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8 Promising Video Games That Totally Botched Their Launch

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Text Comments (268)
SinovageN (22 hours ago)
We Happy Few
Brayden Campbell (16 days ago)
I'll tell you a game that didn't botch it's release. Spider-Man PS4
Michael Figueiredo (1 month ago)
Disney better have learned their lesson by now to not let EA touch star wars, like seriously disney Your not short of money get another game dev to make the game
Dragon Lord (2 months ago)
Where is titanfall 2, the game that released in between cod imfinite warfare and battlefield 1? Dang it EA
THE GAMERS LOUNGE (2 months ago)
Who else is having lag and staggering in kingdom hearts bbs 0.2 and still hadn't got a fix besides me
Xys Hunt (3 months ago)
When WoW: Warlords of Draenor released, I was working for a consumer rights TV programme. I ended up sat in the main office, trying again and again to log into my own WoW account, with other people out on shoots filming other players doing the same thing. It was a total shitshow. Going to be interesting to see how BfA does.
Suthern Belle (3 months ago)
Destiny 2 should be on this list
freakinduck (5 months ago)
Why would you want to play a game available on the PS4 on a PC? Fight me PC snobs!
Buzz Buzz (5 months ago)
Next update will be sick
King Been (6 months ago)
No man's sky is still a good game, people just had INSANE expectations
Plague Doctor Yami (7 months ago)
I like giving lots of money to the companies of games I like since I'm rich but EA made me regret giving them so much money for obvious reasons.
Psychocrusher (7 months ago)
Not a single Nintendo game in sight. Why? Quality over quantity, and gameplay over graphics. Call me a Nintendo fanboy blah blah blah, but the truth is the truth. They'll forever remain the father of video games.
jonny alec (22 days ago)
x808drifter (7 months ago)
Forza 7 should be on this list
Jorge Vazquez (7 months ago)
Nigga this is like the 986th video about this Jesus.
Leandre Bauswell (7 months ago)
Batman does work fine now, it's stunning on pc, and you can get it for the low on kinguin!
Jesse Rinaldi (7 months ago)
Did Ben quit or something? Just wondering.
Adam davidson (7 months ago)
games that require internet connection is completely stupid.  I was looking forward to THE DIVISION, and even though it could be a single player game it still required the internet and had a free roam map you had to run around until you could find where to continue the story.  Same with Homefront Revolution.  Do game makers really think that making shit needing the internet more really makes the game better?
mark randle (7 months ago)
Skyrim for PS3
Teresa hikes (7 months ago)
all I hear..pc is so much better.  what I see is pc always has glitches, crashes and lag..lol
Teresa hikes (7 months ago)
this is why I never buy day one or new games. I always wait at least a few months, to actually hear the truth about the games. not the paid media reviews and hype. I learned from ME3
shirtwest southlifter
kut52 (7 months ago)
ME: Andromeda is missing :(
EMRLD-Mew2 (7 months ago)
Surprised Aliens: Colonial Marines didn't get mentioned.
Rebecon (7 months ago)
Anyone remember Total War: Rome II?
Andy GK (7 months ago)
LOL the title and video description being different, and everyone losing their mind like its so terrible, its just a mistake that DOSNT MATTER, this is why youtube comments suck and we cant have nice things
Zac Lee (7 months ago)
Color me surprised Andromeda wasn't on the list.
Blue Coyote (7 months ago)
Diablo III can still jump in a lake. Even if there is a single player for PC now.
waffeltje (7 months ago)
You forgot cs 1.6. Steam was utter shite back then.
Stuart Nolton (7 months ago)
How the living fuck is Hallo the Master Chief Collection not on this list.
Mata Nui (7 months ago)
30FPS ain't gonna kill you.
DarthNaidu (7 months ago)
I will forever imagine that Les Grossman calls the shots at Disney
KingSmerk (7 months ago)
El1te Noodles (7 months ago)
Pretty sure the Title is meant for the video lol meaning it’s not supposed to be that way( so many literal people lol). Some of these games have been fixed( to some degree) but if it takes years to fix is it really worth it lol Unity might be great now, but it’s been about 4 years lol
Paul Archer (7 months ago)
WWE 2K18 is still broken after all this time, they've had a few patches but career mode is still a broken mess.
Rob Ballantine (7 months ago)
The visuals on "crashes" and "freezes" hahahaha
Aaron Seddon (7 months ago)
How you missed Halo Master Chief collection?
David Curry (7 months ago)
I'm sure there's been much more complaints about the Assassins Creed movie.
Andrew Hayford (7 months ago)
I played AC Unity very recently. Seems they mostly fixed the issues it had, at least PC side. Game played fine. I never saw the horrific inverted faces. Games was pretty good. Its a shame it launched so roughly.
Sky (7 months ago)
I don'y think 7 million copies sold is a "botched" launch. They are adding loot boxes back and the game is still going strong.
AlainShadowz (7 months ago)
Even though I love the game, SFV had a pretty bad launch.
alberto sanchez (7 months ago)
Battlefield 4 was nowhere near as bad as a lot of people said. Most of these games were practically unplayable at launch besides the occasional crash or freeze you could still play BF4
Justin Jones (7 months ago)
Seriously Jules should do video games list every time. He's just entertaining.
English Panda (7 months ago)
half the list was ea
flabper (7 months ago)
Why the Rayman intro?
Elvin Martes (7 months ago)
Friday the 13th
Plutarco Uranus (7 months ago)
What, no r6 seige?
Mystery (7 months ago)
If I do-oh it was first.
Anigurl28 (7 months ago)
Andromeda The game is actually pretty good, and they have an amazing Fanbase, yet somehow they managed to fuck it all up with a shit starter and afterwards nobody want to hear it.
Neo Kgatla (7 months ago)
How many EA games are on this list?
dragster2314 (7 months ago)
Test drive unlimited 2?
EternalFlameSolarFlare (7 months ago)
wait.... im a star T.T feelzgoodman
Mason Boone (7 months ago)
“It’s about as finished as this sent...”
Keyser94 (7 months ago)
Critically acclaim trilogy? That means that corporate propaganda had win over common sense? Something that even this fucking channel had critic rightly about Knight and now dismiss it because you need your nice paychecks? Sorry, but I think that Origins a far much better job than Knight, but of course, I bet that you are willing to put aside the problems of Batman World of Tanks for a nice paycheck from your corporate overlords.
Skydrawn (7 months ago)
MCC had the WORST launch I have ever experienced. I will never buy another Halo game.
angelix (7 months ago)
I honestly wish you had covered the horrible remastered versions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 (for PC). -_- THOSE were horrific.
Chillzz Chillzz (7 months ago)
0:37 that is exactly the reason for such botched launches. You do not understand the correlation eh?
Livoynju Edwards (7 months ago)
All this time i had no idea Ben and Peter left time to unsub here.
Skyro Wat (7 months ago)
Dunno what you guys are talking about. My copy of Arkham Knight for PC works just fine now. Check your facts Mr. "Never truly recovered"
arami187 (7 months ago)
Total War Rome II That Launch was a real shit-show and their support page is ignoring players at this point. 18 patches and the game is still broken beyond recognition.
danny phenton (7 months ago)
If PUBG isn't number 1...
danny phenton (7 months ago)
Wait, PUBG isn't and wasn't promising 😂😂😂
Torrent (7 months ago)
NFS payback? Upgrades in loot boxes? And it's still happening.
Poison (7 months ago)
nothing is worse then having to stay online all the time to play a game
Poison (7 months ago)
no man's sky.
Kevin Clapson (7 months ago)
There was an easy fix for Arkham Knight, play it on console where it was designed to be played. All the PC master race BS doesn't magically fix a poor PC port.
Khodexus (7 months ago)
Why does everyone trash talk the D3 auction house like it was some unusable terrible idea? It was actually a really interesting concept with alot of potential. It honestly was a great evolution of the massive trading economy that was built up around D2. The fact that it didn't really click with how the game itself has evolved is not due to any fault in the AH itself. It actually worked quite well for what it was intended to be. It simply created a bit of a disconnect with certain aspects of the gameplay. The decision to remove it had nothing to do with it not working, but instead was done because Blizzard decided it put the emphasis on the wrong aspects of the game.
Queen Stodge (7 months ago)
There's a sexual health centre in Gateshead?
ZeroArmour (7 months ago)
I wish people would cut the NMS devs some slack, it's not their fault. They're clearly dedicated to trying to make the game they promised, but were forced to release the incomplete (being kind here) version by the publisher (you know, the people with the money & power). If all we do when an unfinished game is released is attack the developer, where the decision to do so was the publisher's, then nothing will change.
Wireshock (20 days ago)
Besides, NEXT has SERIOUSLY improved the game, with proper online multiplayer and greatly quality of life, as well as third person, character customisation, freighter fleets and so on. (Not that the game was bad, in my opinion.)
Sakkoliha (7 months ago)
Publishers don't care about the game or day one patches, all they care is does the ingame cash store works on launch.
callumnik117 (7 months ago)
Some people aren't getting the joke about the wrong title and the botched edit at the end...
sssweetnesss (7 months ago)
Forgot for honor
T G (7 months ago)
loving the new intro and such
Lassus (7 months ago)
You aren't American, say 'beta' properly.
TearDownGenesis (7 months ago)
I don't know why people thought FF14 would be good. I remember seeing the information before launch. It looked horrid.
Owen Jarrett (7 months ago)
Here’s one on the list, that should have been on. WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch
Whitney Asante (7 months ago)
How'd you stop at 8? Battleborn launching in the same month as Overwatch? Street Fighter V forgot Arcade Mode? Titanfall 2 Launches in the midst of Modern Warfare and Battlefield 1 Watchdogs graphical bait and switch? Mighty No 9's everything at the same time during anime fan's prom night? Mortal Kombat X's PC Launch? Marvel vs Capcom’s Roster and Graphics? This list ended too soon.
Bubbel (7 months ago)
what happened to worsed game ever
Reaper Gt500 (7 months ago)
AC: unity could have been launched perfectly, and it still would have sucked ass...
Zach Sorah (7 months ago)
Ahhh, No Man's Sky... The game that almost got me to buy a PS4. Good thing i read reviews before buying a game
Zach Sorah (7 months ago)
Funny how they botched the name
Morgan Williams (7 months ago)
Diablo 3 and ah shit error 37 as soon as it pops up XD
Joe V (7 months ago)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s Multiplayer Servers...
Phoenix7786 (7 months ago)
How the Hell did you mention WoW yet leave off ITS ass-tastic launch as well?!
Cassandra Christensen (7 months ago)
Robbertoe (7 months ago)
U forgot pubg on xbox
Brian Willis (7 months ago)
FFXIV. Absolutely. It was horrendous at first launch. They killed it with Realm Reborn. Now amazing!! Totally amazing that they pulled it and completely redid the game. Most respect for Square-Enix for ever more on their accomplishment.
IKMNification (7 months ago)
I knew something was wrong with Final Fantasy XIV when I signed up for the PS3 Beta and I got a congratulations email for getting into the Windows PC beta after telling them I had a weak Macbook.
Cameytoe (7 months ago)
I know the subject of the list is focused on games being disappointing, but it's kind of comforting seeing most of these games getting their act together in the end
The Grim Peanut (7 months ago)
Surprised the Division wasn't on this list. But the game has improved over the years I guess.
Gaming the Wolf (7 months ago)
2 things: 1.- Is it weird that I think that halo 2 looks better than halo 5? 2.- I heard that Disney cut contract with EA because of the Battlefront 2 micro-transactions fiasco, is that true?
XLoveMemes (7 months ago)
Where's watch dogs?
BlueSlimeyBob (7 months ago)
You are right lad
number one should have been Pokemon Go
Sideways N (7 months ago)
How is the master chief collection not on here?
Rusty Jr (7 months ago)
Can we just all agree star wars is over hyped in general? From the movies to the games. I'm tired of the same Some one is your father bullshit.
ChrisK (7 months ago)
Didn't you already do this list?
Luke Banahan (7 months ago)
ReplicantZero (7 months ago)
Mass Effect: Andromeda, Friday the 13th, and Driveclub all come to mind as well.
Gage Dickerson (7 months ago)
"I'm not your dad." -Jules Gill
Branden Nauta (7 months ago)
The master chief collection was basically released in an alpha state
TheFancyUmbreon (7 months ago)
A good while after the launch of Arkham Knight, Rocksteady gave people the entire Arkham series for free if they stuck with them and kept Arkham Knight. So got Asylum GOTY, City Goty, Origins, Knight, and Origins Blackgate

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