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Spyro Reignited Trilogy New Gameplay Demo Trailer 2018 ( PlayStation 4 )

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The New Gameplay Demo Trailer of Spyro Reignited Trilogy . Enjoy and Please subscribe == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == and like to support me
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Feral Magick (2 months ago)
Im so glad i didnt get a chance to play riptos rage now because i get to be surprised and enjoy an oldies spyro game for the first time. I did however get to play the first and 3rd ones over and over again <3
JTundra (2 months ago)
Zach Stirling (3 months ago)
Can I still use the unlock all moves cheat? Lol!
Alex Iasonidis (3 months ago)
Please bring it on steam pretty pretty pleaseeeeee????????
ngqp (3 months ago)
Looks just like how I remembered it
Kyle Sellers (3 months ago)
Can't wait. This game is a MUST HAVE!!!!
zeranzeran (3 months ago)
It's almost like game development teams are starting to listen to the people that buy their shit.
Jay Ross (3 months ago)
This isn't a game play demo it's broll footage
Joshua Nicholas (3 months ago)
Spyro is looking promising man I haven’t played Spyro for a very long time since the gba game Season of flame.
PyramidHead316 (3 months ago)
One minor quibble, I don't like that the monks don't do their goofy chant, and instead do some weird hypnotic effect. Other than that, it looks pretty good. (Yeah, I know they can't keep everything the same, but that chant and the accompanying soundtrack was one of the most memorable parts of the original second game! At least we still have the original soundtrack, though.)
spyrofreak911 (3 months ago)
I by no means support the censorships TfB is doing but I think they're doing it to avoid this game getting a higher rating than E/E10+ just cause it's easier to view content in the environment characters etc in Spyro than Crash. To basically avoid problems like the ESRB and public outcries.
spyrofreak911 (3 months ago)
They are probably doing censorships cause the racey shit guns etc are probably easier to catch in Spyro than Crash because Crash Remaster is all uncensored but you have to move constantly and keep a trigger finger lock on your controller. Crash had plenty of bad stuff as was the thing with 90s games and TV(hidden adult jokes and content) but with Spyro you can view that content easier thus the need for censorships.
zeranzeran (3 months ago)
People would cry racism. guaranteed.
Serpy Derpy (3 months ago)

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