ArchAngelThomas (5 months ago)
Weapons I've used the most: Huntering Horn: 42% Sword and Shield: 36% Lance: 22% Edit: Based on how many hunts I've completed.
[Blank] Blank (5 months ago)
You can run faster with the lance if you charge.
trza49er (5 months ago)
Downloaded the game last night, hoping to get started this evening. Thinking I like the look of the SnS, the dual blades, the charge sword and the bow. If only there was a melee attack with the bow I'd definitely lean that way. Can't wait, looks awesome!
Damia Alvarez (5 months ago)
it is a melee atack with the bow, O+triangle i think, and its quite strong but a little useless as it can't get to the dmg output of the bow, but, as somthing usefull, you have a grat mobility with your dodge (X) and it even charge 1 lvl of your bow, so it you can shot harder. Plus, your O atack are for close combat (if not, they won't do dmg) and your R2 are for mid-long range, (extra tip: If you don't charge them and just keep shooting, the first one will be lvl1, the second 2, and the third, lvl3, so you can "spam" longshots.
daniel Roberts (5 months ago)
The lance can actually br a highly mobule weapon with it's charge attack which also lets you mount if you hit forward and x. It also allows you to shield advance into shield bash which allows you to move forward with your shield up to protecting yourself and closing the distance.
madscientistshusta (5 months ago)
I hope they don't lock you into a weapon like Bloodborne,my only gripe about that game.
The Muffinprincesa (5 months ago)
madscientistshusta 1) neither game does that
Cryogeneric (5 months ago)
I like hack and slash games so I went to use insect glaive and am happy I did
tyman6708 (5 months ago)
I use the Iron Lance. Getting hit head on bye a Rathalos fire blast and just tanking it then charge attack is so satisfying
Edboy 541 (5 months ago)
tyman6708 Feeling like an immovable wall with the Lance and Gunlance is one of if not the best feeling you can get, isn't it? Using those weapons makes you feel as if you're invincible.
Viktor Nytheheart (5 months ago)
The charge blade has a transition into the axe that actually blocks an attack before the attack so learn how to combo that and time it well. Blocking an attack won't stop your transition and it will hit the monster with major damage
StoneCold316 (5 months ago)
Getting this game today. I think I might go with the long sword
Cryogeneric (5 months ago)
StoneCold316 hope you chose the glave
TheMike0088 (5 months ago)
As a hardcore dark souls fan, I've always loved the hammer (with a backup greatsword if I need a tailcut for an upgrade material) the most simply because I feel it has the strongest emphasis on dodge timing and proper spacing that I love from the souls games.
TheMike0088 (5 months ago)
4vis4 same here. My first playthrough of DS 1 was with the zweihander, and since then I made it a tradition that the first playthrough of a new souls title will always be with the trusty zwei (or, in the case of bloodborne, its equivalent, the ludwigs)
4vis4 (5 months ago)
TheMike0088 im all about strength builds! Great clubs, ultra greatswords etc although i sometimes make a dex build and play with a lance like the silverblack spear in dks2
Lee1995S (5 months ago)
Lance and greatsword for me. I tend to turtle often and retaliate punishingly, but i also enjoy just raw heavy damage to cleave parts and the GS's shoulder tackle feels great to power through roars and charges.
TheMike0088 (5 months ago)
you're welcome my guy! just as a point of reference, what weapons do you tend to use in souls games?
4vis4 (5 months ago)
TheMike0088 Im also a dark souls fan and my inmediate choice for a weapon in world was the hammer. Now that i have read your comment i know why i enjoy it so much
Jaxter (5 months ago)
Dual swords, gunlance, charge blade
Pish Posh (5 months ago)
Holy shit, you sound just like MikeyMegaMega
BrandyKoopa (5 months ago)
im torn between the long sword & the great sword both look awsome
Xifihas (5 months ago)
Any Hunting Horn users besides me here?
Dyl D (1 month ago)
I wish I was one, u guys just look chill
Windu Waika (4 months ago)
ArcticB01 (4 months ago)
Xifihas my bois
masterzedd4 (5 months ago)
Right here bruddah
jlbladers (5 months ago)
I use the great sword and my friend uses the hammer, normally I go for the body until my friend knocks the monster down then I aim for the tail
A Ghost (5 months ago)
What is that yellow bar underneath your health and stamina bar? The sword looking thing
Booghost23 (5 months ago)
A Ghost yeah
A Ghost (5 months ago)
Okay, is that where the wetstone is for then?
Booghost23 (5 months ago)
A Ghost sharpness
John Nichols (5 months ago)
Nothing like swinging a giant fuck off blade into something's face..
DenarianLord (5 months ago)
Great Sword users represent!
Y O U K A I (4 months ago)
DenarianLord Splitting bones, punishing nergigante with the tackle, reporting for duty!
Thomas Holdwick (5 months ago)
Removing tails and launching allies, I love both!
Damia Alvarez (5 months ago)
Here i am, charging and aiming for the tail sir!
Estevan Phillips (5 months ago)
I want to main like 8 of the weapons 😭
happyfly1000 (3 months ago)
Only pros main more than 1 weapon. So go ahead and main all of them. I personally dont like the idea of just using one weapon all the way in monster hunter series
Windu Waika (4 months ago)
I main all of them. 🤣
Robo Thunder (5 months ago)
Estevan Phillips lmao same
Kouldor Bane (5 months ago)
The thing no one mentions is after you beat the main story scenario your flung into a type of endgame which eventually gets to the point if your not a master at your weapon your completely fucked because later enemy’s can literally one shot you which I can understand if we compare it to let’s say dark souls except the enemy has a set attack pattern and doesnt get to attack 350 times faster than you or 1 shot you usually but then you can’t run them out of stamina either and stun them which is kinda a plus but still not enough for true new players
Kouldor Bane (5 months ago)
The Muffinprincesa was stating for new players I’m only hunter rank 14 with 145hrs logged already I love the game I was simply pointing out how some new players are feeling
The Muffinprincesa (5 months ago)
Kouldor Bane 1) you're probably not at full hp or stamina or eating for bonus. 2) you also probably haven't upgraded your armor using the armor+ spheres from bounties 3) this game is all about grinding for gear to take on more endgame
John Smith (5 months ago)
Dang. I'm new to this game series, and I wanted to use the Lance. Guess I'll have to git gud now.
Damia Alvarez (5 months ago)
As somehone who beat MH3 with the lance i must say try it, it have a few tricks not shown on the video, like the dash with shield up so you can move and ignore monster atacs (charging trought a rathalos fireball feels quite good) and the charge run, which got upgraded in MHW and you can run faster than anyone if you get to "speed lvl 3"
Lord Daisah (5 months ago)
Just got the game today, about to start it. I'mma go with the insect glaive I think, being able to jump through the air looks cool
Thomas Dobson (5 months ago)
Lance all the way.. Major tank build
J4Y Kinizzle (5 months ago)
As a bow main your gameplay of it hurt me (jk love the vid tho)
Bizbud (5 months ago)
Don't mistake the hammer for a slow, clunky weapon. The ability to charge while moving and the fast movement speed make it a very mobile weapon; the hammer isn't just a blunt GS. EDIT: Also please, if you have a hammer in your party let them attack the head. They are most likely to stun/knock out the monster and it's extremely annoying when we constantly get tripped by Glaives, Longswords, Switch Axes etc.
Ramjambler (5 months ago)
For real man, the people I play with just sit up by the head with bladed weapons. I'm just sitting there with the hammer, waiting to get in there and attack one of the only spots viable for blunt weapons.
Bizbud (5 months ago)
Lee1995S Yeah and the hunting horn, the hammer should just have priority.
Lee1995S (5 months ago)
Bizbud yeah, i think the only other weapon that should be at the head is the Lance so they can block devastating projectile attacks like lasers and fireballs and such. Getting right up in their face when they're trying to sweep a laser or aim a projectile can save lives
Stryker XL (5 months ago)
From being comfortable with fast pace fighting games, the slow attack animations are soo annoying to deal with. Picked up the Hammer btw
Stryker XL (5 months ago)
yea i was thinking of trying longsword now, i took dual blades against jyuratodus and got rekt
Marshimus Prime (5 months ago)
Stryker XL Same here, was playing Xenoverse 2 before getting this game, everything felt so slow and clunky in comparison. Maybe that’s why I started with Dual Blades... Although now that I’ve picked up the Insect Glaive, everything else feels weird without the innate ability to catapult into the air. Long Sword is fun though.
Raging Bahemoth (5 months ago)
I personally agree with you. the Charge Blade is absolutely GLORIOUS!!!
Dorq - (5 months ago)
where is the star rating????
Thaddeus James Moody (5 months ago)
I started playing in mh4u and mhgen and always used the charge blade, but with the better controls of world I have switched over to using the greatsword. It's been a ton if fun and is really satisfying, for me at least.
alduins shadow (5 months ago)
i want to be fast so i dont get hit by enemy attacks but i want to have a high damage output to kill enemies quickly
emilio de simone (5 months ago)
Mastering the lance allows to be very mobile and to do a lot of damage, and you can do that always having the strongest guard in the game to protect you...look at the gaijin hunter tutorial, it's mindblowing
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 months ago)
The Longsword might be the right choice for you! (But please learn where to stand when playing with other players! It always makes me furious when my attack animations get cut off because my longsword teammate stands where I stand)
Reaper Rex (5 months ago)
I don’t have the game yet but I am getting it soon. I think I will go with insect glaive, dual weild or longsword
The Mac (5 months ago)
My two favorite weapons are considered “challenging”? I consider the great sword challenging more than anything.
Windu Waika (4 months ago)
Personally I think the Charge Blade is the most challenging weapon in the game. But of course that’s just my opinion.
Damia Alvarez (5 months ago)
True and true, but the trick with it is being able to charge your atacs and nowing were you have to be for them to be efective, so even if it's easy it's not a simple weapon. Not quite a lot of combos tough...
Booghost23 (5 months ago)
The Mac great sword is ez u can block and deal out more single damage than any other weapon
cyco72 (5 months ago)
for begginers, the hammer is quite good to teach how Monster Hunter combat works, it forces you to play more passively because the weapon focus is to hit the monster's head to knock it down, the moveset is simple so you don't need to worry with complicated combos or secondary functions. And it's immensely satisfying when you start getting those attacks right and the monster falls.
Bizbud (5 months ago)
It's even more satisfying once you master the hammer and can completely dominate monsters. By that I mean: constant toppling, mounting and stunning. Also the hammer will teach you how to position yourself to be able to pull off any one of the charge attacks at will without wasting time or stamina.
John Doe (5 months ago)
Man...everyone always plays off my Gunlance. "Its....ah...you know...charge blade is an amazing weapon, use the charge blade" "the gun lance is a poking stick with a boom" Its so sad. I can solo pretty much every monster mount them deal massive damage and tank most hits. But, you know, all you can do is poke and go boom. Charge blade ftw lololololololol
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 months ago)
The charge blade is a slicy stick with a boom. Hypocrites. All of them. I BELIEVE IN YOU!
Edheldui (5 months ago)
At least they acknowledge the Gunlance being an weapon. As a HH main it's disappointing seiing that it's always dismissed as "lame support, too complicated, don't bother with it".
ralife11379 (5 months ago)
just a hint, try to have at least two weapons that function very differently from each other. You will need the versatility when fighting different monsters. For example, I main bow due to it allowing me to stay out of most monsters attack range, but the bow is not a good choice for smaller monsters, monsters that specialize in ranged attacks or monsters that summon mobs to help them. To counter these flaws i use a longsword since it's great for everything the bow is bad at. Good hunting
Capt. Person (5 months ago)
the last monster hunter game i had was monster hunter 4 ultimate. cant wait till this comes for PC
MrTerryPup (5 months ago)
i like the long sword bc i think it has the perfect balance between speed and power. if i miss a hit, i can have enough time to dodge the enemy
The Muffinprincesa (5 months ago)
MrTerryPup don't dodge us the dash to keep dishing out dmg
Zeke Lance (5 months ago)
What is the downside of using bone bows? Bone has higher damage but there's no sharpness and everything else seems to be identical to iron bows so I can't figure out what the advantage of iron bows are. And apparently neither can anyone else since I've searched everywhere for the answer
Zeke Lance (5 months ago)
Maw Ile it seems like the pulsar bow is just the best bow in the game.
Maw Ile (5 months ago)
Zeke Lance technically at the earliest phases of the game it is directly superior in terms of raw damage. The trade off is the coatings each bow can use iirc Bone can't use power coats but it can use poison and para coatings. MHW widely did away with arrow types, in previous MH games bows had a variety of arrows that each one specialized with. In world each bow as far as I've seen fires the same arrows with the only differences being damage, coatings, affinity, etc. The only other trade off between choosing iron or bone for your bow is what the two bows upgrade into. Much like every other weapon there are two primary upgrade trees being bone and ore, certain weapons can be only accessed by upgrading one or the other. As a bow main since 2010 I'd recommend using bone to get your bearings but keep the iron one at the ready to be smithed up into something stronger.
Zeke Lance (5 months ago)
CasinoDevil that's exactly the problem. Bone has higher damage but lower sharpness and durability. But I can't find the difference for bows. the range to coatings to draw speed all seem to be identical. I refuse to believe that bone is straight up better with no drawbacks
AnimeMom (5 months ago)
There's virtually no difference between bone and iron. They are just base weapons that lead you down different upgrade paths. The upgrade paths are not completely, utterly different, so you don't really need to worry about which base weapon you choose though. Also -- bows don't have sharpness, that's a melee weapon thing.
JackofAllSpadess (5 months ago)
The world could always use more Hunting Horn users
I generally play rank roles with secondary healers, but I hate thrusting weapons in action games, so bagpipe it is.
Amanda Flowers (5 months ago)
I started with hunting horn and now I'm not allowed to play anything else because my friends have become dependent on my buffs lol Dammit, give me some time with the bow gun!
Clark Bernauer (5 months ago)
My friend and i both use it and together we become invincible
Alex Coulter (5 months ago)
JackofAllSpadess I'm one 😂 I love playing support so it was an instant pick for me
Azure Arcade (5 months ago)
Believe it or not Hunting Horn isn't too hard to master. Many people inflate the difficulty of it, but if you go at it from the point of view that each song is a different combo then it's no worse than your typical fighting game combos. Also, you want to attack as much as possible. Especially if you use a status inflicting horn. Don't stand in the back and be too shy to bash the monsters' face in! You have a club after all. It is also not a bad idea to play songs while being close to the monster and then follow it up with an encore melody. Doing this has a high chance of causing the target to be dazed. I don't recomend doing something like this is you don't know the target however. For tougher fights pre-load your songs in the order you want to use them btw. As for longsword. This weapon is my favorite and quite simple. Get to red gauge and keep it there while spamming your highest dps combo and helm splitter (triangle+R2 on ps4). It's pretty straight forward, but needs to be built up which is the tricky part.
Chaotic zombro (5 months ago)
Long sword was my first weapon it was hard to pull the combo off when I was new cough cough Thursday last week it was fun now I master the weapon today it is pretty easy to use now
Jorah Snow (5 months ago)
GREAT SWORD ONLY!!! its like a hammer and long sword in one!!!
Damia Alvarez (5 months ago)
Dude, you can't say that, grat sword is better thet those two. I would say that is like a monster slicer XD
William afton (5 months ago)
Bow gun is god weapon
REP Gaming (5 months ago)
14 people were caught with their greaves around their ankles.
Mason Till (5 months ago)
Chargeblade can also consume vials to buff the shield, making it top tier defense, and when you switch to axe mode you deal increased damage. Its nuts how flexible this weapon is while doing top tier damage and defense on a timer.
I dunno about you but using a great sword agaisnt a tobi-kadchi isnt the brightest fucking idea. So dont stick to one weapon use a bunch of them. Just like in overwatch how you have multiple heros you main literally the same thing its not rocket science people.
Damia Alvarez (5 months ago)
since i started i killed all monster with GS, the trick is knowing when to draw your sword and hit hard (plus, dodging into charge, into lvl 2 hit it's a nice feeling)
Vortexx (5 months ago)
Man this "soulslike" looks really good can't wait to play
masterzedd4 (5 months ago)
Want to rage, but, trying not to feed trolls
Doer Rosales (5 months ago)
Beryl (5 months ago)
The lance does not make you slow when you know how to use it.
Justankitty (5 months ago)
He didn’t even mention the lance charge
saniakshay12 (5 months ago)
The Charge Blade is amazing once you understand how to use it. The game does a terrible job of explaining it. I recommend new players to see Fextralife's video explanations. It helped me a lot.
Tahir O Leng (2 months ago)
saniakshay12 i get you
Darkcelestrian (5 months ago)
Both the game and most youtubes who's not Gajinhunter.
Majora Amans (5 months ago)
Sword and Shield, cuz Link is the best!
lambchop Lamb (5 months ago)
Switch axe and the insect glaive are my favs
Malak (5 months ago)
Next episode for MHW how to lvl up Hunter rank 😑 I’m lvl 5 and my Palico is lvl 11 wtf
matthew rich (5 months ago)
play the assignment missions and you'll rank up as the story goes on.
Fuzaneko (5 months ago)
You level your hunter rank by doing storymissions, every now and then you get to a storymission that raises your HR.
Cordé (5 months ago)
What is the sword and shield that you used in beginning of the vid
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 months ago)
Charge blade*. The switch axe is something completely different.
Matthew To (5 months ago)
Charge axe
Finding someone else that uses Bow as a main in so hard. WHERE YALL AT
mr.firebass (1 month ago)
im using a bow only in my new playthrough
Miciso (1 month ago)
Korhu Draak why not all 3 depending on squad and target. I have 3 main as well in tri. Sns bow horn
Miciso (1 month ago)
AMG | AdvancedMangoGaming considering if this is worth buying -bow horn main
Travis Burchell (1 month ago)
it's ya boiii
Nightmare eyes (2 months ago)
AMG | AdvancedMangoGaming Nvm HAMMER IS WHERE ITS AT
darklink1011 (5 months ago)
you forgot to mention that the heavy bowgun has two diffrent special attacks depending on if its iron or bone iron heavy has a special attack that acts like a machine gun. i have yet to test out the bone variant though.

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