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Incredibles 2 Review

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Text Comments (936)
Urn [Empty] (3 minutes ago)
Honestly, this is the best Pixar movie equal. Even better than Toy Story 2 AND 3. This movie is just so good.
TheManiacc45 (1 hour ago)
9.2 is too high, Id give it about a 6.5 horrible pacing, predictable villain, and a rushed felt like ending. But I guess when you try to follow up a memorable villain like Syndrome. Its difficult
IEYE DEE (1 hour ago)
THIS LOOKS GGGGOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD...... am I saying good or God, the world may never know
OG Mike (2 hours ago)
I wanna watch it
Emmanuel Mondesir (6 hours ago)
REALLY liked it but it sort of feel like a rehash.
JIMMY JAMES (12 hours ago)
I was kinda scared that Evelyn was gonna make Mr. Incredible, Frozone and Elastagirl kill the people before they could sign the superhero document, but I think that might have been way too dark for this movie
Israel Rangel (12 hours ago)
When I went to the movie to watch this the movie theater it was room 10 it. Was half empty in the middle role 😁 there was less people
DavePlay's! HD (13 hours ago)
Glad pixar/disney involved alcohol and mild swearing :D really love how they did that for the older audience's *cough* like me
Microphone Jacket! (13 hours ago)
Are we all ignoring at the Underminer got away with all that money? And that the supers got their a**es handed to them by a non super in both movies?
Vale Decem (14 hours ago)
Unpopular opinion, I really didn't like this movie. 4/10
Albion Johnson (15 hours ago)
Am I the only one who heard cursing in the movie
Mr mayhem The barbarian (17 hours ago)
I’m just surprised they were cursing in there
Eggy birdface (19 hours ago)
Jack jack vs thanos
Jesse Lortz (19 hours ago)
That music was absolutely horrendous
Jack Edwards (22 hours ago)
Well it's official, in doesn't know how to review movies
Rodrigo Foggiato (22 hours ago)
That is good to know, thanks IGN crew. :)
_ TheBigPig _ (1 day ago)
I loved the movie, great mystery and great comedy.
JTReviewsPlus (1 day ago)
David Griffin is probably one of my favorite reviewers at IGN! I love his Netflix series reviews and I definitely agree with all his thoughts on incredibles 2 👏🏽
David Comito (1 day ago)
Ayn Randibles 2
hotline_ miami3 (1 day ago)
The dad part was so long and drawn out...
Gaurav Kothari (1 day ago)
Thanks for the spoilers
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Too much jack-jack, too much elastic girl, not enough mr. Incredible and very predictable and boring villain. To people who have epilepsy, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE it has a lot of flashing lights. I'd give this a 5.5 out of 10
Robert (1 day ago)
Girthy Goah (1 day ago)
Ok i wouldnt consider this like infinity war, more like the first or second
Casey Freshman (1 day ago)
I was half correct in my guessing of the main villian in this video.
Jackie Logan (1 day ago)
I rate it 10/10
Daniel Marland (1 day ago)
But it comes out 13 july ??????
Daniel Marland (1 day ago)
ItsMeDylan TV nah I was just looking at a British website oops
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Daniel Marland for you it does.
Wwe Champ (1 day ago)
I’ll go to sleep for 14 more years
Desk Goji (1 day ago)
How has nobody seen how it ripped off Dragon ball GT
Nikki Ruble (1 day ago)
Little warning to parents: there are several swear words in this movie. I'm 17 so I don't really mind, but I'm sure some parents thinking of taking their young kids may
Nikki Ruble (20 hours ago)
ItsMeDylan TV for Pixar it is though
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Nikki Ruble but that's not that bad
Nikki Ruble (1 day ago)
ItsMeDylan TV actually there was an "I'll be damned" and "promote the hell out of it" included
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Dude their are only words like "crap" and "oh my god" it's really not that bad.
Alex Bradford (1 day ago)
Watching all the reviews I can due to parents not allowing me to go due to Epilepsy....
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Alex Bradford i've seen the movie, and yes, HUGE epilepsy warning.
Nardo2099 (1 day ago)
I’ll be there ASAP Where’re you going ASAP?!?! You better be back ASAP!!!
Braden Sheffield (1 day ago)
I feel like this movie was wayyy too similar to the first Beginning: Both movies begin showing a villain trying to do bad and get money. The villain escape and the hero(s) have to stop a moving vehicle from crashing. The vehicle almost crashes but there was still a lot of damage done Main plot: One of the parents becomes a superhero again (even though they're illegal) with a new suit and to a company. The first mission is to stop something terrible from happening even though the bad thing that is happening is controlled by the company. Hero succeeds. The big twist: The hero is then shown the main villain who turned out to be behind the company that brought them back to superhero work. The hero is cought by the villain somewhere out at sea. End: The other parent goes to save their husband/wife and even after against being told so the children come along as well, save the parents, then they all work together to save the day. The family is back together and doing family things. Just before the credits roll we seen the entire family put on their masks to stop something bad from happening.
starfighterd (1 day ago)
Incredibles 2: 9.2 Avengers Infinity War: 9.0
Trent Russo Vlogs (1 day ago)
Jack-jack stole the show
Andrew Weddle (1 day ago)
Garbage movie man lmao. I waited 14 years and i was only in the theatre because syndros assistant was supposed to be lady gaga. Just another great movie franchise disney will ruin in this new era. Kathlyn kennedy has to be mind controlling these disney writers and directors to produce such sad and waste of money for the viewer. Only people that like this if your just happy they finally made a new one. Half way in i wanted to put on the first one. Thanks for ruining another childhood memory disney! Dont touch Bugs Life or Mulan please lmao
trellz17 (1 day ago)
9.2 too many swear words
Usernames Are Hard (1 day ago)
I can't explain with words how amazing this movie was. The way they balanced comedy and action, the ampecible animation, oh my goodness it was GREAT!!!! Totally worth the wait! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Jack Jack was definitely the star of the movie in my opinion. I also loved how all of the kids were invloved in this movie, and I think everybody got their time to shine. The crew of the movie should definitely be proud of this movie. They did great! Oh yeah, and this movie wasn't good. It was incredibly super.
MrMadeye2020 (2 days ago)
There was some things that shouldn’t be in Disney movie: A guy was shot and murdered There was a party scene with alcohol and some people drunk Characters used “Damn!” and “Hell!” a lot People died in horrific events
KinkyKurkTV (1 day ago)
MrMadeye2020 I think it's great. Studios shouldn't have to shy away from "darker" themes and sacrifice the quality of the story or details. Plus it keeps the adults invested.
MrMadeye2020 (1 day ago)
Not what I meant I just mean it seems dark that is in the movie
KinkyKurkTV (1 day ago)
MrMadeye2020 Just stop. Sheltering kids from everything bad in the world is harming them more than doing good.
Jeremiah Brown (2 days ago)
green vines (2 days ago)
Ray Macz (2 days ago)
I totally agree 9.2, not just amazing, but truly INCREDIBLE! Excellent movie for the whole family to watch!!!
ok then (2 days ago)
It was just as good, if not better, than Infinity War. I thought it was gonna be Daddy Daycare 2, I'm glad I was mistaken...
Outed (2 days ago)
Best Pixar Movie Yet
Outed (2 days ago)
Elastic girl Sexy af
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Janine Canilang (2 days ago)
9.2! That good? Wow I'm gonna watch it now
Kai • (2 days ago)
0.0 not enough elastagirl butt shots
Buckshot Jones (2 days ago)
emrah şimşek (2 days ago)
nice score ;)
sLasHeRxXx07 (2 days ago)
so another 14 years for 3?
Ken Weezy (2 days ago)
Meta critic game this movie a 7.9 what's the reason ? At the very lease this is a 9 quality movie.
Moon Light (2 days ago)
I really hope they would market Edna Mode more.
AndySunshine1291 (2 days ago)
Lmao at IGN being shook by ScreenSlaver's warning speech about being too obsessed with pop culture.
THE noob (2 days ago)
why 9.2? why not 10/10
slumdogtrillionaire (2 days ago)
Just saw it and id give it a 8.4
The King Of Norway (2 days ago)
4/10 too much Incredible, not enough The
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
The King Of Norway never seen something about this movie i've agreed with this more. It needed more mr. Incredible.
TKerls (2 days ago)
1jeffbrown (2 days ago)
Definitely did not need the cursing. Funny parts in the film.
Bree jordan (2 days ago)
I loved this, better in every way than the first to me.
Matthew Lucas (2 days ago)
Enjoyed this film but the issue is the villain .Overall I agree with the animation ,family and the villain is the issue .9.2 is too high .To be honest I would give it an 8/10 .89/100 B+ .It was good
SuperCaleb360 (2 days ago)
Was great, can't wait till I'm 50 to see 3.
incredibles shits on the avengers..
ItsMeDylan TV (1 day ago)
Incredible was made 8 years before any marvel movie...
adam234ism (2 days ago)
Yeah, IGN, you better fix that review because i just sawn this movie and it's better then your review, it deserves a 10
FroakieTrainer54 (2 days ago)
There's gonna be more teens and adults in the theater then little kids I guarantee it
Iconic Cinemas (2 days ago)
cloveraby (2 days ago)
Aw kinda bummed this movie has a weak villian. I thought Syndrome was great and one of the better written movie supervillains, and made the first movie entertaining.
Athletic Workouts (2 days ago)
14 yrs...
Athletic Workouts (2 days ago)
I hope they don’t make the next one two times longer than incredibles came out..
Adam E (3 days ago)
Don't watch this if you suffer from epilepsy
Adam E (2 days ago)
Pendulum Panda I'm no expert or doctor. But if I had to guess, I'd say it depends on the Severity of the individuals condition
Pendulum Panda (2 days ago)
So do flashes with a single color trigger or aggravate epilepsy? I don’t know.
john rebo santos (2 days ago)
exactly! when THAT scene went out, i told my brother isn't this illegal after the pokemon-induced seizures?
rifasclub (3 days ago)
Still not sold. I'm sorry, but I am just not convinced, the trailers make it looks super generic and the twist that we all knew was coming I'm sure is predictable. I need to see post hype reviews to know if I'll watch it. The biggest problem is wanted a sequel to this movie 5 seconds after watching the first, and this just doesn't look like something that will live up to the hype.
SandStormer123 (3 days ago)
Didn't like it, he didnt say "Honey,wheres my super suit"
DrViperVideos (3 days ago)
Surpasses? Uhh no. Animation quality of course, but the villian was a let down compared to syndrome
Clumsy Panda (3 days ago)
June 15 guys?
Chee Rong Choo (3 days ago)
Main reason i watch Incredibles 2 is Jack Jack.
renzo Deleon (3 days ago)
just watched it earlier after 14 years, elastigirl is still hot
Victor Calderon (3 days ago)
I liked the villain I know it wasn’t the scariest in terms of action but what it represents it’s what is scary, it represents the screens try to control what we do or say (i.e. Facebook, TV, Internet, fake news...) so I think that was clever.
Cameron E. (3 days ago)
Every single action scene was sooooooooo well done like literally there wasn’t a single boring scene where action was taking place ... EVEN when Jack Jack fought the raccoon, it was still fun to watch !
KiNG ScRuBzz (1 day ago)
Cameron E. Righttt
kaystarlo (3 days ago)
Great review
9.2 Mr Freeze didnt say any motherf*cker in the movie
Henry Maszk (3 days ago)
8/10- I thought it was a solid sequel, but inferior to the original the effects and characters are great but the villan was a bit disappointing.
Firezown (3 days ago)
For years i've been coming here to laugh at IGN reviews. For once though this one isn't bad. Good Work
Shreesh (3 days ago)
Loved the moive! Waitin for sequel.... I hope I'll be alive till then....
cloveraby (2 days ago)
Shreesh another 15 years i guess
Angel of Sarcasm (3 days ago)
"Welcome back, Elasticgirl"
crazyconan28 (3 days ago)
I just skipped to the end to see the score to avoid any possible spoilers, I'm glad it received a high score, especially considering IGN.
ElectricLuxray (3 days ago)
I feel as if the only way Screenslaver is lackluster is because of the motives behind the character. It is a key factor in a villain and they probably could have done better with it. It's just that we have seen that kind of Villain Story 100's of times before and they could have mixed it up a bit. I also think that they could have put the actual Screenslaver suit in the movie a lot more.
Han Real Gus (3 days ago)
Waiting for the clockwork obligatory comparison to The Last Jedi's score comment
JONJAM!!! (3 days ago)
"Shes not normally this wet"
dylan schultz (3 days ago)
Just finished watching it it was amazing nothing could have been better maybe just a tad bit too many haracters but it’s a solid 9.7 for me
Francisco Rosero (3 days ago)
Nice. Better than the mediocre "Justice League"
Dylan Lopez (3 days ago)
screen slaver is the dude who works with elastic girl.from incredibles 2
Shorty100 (3 days ago)
So we just ingore the movie is 4 hours long?
Tmnt fan (3 days ago)
Davey Jones (3 days ago)
Can't believe they got the men to fight in this movie or shoot lasers, so toxic masculinity :(
Gregory Davies (3 days ago)
does anyone know what the music playing in the background of the review is called? I reeeeeally like it (sorry I know its an odd question, but i tried using Shazam with no luck)
Harold Lewis (3 days ago)
Boy is that some T A S T Y I C I N G
shaniqua sheppard (3 days ago)
I LOVE both Incredibles movies! 😍
Shawn McClurg (3 days ago)
7/10 too many heroes
billygoat126 (4 days ago)
I bet Bob odenkirks character is the bad guy
Daniel the Perfect (4 days ago)
billygoat126 no
Brock Hiebert (4 days ago)
That's a relief
Kaleb (4 days ago)
saw it yesterday, it was definitely worth the wait
Fidget Spinner Movie (4 days ago)
This movie is in no way better than the original. It was very disappointing and it tried too hard to follow the same formula as the original.
Fidget Spinner Movie (2 days ago)
Have you seen it?
Pendulum Panda (2 days ago)
I disagree.

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