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CPA Youth | XTreme Teen Adventure Camp

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So what is CPA Youth? Unreal experiences and opportunities that make you get off the couch, have a great time and….um, well be challenged, encouraged and supported to achieve your goals. Youth Camps and holiday programs Camps and holiday programs are a great way to supercharge your path to independence. Participants in these programs walk away with new skills, a great mindset and a lifetime of memories. Camps cater for a range of ages and disabilities, so there is something to suit everyone. Book your spot in our next XTreme Teen Camp: www.cerebralpalsy.org.au/sstposts/EventId1525218023022 Find out more about CPA Youth www.cerebralpalsy.org.au/cpa-youth/ We support teens and young people with: Autism spectrum disorder ADHD Asperger’s Syndrome Depression Anxiety Other social and behavioural concerns Cerebral Palsy Genetic conditions Muscular dystrophy Acquired brain injury
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