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Overwatch Animated Short | “Dragons”

431171 ratings | 25439356 views
Discover the story behind one of Overwatch’s biggest rivalries in our third animated short: Dragons! Then begin your watch May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One: http://www.buyoverwatch.com “Dragons” explores the history of conflict between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. In this episode, we follow Hanzo as he returns to the siblings’ family home in Hanamura to seek redemption . . . and confront the ghosts of the past. Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch
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Text Comments (51829)
Jesse (10 minutes ago)
RIP scatter arrow
janakz (5 hours ago)
So nice
Alex Ho (6 hours ago)
#GENJIISBETTERTHANHANZO also rip scatter arrow
Natalie Float (7 hours ago)
They should make a movie about Hanzo and genjis life, like if you guys agree
Hitman Ghost (9 hours ago)
This is one of the best overwatch's animated short I would love to keep watching. Perfect music and narration.
Max G (10 hours ago)
LuaLuo (10 hours ago)
1:05 the way his voice deepens is really cool.
[] (11 hours ago)
you gotta update this now
Dylan Li (13 hours ago)
well this makes no sense since the scatter shot is gone... i miss the scatter shot
Shark9bate Herrera (15 hours ago)
How come there is no curve arrow attack or special but not ultimet
I miss the scatter arrows....
SpyCatRampage (19 hours ago)
I cri evry tiem
Rahul Mandal (23 hours ago)
We definitely need a smoke bomb emote!
nanbin shi (23 hours ago)
tried to do this as soon as I got the game
o7 (1 day ago)
Something I’m curious about: how come Hanzo doesn’t recognize Genjis voice? It must’ve been changed when he became a Cyborg
Why Not (1 day ago)
this is better than netflix.
ThunderStorm Gaming (1 day ago)
7:17 *i need healing*
somedudeonlyne (1 day ago)
by far this is the most powerful of all the shorts before or since.
Hanzo Main (1 day ago)
I want that animation skills
VixyMix 101 (2 days ago)
Hanzo: I killed mah bro and now I'm sad *Genji has joined the chat* Hanzo: IMMA KILL YOU AGAIN!!! Great logic hanzo!
OD -Tech (2 days ago)
So epic !
김지훈 (2 days ago)
all right It's time to play Hanzo even though I'm not good at it lol looks like very cool
Queen Biodiesel (2 days ago)
OxygenBreather (2 days ago)
Youga waga teki wa karu Eugene no Kay wo curay Ur welcome
bigote soto (2 days ago)
Soundtack good tho
Andy Bates (2 days ago)
Can block tank shells, Can't block an arrow 3:43
elias Reyes (2 days ago)
Genji is cool
Dakota M (3 days ago)
This is amazing.
Rynotaur (3 days ago)
overwatch is sick
ToyFriskMan (3 days ago)
6:17 Hanzo has eye liner on
Rozu (3 days ago)
3:47 what’s that ability? It’s not in his kit.. is this some like secret function you’ve got to unlock? Or just an oversight of the movie makers
Avarice (2 days ago)
Scatter arrow was one of hanzo's original abilities. Its been reworked since then.
Charlie Allen (3 days ago)
2:00 does that sword look like ninja's sword
Charlie Allen (3 days ago)
who is watching this in 2018
STepDay_56 (3 days ago)
Aнгл гипотиза более эпичнaя, ps российские кушать ?
Aiden Troise (3 days ago)
"What have you become?" "My name is... green cyborg ninja dude"
Blue Crood (4 days ago)
Kaiszer Pokoina (4 days ago)
i really wanted to see hanzo's brothers face
HaHaGioBeatYa (4 days ago)
*M A D A M A D A*
Erik Wu (4 days ago)
What is this Naruto?!?! 7:18
Toshiki Itachi (4 days ago)
Blizzard. Please make an overwatch series. Sincerely, the entire fanbase
jooii yag (4 days ago)
But why has genji tried to kill hanzo ?
jooii yag (4 days ago)
iAm Rossi well yeah but later when hanzo said ,,do it then,kill me" genji...well did not killed him, all sudden,after trowing shurikens at him and jumping at his neck with a sword...its not a sword but something like that
iAm Rossi (4 days ago)
jooii yag Google it, I'm sure Hanzo killed him or let him die.
the furry gamer (4 days ago)
We need an overwatch animated series right now
Dont know why, but russian version gives much more goosebumps...
naiem ishnaiem (5 days ago)
Make the seccond episode please😭
Christopher Johnson (5 days ago)
Blizzard , PLEEEEEEAASE make this into a movie
Hilal Hafez (5 days ago)
These 8 minutes are better than any anime ever
Vincent Cutrufello (5 days ago)
5:09 *NANI!?!*
Lui TheGreat (5 days ago)
That’s deep
TAK3_CLAN _ (5 days ago)
3:04 gave me the chills
Draconiex (5 days ago)
TAK3_CLAN _, all of it gave me the chills, it's still so good
Ryan Furlong (5 days ago)
lol no more cluster arrow
KurtSandford (6 days ago)
Where is the tobacco tho
KeRIIval (6 days ago)
How does genji disepear at the end?
Hoa Dinh (6 days ago)
Talking about an action movie! Please Overwatch come out with one already !!!!
BlueFoxGamer SD (6 days ago)
rip scatter arrows
potatoe GURL (6 days ago)
5:12 soba can control them soba has powers😂
Amy Bath (6 days ago)
Oh and if people are confused hanzo and genji are not the two dragons in the short the two dragons are their ancestors merp
Amy Bath (6 days ago)
I'm half Japanese so when I first saw this I was like wow cool Japanese stuff :D
Hanzo Main (6 days ago)
I cried...
Akeem B (6 days ago)
Hanzo should swing around his bow like he does at 4:27 when melee button is pressed. By the way do we have a Dragons OST?
DJGIRL 105 (6 days ago)
Rip scatter arrow
Ghosty Anims (6 days ago)
Better than the Fortnite Trailers lol
Jon Sanford (6 days ago)
Retrobution (6 days ago)
RIP scatterarrow
Obito Uchiha (6 days ago)
Smirk Man (6 days ago)
"Dragons" by Disney. Coming soon in year 9420 ...sub me.
GGG GGG (6 days ago)
Beautiful. just, beautiful.
Floyd Wilson (7 days ago)
5:08 that face you make when you use your ult and the genji on the other team makes a crazy deflect and throws the game
dragongirl007 (7 days ago)
2018 and we still don’t have a soundtrack for this short. I would kill for the music from this so baaad
GGG GGG (7 days ago)
This is the only animated short that I ever Over-Watch
Witch Kraft (7 days ago)
2018 and it is still a beautiful animation
Rest in piece scatter
Dark Matter (7 days ago)
7:06 Hanzo:”you are a fool” Genji “perhaps I’m a fool to believe there is still hope for you” OOOOOOOOOOOH HANZO JUST GOT ROASTED
Momen Alrayes (7 days ago)
Like my commen if you liked it
Momen Alrayes (7 days ago)
Man this is so GOOOD
Franek Bera (7 days ago)
This gives me chills.
Xion π (7 days ago)
Thay should make that ability of genji in the last part an actual ability in the game
yousef _MCI (7 days ago)
When we se ginje face ?
Chair (7 days ago)
3:21 literally what arrows ingame do to intend hitting their targets
Leonshearth (8 days ago)
This should have been Overwatch. The setting has so many possibilities in term of storytelling... And the only things we get about the story are temporary coop modes, that are actually awesome to play.
Thao Hoang (8 days ago)
Pablo Miranda (8 days ago)
Aiden Fanning (8 days ago)
I wish overwatch was still popular
iAm Rossi (4 days ago)
Aiden Fanning It still is.
Agent 66 (8 days ago)
At 3:42 then genii said I know everything of what happened
TheMelloJello 1 (8 days ago)
I love this one its my favorite animation
Ryoichi Michiha (8 days ago)
Now arriving at Hanamura
Jonathan Marquez (8 days ago)
Text-To-Speech *DIES*
Ssome Rando (8 days ago)
Scatter huh, yep that's in the game alright. R.I.P SCATTER 3:46
Darciukas (8 days ago)
I think hanzo's voice actor is the same as spy's from tf2.
Orua (8 days ago)
Rip Scatter 2016-2018 F To Pay Respects
powerfulpants36 hi (8 days ago)
Rip scatter
Marcronus Prime (9 days ago)
They should make one of these about how Mercy saved Geji.
FallenWarAngelz (9 days ago)
This is the only animation i cried for, it’s the best and most heartfelt. It’s sooo deep 😭 4:58 And i love how they say their ults 😍 I can’t stop watching this part over and over again Okay i could keep going on forever about how i love this animation the best so ima leave now... *PS:Hanzo‘s eyes when he says his ult lmao*
Senthu (9 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Emem Malabanan (9 days ago)
Rip 3:47 2016-2018
P3rfect Potato (9 days ago)
5:37 when an enemy is 1 hit and u sword dash ends right infront off him and they kill you
Yusuf Gazi (9 days ago)
_ _ (9 days ago)
Remember when overwatch was good?
The Stalker (9 days ago)
Back in my day, 3:48 was an ability.
mautinvymetalek .3. (9 days ago)
My family ? New hero ? Gaznjis and Hanzos father ? Lots of questions...

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