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NBA PLAYGROUNDS Hot New Update Trailer ( Nintendo Switch )

24 ratings | 1991 views
The New Update Trailer of NBA Playgrounds . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Tony's Gigs (1 year ago)
Pass lol, nobody would ever buy this over 2k17 or 18.
Andrew Lo (1 year ago)
Ace Bounty boi it’s been released for like months now and so far a lot of people have bought it so I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about
Tony's Gigs (1 year ago)
Ya, there was one for ps2 that was really good. Looks very similar.
Jeff Skidmore (1 year ago)
Ace Bounty It's not really supposed to be a competitor for those games. It's 2v2... and a lot of fun if you played the old arcade basketball games.

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