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PLAYSTATION Committed to EXCLUSIVES and Detroit Become Human Release Date REVEALED

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Text Comments (184)
Sir Xela (6 months ago)
Wanna get here before the people who say Sony having their exclusive games that they finance, put money into or own the IP to only on their system is anti-consumer 😂😂😂
ZonkedOcean Gaming (6 months ago)
Hoping for more linear games
Buda Yen (6 months ago)
twenty twenty twenty one.
Dávid (6 months ago)
does sony even make games? or they just fund them
Fireblade78 (6 months ago)
7.6? Last time I checked it sold 4 million. That’s amazing
Justin Taylor (6 months ago)
I don't understand why when people point out upcoming exclusives for ps4 it's national bash on xbox oh xbox don't have no games and bummy crap like that day. I agree ps4 has great and very interesting exclusives in the future but it's not gurenteed they all will be good/ do well. Xbox is still doing very well with backward compatibility, online, etc.
Justin Taylor (6 months ago)
Diablos Monster I understand that, but that doesn't answer my question on why most people like to nitpick so much, I don't have a problem with peoples opinion never that but repeating the same nonsense over and over again especially about what console show better graphics or what has better exclusives gets seriously annoying. In other words WHO CARES just enjoy what you have and stop being typical mouthbrethers so much.
It's because of the devs behind the games, and already established amazing franchices. Santa Monica has made god of war and twisted metal (ps1 and ps2 must have) Detroit devs made Heavy Rain Naughty Dog - 4 amazing ips Sucker Punch - sly cooper and infamous Insomniac - ratchet and resistance Etc...
Xusia Xod (6 months ago)
Smart. I only buy PS4 exclusives, everything else is PC...
killitwithfire (6 months ago)
I honestly didn't like horizon zero dawn, even though i completed it
Koba Kareli (6 months ago)
I really can't thank Sony enough that despite current market tendencies they are sticking to triple A single player games.
robertrko24 (6 months ago)
Como dice el dicho Xbox one x mucha dinamita y poca mecha 🤣
Chaos in Fallout (6 months ago)
Didnt it only cost 40 million dollars to make horizon. thats like stupid cheap compared to those shitty multiplayer games. I cannot wait for god of war. so excited
Ahmed Issah (6 months ago)
All we care about is the games and playstation gets it
RT Kratos (6 months ago)
No way detoit is gonna release on may.God of war will kill the game sells.Feeling sorry for david cage.
hellgun (6 months ago)
So many PlayStation exclusives to catch up, and yet new awesome exclusive games are being release. Wish the day had 30 hours..... Those awesome games are a system seller to PlayStation 5, if it's backwards compatible, I skipped xbox this generation and went for PC to play xbox exclusives, but, if I had a xbox one X, and the ps5 comes with backwards...... It would be an easy pick.
Saeed Rahimi (6 months ago)
This is gaming industry and hardware is just a mean to gaming. Sony knows it and set foot in the right direction. it is the game that makes a hardware popular and PS4 had, has and will have a lot of them.
Steve Rowlett (6 months ago)
Normally love your videos and review but WTF has happened to the audio edit.. How many time can you repeat yourself.. Please do it properly in future so we can enjoy the article with information and not just waffle..
370Muscle (6 months ago)
Fanboys are cancer.
HiMaNshU GauR (6 months ago)
exclusive hype
Kevin Thatcher (6 months ago)
May 25th for detriot :( thats the same day as dark souls remastered.
Honest Joy (6 months ago)
Here is the most powerful console xbox one x Wow thats amazing what for?? To play games What games?? Minecraft 4k, superluckys tale 4k n many more Just throw it in the garbage i am so done....lmao
Iwan Kellerman (6 months ago)
Man dude you sure know alot of information
fry xavi (6 months ago)
I like it
L M (6 months ago)
I thought single player and exclusives didn't sell lol. I have Detroit, No No Kuni II and GOW preordered to go along with SoTC. I will be getting MLB2018 too. What a great start to the year.
michael gingery (6 months ago)
So sony might have made 419930000 off horizon...thats crazy
Jorge Marquez (6 months ago)
I'm glad horizon is doing really good I bought it in the beginning of this year and I already have 60+ hours on it, really fun game with a really good story.
bigmanolo26 (6 months ago)
2018 is also going to belong to PlayStation and I will be picking up Detroit become human and I already pre ordered God Of War
Mighty Hadi (6 months ago)
To early for PS5 in 2018-2019, SONY new CEO said PS4 sells will peak on 2019, and it will stay for that peak until 2020, so PS5 might be come out on 2020 or even 2021. Hell even they can just focusing on selling ps4 pro and make it as standard PS4 and wait till 2023.
Mighty Hadi (6 months ago)
And also if you talk reason, then Sony has more reason to keep selling PS4 and PS4 pro because their sales is still on peak.
Mighty Hadi (6 months ago)
That's not to far, selling PS5 after PS pro release it is like something SEGA did with Sega CD and make their consumer confuse.
Whisper FNV (6 months ago)
Mighty Hadi Thats too far. The reason the PS3 gen lasted 7 years was because it wasn't selling that well in the begining. All of the other PS gens lasted 6 years. Thats why November 2019 is the best guess IMO.
Aamra Kamran (6 months ago)
Horizon cost 57 million dollars to make.
Mianlo 2 (6 months ago)
Aamra Kamran And your point?
w g (6 months ago)
Good time to get a PlayStation 🙂.
careless (6 months ago)
Glad I got me a ps4 because they actually care about making games instead of focusing on 4k all the time
BigDaddy Kratos (6 months ago)
Things seem to look better and better for PlayStation. Just when I think the console is starting to reach its peak it goes ahead and surprises me even more.
The Amazing Spider-Man (6 months ago)
The PS4 is the Best Sony system ever made right next to the PS2
jonjo monjo (6 months ago)
No it's not, the PS1 & 2 were swimming in an infinite amount of games, real big ass games, not these indie bullshit despite some good titles
michael gingery (6 months ago)
The Man Without Fear hold up...hopefully the ps5 is backwards compatibility from disc not download like xbox..then we taking
adam death (6 months ago)
good cover art has been dead for decades.
HopOnTheHype (6 months ago)
I hope they continue to support 3rd party exclusives though, stuff like nier automata, persona 5, yakuza 0, etc are the best games on the system. Anyway they revealed that spider-man, detroit: become human, days gone, and god of war were first half of 2018 games in the past already.
Leonard Rey Barba (6 months ago)
And that is why I bought and love PlayStation. I'm just waiting for a good title and a deal for xbox1x.
Dem (6 months ago)
I’ve been on Xbox for 11 years, just got a PS4 pro and I love it.. playing single player games like horizon zero dawn is just amazing! Think I’ll stay in the PlayStation nation for a while :)
nick sanchez (4 months ago)
Is it it bad that I own both
Spence Mossman (6 months ago)
have u tried the Uncharted series yet GrkGod1? Fantastic games!!
Admyr 6 (6 months ago)
GrkGod1 you can play multiplayer better on PS4 too, the online playerbase is HUGE on PS4. Enjoy!
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
GrkGod1 that's right broooo
oOVanHalenOo (6 months ago)
Have fun mate
Spidey 82 (6 months ago)
That's awesome about Horizon zero Dawn it was definitely my game of the year last year.
Ryan Guldner (6 months ago)
As always thanks for the great video. And wow may 25th, I expected this as a fall 2018 release date
caos024 (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention Death Stranding :/
Chris Kritikakis (6 months ago)
caos024 I understand.
caos024 (6 months ago)
Chris Kritikakis I didn't ask when they come out... I'm saying that he was talking about exclusives coming out in the future so I said he missed Death Stranding... Not sure what's so hard to understand lol.
Chris Kritikakis (6 months ago)
caos024 Death stranding 2019 for sure. Ghost of tsushima I have no idea
caos024 (6 months ago)
Chris Kritikakis he was talking about exclusives coming in the future in general...
Chris Kritikakis (6 months ago)
caos024 no one knows the release date for death stranding and the last of us part 2. It's just what he thinks.
Karl Mueller (6 months ago)
Sony is knocking it out of the park with great game . Horizon Whitcher 3 Detroit Spiderman last of us two God of war cyberpunk
Karl Mueller (6 months ago)
yes i know i was taking about some the great game that you came get on the ps4.
caos024 (6 months ago)
Karl Mueller Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 aren't PS4 exclusives...
Chris Wilkinson (6 months ago)
This could be the end of Xbox, with all their "exclusives" released on pc, what's the point. I understand some people prefer a console but the only way to get the best experience on all games is pc n ps
Makaveli ThaBeast (6 months ago)
Because building good and decent pcs right now is expensive so having an Xbox and being able to go from Xbox to pc with the same save data helps so u don’t have to play at the desktop all the time
dragon soul sacrifice (6 months ago)
Chris Wilkinson baka
Chris Wilkinson (6 months ago)
Sorry forgot switch 😁
Di Almighty Spartan God (6 months ago)
I’m convinced Sony will announce a release date for Days Gone whenever Microsoft announced one for State Of Decay 2. Not that it really matters, the former game will win in sales and revenue. RIP Xbox 2018. It will win no NPDs this year (shame it’s their home territory) against PS4 exclusives and Nintendo lineup with Super Smash Bros and Pokémon this year.
AssLess Gaming (6 months ago)
E.T. The Finksion Exclusively on PlayStation 4 Coming Never
Sir Galahad (6 months ago)
*I fucking love **#PlayStation*
KingJeremy77 (6 months ago)
This is why SONY is winning this gen, contrary to what some of my XBOX friends think.
nick sanchez (4 months ago)
KingJeremy77 I thought that the switch was doing better?
Dodo Bravo (6 months ago)
It is going to be released on May 25th and this a little bit earlier than I expected but still earlier the better. May 25 is a little bit earlier than I expected but fine.
Allan Icarangal (6 months ago)
This is honestly my new favorite channe thank you
THEFIREGAMER123 (6 months ago)
Fuck, I only have $105, I can either save it for next battlefield or get Detroit become human
Whisper FNV (6 months ago)
THEFIREGAMER123 I'd say get Detroit Become Human as the Battlefield games aren't that different from each other.
conehead larry (6 months ago)
The new battlefield really ? Like another ww2 game ..all this fps need to do abt other era like Korean war or Vietnam war ( GI not black ops operatives whatever ) but then i know they don't have balls to do those two era
Luke Taylor (6 months ago)
THEFIREGAMER123 battlefield my friend
Zach Soule (6 months ago)
Subcribed! Thank you for the amazing videos.
P Ariza (6 months ago)
The more good games we get the merrier.
Jose Torres (6 months ago)
God of war!!!!!!!
Young Flacco (6 months ago)
"Don't get me wrong the Xbox one is a great console" Nah!
Janne De Arc (6 months ago)
Kevin Strom Yes, this is like PSvita vs 3DS and we already knew the result.
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
Kevin Strom damnnnnnn
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
Young Flacco he doesn't want loose his Xbox subscribers 😂
Onyx VII7 (6 months ago)
I mean you buy a console more than likely just to play games. If a console only has basic games, what's the point?
Jorge Marquez (6 months ago)
Kevin Strom lol yeah that XBOx ain't a bad console but there's really no reason to buy one... Maybe for minecraft lol
daisx beohfox (6 months ago)
When horizon is top seller, you know the feminist and white knight are breeding like rabbit.. sad.
master F-16 えええ (6 months ago)
daisx beohfox fuck the feminist whores
Kevin Strom (6 months ago)
daisx beohfox this is some terrible bait buddy. Try harder.
daisx beohfox (6 months ago)
Not Serious i cant take you seriously
daisx beohfox (6 months ago)
I dont need to. Ill let the ugly one do.
Bad Motherfucka (6 months ago)
daisx beohfox When guys get upset about a female being the main character, you know they're not breeding at all.... Also sad.
Daniel Pierce (6 months ago)
I do like it that Sony is committed to producing amazing exclusive content. Can't wait for Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima
Whisper FNV (6 months ago)
Daniel Pierce The Last of Us Part II!!!
HopOnTheHype (6 months ago)
Infamous was pretty mediocre, ghost of tsushima looks good potentially.
Daniel Pierce me too!!!!! I am sooooo exited!!!
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
Daniel Pierce I am a big sucker punch fan, I freaking love infamous titles , can't wait for ghost of tsushima!
Roga atnine (6 months ago)
PlayStation needs a masive first person shooter exclusive. Xbox got halo and pubg PlayStation should make a super realistic shooter
Nathaniel Enochs forza single player?
Roga atnine (6 months ago)
I know. There's not much info about it yet or even if they will do it. They are open to the idea but i can't see them making a masive multiplayer fps that will be able to compete with pubg. Uncharted had multiplayer which was ok but not that great. Not many people played uncharted for the multiplayer
Mianlo 2 (6 months ago)
Roga atnine Naughty Dog said they are going to do an FPS narrative game after Last of Us part 2.
Roga atnine (6 months ago)
Tselel Leb i like that ps4 has many single player walkthrough games. I Wouldn't change that. I'm sure alot of people want exbox purely because you can't get pubg on PlayStation. I think it would be a wise move by PlayStation to bring out 1 decent first person multiplayer shooter
Roga atnine (6 months ago)
Winner3 All them games are complete failures
Ser Josh (6 months ago)
I've already PREORDERED God of war, Detroit become human, and soon will have spider man, and days gone, but last of us 2 and ff7 will wait just cuz we all know it wont be this year lol. Also getting vampry, red dead 2 and far cry 5 and we happy few on my PS4 :)
Vick Panchal (6 months ago)
I mean you're right tbh there's not much point unless you're getting a pre order deal from amazon or something. Usually you'll get the game a few days ahead or something
BigDaddy Kratos (6 months ago)
That's a great list of games! Those are all on my list as well. Really hoping Vampyr turns out as awesome as I think it will. If Vampyr turns out to be a success I'll finally get that PROPER vampire game I've always wanted.
Ivan Campos (6 months ago)
This is a amazing year to be a PS4 owner
NTB027 (6 months ago)
Vick Panchal I can almost guarantee that you will be right, but I'm not gonna buy something before it's even out. Any game can look good in the right trailer or piece of gameplay they show
Fallofduty (6 months ago)
NTB027 u can tell from a game if u have experience whether is good or not. I will be pre-ordering Detroit,spiderman and god of war soon and days gone too. Not ghost of Tsushima or death stranding cause they did not show anything
Junior Duperval (6 months ago)
More movie games with mediocre gameplay
Whisper FNV (6 months ago)
Junior Duperval Please give me legit reasons as to why the Uncharted 4 gameplay is mediocre.
Junior Duperval (6 months ago)
Young Flacco ok?
Junior Duperval (6 months ago)
conehead larry where was I crying?
Junior Duperval (6 months ago)
Admyr 6 typical fanboy reponse. You dont like something sony, you're an xbot and vice versa. Sad individuals. You want to know my psn to see if im really an xbot?
Junior Duperval (6 months ago)
StarsnGravity oh btw I own both those games but nice try acting like you know me
Larry God (6 months ago)
Aloy is hot.
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
Jorge Marquez fire one right 😂😂 and I was thinking that only I was wired
oOVanHalenOo (6 months ago)
Her hair is majestic.
Ivan Campos (6 months ago)
Jorge Marquez true 😂
Jorge Marquez (6 months ago)
Larry God especially in that armor that shows her belly button, Mmmm
Kevin Strom (6 months ago)
Larry God I have a thing for red heads.... So yeah....
Ser Josh (6 months ago)
Sony rules!
Snizel (6 months ago)
Microsoft drools! Don't hate, just kidding.
Nathaniel Enochs (6 months ago)
Nobody’s perfect. Every platform holder is definitely bound to screw up sometimes.
Bootyclapslap (6 months ago)
OMG Detroit become human is coming out 5 days before my birthday, just for that they get a small bonus from me
Bootyclapslap (6 months ago)
Jorge Marquez lol it’s Alexis Texas? I thought that at first but then I was like nah not slutty enough.
Jorge Marquez (6 months ago)
Fatass Clap lol my dude that's Alexis Texas, best ass In the whole world, IMO of course.
dragon soul sacrifice (6 months ago)
Fatass Clap that fat ass👌👌 is turnig me on baby. I bet your a dude😂
StarsnGravity (6 months ago)
There should be a medal for someone who can give legit reasons to buy and Xbox. No one would win.
Joey Eisenhower (5 months ago)
StarsnGravity gears of war?
NotDjePie (6 months ago)
A cheap 4k bluray player on the Xbox one S but that’s it haha
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
Zack Phelps 😂
Mani Pippiri (6 months ago)
Kevin Strom 😂😂
HopOnTheHype (6 months ago)
Lol sunset overdrive, lol.
Ser Josh (6 months ago)
The one dislike is phil from xbot lol
Devils Isle Gaming (6 months ago)
Dark Souls Remastered is also coming out May 25th... FUCK!
Getting you Triggered (6 months ago)
This year and 2019 ps exclusives gonna be so damn good
Aylimas music (6 months ago)
I only play single player games, so I hope they keep making more.
Portal 4ever (6 months ago)
Aylimas music single player games are what’s keeping their lights on, its sad but needed
Jorge Marquez (6 months ago)
Aylimas music they will don't worry
Where the fuck is Days Gone?
Morgen Zada (6 months ago)
Suck it EA, single player games can still kick ass.
Traicionero G (6 months ago)
I need that Days Gone release date though.
Mianlo 2 (6 months ago)
Traicionero G Most likely October, since it fits the Halloween vibe.
BigDaddy Kratos (6 months ago)
Traicionero G, don't we all. Lol
Ivan Campos (6 months ago)
Roga atnine I can't wait for both
Traicionero G (6 months ago)
TMS- D yes
Lil CarCrash (6 months ago)
Didn’t that guy die? The one in your profile pic. He’s the guy from el Chavo
JACK_KNIFE-1 (6 months ago)
Ps4 has it all👍 Xbox has fu/k all😴 Ps4 has all the games👈 Xbox dropped the ball⚾
dragon soul sacrifice (6 months ago)
Nathaniel Enochs baka
Nathaniel Enochs (6 months ago)
People like you have got to realize that it all comes down to PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Liking the XBOX ONE better than the PS4 does not make you an Xbox fanboy. Some Xbox One fans have an PS4 just for the PLAYSTATION ONLY EXCLUSIVES.
Admyr 6 (6 months ago)
YUUTO YASU TOSHI (6 months ago)
So how am I going to buy the low priced games for the older gen console
R'Truth2099 (6 months ago)
Great Video
Alexis Cisneros Marquez (6 months ago)

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