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AWM IS LIFE!! - PUBG Mobile - Bootcamp Bootcamp Bootcamp

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Text Comments (126)
zurail fiqri (2 days ago)
here’s maybe a useful tips for you guys. whenever you guys just got a flare gun whether from someone’s crate or you had looted, dont pop out that flare gun until you are really in the zone. if you really want some guns from the crate supplies, or just some level 3 helmet or vest, then dont shoot it until you are in the zone. otherwise they’ll give you that armor car. im not sure whether it’s 100% true or not, but after all the attempts i tried, it really happened to me. thank you
BL4ck W0Lf (3 days ago)
sandeep sandey (7 days ago)
Noob loog ko maar ke shree ban ra.. Level Or rank dekha apna.. Bc
Kamal Skeletor (7 days ago)
When u are out of the safe zone and shot the flare gun you will get a car and not weapons ))) make sure to get to the safe zone and then shot the flare )))
Sαƚყɾ (7 days ago)
5:17 WHAT ?
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Enjoyed the play..gg furki
gajendra gorana (7 days ago)
Atharva Patil (7 days ago)
You are biggest noob in the world 😎😎
Nakul Adhikari (7 days ago)
This channel will not grow if you continue playing like a noob bro.
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
May b u r rt my frnd but i think his channel has grown now
Furkan Şentürk (7 days ago)
Sen Türksün ve videoların çok iyi böyle devam et (Benimde adım furkan:))
Aravind (8 days ago)
€Collection (8 days ago)
you are awesome
Abhi Chanda (8 days ago)
Bro make a crew
ALSARAY ALLOUSH (8 days ago)
https://Arba7hna.com/sndxA45y free money 💰 to open- R P
Flash Skh (8 days ago)
Hey bro furki I challenge u only use drop guns you have to pick only Amo's first aids what ever u want but u have to use only drop guns 😁
Budak Purba Hikayat (8 days ago)
why are the enemies in the last circle.. cant find u? its blown my mind to see that all of them only cowering in the bushes.. its so different from my game.. where.. u are easy target as soon u open fire.. not by one enemy..but from multiple angle.. but, u easily kill them..without being targeted..
Wahyoe Boedi Oetomo (8 days ago)
Lol u got a car again Furki, Like u prev Video.
Oncom Squad (8 days ago)
I really want to get nice phone like him :(
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Don't worry the phn is not a big problem.. Just enjoy with what you hv
BRIGHT SON (9 days ago)
Ur a pro man
علي القيصر (9 days ago)
Will done bro
Göktürk ! (9 days ago)
Furkan abi adamsın <3
Vimal Athithan (9 days ago)
7:16 enemy 🤣ur right side
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Died by the zone, right
SHAANDAR GAMER (9 days ago)
Nice video furki, 😊😊😊😊bhai mere channel ko bhi ak baar Dekh lo bhaiyo please support my channel bhai sab video banata funny video bhi or pubg mobile game a bhi please support my channel
salsapeel ipraheem (9 days ago)
12:08 whaaaat why didn't you take the AWM bullets so no one else would take it man !!
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
He took those as welll, he just didn't showed off while picking
Star Dust (9 days ago)
IQ BRO R (9 days ago)
I want bro Play in Asia sever bro
Marsmellow blue (9 days ago)
If you play with crown, ace and conquerer you will see many people landing on bootcamp and when you playing another server with silver player be like👆😁
Nikhil Kakkar (9 days ago)
Damn!! You're such a noob. Levinho, izzo, yanrique they all r way ahead of u.
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Bro winner is winner no matter you like the play & player that hardly matters
Nikhil you are noob :-)
Khaliq Rosman (9 days ago)
Fuck you hater retard
Niko Sindi (9 days ago)
ARJUN RAMSAHA (9 days ago)
Seemed like a walk in the park :P
Hernan raquel Granada (9 days ago)
Crack maquina fierro tifon numero uno mastonte tío
Love you from iraq
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
How r you my brother how the situatiin now thr? How u ur frnds n family bro you sacrificed a lot
Petrica Calugaru (9 days ago)
Name Petrica 18susu
Adham 3raq (9 days ago)
😍🤞🏻👍🏻💪furki what your Rank
Fazil Saiyed (9 days ago)
Wow 😍 nice @Furki 😎
Rohit Sahu (9 days ago)
No doubt on your headshots bro 😘
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Yea bro
abdalla baasheer (9 days ago)
اكتل الثعابين
Alaa Aldakhel (9 days ago)
perfect man 💪👍
TECH MASTERS (9 days ago)
Which server do you play
The real wrestling (9 days ago)
Awesome bro
nooh Alfaori (9 days ago)
Furkix3 i will add you
Wok CZ (9 days ago)
I want to have channel like you.
Wok CZ (7 days ago)
I am trying :-)
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Why don't you try my frnd
Taj Mansuri (9 days ago)
You are great sniper and this game is awesome 😍
Zobiez Games (9 days ago)
Bro If You had more Ammo For the Groza....Mmmm That's is Just To OP
I Am Student (9 days ago)
You are a Best player 🔫
Sd Faizan (9 days ago)
Add me sayedfaizan888
munavvir munu (9 days ago)
Heyy furki do a hand cam gameplayy...🖒🖒
Retro Max (9 days ago)
For you is easy play but for me is not I play Pubg Mobile on s5 and is so much luggy
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
It happen vn enemy is within the circle of 100 mtrs
Jamón ATR (9 days ago)
xanaxx - (9 days ago)
if u were above crown u cant even stand on the roof of that central bootcamp building , :p no on shoots u
thug life (9 days ago)
Damn oak
Matej Peric (9 days ago)
You are so good😊❤️ I wish my channel can be as good as yours is😊❤️
Zobiez Games (9 days ago)
Yes me Too but I don't Know How he Does It
Wahem (9 days ago)
5:34 put speed 1.5x
Aaliyan Khan (8 days ago)
Wahem thanks
tuğçe terzi (9 days ago)
Furki beni ark ekle ismim "cesur tavuk"
Ravirajsinh Vaghela (9 days ago)
Try Miramar map also😀
Jerry Xettry (9 days ago)
hello furki . where are you from? 😊
Ashis Pattanayak (9 days ago)
*- nicely played gg man, superb* 👌👌🖖
F.T Nayeem (9 days ago)
You missed a guy on the right at 7:16
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Exactly & he died by zone..m i rt bro
Pikachu (9 days ago)
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Awm is the best sniper rifle in pubg
Ansari Naveed (9 days ago)
I.m not heater you know
Ansari Naveed (9 days ago)
Bro next video in show your teir please
Agus Wijaya (9 days ago)
Well done......GG
TECH RISHAB (9 days ago)
7:15 I spotted a enemy in your right 😂 Hit like if you also spotted him 😂👍
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Batın Şengül (9 days ago)
DURAI JIO (9 days ago)
i also saw
Prince Anand (9 days ago)
Siddi akhil tej (9 days ago)
Headshot king... Furki😘
GAMING WITH ARPIT (9 days ago)
XEROX (9 days ago)
Guys wanna see my sniping videos i am sure you guys will enjoy and sub too 🙏😇Peace Like this comment who think Yanrique wright,Levinho and izzo are best pubgm players
sab ke baad (9 days ago)
And u don't have awm skin
Mahesh Kakde (9 days ago)
I like this sniper
XEROX (9 days ago)
Guys wanna see my sniping videos i am sure you guys will enjoy and sub too 🙏😇Peace
Sumit.S .Patwal (9 days ago)
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Yea i wanna know too
sab ke baad (9 days ago)
Your driving skills are boring
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
Yea he hitted tree twice if i m not wrog
Pozz Ny (9 days ago)
Pooran Singh Pawar (9 days ago)
Bhai you tube pe live game khelo
Karthick Raja (9 days ago)
Play war
Kingtoni Gaming (9 days ago)
Hey Furki :) can we collab to play ? Btw nice game bro
Kingtoni Gaming (9 days ago)
XEROX yep 👍🏼
XEROX (9 days ago)
+Kingtoni Gaming 😉
Kingtoni Gaming (9 days ago)
XEROX hello 😊
XEROX (9 days ago)
KING Saboor (9 days ago)
XEROX (9 days ago)
Guys wanna see my sniping videos i am sure you guys will enjoy and sub too 🙏😇Peace
Mudit Saini (9 days ago)
your device keep switching the games connection between wifi and cellular why .....????
Muhammad Hassan (9 days ago)
Again a racing gameplay😁😂
Ajay nivas (9 days ago)
I like ur all videos furki bro..
XEROX (9 days ago)
Guys wanna see my sniping videos i am sure you guys will enjoy and sub too 🙏😇Peace
gaming buddy (9 days ago)
Nyc...brother...😂😍😍...ur videos..are great...keepitup😇
USMANAHMED YT (10 days ago)
Bro title correction!
CANDY'S TIPS (10 days ago)
Early today 💓💓nice game
Melia Sia (10 days ago)
I'm early.
Pubg Mobile Tayyab (10 days ago)
I love it bro then good game for u
Ahmeed Murad (10 days ago)
1 like very good
Golden recipes (10 days ago)
Hello furki how are you :)
kashmir kraft k2 (7 days ago)
+XEROX sure my friend
XEROX (9 days ago)
Guys wanna see my sniping videos i am sure you guys will enjoy and sub too 🙏😇Peace
Abdul Qadir (9 days ago)
I am fast as fuck boii
cj_ iraq (10 days ago)
first like
legalboy 69 (10 days ago)
1st comment

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