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TOP 10 GOOD Games That Aged BAD!

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Modern gaming is really great sometimes, but it's hard not to look back at the past and see the greatest retro games as being better. However, some of these hidden gems have actually gotten WORSE with time. These are my picks for the Top 10 GOOD Games That Aged Bad! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 This list video goes over some great games like Jade Empite for the Xbox, Tomb Raider for the PS1 and Sega saturn, Gauntlet Dark Legacy for Gamecube for PS2 and arcade, Metroid other M on Nintendo Wii, Star Fox SNES, Grand Theft Auto 3, Myst on PC, GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64, Resident Fall of Man on PS3, Clock Tower, and other awesome retro games are mentioned.
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DreamcastGuy (3 months ago)
This was a really cool one to make. Don’t get mad if I put a game you love on here. These are still great games, just old as heck! :P
Brandon x22 (3 months ago)
No shit they're old smh
DreamcastGuy Reactions to your choices: #10- I am not surprised to see "Tomb Raider" on this list. #9- I've never heard of "Jade Empire". #8- I didn't expect to see "Grand Theft Auto III". #7. I expected to see the original "Star Fox" on this list. It's the worst looking game in the series. #6- I've never heard of "Resistance: Fall of Man". #5- I've never heard of "Gauntlet: Dark Legacy". #4- I definitely didn't expect to see "Metroid: Other M". It's the most recent game on this list! 😲 #3- I've never heard of "Clock Tower". #2- I've never heard of "Myst". People thought that this was releastic?! 😂 #1- I *knew* that "GoldenEye 007" would be on this list. That's the game I knew about the most. 🤓
Geoff Prince (3 months ago)
You are fast becoming my favourite gaming youtuber, keep up the good work.
Loganmeme1986 (3 months ago)
Being honest I expected ocarina of time but I now think back remembering the 3ds remake
Edward Robinson (3 months ago)
It's cool.
Samoa Joe Fan (1 month ago)
Kill yourself
Gambit2483 (1 month ago)
Damn....the Other M hate has to stop. Was it a perfect game? No. But it wasn't nearly as bad as some make it out to be -It told a very interesting story picking up from Super Metroid and showing more of Samus backstory, and even Adam's origin so that Metroid Fusion actually makes sense! -It was actually very challenging on hard mode and had some kick ass boss fights and tons of hidden secrets like classic Metroid...even a Hidden Boss or two! Also the visuals and sound production are THE best in the franchise. Sure there are a few questionable game designs but the game overall has way more pros than cons. People need to stop hating Other M. I swear man you just tried to compare it to something like that obvious cash grab Animal Crossing on Wii U...c'mon my dude
TNTITAN (1 month ago)
On .hack what hurt it was you had one game being sold as four. That decision to split the games up hurt the game.
pdraggy (1 month ago)
Myst was before Madden, before Quake, before Wolfenstein even before Doom or Duke Nukem! Myst came out at a time when games with that depth (on the PC) were either point and click or text based. Myst birthed a whole new generation of interactive puzzle games it was HUGE! *sigh* kids.
jalvarez1982 (1 month ago)
Totally agree with you on Goldeneye. Game was incredible when it was released. Now it literally is unplayable lol. I'd like to mention the original Mortal Kombat.
jalvarez1982 (1 month ago)
+jeremy roberts yeah man. I recently played MK 1&2 on the Genesis. That only lasted about 2-3 minutes. I loved them back in the day when they were fresh, especially MK2 (fav of the series). But today, the controls are just frustrating and unbearable lol
jeremy roberts (1 month ago)
Yea the original Mortal Kombat doesn’t hold up at all anymore. Tbh I love the old school games I look back at 1-4 and out of all those the only one I think is still fun to play is probably Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Loved 4 when I was younger but I recently played it again and it just felt really clunky and horrible
Alexander Birch (1 month ago)
I respectfully disagree with your list and some of your opinions make playing against Mike Tyson in Punch Out a relaxing experience
kaicooper87 (2 months ago)
Metroid Other M.. play it on Dolphin emulator with 4k res and shaders it will age epicness
Plushmation Studios (2 months ago)
Clock Tower is an amazing games the graphics are amazing for being a ps1 horror game it is still frighting the scissor man is terrifying Jennifer and Halen are amazing girls the stories are amazing and the point and click makes it more scary and the main characters can't fight so they have to hide and think on how to survive the horror that's amazing and I love it amazing horror ps1 game
Nishido Hellhillsruler (2 months ago)
The game that aged the worse for me was Resident Evil 2. In the years after I originally played it, I got to play a lot of third and first person shooters, so when one day I decided to revisit RE2, I found myself suffering through the two buttons system to aim and then shoot. This also kind of ruined RE4 for me as well. On the other hand, I had recently realized that I can still enjoy playing most of the old 2D beat 'em ups I used to play on my arcade years; the King of Fighters series in particular. Speaking of which; it's messed up to realize SNK got away with releasing basically the same game once a year for almost a decade. Those bastards; still love them, though :D
marc richards (2 months ago)
Could not disagree more about jade empire.
temujin9000 (2 months ago)
totally agree with starfox. it was on my mind when i started the video
Bryan Steele (2 months ago)
eh I think star fox is great a historical piece. It's a milestone during the 16 bit era, and generally it's still one of the more playable 16 bit games today
delbomb3131 (2 months ago)
I wish destiny had the class system that resistance 2 had.
Jmoney516 Gaming (2 months ago)
I feel like a lot of the fallout games before 4 aren’t going to age well....plus games like shadow warrior ps4
Plural (3 months ago)
Star Fox was always trash. I've tried playing 007 in the past 12 months. One thumbstick. I can't even.
7theodious7 (3 months ago)
Hey DCG? I enjoy your reviews, news and top 10s. I have a question. You stated that grand theft auto game has changed in since it launched, you are not the only reviewer to say such....... nonsense(With all due respect ). Is it the game has changed not likely... or you as a gamer and the market has changed? I think influencers need to make that distinction when talking about gaming history cause it a inaccurate assessment of gaming history. Just a long time nagging thought. But what are for thoughts?
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (3 months ago)
Mass effect 1
Jimi Barker (3 months ago)
your thumbnail is click bait reporting an flagging
Pro Nerdy (3 months ago)
You got a gamecube mini?! Woah
Donald R Nordlie (3 months ago)
I grew up playing MYST.
Evan Sims (3 months ago)
OG Resident Evil
RosyTheRascal15 (3 months ago)
I agree with a lot of people. As a big sonic fan the adventure games didn't age well like at all. Yes even sa2 people.
assholemon (3 months ago)
The reasons why those games didn't aged well is because our expectations got higher and the standards of games got higher as well, with improved controls in certain games, better game design, more polished gameplay, graphics, and better management of difficulty (which is why certain shit from the NES never came back). You can still play and appreciate those games, but now we're acustombed to those modern things that we might not tolerate those things from the past.
Craig Tory (3 months ago)
Sorry I haven't seen any of your videos for ages so glad you got through the bad times where you was going to be kicked out (or did) you sir are legend and glad you keep putting new videos up as there a joy to watch! 😊
Koffin Kat (3 months ago)
The original Deus Ex is also a really great game that aged really badly. The original Thief game, on the other hand, would be my example of a great game that aged quite well.
Axel's DDO Channel (3 months ago)
IMO the worst aging games by far are the PS1/N64 era of games. The early 3D games are such a pain to go back and try to play. Resident Evil 1, Tomb Raider, ect.
Thomas Ruth (3 months ago)
Resistance: Fall of Man and 007: GoldenEye, especially the former, have aged just fine.
Bones Jackson (3 months ago)
Goldeneye was always a piece of shit on a piece of shit console.
Brandon x22 (3 months ago)
And i thought this guy couldn't get any more moronic
Exvalos (3 months ago)
Star fox does not belong on this list.
Foreign User (3 months ago)
Bioware then =/= Bioware now
Tamachan87 (3 months ago)
I would disagree that the original Tomb Raider hasn't aged well. I recently went back to it and was actually impressed by how well it conveys the atmosphere of being in an isolated, long forgotten cavern haunted by dangerous beasts. What really impressed me was how well the animations hold up. Moving Lara around really does look really nice still, especially when you compare this (one of the first fully 3D third person console games) to some of the latest disasters (Mass Effect: Andromeda). Maybe I am looking at this from rose tinted glasses too much, but i really do think the first Tomb Raider is one you can go back to at any time.
Lil J (3 months ago)
* cough * * cough * Half life 2 * cough *
Alex Stilgoe (3 months ago)
Skylanders 1, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Elder Scrolls 1 and 2, Star Fox 1 and 2, Metroid Prime Hunters, Ico, Zelda 2, Crash 1, Resident Evil 1
Alister Dante (3 months ago)
1st Smash Bros. Still holds up very well.
Hey!! Nobody talks down on GAUNTLET DARK LEGACY!
Fishel Nam Nam (3 months ago)
Im glad Tomb Raider 2 on PS1 didnt make this list like its predecessor TR1 because there are some of the most memorable levels in it and if you really want to up the challenge factor a LOT try the last 3 levels including the island world in the sky, defeating boss dragon, and yeah, the entire TR2 difficulty was a massive spike over TR1 so i think it still holds up phenomenally today!
Balrog (3 months ago)
I’m so sorry you played Myst on DS
Lenny Marcus (3 months ago)
What's with the affected accent and inflection? Relax guy
Stupid MAN2488 (3 months ago)
Myst was always garbage
MoonSpirit (3 months ago)
I'd say if you want to play Clock Tower, get a repro cart SNES version of it. That is a truly terrifying time!
teracall (3 months ago)
Frankly all the old PS2 era GTA games haven't aged well. 3 and VC both have that crappy aiming system and inability to swim. Which was just unforgivable in my opinion. SA was the best of the time but still not that great, just an ok Relic of that time.
teracall (3 months ago)
assholemon Yes, but that might be me speaking with Nostalgic goggles.
assholemon (3 months ago)
but do you still see them as great games?
ShadowOfNexxus (3 months ago)
Sam Lindsay (3 months ago)
Mafia 2
karnovrpg (3 months ago)
Crash Bandicoot 1. It might be a great platformer for the then-new PS1, but man does it look ugly today.
Fishel Nam Nam (3 months ago)
karnovrpg yeah, but I think my point still stands if I'm able to play every Crash level in the 2D/pseudo-3D plane with a Mad Catz Pro wired controller. It's essentially the same as 360 degree control of movement unless you were to say that the Crash remaster wasn't basically a carbon copy of the original trilogy with a new coat of paint. What I'm trying to say is even Crash 1 levels designed with 2D movement by D Pad I can play on original PS1 hardware with 3rd party controller....
karnovrpg (3 months ago)
We're talking about actual 360 degree analog control. What you're doing is remapping the D-pad to the sticks. Crash 1 was released before the dual shock, so it has no analog movement.
Fishel Nam Nam (3 months ago)
karnovrpg Actually, you can still play original Crash in all analog on PS1. I do it. You just get a 3rd party controller with a macro option, like a Mad Catz controller and you can play any digital controlled game in analog:0
karnovrpg (3 months ago)
I didn't find the D-pad a problem, though analog was a nice addition in the sequels. What did suck though was the save system. As if it wasn't frustrating enough already.
Toonsies (3 months ago)
karnovrpg Agreed. It was also difficult to get through due to needing to use d-pads instead of analog sticks for moving and jumping.
Rufio Quin (3 months ago)
Completely agree with Goldeneye. All memories are of it being amazing, but going back and playing it now is simply not fun at all.
Angel Arroyo (3 months ago)
You stabbed my heart when I saw Star Fox on the list.
Whitney Asante (3 months ago)
This is the first list of this that didn't include Final Fantasy 7. I thought Super Mario 64 might qualify but definitely would throw Donkey Kong 64 here.
kadajsnightqueen (3 months ago)
As much as I hate to admit it, Final Fantasy VII. The story, the music, the characters, so much of it still works beautifully. But those graphics, after playing current-gen games? They will give you one hell of a headache. Plus there are a couple of mini games and even a few story beats that don’t work as well as we remember. All I can say is that while the original will always hold a place in my heart and history, the remake just can’t come fast enough.
CreamyCreamBo7 (3 months ago)
I'm a 14 year old with no nostalgia for Goldeneye, but I absolutely love it
Blaque Link (3 months ago)
Breath of the wild is not that good and it will certainly not age well. I am 100% sure. 20 years from now people will look at Breath of the wild and be like why did we love this so much? The game is crap!
legend Of good (3 months ago)
maximumjesus (3 months ago)
I think Shenmue aged badly. Aged like a fine milk.
HicksZ34 (3 months ago)
I grew up on NES and SNES and Ill never forget my first time with a 3D platformer, Tomb Raider II (that was a good christmas, ps1, FF7, TR2, Sim City 2000 and no memory card lol). I couldnt even get out of the first area without reading a guide that gave you step by step (literally) instructions. It was like: center lara so the corner of the platform is between her legs, jump forward, climb ledge, hold L1 and take 2 steps forward, rotate 180°, press back once to hop, hold forward to start running and press X immediately. Something like that, just to navigate the first 2 jumps lol. I could not get to grips with the controls otherwise. But after climbing to the top of the Great Wall,I started to understand it. But those first minutes were like a baby learning to walk.
CricketStyleJ (3 months ago)
Other games that aged badly: Grim Fandango, Daggerfall, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, Phantasmagoria, and almost every Wii game with motion controls.
Cloud Air (3 months ago)
resistance 2 is trash as well now
Mirrorwood Comics (3 months ago)
Lol so is this proof that the N64 was the worst games console of all time? No RPG's no 2D games, even though the 3D was ugly. Nintendo's biggest mistake.
Z3rostar (3 months ago)
I recently hooked up a few of my old systems and I can't believe I was ever dumb enough to think Goldeneye was good.
Mirrorwood Comics (3 months ago)
I remember getting myst along with Resident Evil when I first got a Play Station back in 1996. I think I played Myst for about 10 minutes before never playing it again. Resident Evil was a whole different story.
SacrificAbominat (3 months ago)
While I definitely think Myst hasn't aged well I think it's sequels Riven and Exile have. They took a more realistic approach to their visuals, which is usually a bad thing when you don't want a game to look dated, but the prerendered nature of the games let their visuals hold up even to today's standards. Of course there are some aspects that haven't aged well. They are low resolution and the compressed video cutscenes look pretty bad, but they were clearly ahead of their time visually thanks to them essentially being prerendered slide shows. I'm glad to see the same company working similar games like Obduction these days.
referral madness (3 months ago)
A lot of people say that 5th generation gqmes have aged basly and i understand why people say that but as far as I'm concerned most of the best ps1 , n64 & saturn 3d games are still good to play even today even if the controls aren't as good as newer games. I can still have fun playing tomb raider , ocarina of time , spyro ect :)
Epyldzak rabbot (3 months ago)
First resistance is my favorite in whole series. for me 2 and 3 are just another call of duty like shooter.
referral madness (3 months ago)
You put star fox & tomb raider on the thumbnail. Imo those games are still great. The tank controls in the OG tomb raider didn't bother me but for some reason it bothered me when i playes silent hill.
Craig Anderson (3 months ago)
When the video started and you picked up Super Mario Bros 3 I almost unsubscribed :P
TheVidzWatcher (3 months ago)
Top 10 YouTubers That Aged BAD!
Jared Bowhay-Pringle (3 months ago)
Forget aging, Tomb Raider's controls were just piss poor all along because they were designed to be used with a D-pad, which is almost fundamentally wrong for a 3D game, as the Dual Analog controller wasn't released until the following year. Just consider this; Super Mario 64 was released four months before Tomb Raider.
rick hunter (3 months ago)
Non of this games are bad, Tomb Raider 1996 is far better than Uncharted 4., is an actual game not an interactive SJW movie
crawlv5 (3 months ago)
Basically any game on the nes and everything that came before it for me
Ultgamer cw (3 months ago)
You are a big stupid face for putting GTA 3 on this list :)
Slayer Runefrost (3 months ago)
Ok last comment. Thank you for putting Goldeneye. But I have to say, GOLDENEYE WAS NEVER ALL THAT GOOD. It banked on a gimmick which admittedly WAS fun but just not enough to justify buying it. Not at all the "God's gift to gaming" that all it's fans say it was. It was clunky, the graphics were shit (even for the time) and the single player was BORING AF (not to mention frustrating) Just because it had the 4 player vs mode, people wanna suck it's dick. Yeah it was fun but not THAT fun. And that's ALL it had. And as for aging, oh God does it look and feel just awful these days. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, GoldenEye has got to be THE most overrated game of all time.
Slayer Runefrost (3 months ago)
Umm.......ALL the Metroid games have you running back and forth just to get items😉
Slayer Runefrost (3 months ago)
Jade Empire definitely needs a reboot
Slayer Runefrost (3 months ago)
Thank God the original Tomb Raider got an HD remaster.
Slayer Runefrost (3 months ago)
I almost stopped watching at the very beginning because I thought you were gonna cite SMB3 as a poorly aged game.
RantingThespian (3 months ago)
Ok, right when you said MYST, you lost all credibility. MYST is still a FANTASTIC game to this day. It changed gaming forever. The graphics still look beautiful. the puzzles are still smart, and the story and lore is still deep (and only gets deeper with Riven and URU). I play this at least once every couple years, and it has aged fine. Also, I.recently went back and played through GoldenEye, and had a fantastic time! It's sill a great game, and has aged rather well with its sometimes clunky controls (and the game does support dual analog control and wide screen, 2 other things that were way ahead of its time!). Now if you excuse me, Artrus needs some help with his sons, who deserve a well deserved "Time Out". I'll be in D'ni if you need me.
duhmez (3 months ago)
I recognized goldeneye for the trash that iuit was even when it was new. And starfox was not very good either and back then I recognized that. the N64 is mostly crap actualy if u consider todays modern gaming.
duhmez (3 months ago)
Just yesterday I sat down with my 28 year old nphew., we popped mario 3 into my real nes console on my 36 inch CRT tube television, and we rocked out with our mario cocks out. played for a couple hours and only got to world 3! Tons of fun, his first time playing. I am old and I played mario 3 when it was new.. We both had awesome time multipleyer.
Jordick (3 months ago)
Metroid: Other M - I don't care what other people say, but I frigging loved this game because the gameplay design was different and refreshing. I even think that its a superior game to the the Prime series story telling wise, which the Prime series lacked horribly. Story and story telling is everything for me in the singleplayer games. Metroid Other M had everything that the Prime series lacked in that department. Sure, the story in the Other M might have been badly written and designed, but at least it had that story, cutscenes and dialogues which the Prime seires didn't have.
M.H GAMING (3 months ago)
I played resistance trilogy last year in order, for first time. I got to say I liked fall of men more than second or third game
DrunkManHunts (3 months ago)
Hey, ever tried Alien Resurrection on PS1? I know, the movie was not that good, but the game was super claustrophobic and scary and even difficult on easy setting. I even recently beat it on my ps1 and my thoughts still haven't changed, it's a pretty good game, but maybe my judgement is clouded by nostalgia, who knows. PS. There's a lot of people who hate this game, for some reason.(Probably the ones who assume that if the movie is shit then the game probably too)
Ghost Of War (3 months ago)
DrunkManHunts It was revolutionary game when it was released. I played it a lot My only complain about it even back then was that it was too long so it started to get monotonous later
FEARnoEVIL88 (3 months ago)
I thought I was the only one who loved this game lol  It's just as creepy as Alien Isolation in my opinion.
L (3 months ago)
Agreed. It's a great game but it's hard as nails.
Milliardo5 (3 months ago)
Most games I know aged rather badly to be honest. Final Fantasy VII and VIII for instance. Back then they were some of the best, but graphics wise now--well, they look rather clunky. Waiting for the FFVII remake and if only for the graphics, I think I'll get it. Hopefully Square gets this idea to remake FFVIII as well. Baldur's Gate? Another favorite of mine but now thinking about it, it also hasn't aged quite well. Can't think of too many games that have aged well. I think the original Pokemon games have aged decently, though I would say just barely.
Ben Gosling (3 months ago)
When i saw Myst for the first time as a 10/11yr old i was gobsmacked.
Typ0 (3 months ago)
“What am I doing? Screw this.”😂😂😂
사이 (3 months ago)
Metroid Other M is so cheesy it's cool. Underrated
Spence Mossman (3 months ago)
i love the first deus ex but boy are those character models just hideous!
Naiko (3 months ago)
i would put GTAIII higher tbh
718 Futurist (3 months ago)
I’ll add uncharted Drakes fortune to this list.
Wage War (3 months ago)
you should do a video about the *FARCRY 3 Classic Edition*
Pixel Game Squad (3 months ago)
Legit had this written down on my "to do videos" list hahaha Awesome stuff man ❤️
firdaus petra (3 months ago)
i never used headphone to watch this channel and omg that breath😂
Uliseh (3 months ago)
As much as i love the Resistance game i've to be brutally honest to say that Resistance 2 has one of the most amazings settings in a Fps campaign but also one of the higgest bullshits moments ever , specifically talking about the infurating difficulty in some areas and bad designed elements like the F'ing Chameleons and explosive spam by the giants bugs.
Blaze Theil (3 months ago)
Elder Scrolls 3. Nuff said.
Retro Soul (3 months ago)
I'll always passionately disagree with the foolish notion of video games "aging", it is utter nonsense. Because hey news flash, they don't! Games don't age the way we do, they don't get worst with time, the mechanics haven't changed, the frame rates haven't decreased, the game you're playing today is the same exact game from 10-20+ yrs ago. Game quality doesn't change either, a good/great game is always a good game, a mediocre game is always and was always mediocre, you see age has nothing to do with it. Gta III missions were always terrible, Goldeneye multiplayer at 10fps was always terrible, but it's about perspective, those games were awful but we still played them and had fun with them because that's what video games are meant to be, fun.
Retro Soul (3 months ago)
Yeah, I totally understand what you're saying...but I still argue that age isn't related to the issues with older games, there's a better way to criticize older games without blaming everyone in the time period they were developed in. You see because even back then (some) developers were able to discern bad design choices from good ones. And some hardware manufacturers were able to discern poor hardware choices from better ones (think Atari Jaguar vs PS1). Yes of course years have passed, we've created different controls and mechanics since then and have made improvements in places, and you're right about ppl becoming accustomed to certain mechanics no doubt. But I'm just arguing that, Goldeneye's controls weren't as great as we thought at the time, even then, it's certainly functional, but not great, but it's actually the result of the N64s controller limitations. Because you can actually map the 4 C-buttons to function just like a 2nd analog stick so even Rare knew then, that 2 analog sticks were the ideal console control mapping (and that's how I play the game). So is it the entire eras fault for single-stick fps control and thus it "aged badly"? Or Nintendo's fault for not creating a good/innovative enough controller for gaming's future? Or the fault of some developers? I say the latter. Regarding tank controls, I actually spent some time playing the ps1 Tomb Raider games recently (by total coincidence), and I think its control scheme works well for the games slower paced dungeon crawling design. It isn't a traditional "platformer" like a Mario game so it doesn't need to play like one, just my op. But I'm not opposed to the way modern TR or the "uncharted" style gameplay/control at all. Regarding 8-16 bit games we can find just as many old games that still play really great, with fairly designed difficulty. Though admittedly game design did collectively improve going into the 16-bit era, some examples anyway...Hagane, Shinobi 3, Ristar, Wild Guns, Ninja Warriors, Thunder Force etc. To support my argument I wouldn't claim these games "aged well", I'd just say that they're great games! Lastly with 5th gen gaming you can contrast M64 and Spyro with something mediocre like Earthworm Jim 3D or Bubsy 3D, and you wouldn't say those 2 latter games "aged badly" right if you played them today? No most would simply say they just aren't good games due to a lack of developer talent during development. Anyway, I'm not really disagreeing with you, I just think we should change/simplify the way we critique older games. Hope my pts are easy to see, cheers.
assholemon (3 months ago)
You are correct on a bad game being a bad game and a good game being good regardless on how much time has passed. The point I'm trying to make is how we're acustomed to newer controls or how certain elements from the past for perfected, like trying to compare something like tank controls in a platformer vs full controls from modern 3d platformers (like mario odyssey to give an example), or goldeneye's controls vs the controls of twin stick FPS (in which they perform better). Or how we went pass the NES era of difficulty vs the modern hard as nails difficulty that goes no where near like in the days of the NES era, because (let's be honest) part of those games are difficult for the wrong reasons. And part of this is because people know more about games than back then , and thus they do choose the better elements to create some modern classics (dark soulos, super meat boy, hollow knight, hotline miami, etc). I hope I made my case.
Retro Soul (3 months ago)
What does age have to do with bad game design? Bad game design is bad design, no matter when it was released. A bad game is bad the moment it releases no matter what critics say at the time. What you explained, has to do with game quality, not age. The term "aging badly" does not make sense because it means that the quality of the game decreased, as time went on, but that does not happen. When you go back to play an old game that's mechanically broken like GT3, instead of bringing age/time into the mix, why not simply say "it's not a great game" instead and move on to something better? Other times it's about your own perspective, maybe instead of newer games having "better" controls, some newer games simply have "different" controls instead, having you play with a different set of rules or mechanics, than it gets very subjective. Classic Tomb Raider compared with modern Tomb Raider is a perfect example of this. Neither control/gameplay style is objectively "better", but instead just different creating 2 unique experiences.
assholemon (3 months ago)
They aged badly because our standards and modern gamign design got in their way, with better level design and better controls you can't help but have a sour flavor when playing some of the games.
Naiko (3 months ago)
most of this games pushed technology in gaming, they aged bad because of that, i dont think is fair to watch it like you said.
1いかり (3 months ago)
I’m surprised gta 3 isn’t even closer to the number one spot to be honest. It’s greatest strength was it’s open world (which was both amazing and innovative for its time.) but now in a time where open world games have become extremely stale, I feel like gta 3 is the biggest offender when looking at it in 2018
bilboswa666ins (3 months ago)
Dark Legacy is still one of the greatest games ever. What are you even saying!? Other than Ocarina of Time Dark Legacy is the only game I can complete over and over again. Also, you showed footage of Legends, not Dark Legacy and the bug you mentioned. I've never in 16 years experienced in Dark Legacy on any of the 3 systems it's on.
The White Wolf (3 months ago)
Carlos Tafurt (3 months ago)
Good but also did not age well for me: Morrowind Original Half Life First Age of Empires First Medieval Total War ( tactical battles)
10 bad games that have aged decently lol.
for8bitgamers (3 months ago)
Sleeping Dogs is pretty ugly.

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