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All 23 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update | Nintendo News

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This week 3 March 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 10 FANTASIC Switch Games CONFIRMED QUARTER 2 2018 https://youtu.be/ypn7NY2aJTk -Games list Decay of Logos V-Rally 4 RICO Everspace Planet Alpha Infernium Riot: Civil Unrest DragoDino NAIRI: Tower of Shirin The Bunker Shape of the World Shadow Bug Desert Child Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Lode Runner Legacy All-Star Fruit Racing Hazelnut Bastille Super Daryl Deluxe - Release Date Update Valkyria Chronicles 4 Runbow Wild Guns Reloaded ? Undertale -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (8 months ago)
(NEW!)10 NEW Eshop SALES you need to grab now! (Up to 50% Off!) https://youtu.be/BVkRhgPDdiw
Granny :v (6 months ago)
Music name your Intro ?
AnimeT0getherEU (6 months ago)
Don't have a switch, hope that these will come out tho: (some are already there and some just dreams of mine) All golden sun games. Stick fight - the game. Skyward sword (mastered). Dead by daylight. Child of light. Ori and the blind forest. Thumper. Inspector layton games. Advance wars games. Rayman classics and upcoming ones. Terranigma original or remastered. Crypt of the necrodancer. Momodora games. Touhou games. Turok games. There are so many more.
Brian Robertson (6 months ago)
Wish you'd add the release dates also
J.M (6 months ago)
Alpha is what new Shadow of the Beast should've been
noun uneedtono (7 months ago)
Everspace looks like a gem
Roen (7 months ago)
everspace looks cool, but cant find it in eshop yet.... (europe)?
Silence J Gamer (7 months ago)
To much eshop games not enough physical releases games
Pandabearmadness (7 months ago)
I really wish zelda was a co op online game you could explore with your friends or even a mmo. It's such a beautiful sandbox that it would be great with playing with a friend
TheNarutoshippuden12 (7 months ago)
Why is it that where going back in time and why is the switch getting all this phones games like wtf
Yuli S.P. (7 months ago)
Me interesa Valkyria Chronicles 4
Wichard (7 months ago)
Most of it looks like crap. Except Valkyria, that looks excellent.
Ultra Link (7 months ago)
I absolutely love zelda like games because of zelda games experience!
Brad 94 (7 months ago)
So glad i didn't trade my xbox in, was going to when switch first came out, but kept it for the hardcore games because, all of these are bloody awful in my opinion i know some people like these games but i bought my switch to play games like zelda BOTW standards not some shitty devs ripping switch owners off because its #1 hot console, not just the games in the videos but looking at some of the games allowed on the eshop is a joke, nintendo need to be more strict because its starting to feel more of an app store than a £270+ console store. yeah some indie games are good like stardew valley and the price is fair but when some charge £40.... its disgusting.
Deric Gregory (7 months ago)
Well in fairness, not many are 40 pounds ($57 in US dollars). The only games costing that much in the states are a tiny handful of games from developers like Square Enix. If you're not into sifting through all the indies on eshop, the top sellers list with games like Stardew Valley, Enter the Gungeon, Golf Story, Celeste, Shovel Knight, etc are all safe bets and awesome games. If you're not into indies at all, the Switch already has a good sized library for only being 1 year old. BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Mario Rabids, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Lego City Undercover, Doom, DragonQuest Builders, NBA 2K18, Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Payday 2, Minecraft, Rocket League, Bayonetta 1 + 2, Skyrim, XenoBlade 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, LA Noire, Dragonball Xenoverse, Dark Souls, DK Tropical Freeze, Ultra Street Fighter 2, etc etc. There has to be some games you like in these lists. They also have Wolfenstein and Smash coming soon. Plus rumors about Black Ops 4 and some people think Fortnite might be coming. For 1+ years, that's a ton of stuff.
Shao Chen (7 months ago)
Tell me this is not smartphone games announcement
NisHH (7 months ago)
I just want call of duty or battlefield
I'm on break at work and Can't watch the whole video, anybody know which game the screenshot in the thumbnail is from? Lol
JK Milano (7 months ago)
Is it just me or Decay of Logos kinda looks like the Witcher 3? lol
Vrally and everspacr looks good
Jon Idoncair (7 months ago)
Adventures of Bertram Fiddle I've never heard of but apparently its episodic. So Episode 1 has excellent reviews well loved but Episode 2 is hit or miss hmm........
Andrew Gibson (7 months ago)
That game is not even close to a Zelda like game lol
Peter Kwon (7 months ago)
Nintendo switch becoming more like remastered gaming console. Need more unique games like Mario and Zelda.
Tiffany Chen (7 months ago)
Some look so good others are smartphone mini games
Chris Adams (7 months ago)
Hazel nut bastille, I will get this it looks like a link to the past!!!! I love the snes style everything!
Is SMT 5 here? If not this video is a waste of time.
Obscure Media (7 months ago)
Rico looks like COD4 + FEAR + XIII
Koopa Troopa Poopa (7 months ago)
These look awesome! Thanks for these videos!
ryback123 ryback (7 months ago)
And the price 60 dollar 😅
fulga daniel (7 months ago)
all done hope i win
Black J (7 months ago)
Only 1 game that interests me.. V rally 4... But Nintendo needs to do something about new great titles
LadyCloud (7 months ago)
Decay of Logos and Everspace 😍😍😍
hjames78 (7 months ago)
Sircampsalot (7 months ago)
Gal gun? Give us DOKI DOKI!!!$!
just here (7 months ago)
SERIOUSLY you're selling these LODE, DESERT, HAZELNUT, RUNBOW, and all these other pixelated games of the 80s??? WTF..
Generic Youtuber (7 months ago)
Okay heres one problem... the switch is being populated with games that make it look like its a weak console. Pixelated games on a console that can run doom... hmmmmm they need to stop.
MO (7 months ago)
Generic Youtuber But many of these games are already or will come out on other systems too.
Sven link (7 months ago)
These games actually look good for once but still sad to see that theres no fortnite :(
Demyx (7 months ago)
I might pick up Everspace, V-Ralley 4, and Gal-gun
jo gaming and vlog's (7 months ago)
Some of these aren't bad but,could be better although it's definitely an improvment over seeing pixalated games CONSTANTLY on the e-shop.
Jaime Fresnedo (7 months ago)
All Star Fruit Racing reminds me too much of the Sugar Rush race in Wreck-it Ralph.
Jaime Fresnedo you say that like it's a bad thing
James Pauliny (8 months ago)
rpg gamer (8 months ago)
What is the game on the thumbnail is that a open world game?
Timothy Hofkens (7 months ago)
rpg gamer it's Decay Of Logos. Don't know if It's open world..
Jeeses99 (8 months ago)
Inb4 some retard complains about mobile games when there were actually good games shown here.
Mohammed Zidhan (8 months ago)
Can't wait
Edwin Biggers (8 months ago)
We need that Rico ASAP
Seniku Moonjewel (8 months ago)
Decay of Logos looks great. I'd also buy Rico if it had 4 player split screen.. sadly I think it's only 1-2 :(
I suscribe
Berüchtigter BOI (8 months ago)
Why should i play a Zelda-like game in a world where zelda games exist
Devilcraft 42 (8 months ago)
Wow, some nice quality stuff. Decay of Logos looks interesting, has a RIME vibe.
Tommy Stålesen (8 months ago)
dont have all games in the title when u dont have all announced games in the video... not first time.
Danny Sealock (8 months ago)
That fruit loop racing looks like garbage and the video seems like it runs like crap as well
Emmanuel Rosado (8 months ago)
Open world - zelda like. #1 *first person shooter*
Axel Fernandez (7 months ago)
Emmanuel Rosado???
Jon Harvey (8 months ago)
Decay of Logos, Planet Alpha, Infernium, Hazelnut Bastille, Super Daryl Deluxe, Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Undertale are my picks...Quite a few this week!
Jon Harvey (7 months ago)
Xaldror Tender of the Vats Yeah, I got the reference. Undertale isn't really a failure though, I mean you can state an opinion on how good the game was but I'm pretty certain it made it's money back then some. Not really a failure commercially and, judging from reviews, it seems to be a critical success as well. I'll admit that it has become a bit of an "Indie Darling" but popularity doesn't make it a failure either. The fandom IS fucking toxic, but so are elements of the Soulsbourne fandom. Neither is as bad as those Stephen Universe and Rick and Morty fans though, I'll give you that!
also, similar to you I was also ensnared by this indie games charm, with Jackaboy doing a let's play and all. then I encountered sights from, shudder, "fans". the sights were quite disturbing to say the least, and I count myself fortunate to not have personally encountered one of them. I would title them the worst fandom, but that title instead goes to the Ste-guuguaagh-ven-shshhwsaasfgs, pant pant, Universe-hurk fandom
just beware, failures are called failures for a reason, regardless how enticing they may be. and in case you haven't realized, throughout this entire conversation, I've been speaking in patterns mimicking dialogue from the soulsbourne series, with "forget the dream" coming from Gherman when he gives you the choice to escape the nightmare
Jon Harvey (7 months ago)
Xaldror Tender of the Vats Already played all three Dark Souls games...I played them for the same reason I will play Undertale, they are currently in the gaming zeitgeist...I don't think Undertale looks amazing or is a GotY contender or anything, just a little indie game to experience and talk about with other gamers. Help to understand all the Undertale memes and shit. I promise not to go full retard regarding the game, okay?
Jon Harvey want good gaming culture? Seek, seek, lest, Dark Souls and Bloodborne, paragons of gaming culture, lore as far as the eye can see. Join in jolly cooperation and let ye partake in communion. Let the souls and echoes be thy strength.
brummie pc gamer (8 months ago)
so wheres crash bandicoot?
Myung Kou Kang (8 months ago)
Gal Gun? I wonder if that's the censored version, or despite being localized, will it be non censored? I hope that it is non censored despite being localized. We had enough of censorship, especially the ones that don't make sense, such as the Fire Emblem and Persona series cross over thing.
Junior Duperval (8 months ago)
More indie trash
David T (8 months ago)
Junior Duperval when will you people go away!?
Touch of Chaos (8 months ago)
FC: 8270-6696-9895 I just got the Switch so for now I only have Zelda. I will however be getting Splatoon 2 this week. As for next month I'm buying Doom, Arms, Bomberman, Mario kart 8, and many more games. I'm also on Central Time zone TEXAS. We also have a Discord for everything Nintendo Switch. Just ask me and I'll post the invite link to it.
nowonmetube (8 months ago)
7:20 where is that music (from Desert Child) coming from? 😲😲 I know it, but I can't define it!
Torin's Codex (8 months ago)
Switch planet when u say open world rpgs like Zelda make sure they r all open world rpgs like Zelda xD
skeech1979 (8 months ago)
Load runner. What a disaster. Are they on crack? TERRIBLE!!!!
Mythrays1 (8 months ago)
Hell yeah bro ham more games I'll never be interested in. Yeah that's right I'll never buy these games, nor do they interest me.
David T (8 months ago)
Mythrays1 good for you....
Luis Enrique B. (8 months ago)
Jeremy Hines (8 months ago)
Never heard of it til now but I want to get Riot
- - (8 months ago)
That theme at the beginning is WAY too fucking loud.
Danny Sealock (7 months ago)
- - lmao
- - (7 months ago)
Danny Sealock ah, hence the bully tendencies...
Danny Sealock (7 months ago)
- - still in school
- - (7 months ago)
Danny Sealock Nice, you must’ve done really well in school.
- - (7 months ago)
You keep proving my point...smh
Johnny Boy (8 months ago)
How and where did you find out Undertale was coming this year
maestrojo (8 months ago)
It was actually announced on the Nintendo Direct about a week ago.
Ulen Grau (8 months ago)
So many garbage indies.... my god! I can't wait for Smash. I love great indies, but all the new good ones are just ports of old games (i.e. Undertale)
David T (8 months ago)
Ulen Grau who would have thought that Outlast was an indie game aswell
David T (8 months ago)
Ulen Grau most I've bought are 5 to 20 quid and had tremendous fun with them.
Ulen Grau (8 months ago)
Again, just think we like different games. That's all. I wouldn't mind if bad indie games all cost $9 or less, but some pretty bad ones can be as expensive as $29.99, and that's just bs. I mean... just look at "Troll & I." Terrible game, no change for port. Very expensive.
David T (8 months ago)
Ulen Grau and Decay of Logos looks good imo.
David T (8 months ago)
Ulen Grau you missed loads of the games on that this. They were the bad ones. There's at least 7 good ones.
OcSeT ALPHA (8 months ago)
Guys quick question. If l delete a game off my sd card to make space for a new game . If l reinstall the old game does the switch remember lve already purchased it .or do l loose all my data and have too pay for the game again ... thanks
maestrojo (8 months ago)
Yes the games are permanently linked with your account you use to sign on to the e-shop. The WiiU was the same way.
David T (8 months ago)
OcSeT ALPHA yes you can redownload them for free as you've already purchased them.
AH SEU VOU (8 months ago)
so many awesome games being released!! I don't get why so many people are dissappointed by this week's lineup. They keep acting like switch only gets mobile ports and it's seriously pissing me off
Not2Shabby (7 months ago)
AH SEU VOU because its a portable but yet a competitive console with style compared to a $400 console. Idk I see that. Haha.
Vinicius Madeira (8 months ago)
David T (8 months ago)
AH SEU VOU too many trolls and Sony and Xbots fan girls.
AwkwrdW1llCmdy (8 months ago)
A couple of these I just might get, like that FPS and the RPG. Rico and Decay of Logos? I believe?
Nafyo toons (8 months ago)
I am waiting for Valkayriah 4 and undertale. The others looks Soo dumb!
MobileDecay (8 months ago)
These games look great but I can't help but laugh the Switch is gonna get an Fmv game! Switch CD!!! Lol. When are they gonna port Corpse killer? 😁
gwadmanga (8 months ago)
gal gun 2 my dude
CHRISTIAN R. (8 months ago)
gwadmanga yo man, that, the Naruto Storm trilogy, and freakin Avengers: Infinity War come out that week. I’m gonna be broke
bednar23 (8 months ago)
V-rally? Awesome! Haven't played that since ps1 days!!
Kelly d (8 months ago)
Issa a trash line up......
James Keith Tampus (7 months ago)
Jeeses99 your the one who's retarded you didn't get his point.
James Keith Tampus (7 months ago)
Daniel Samaniego That's what I felt man..😢😢😢
Al Pesimo (7 months ago)
Agreed, it's like all these indie games on all these videos make the Switch look like Action 52 for a new generation.
Tandoji (7 months ago)
nintendo is for babies, sony always wins
Jeeses99 (7 months ago)
Brandon Vaughn It wasn't an opinion. You thought these were like snes games and they aren't. How the fuck did you get that these games were mediocre?
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (8 months ago)
Rico looks like borderlands
Jack O'Grady (8 months ago)
Cell shading brah, been around for years
Web (8 months ago)
Oh damn *Everspace* ?
noun uneedtono (7 months ago)
Web is 3:10 even real?
Bright.Light.Sights (8 months ago)
Web Beautiful aesthetic on it
Seín2000 (8 months ago)
Got a bad feeling but let's watch :V ...
theLord ofGames (8 months ago)
Como sempre nenhum thirdparty de peso
물멍멍 (8 months ago)
2020년? 확실한거 맞아요?
Mac Attack (8 months ago)
I want to see more 3rd party. Too much smartphone games 😑💩
James Keith Tampus (7 months ago)
Just buy a phone and a third a party controller then you can have a Switch on your own.
Deric Gregory (7 months ago)
David T - I regret my Switch. BOTW, Mario Odyssey, DragonQuest Builders, NBA 2K18, Lego City Undercover, Resident Evil Revelation 1 & 2, Stardew Valley, and Puyo Puyo Tetris have all been terrible games for me... And I'm dreading the release of Octopath Traveller, Smash, Pokemon, Wolfenstein, Metroid, etc. If the rumors about BO4 and fortnite are true, that'll be even worse. I also hate being able to play these crappy games wherever I want in whatever way I want. What a terrible system.
Web (7 months ago)
Havik714 lmao play call of duty on PC then
minori7y (7 months ago)
Since fortnight has been ported to iOS does that confirm a switch release? I personally don't care if a game is a port as long as it's good. I'm loving all the games w/ crazy highly detailed sprite work, that's my shit!
Havik714 (7 months ago)
Yeah. Same here. The games games don’t really interest me. I want to see more 3rd party shooting or zombie games
POUR OUT LIQUOR (8 months ago)
Can't wait to get my Nintendo switch this wensdsy
scoot mcgoot (7 months ago)
just_nitro hope you dont regret it like me. After i beat mario and zelda i have found all the other game choices suck terribly! Im trading my switch back for a ps4 asap. All the games look like dang smartphone app games!
richard john (7 months ago)
bednar23 I'm playing Zelda for the last 3 months.Its brilliant I don't think I a ever going to be able to finish it.But that's ok there is just so much to do.
Apple noodles (7 months ago)
Hope you'll have fun with it, enjoy.
Jay Bee (7 months ago)
Lucky, I've been waiting for mines for 2 weeks now (international shipping) the wait is killing me
Alessio Cece (7 months ago)
just_nitro nice!! Have fun with it!!
Barto 43 (8 months ago)
Undertale is for the 8/4 !
이응 이응 (8 months ago)
Ummi Edar (8 months ago)
tq for the update guys great video as always!
Platinums H (8 months ago)
Whats the song of ur intro?
Platinums H (8 months ago)
Kazuma Kiryu oh dammit
Nero (8 months ago)
Platinums // Mods he won't say I tried to many times and never got a reply. Lol I want know too but oh well what can you do.
Blu Gill (8 months ago)
VC on vita really let me down hopefully the 4th wont
nowonmetube (8 months ago)
Blu Gill VC on vita??? The 4th???
Bardogeeftjordigelijk.nl (8 months ago)
RUNBOW😍 DAMN I LOVE RUNBOW. It was my first indie for Wii u. I have played it a lot with my friends.
Bardogeeftjordigelijk.nl (8 months ago)
Decay of logos looks great!
Wandell Wright (8 months ago)
You beat me to it
Samtander 7960 (8 months ago)
Wandell Wright oh well
Samtander 7960 (8 months ago)

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