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14 Upcoming Switch Games of December 2018

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Presenting all #Nintendo #Switch games coming soon this December. This list of upcoming Switch titles is arranged by their release dates. You may get some of them by using the affiliate links below: Gear Club Unlimited 2 http://wtp.cool/tnTWT Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek http://wtp.cool/tQ0op Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom http://wtp.cool/koPgW Super Smash Bros. Ultimate http://wtp.cool/9hdar Gameplay Footages: https://youtu.be/Sl7nMy1J0ew Dragon: Marked for Death - DIRECT FEED Gameplay (Nintendo Switch - PAX West 2018) - GameXplain https://youtu.be/xoKYLpB3KX8 Pipe Push Paradise Gameplay / Fix That Pipe - NotAGameAddict https://youtu.be/fZOMgd5Yv78 HackyZack Walkthrough World 1 (Goal Mode) - Daniel Beddingfield https://youtu.be/lynfPY6cQ4E HELLO NEIGHBOR HIDE & SEEK FULL GAME SPEED RUN - Video Game News https://youtu.be/3f8wFP0r4RA Blacksea Odyssey | 30 Minutes Of Gameplay | No Commentary | PS4 PRO - Level 2 Gamers STL https://youtu.be/d_EcK9h-x4M 25 Minutes of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on PS4 (PAX EAST 2017) - Nintendo World Report TV https://youtu.be/F4BEQnWDKmU Gear.Club Unlimited 2 - High Rock Reservoir / Koenigsegg Agera S - gameplay | Sector.sk https://youtu.be/0k8Rl68tq4k 10 Minutes With Katamari Damacy Reroll On Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Insider https://youtu.be/Cuqf6oD9FX4 Full Game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch Gameplay) - IGN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soP1seRr9Jk DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends for PS4 -DiaoChan - -Alesis_ Noumi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1XDzr6vzO8 Carcassonne Tiles Tactics Gameplay (PC game). - AllGamesWorldHd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK5bjtjdg4U Desert Child B Roll Gameplay - Oscar Brittain For more gaming updates, subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the BEST, NEW & UPCOMING PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. --- All the new games : https://whatoplay.com/new/ --- List of all upcoming games : https://whatoplay.com/upcoming/ --- All top games ranking : https://whatoplay.com/best/ Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram --- https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay --- https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay --- https://instagram.com/whatoplay
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SonicMania999 (12 days ago)
Helpful video, thanks! Two other Switch games I'm looking forward to in December are GRIS, an arty platformer whose exact release date was just announced as Dec 13; and ELLI, a cool indie puzzle/adventure platformer that has a Rime-like aesthetic and gameplay reminiscent of Figment. No exact date, but they just recently announced it as "December 2018."
myTIMEisNOW275 (1 day ago)
Tbh i only bought the switch for smash
Kyle HD (2 days ago)
These 0.99$ phone games need to stop being advertised as upcoming switch games. It's embarrassing honestly..
Kyle HD (2 days ago)
Most of these games look really bad
Ricky Cain (3 days ago)
Just smash next month :)
Flăměhidě DSO (4 days ago)
Drakensang Online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E6NLVPvbzs&t=9s
NightNeon (4 days ago)
Its all about SMASH ULTIMATE in december.
Fallonmoon (6 days ago)
i dont get why there are so many pixel style games for the switch...
Charlotte Haruyuki (1 day ago)
Ik right if we have games that look like Zelda and Pokemon why don't we have more rather that side scrolling pixels
Martell Tha Cool (9 days ago)
My Christmas gifts is coming soon: Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Sega Genesis collection 😀 (December 07th, 2018)
Thanks but im only looking for hello nighbor hide and seek.
NightNeon (4 days ago)
What about SMASH?
Serg Martinez (11 days ago)
Sucks that switch graphics look like gameboy advance.
Supreme Commander (23 hours ago)
If you bought a switch for graphics, haha! Switch is not for you
Damion Marshall (1 day ago)
You don't own a switch.
Sergasteam (11 days ago)
song track please on background i know its remix from the xsonic game on switch. Donut Island mix
Joker (12 days ago)
The urge to get a Switch intensifies...
Joker (12 days ago)
+whatoplay my current life crisis!!! 😂😂
whatoplay (12 days ago)
I wonder now if you can resist till the New Switch comes out!
tiago bartolomeu (12 days ago)
garbage games, if swich continue to lunch mobile games, i will guive up of the console
Charlotte Haruyuki (1 day ago)
For some reason most of the games are like that. The switch came out strong with Zelda and Mario but kinda dropped because the games look like were back in the super nintendo days.
Ninja (2 days ago)
What does giving up on the console even mean? Are you going to sell it...?
Lanza Panza (8 days ago)
My faith in you for humanity has given up too
tiago bartolomeu (10 days ago)
sorry for charing mi opinion. you master mids
faris alsuwaidi (10 days ago)
tiago bartolomeu retarded
Newton's Third Law (13 days ago)
dragon marked for death looks sick
Max1109_LTH (13 days ago)
Where's Team Sonic Racing????
Nightwing Gamer (12 days ago)
It got delayed to April
Theinformedgamer (13 days ago)
It has been delayed to 2019
Epic Troll Internet (13 days ago)
Great, but where is my Yakuza 5, gta5, persona5 from switch?
Epic Troll Internet (4 days ago)
+NightNeon no, yakuza games are avaible on pc.
NightNeon (4 days ago)
They are probably waiting for GTA 6 but isnt the Yakuza series exclusive for PlayStation?
Promise IllBeNice (9 days ago)
Epic Troll Internet then thats even more insulting that we got final fantacy pocket edition. Fuck final fantacy their games are a joke on the switch.
Epic Troll Internet (9 days ago)
+Promise IllBeNice GTA5, persona5, yakuza5 are available for PS3 too, and switch have 2-3 times more hardware and 8 times more memory than PS3.
Promise IllBeNice (9 days ago)
Epic Troll Internet switch isnt strong enough to handle these games lol. Switch needs to dumb it down to a poket edition to get these games hahahaha can you imgine gta pocket edition!?!?
Luiz Raphael (11 days ago)
Who elses here want CUPHEAD on switch????
NightNeon (4 days ago)
The rage will just flow thru me...
moist pancakes (8 days ago)
+Malik Crim well it's not impossible. Minecraft was bought by Microsoft and they still sell it on other platforms.
Malik Crim (10 days ago)
The first game is the property of Microsoft Studios so that is impossible.
Link 23 (11 days ago)
Luiz Raphael How or who?
Keanu Linkers (13 days ago)
Wait so is desert child coming out this December or not?
SonicMania999 (12 days ago)
It's still has Q4 2018 listed as its release date all over the net ... but I wouldn't be surprised if it slips to 2019.
whatoplay (13 days ago)
It is, we just don't know what day in December exactly :)
cristiana (13 days ago)
interesting and informative... great narration and btw Pia looks cute.
+ElSAVALDORfunes No! heLL no! She's mine. ALL MINE!! I wanna squeeze her cheeks all day.
ElSAVALDORfunes (3 days ago)
She is my wifuy
Christina yeah she's cute and she's mine. ALL MINE!!! I wanna hug and squeeeeeeze her cheeks all day.
Boxish (13 days ago)
top 13 games that will fail because smasb
TheyCallMeFrito (2 days ago)
+Promise IllBeNice trollolololol
Lanza Panza (7 days ago)
Promise IllBeNice LOL 😂 what a troll.
Promise IllBeNice (7 days ago)
Smash isnt even that good. No where near true fighting games like mortal kombat and tekken.
Neo Way (13 days ago)
Hopefully not.
Mig 28 (13 days ago)
The only game I found interesting was #6. Every other game was just another generic game. 🙄 Thankfully, I don't own a Switch. I'm cautious w/ Nintendo garbage... I mean products. Nice clickbait BTW -unsubscribes
Micah Joel Geimer (10 days ago)
+Mig 28 that thumbnail has everything to do with Incineroar being in super smash brothers for switch
Mig 28 (11 days ago)
+Nightwing Gamer lol they'll live w/o me! I came here because of the thumbnail only. To my dismay, the video had nothing to do with Pokémon. I don't like any clickbait at all... So yeah. They seem like nice people, though. :P
Nightwing Gamer (11 days ago)
+Mig 28 yeah its worth noting most of the replies or comments i do are jokes or trolls unless ya know its not so i guess i kinds still had that mentality replying to that first comment and i agree with what you said just now However i do think it was a bit childish to unsubscribe for one video that didn't really do anything offensive (unlike logan paul,ricegum,fox goodman,etc) Also i agree with that fortnite statement
Mig 28 (11 days ago)
+Nightwing Gamer Now that is how you should be replying! Now I see where you're coming from. Why should that dictate MY opinion, though? I don't care what others think. You shouldn't either if you enjoy the games you play. I own a 3DS. I've spent so much money on this thing. I REALLY wanted to enjoy these games since people made them look fun. I can't enjoy them one bit, though. I had a PS4. Got bored of it, too. That's trash as well. 🚮 😅😂 I've grown bored of games in general. I love the occasional game of PUBG, though. (I hate Fornite. Sue me!) I'm mad at the fact there aren't really any games, on any console, that really grab my interest.
Nightwing Gamer (11 days ago)
+Mig 28 you called the people that saved the video game industry made some of the highest selling games of all time won game of the year last year garbage so excuse me for being confused and a bit angry
Jake Miles (13 days ago)
Wheres Everspace?
whatoplay (12 days ago)
YES! Everspace IS coming to the Switch in December. Unfortunately, we have missed that on our database. We're putting it up now!
Julio Guardado (13 days ago)
It would be nice if you guys put what systems they’ll be released for and if it’s digital only too.
Pandu Farhan (13 days ago)
Micah Joel Geimer (13 days ago)
Julio Guardado it would be great if you could read the video title and pay attention too
Keanu Linkers (13 days ago)
The title says upcoming switch games right? As in Nintendo™ Switch™™™™??
Nickie Archua (13 days ago)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate <3
bonifacio_kid (13 days ago)
nice one!
Sujan Sitaula (13 days ago)
I like only gear club other games are not interesting..
NightNeon (4 days ago)
What about SMASH?
whatoplay (13 days ago)
At least you found one you like! :)
Jonadab Condeno (13 days ago)
very nice game videos!
Erick Agosto (13 days ago)
The car game looks cool
NightNeon (4 days ago)
What about SMASH?
CrazySquid (13 days ago)
So much to look forward to!!!
NinLOZGamer (13 days ago)
Great vids as usual
whatoplay (13 days ago)
Thank you <3
BOSTASH (13 days ago)
Love you guys...
whatoplay (13 days ago)
Aww, we love you too, BOSTASH!

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