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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) Romance Trailer

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Nintendo Life - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword goes into uncharted territory, getting all gooey and lovey dovey. It's enough to make you sick, were this not looking so good. More over at Nintendo Life, you lucky people.
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Eddy Colindres (1 month ago)
Zelda es la princesa mas desagradecida que hay al menos peach besa a mario luego de salvarlo y me imagino que despues pegan una garchada animal no creo que mario se quede con las ganas, pero link despues de todo lo que hace y zelda solo le da las gracias... que no joda
Love this game. The relationship between link and zelda here is pretty stellar
blackbomber72 (10 months ago)
I like how this game's graphics don't get old
Jakfrost25 (3 months ago)
A truly timeless game.
cyan (4 months ago)
The graphics are fine, the 480p resolution is a broblem.
Cole 999 (1 year ago)
Dat ending tho.
Canım Türkiyem (2 years ago)
Skyward Sword Zelda is my favorite Zelda. I loved the romance between Link and Zelda in this game. You care for Zelda because Link cares for her. We have the lovely and very cute Zelda, a very handsome Link and even a theme song dedicated to their romantic relationship. Damn it Nintendo, where was the kiss scene we were promised. All that teasing and you decide to blue ball us. This game was the perfect opportunity for that long awaited kiss scene between Link and Zelda.
YouDaMANRAJ (1 year ago)
in one of the really old 2d zelda games zelda kisses link at the end
Psycho_Chocolate (1 year ago)
Daha iyii OuO
Canım Türkiyem (1 year ago)
Türk ve Zelda hayranı:)
Psycho_Chocolate (1 year ago)
Oha Türk :D
Nothaut (2 years ago)
slowmomining (5 years ago)
there is a facbook page called do you like zelda? because you just gave me a skyward sword
KzCat33 (6 years ago)
I am I the only one who thinks Link looks a little like Myamoto?
Rite Flyer (1 year ago)
5 years later.......yes.....
David Kreps (6 years ago)
Their noses make them both look really ugly :(
agenta128 (6 years ago)
That orchestrated music is awesome.
Michelle Xu (6 years ago)
I like how it says "animated blood" at the beginning lol
Unhatched Egg (1 year ago)
Michelle Xu It's nintendo, what do you expect...
Ohmond (6 years ago)
@wotanzorz you must be talking about tp, if any link was emo it was TP link.. that game looked so gloomy it made me wanna punch babies.
Comet (6 years ago)
@iPokii232 oh i see
LilPuppyZizi (6 years ago)
@clubpenguinmarioify it's zelda. She had dirty blonde hair in Twilight Princess.
LilPuppyZizi (6 years ago)
so...peaceful/epic....ME WANTSSSSSS
Nap42 (6 years ago)
There is no 0:41 :(
Comet (6 years ago)
zeldas a blonde again? or is that not zelda??
wotanzorz (6 years ago)
Link looks emo. The whole series looks more childish now. Why does a Zelda game need romance? Nintendo, I am disappoint.
revelthehunter (6 years ago)
i love the music
Dieter Laser (6 years ago)
@984358 since this is a prequel this might explain why link doesn't get any action. Like mabye he messed up the first time.
984358 (6 years ago)
1:09 after 20 years will link finally get some action from zelda?
DopeDivinity (6 years ago)
I would totally watch a Noble Video of them Fuckin'.
Marq Brownfox (6 years ago)
What's up with Ze[da's nose in this game? She nromally has a sharp, noble nose, but this version of her has a bigger, flatter one. I guess Nintendo is really trying to make her look like a common girl and less like a princess.
IBOWSER123 (6 years ago)
@Backeboof Meh, terrible in my opinion, but thats jsut mine
marsgreekgod (6 years ago)
@laguzmage And it ruins her day to!
Backeboof (6 years ago)
@IBOWSER123 hey Snap is great!
ToniSkit (6 years ago)
IBOWSER123 (6 years ago)
0:32 *first thought*: "Its Ho Oh!! *second thought*: Wait that means.... -Game Comes Out- *News:"In all, skyward sword is now officially the only video game worse than Pokemon snap... In other news, and on a totally different subject,many girls have been disappearing into random vortex as of recently...
laguzmage (6 years ago)
I sure hate it when I'm showing a girl a nice time and all of a sudden a vortex sucks her up, really ruins my day :C
Jonah Kluger (4 months ago)
Me too buddy, it is just the worst. Darn cyclones.
LittleFoot (6 years ago)
Has anyone noticed that on the hyrulian shield theres a red Pheonix/Bird like thing on it?.. Ring a bell? ;)
Espyo (6 years ago)
They're both a bit ugly, but they make an awesome pair.
Espyo (6 years ago)
They're both a bit ugly, but they make an awesome pair.
Eric Sawada (6 years ago)
Eric Sawada (6 years ago)
under 100 club
Eric Sawada (6 years ago)

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