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10 Things EA Want You To Forget

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A household name in almost all the wrong ways, EA have had quite the storied career in gaming. 30+ years of occasional wish fulfilment, some brilliant movie tie-ins... and a hell of a lot of missteps. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (456)
Richard Frost (26 days ago)
They must've had a hell of a job cutting this list down to 10
rd0676 (1 month ago)
Grab your pitchforks and torches and let's go to work!
rob brindisi (1 month ago)
Gimme dead space 4 Damn you
Michael Allen Hackler (1 month ago)
their biggest f up was trashing pandemic .....mercs 2 was awesome
Jamie O'Donnell (1 month ago)
Not to mention, they were the masterminds behind the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series! Hopefully Activision will buy the rights to Ty.
Wayne Cooper (1 month ago)
Is this EA or Konami we're talking about here?
Carl Pitstick (2 months ago)
You can buy the original dungeon keeper games on origins but they don't work they won't even run a couple seconds
Hammerin' Hank (2 months ago)
Both KOTOR games were superb. So...there ARE great Star Wars games.
Hammerin' Hank (2 months ago)
I don't buy EA games anymore. EA sucks.
Anna Hollow (2 months ago)
What about 'EA challenge Everything'? Does no one remember that?
Paola Rosario (2 months ago)
They bought Maxis who gave us The Sims, Sim City and so much more and....they killed it.
Gamers don't forget.
Well, one of EA's motto was "Challenge everything" and they actually lived up to it: the challenged things labors' regulations and our intelligence, to name a few.
Paul Bennett (3 months ago)
Sorry Scott but when your devil self popped up during the Dead Space segment I couldn’t understand a single word!
the mad hatter (3 months ago)
What doesn’t ea want us to forget
Moving Parts Gaming (3 months ago)
You would think with all the work hours and money they throw around they'd make good games...
Knight And SpaceShip (3 months ago)
EA just think they're so badass just because they have amazing IPs. but TBH they just suck, even to the point to blaming Breath of the wild for mass effects sales. xD
Casper (3 months ago)
Bioware is just an empty husk now It will be just a matter of time before they go to EA,s personal butcher table as well
Dogbeast (4 months ago)
Is it talking about easports or just ea
Elly Oguttu (4 months ago)
EA have the zeno's power to destroy all game companies they buy .
directfunebru (4 months ago)
BF Heroes was also ruined by greed. Initially it was good! I remember that well!
gigglebob69 (4 months ago)
Yeah pretty correct all the way through. I can't stand how greedy they have become
Mir Far (4 months ago)
FUCK YOU EA FOR KILLING EA BIG!!! FUCK YOU FOR KILLING THE STUDIOS THAT MADE OUR FAVOURITE GAMES!! SSX, NBA Street, NFL Street, the best games of my childhood, I still set up my PS2 to play these games, and now, they are gone. Thank you EA, I hope you all burn and die.
TheDango (4 months ago)
Dead space one, oh such a masterpiece
Ryan Maddox (4 months ago)
They shouldn't have been pressured to remove the Taliban from the game
George Villarreal (4 months ago)
You sure 10 is enough?
kuramasgurl018 (4 months ago)
Didn't EA also make the harry potter video games? I wish they would have given those games to another company to reboot so we can play them again.
Ingee A. (4 months ago)
#10 is the reason I’m so leery of working for any major company, but especially one that relies heavily on the creative output of its employees. I spent about a year working for a fashion designer, and the hours were similar to what EA was doing to its employees. They said it’s only for a week at the most, but one week turned into two weeks and eventually several months. I quit after passing out at my workstation one day and being reprimanded for not being a “team player” after I had been there well-past midnight several nights in a row.
krioco Dough (5 months ago)
Man EA became a hero to enemy through the years makes me sad because it just shows how evil a company can be to absorb money even willing to bend the law
Athhar Fauzi (5 months ago)
*I have a dream, that one day Activision and EA just begone* and other better good companies show up.
Athhar Fauzi (5 months ago)
Westwood. They killed C&C series
Will Marshall (5 months ago)
Let’s hope they don’t screw up FIFA
L_W (5 months ago)
I see no problem with playing as the Taliban. I mean you play as nazis in games
Daniel Wellington (5 months ago)
Most of the Devs pushing so hard at EA, can probably make them into indies when they quit.
ConZor The Lazzzy Gamer (5 months ago)
Shame on you WhatCulture for not mentioning Westwood as one of the studios they have killed off.
Kokopilau77 (5 months ago)
#1 - I could’ve sworn they received the worst since the . Granted, Equifax deserved it for 17
ForestofTooMuchFood (5 months ago)
EA sucks!!!
rhysjohnboy (5 months ago)
#1 every single thing they did except for Simpsons tapped out and Star Wars battlefront!
Terminatrix of Death (5 months ago)
at least EA isnt CNN, the Communist News Network
Gankatron 5000 (6 months ago)
Destruction of BioWare's sterling reputation was my most hated EA travesty. KotOR and Jade Empire, I loved you, it was beautiful while it lasted, RIP BioWare.
VENDETTA VI (6 months ago)
Well damn, I feel like the only one who had a good experience with BF4, getting minimal bugs
Giordan Diodato (6 months ago)
I dunno, #9 was actually funny. And it is kinda true. also, how did they beat the Koch Corporation as the worst company in America?
paolylo (6 months ago)
How about everything about Origin? Their security is very weak and I never got a cent or even a freebie for the inconvenience of my account being compromised after calling their customer support. Console services like PSN are very generous when their users have been hacked. Speaking of consoles, EA murdering NuFX was so wrong... NBA Street V2 was a decade ahead of its time and I'd say it's still better in every way than NBA Playgrounds (that's just an NBA Jam rip-off).
Hans Christian Z. (6 months ago)
this video
Hypersk's Stuff (6 months ago)
Road Rash, did anyone play any game from that franchise? Road Rash CD on the Sega CD was my absolute favorite... and instead of reviving it, EA wants us to forget about it...
Michael Stroman (6 months ago)
EA SPORTS we suck it's not in the GAME !!!!!!
David Kennedy (6 months ago)
I hope that EA isn't the shape of things to come, that soon all publisher/developers don't go this same money grabbing route. Most of the American film industry has been this way for decades, please don't let the game industry slide down that slippery slope. Games are not just revenue generators, we the players appreciate them for the works of art that some are. Actually, the more I think of this, the more I realise we are already there deep in the abyss of mediocrity!!!
wyrmswyrd (6 months ago)
Been gaming a lot of years, and never was much into the sports stuff or Sims line, so tended to avoid EA games. *chuckle* I did buy Populous and Populous 2, Dungeonkeeper & SMAC (which I still play; love my legacy games) and enjoyed them, but there always seemed something "off" about the company. I wasn't surprised when they started getting bad talked on the internet by people.
divinefallfromgrace (6 months ago)
C'mon WhaCu, be the rock stars you were born to be! Release a vid naming and shaming all individuals concerned with these travesties! It can't be litigated if it's all true! And not just EA; Konami, and all the other culprits. Put a face to the deed! We must know our enemies!
KnucklesR2 (6 months ago)
I'm so sad that NFS and Burnout died :(
Jeremy Stone (6 months ago)
Skate 4?
Jordan Yanes (6 months ago)
Say what you want about EA and sport games, FIFA games always deliver on both solid fun gameplay and stylish graphics.
Tyler Evans (6 months ago)
I only like ea for battlefield that's it
Poison (6 months ago)
i still like EA and EA Sports. if you were to look on my Xbox 1 profile you'd see that i spent dozens and dozens of hours into NBA and NFL 18 along with countless hours of the original Mass Effect trilogy and the Dead Space Trilogy
basilis gkotsis (6 months ago)
EA sports you got to have money 💰
Conner Heise (6 months ago)
They ruined command and conquer, it could have been great
Braulio Cortes (6 months ago)
Fifa 18 ....
*IncognitoOmen* (6 months ago)
Spore was still fun imo
The D-Rex (6 months ago)
DEAD SPACE ... WHY!!! ToT ... They had fucking gold in there hands and threw it away from quick Money those Bastards ....It was a 1 of a kind horror thriller game
jefthereaper (6 months ago)
1 - 10: They want you to forget pretty much everything they ever did, as I can't really name a redeeming factor.
Marcelo Aranibar (6 months ago)
I would totally play as a Taliban >:c Damn you people
Krazykid636 (6 months ago)
Good behavior...what is this a prison?
PSN Serkett (6 months ago)
yea i dont see the problem with playing as the taliban or the fake protest
peter hany (6 months ago)
you look like god of war
Rudy Flores (6 months ago)
EA is the Roman Empire on it's last legs! But they really hit the nail in the coffin with Star Wars Battlefront 2. They for sure not getting a dime from me, or my future kids, or my grandkids, or my grand grandkids....
multisturge (6 months ago)
Only thing EA cares about is money. Don't care about the staff and don't care about the gamers, they will just do whatever to con gamers into spending money. I remember those days of harry potter, a film gets released then EA milks it by releasing a game of that film, game would be just meh and why play a game based on a film that has just been released.
funghazi (6 months ago)
I miss Origin Systems and Westwood Studios so much ;_;
TOM The BOSS (6 months ago)
I would have to do top 50
dragonstormx (6 months ago)
I suppose the fiasco from the Sim City reboot would be an honorable mention. Or does anybody else feel it should have been on the list?
Jack Nelson (6 months ago)
Well super religious people are fun killers.
SKULLCRUSHER GOD (6 months ago)
U can't forget the damage EA has caused
SKULLCRUSHER GOD (6 months ago)
EA is killing companys just because they didn't earn them a lot of money
Ryan Jackman (6 months ago)
One thing I hate EA for is that they purposely made Titanfall 2 underrated. If they released it at a better time than maybe, just maybe, it might have not been such a dead game or maybe even got a sequel!
Savage Antelope (6 months ago)
Who’s the ceo of ea?
Michael Schwartz (6 months ago)
You don't get to mention Bullfrog without Syndicate. NEVER FORGET
B x N (6 months ago)
We want skate 4!!!
This Guy (6 months ago)
The worst company in America? Wow! That is a hell of an accomplishment seeing as there are plenty of shitty companies in America (*cough* Wal-Mart *cough*) INB4 the hateful responses about me (rightfully) bashing Wal-Mart
LonelyMarshmallow (6 months ago)
Me and my best friend were queuing for hours to play dragon age inquisition (online mode) at eurogamer, you had four people sit down and play whatever was assigned to you. When we finally reached the front, two EA representatives that were visiting that day decided to pair with us. Now here’s where it got really annoying; these two people didn’t know how to play a video game let alone a team game, while me and my friend were fighting hordes of enemies, these two, (in particular the healer), were running around in circles mashing buttons fruitlessly. Because they wanted to document there time at eurogamer, someone was taking pictures,, telling us to look like we were having fun, pretend to be friendly with these suited assholes next to us, We got maybe ten minutes out of a 25 minute session, most of which was spent standing at a healer or warrior objective. We were meant to shake each other’s hand afterwards, instead of asking, this guy grabs my hand and tells me to look at the camera. Later on, we see an article, guess who’s suddenly now playing the thief and mage.
Rajeev Raj (6 months ago)
EA had a game called "battlefield heroes" - a cartoon style shooter game with millions of players (including me). It was free to play for almost an year and with a huge update, they made every good weapon "pay to use". So many people who were addicted to the game bought those weapons and costumes for real money and in 2 or 3 months they announced they are shutting down the game and did it!!! Pure robbery right there!!!
dinoherobios65 (6 months ago)
what's wrong with playing with the taliban? did the USA not fund them in their fight against the soviet union?
Hunter Mods (6 months ago)
Yo, playing as the Taliban is a great move. We're all fucking tired of playing as a generic ass US Army soldier. I'm still waiting for a WW2 game revolving around being a Nazi
Fagg0T GamesReviewer (6 months ago)
Unlike a lot of people I was around during that time when EA was on the rise and in a sense meaning, when they didn’t make bullheaded decisions like pulling off a queef called the Battlefront Duology from 2015 to 2017. Back in the day they had more life to that publisher logo booting screen that would whisper “Challenge Everything”. Those were the days I don’t mind. The problem nowadays is they take talent or so-called talent like DICE and produce the most stomach-wrenching stench in most notoriously their battlefront duology. I almost barely play that shit much if at all. The 2 battlefront games have great glimmer and shine but underneath it all no real polish to cover up how obscenely bad it is. If you compare the 2 Battlefront games now versus the 2004 and 05 games back then when it was just LucasArts you will notice -Since their inception the OG Battlefront games never lacked content and you didn’t really even need the “DLC” being provided on consoles and PC to fully enjoy it -Battlefront 1 and 2 back then the AI was sufficient and challenging enough. Now, if you want to play AI modes, they’re a lot dumber than the Call of Duty AI bots by a long long shot -LucasArts was a much better publisher than EA, not tarnishing a devs work by saying, “You do our dirty bitch work for the game and make it as pretty as possible so we can fuck the players over in every way possible”. I could go on forever but mechanically and intrinsically the old Battlefront games have all the lead over the new ones. Also, when those Battlefronts came out it really felt like there was no way in Hell you were a real Star Wars fan if you hadn’t played them. The new games, you may as well be ridiculed for being a Star Wars fan because by supporting the new games you’re supporting lecherous methods used by EA to completely degrade the fun factor from the game till its indistinguishable from the rest of the turd!
Olivia 98 (6 months ago)
EA aren't good at making games but good at micro transaction
PanzerPaw (6 months ago)
RIP Westwood... T_T
hopewec (6 months ago)
Yeah EA is averaging one studio a year. I love BW games (and still think Andromeda got screwed over but is a great game), but I am very concerned about my go to Studio, I do not want them to be 2018's Victim of the Year for EA (cause I want another ME and DA game)
Joshua Neil (6 months ago)
Where's criterion bro
Destiny Wright (6 months ago)
Good job Congratulations, tremendous Knowledgeable quality video.
Goku The Type of Nigga (6 months ago)
Like this if EA is shit
Goku The Type of Nigga (6 months ago)
NBA JAM ON FIRE PS3 I'll burn you rn what's good
Robert Garza (6 months ago)
People playing the Taliban in real life these days. Theyre called Antifa
Robert Garza (6 months ago)
Annabel Sernholt yea so were the 1940's Nazis right. Great upstanding citizens right there. Youre absolutely right about that one Annabel
Robert Garza (6 months ago)
"Electronic Antichrist" lol thats a good one!
fathead5f (6 months ago)
why they never made a Black 2 i'll never know. that game was fantastic.
Matthew St Vincent (6 months ago)
In "Medal of Honour" if you get a loot box you can unlock the special character; Osama Bin Laden. He is the hardest character to find in the game. 😂HaHaHa😂
Crystal Thread (6 months ago)
EA = Electronic Anti-Christ made me giggle like a little girl.
Indigo Alpha (6 months ago)
RIP Westwood Studios, we have yet to see the spice flow again since your passing *cries softly*
Akagra Srivastav (6 months ago)
No more EA Cricket after EA Cricket 2007. I'd love to have one with current graphics but I fear that somehow they will fuck it up. :'(
JopesTV (6 months ago)
I haven't bought an EA game since TW PGA Tour 2008. And I don't plan on  buying any more.
Ryan Hayward (6 months ago)
They want us to forget ME Andromeda.
Boo EA stole my money with a shitty game
huhu play (6 months ago)
oh wait we have a contender worth the opponent, let me introduce you THEEEE KONAMI

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