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How to download flash games on a flash drive or on a computer and play them without internet

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Link: file2hd.com Good sites that work: addictinggames.com miniclip.com
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Xi Jinping (2 years ago)
your browser has so many add-ons, I don't know how it loads so fast .-.
Gabe Coronado (5 years ago)
It doesn't work. When I right click on the files it doesn't give me the right options. Please Help!!
Rahul Nath (5 years ago)
can you download strike force heroes 2?
Crazy Games (5 years ago)
Carlo Baguio (5 years ago)
Me too -_-
WoWhAx idk (5 years ago)
Does this work with chrome downloads? exp: Counter strike, COD
Cva Thapa (5 years ago)
what if the game need to be downloaded ? o.o
Nisula Ranathunga (6 years ago)
zennonymous gorath (6 years ago)
like if it worked for you XD
zennonymous gorath (6 years ago)
it works thank you very much
maxium61 (6 years ago)
i tried games but my screen just went black and i did everything when i got on to the swf it ddint work wtf
WashingTone (6 years ago)
hey it worked an all but, when i try to move my guy while playing the game on flashdrive...it skips to the next level on the game.so i can't take swo steps without the game skipping to the next level.any help please.
Homer Simpson (7 years ago)
Finally found a way, Thanks man! Subscribed
Homer Simpson (7 years ago)
Lol, dont we all love the world's hardest game. its actually kinda easy
Graepixels Media (7 years ago)
Wow, thanks!

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