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12 SWITCH Games You Need To BUY In November 2017 | Nintendo

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Nintendo Switch Eshop $50x3 Giveaway! - https://gleam.io/qwct5/100k-50-x-3-nintendo-eshop-giveaway --~-- November is a great month for Nintendo Switch. A lot of big 3rd party games coming out this month. Here is 12 Nintendo Switch games you need to buy this month. Let us support big 3rd party titles so we will have more in the future! ◆ Don't Miss Out On ANYTHING! ◆ COMPLETE NOVEMBER GAMES ⇒ https://goo.gl/QMLKgb NEW GAMES ANNOUNCED ⇒ https://goo.gl/SLmrpC NEW GAMES RELEASE ⇒ https://goo.gl/gnQtXi? ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (6 months ago)
Guys this month will be the biggest month of big 3rd party games on switch yet. Please support them all! for the bright future of our switch! ^_^ * Don't Miss Out On ANYTHING! * Now SWITCH Got 9 FPS Games! ? https://goo.gl/Rr7zxN COMPLETE NOVEMBER GAMES ? https://goo.gl/QMLKgb NEW GAMES ANNOUNCED ? https://goo.gl/SLmrpC NEW GAMES RELEASE ? https://goo.gl/gnQtXi?
Psylent Productions (5 months ago)
Ok. But only if you're buyin!
Tom Gould (6 months ago)
I plan on supporting all Bethesda titles
vomitoriumbassist (6 months ago)
Im going to try and purchase, Doom, LA Noire, Skyrim, and resident evil revelations this month of i can.. of not, these are definite buys for me within the next couple of paychecks for sure.. i cannot pass these games up on my Switch.. just wont happen!
Microondas Letal (6 months ago)
Same here, wish I could buy 'em all haha. I'm saving some money for Xenoblade 2 tho, that's going to be one of the best exclusives on the console for sure (if it's as good as the previous ones it'll be in my top 3 no doubt), just like Xenoblade Chronicles X on the WiiU :') PS: Great vid once again ^^
Devilcraft 42 (6 months ago)
Jonah Nieuwenhuizen My wallet literally is in the hospital. Please help
Andrew Nielson (4 months ago)
Don't buy any of these games unless you really like it, these games for me were trash
Steve Butler (4 months ago)
Is LA Noire worth buying?
Nexus the fox (4 months ago)
U guys really need to fix ir audio
AnimeNature (5 months ago)
Or else what.....
Craig Ormiston (5 months ago)
I liked this channel but the first game is Sonic Forces. Eh
Dustin Brinnon (5 months ago)
Cat Quest is one of the best on the list as far as "on-the-go" gaming is concerned. Very competent action RPG, especially for the price.
Killdren Life (5 months ago)
12 switch games that we need to run from. how dare you advertise these crappy games.smh.only noobs little kids and dumb players will spend money on these crappy titles. Smh.
sonic forces is trash
msebdup (5 months ago)
Très bonne chaine ..je regarde souvent ..mais choisir entre tout ces jeux ?!!
ImmaZarbon (5 months ago)
Or else WHAT?
Derekpikachu24 (5 months ago)
I need help guys what game should i first get with the switch
carls adventures (6 months ago)
Physical does not use up space only dlc
carls adventures (6 months ago)
What's with the adio
Matt Johnson (6 months ago)
“VVVVVV” when all the good titles have been taken up
Yasin Yasar (6 months ago)
L.a noire looks good
Kuchi Kopi (6 months ago)
Some of them look like miniclip games and vvvvv looks like the et game..... hell to the nos for them, imma get doom and skyrim :3
Big Smoke (6 months ago)
Resident evil is coming!!! No way!!! Take my money;;
Donmcron333 (6 months ago)
I’m pretty sure I bought vvvvvv for like 3dollars on my iPad.....smh there are way too many ports for this system
Mystic Lysandre (6 months ago)
The only thing i dont like about the switch it has too many updates and ruins the console
Mystic Lysandre (6 months ago)
Also thay are going to make Pokemon like the traveling catching one in the switch
BuG Bman (6 months ago)
Skyrim!!!!! Resident evil!!!!
HPMP SP (6 months ago)
소닉 포시즈는 이미 사망 했습니다...
Tomo Angkriwan (6 months ago)
12 games you CAN buy.
MrHappy (6 months ago)
Doom or Resident Evil?
Glass_House (6 months ago)
The sound glitched for me so it was peaceful music for Skyrim and then when killing starts it went back to normal XD IM DYING
Kyle Cramer (6 months ago)
I will definitely pick up Skyrim and L.A. Noire and probably eventually pick up Lego Marvel Supper Heroes 2. I will also download Rocket League at some point since I've heard good things from friends who've played it in other consoles. I've never been a Doom fan so I'll pass on that though.
VulcanFaux (6 months ago)
Ha nope. Only game I'm buying this month for switch is rocket league. Only other game I am also buying that's not on switch is Pokemon.
Andrey Tsarenko (6 months ago)
Что за VVVVVV???
Andreas Palmblad (6 months ago)
Pretty sure the thumbnail is from Elder Scrolls Online and not Skyrim. Would love ESO on the Switch though!!
Zaccary Desels (6 months ago)
I'd like to show my support, but dang man. Bethesda has two older games that they're charging 60$ for, know way I'm paying 40$ for a meh Sonic game that's like 3 hours long, and L.A Noire isn't my glass of juice.
Alex Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Multiplatform Gamer (6 months ago)
HA. Sonic forces has an average rating of 4/10. Don't Buy this game. It sucks.
FoalanAzrael (6 months ago)
Orrrr... Hear me out... I save my money for Xenoblade chronicles 2 and DBZ Xenoverse 3. Wait for these titles to cheapen up and prolly still not get them eh? Good god i have good plans!
Vitor Hugo (6 months ago)
Tadinha das carteiras do povo (é da minha tbm)
Alex Weise (6 months ago)
I want the idiots making Battlewar Nightchaser to get their shit together and get their game out, and I want Wargroove to happen. That is all I care about right now, but I might give that cute kitty rpg a try while i wait lol
eric dawson (6 months ago)
eric dawson (6 months ago)
RE and LA thats all im saying and well doom
Pj Mccoy (6 months ago)
Leggo Marvel 2 and LA Noire will get my money
Haveanice Day (6 months ago)
the music is messed up
carls adventures (6 months ago)
Black Cat (6 months ago)
Pelayo Felgueroso lol it is, but it made the Skyrim vid so funny
GuyRification (6 months ago)
The buggy music went pretty well with Skyrim!
M M4 (6 months ago)
To be honest the Sonic Forces Sound over Ittle was quite Fitting XD
UltimateDebate Reviews (6 months ago)
I’m getting rocket league for sure. Maybe Skyrim. Never played it before.
Shahmar Dennis (6 months ago)
Don't tell me what to do
Elgato (6 months ago)
I really want to support id by buying Doom, but I had just gotten the game right before they announced it was coming to Switch. I got it for $15 for PC, so forking out $60 now is hard to swallow. I am definitely buying Skyrim though and holding off on Wolfenstein 2.
kickstartavalanche (6 months ago)
Why is the sound off from half way through the video? Previous sounds in the video coming through?
Manuel Relgeiz (6 months ago)
play doom on pc, i think i only buy skyrim. Have it on PC to but never play it really, i would buy both but dont have the money for that :D so skyrim is enough!
salvador carmona (6 months ago)
I don't know what's worse, the money lost with all these games or the money lost with all the micro SD's being bought
Brian Preston (6 months ago)
your audio switches back to sonic about halfway through.. in the Skyrim part.
The Bad Guy (6 months ago)
the only games im gonna get are RE revelations, rocket league and maybe doom, the other games look like fucking garbage
The Bad Guy (6 months ago)
resident evil revelations! yes! ive been dreaming of a horror shooter on the switch
The Bad Guy (6 months ago)
wow, great audio
Tony Matos (6 months ago)
If, they Suprise us. A New Sony handheld comes out, I'm Definetly, Trading in my Switch
Felkrom (6 months ago)
Where is Battle Chasers: Nightwar?
samtisfaction (6 months ago)
This was awesome, loved the skirym part with snipper clippers music, made it look like an irish or Scotland folk tale XD
Justin Hazlett (6 months ago)
Let's see...I'll take a little bit of Skyrim in my life...a little bit of Doom all night...a little bit of Gear Club is all I need...a little bit of RE is all I see. Lol. I'm surprised Gear Club, Rime, Rive, and Warriors Orochi 3 aren't in the video? Or even WWE2K18 if it possibly lands later this month.
Justin Hazlett (6 months ago)
Some still say November 21st, while others December 1st for Gear Club. P.S. : I didn't realize Warriors Orochi 3 is Japan only Nov. 9th, unless I'm missing something.
SwitchPlanet (6 months ago)
and wwe still fall 2017, maybe this month or next, we only show confirmed games in this one ^_^
SwitchPlanet (6 months ago)
gear club was December release before we published this video ^_^
Shibby (6 months ago)
Wtf is up with the audio lol
SwitchPlanet (6 months ago)
yeah youtube mess it after need to remove ittle dew audio because of lame claim
Till*FS (6 months ago)
And what is With Europe?
Rymbr (6 months ago)
Desperately clawing for that 10 minute mark I see
vaxshin (6 months ago)
Cat's Quest or snipper Clips plus
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 (6 months ago)
Never played doom Skyrim and mario odyssey
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 (6 months ago)
Guys I’m only allowed to buy one game and these are my options DOOM SKYRIM or SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 (6 months ago)
Gaming Crusade thx 100% will be getting super mario thx for the concern🙂
Gaming Crusade (6 months ago)
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 Well to each there own but as a person who has bought both and will be getting Skyrim next week Super Mario is a better and more enjoyable game with loads more content. Doom is good but Mario is great.
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 (6 months ago)
Gaming Crusade thx but I but doom already I’m not fan of mario that much
Gaming Crusade (6 months ago)
Super Mario Odyssey you can get Doom and Skyrim later when they have a price drop Nintendo Ips don't drop much in price every
hansol kang (6 months ago)
발 번역뭔데 ㅡㅡ Where r u from SWP
Clent Bot (6 months ago)
Which game should I buy first? Mario Odyssey or Skyrim?
Clent Bot (6 months ago)
+AllAround VIDEOS24/7 alright. thanks man!
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 (6 months ago)
Clnt Wkwk you should wait for the reviews on Skyrim before buying if mario odyssey has 10/10 then Skyrim should top that after knowing the reviews you could decide on which game
Bo Warner (6 months ago)
Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS is one of my favorite games of all time, and that looks 0% like it. There's no human-looking zombies in that game. Is that Resident Evil Revelations 2?
SwitchPlanet (6 months ago)
yes ^_^
Daniel Jandragholica (6 months ago)
I can't decide between mario odesy or skyrim maybe both if I get enough money for Christmas
Milo Ambrus (6 months ago)
VVVVVV at ten dollars? Yeah, makes PERFECT sense.
NinStareo EX (6 months ago)
Im getting about 4 of them.Keep it up Switch Planet
Joao Anriot (6 months ago)
Vive la france
Joao Anriot (6 months ago)
Thaibène Skyrim aussi😀
Thaibène (6 months ago)
Joao Anriot D'accord, tu vas prendre quel jeu ? Perso Skyrim
Szymon Żok (6 months ago)
Skyrim, Doom and Resident Evil i will buy for fucking sure!
Melodeath Padawan (6 months ago)
I can't wait for Doom!!!! And I didn't know that VVVVVV is also going to be released. I'll probably buy it
algicast (6 months ago)
Cat Quest!
Mirshum Gaming (6 months ago)
Resident evil and rocket league 👌
Johnny Most (6 months ago)
doom, skyrim and rocket league for me. im not in a hurry to buy odyssey since everyone will buy it anyway, third party support is crucial for the switch, but man, that rocket league gonna definitely get it
Hailhydraskull (6 months ago)
I'm getting lego marvel superheroes 2 and Skyrim
James Less (6 months ago)
It's either Rocket Leauge or Snipperclips, why must I choose!
Rodin Syahnan (6 months ago)
Giveaway joined :D
BlackStarVega (6 months ago)
I want skyrim so So bad..........but I'm getting Xenoblades 1st. To me, those 2 games are Too similar enough for me to get Both so close to each other. I"ll get Xenoblades 1st...beat that, then get skyrim next year (if no other rpg games comes out before then) Where is my 9 Parchments?!
nel c (6 months ago)
I owned a switch for past 3 months and seriously the games are so boring and kids play game. And all these cartoon games can be handled by any mobile phone . The Only game currently justified switch is Zelda
AllAround VIDEOS24/7 (6 months ago)
nel c mariokart8 is fun super mario odyssey is fun they are not necessarily for children they can be played by adults too Being easy does not mean its for children and being boring also
Ransford (6 months ago)
I getting LA Noire, Skyrim, and Resident Evil collection from your list. You could have added Rime and Batman. I'm getting those too.
Maxitsu24 (6 months ago)
I am going for Farming simulator (i don't understand why its not in video its a big title.) And probably LA noire. I don't need shit like VVVV, tiny metal etc... I like doom and skyrim but i already have it on pc. I am not going buy them again.
Nu Z (6 months ago)
Skyrim and LA Noire
Reggie Fils-aime (6 months ago)
Buy all these games. Make papa reggie's pockets happy. Dosnt matter if yours get sad. Also switch planet, buddy. Keep up the good content
yamil Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Skyrim for switch beautiful. I will play that game for hours and hours 💪🏻 I will never get bored by that game. Already play like 200 hrs in 360 and PS4.
sepewrath (6 months ago)
Not going to get all of these, but I will get Doom, Skyrim and probably LA Noire before the end of the year.
Panuco Fodido (6 months ago)
Together we can save Nintendo
Hanami Laurette (6 months ago)
I'll get Skyrim for sure😍 I also want L.A noire and resident evil
Monsi - Gaming (6 months ago)
Great video! But I would have left out some of the little games and added MXGP3 and Batman: The Telltale Games Series to the list :D. But that's only my opinion.
Sebastien Fruity (6 months ago)
Tiny metal, kind of advance wars?
Regina Derr (6 months ago)
Really wish you guys would tell us whether the gameplay is from the switch or not cuz that doom gameplay was NOT from the switch. On a brighter note, I really like you guys and keep making awesome vids.
B (6 months ago)
I want money....
seantendo001 (6 months ago)
debandooo (6 months ago)
What's games the thumbnail char from? Skyrim?
SwitchPlanet (6 months ago)
yes ^_^
Big Cow Productions (6 months ago)
Cat Quest, Rocket League, Skyrim, Doom, LA Noire, Snipperclips, Resident Evil and Sonic Forces shall be mine.
Big Cow Productions (6 months ago)
I wish Resident Evil Revelations had Gyro aiming.
Jonathan Treasure (6 months ago)
Do I fuck need to buy sonic forces.
Deluxe Gameing (5 months ago)
Yes is a good game
Geir Erland Tøftum (6 months ago)
What about Farming Simulator? That game is perfect for Switch, so it’ll be that and Skyrim.
뿡뿡! ^__^ (6 months ago)
1. NO 2. no 3. YES 4. maybe 5. no 6. yes 7. maybe 8. YES 9. YES 10. NO. 11. no 12. no
Ben Keppeler (6 months ago)
Was always more of a fallout guy. I'd buy it so quick if they released any of them. I can only hope
Miguel Orozco (6 months ago)
Someone can tell me what the tone of the start
JJ Villy (6 months ago)
Cat quest kinda reminds me of a fantasy life maybe.. May have to check that out.

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