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18 Most AMAZING Games Like GTA V

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A list of the GREATEST 18 games similar to grand theft auto 5. I created a constantly updated list of games like gta here: https://gamesalike.com/games-like-grand-theft-auto-5/ Gaming Blog: https://gamesalike.com/ Facebook: https://goo.gl/aLZ7rn My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oli_clarkee/?hl=en All Games Mentioned In This Video: 0:24 - Saints Row 0:58 - Just Cause (2/3) 1:18 - Watch Dogs 2 1:38 - Mafia 2 2:35 - Red Dead Redemption 1/2 (When released) 2:54 - The Crew 3:23 - L.A Noire 4:08 - Far Cry 4:35 - Sleeping Dogs 6:04 - APB 6:36 - Bully 7:28 - CRACKDOWN 8:03 - BeamNG.Drive Wildcards: 5:03 - Lego Undercover 5:40 - State OF Decay 9:38 - Hit And Run 10:46 - Dying Light 11:09 - Dead Rising I know that I picked some pretty random wildcards like gta, but it's my own personal opinion. I wanted to add something different and give everyone something different to play and not just make another top 5 games like grand theft auto 5. If you have any games that you think are like gta 5 that haven't been mentioned then please leave a comment and I'll add them in the description. If you enjoyed this video, please give me some feedback and any of your ideas for the next one. If you need help picking your next game and want help filling the void an awesome game left, be sure to check out my blog: https://gamesalike.com I have tons of hand selected lists that'll help you find the perfect video game, at the best price online. We release 5 days a week, mon - fri. Check out the best FPS Games of all Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGK0umAyL6g Have an amazing day, Oli.
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GamesAlike (1 year ago)
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Med Iheb (1 year ago)
GamesAlike first comment cool right?
eight 8 (20 days ago)
just cause 3 is the better
Memest (21 days ago)
Remember when saint row was a thing.. before any FUCKING ALIEN SUPERHERO SHIT
Just cause 4 for the win.
JOSE EUSTAQUIO (1 month ago)
Gaming Vives (1 month ago)
This Channel is waaaaayyy underrated
GamesAlike (1 month ago)
Thanks man :)
Assassin's Creed deserves a place in your video as it is a free roaming game same as like Red Dead Redemption
Ryan Blank (1 month ago)
gofundme.com/t5mjsptm please make a donation.
Xtremelife4 me (1 month ago)
what about san andreas
iiTrickzterYT (1 month ago)
Saints Row IS NOTHING LIKE GTA. Gta is serious saints row ain’t
Lorence Pebenito (1 month ago)
not on play store😏😏😏
Napkin Men (2 months ago)
Mafia 2 is still my all time favorite game.
theMadMax Views (2 months ago)
1000 comment
Veeti Vainio (2 months ago)
David Yaqoob (2 months ago)
Just cause 3 ?
It’s sad that gta V doesn’t have any option to turn off adult content I’d love to play it
Raiden Ripper (3 months ago)
The Crew? Better than gta? Never.. gta have the best driving experience.
bipran rimal (3 months ago)
for me just cause 3 is better than gta 5
NT Hacker (3 months ago)
I like only GTA V!!!!!
T45 CHAMP (3 months ago)
Saints row is so awesome 😎
Bradley Annan (3 months ago)
Are they online
Draconex (3 months ago)
Number one saints row SEES MONSTER TRUCK Me:IGHT im playin
Shelly Verma (3 months ago)
What is the game you set to icon
Tomlightquik 4Tyxx (3 months ago)
But let’s all remember....GTA IS THE BEST...ALL THE GAME ON THE LIST ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO GTA 5....plus if you played watch dogs 2 you will get bored fast ,like after 2 weeks you will get board from it trust me😈😈😈😈
pi per (4 months ago)
Josh Top (4 months ago)
Umm prototype?
Michael White (4 months ago)
Can you download these games
Stefan Krstenansky (4 months ago)
Just cause 3 and watch dogs 2
Harshit Suhalka (4 months ago)
gta 5 give me
You Tube (4 months ago)
nothing can beat R*
Quincy Woodruff (4 months ago)
Hmmmmm saint row y is he a hot dog
Arpit shivhare (4 months ago)
Plz for Android
ZachoFox (4 months ago)
what about free games?
Epicduck8789 Collin (4 months ago)
oh wow this was helpful thanks im buying just cause3
Jarvis Johnson (4 months ago)
I played red dead redemption and it's now my favorite game ever, but really sad ending if you play it all.
I'm *héö* (4 months ago)
It's ok nice collection never seen before but I can't play at least any game
Golexia Vevo (5 months ago)
Plz how to download GTA 5 in 4 GB ram 200 mbs
If you guys are true fans of the 80's and GTA. I recommend you the Scarface game.
Ritik Upadhyay (5 months ago)
Nice game
Tyrone Cox (5 months ago)
What can you get beamng drive on
Peace_Playz (5 months ago)
Z.S gaming Studio (5 months ago)
Watch dogs 2
FastCarsNoRules220 (5 months ago)
There's also Vin Diesel Wheelman, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, and the Driver series.
Aoimme Daik (5 months ago)
want sleeping dogs 2
Lisa Adler (6 months ago)
Sleeping dogs 2 is an awesome game.
Electivejeans45 Lol (6 months ago)
I love just cause 3 its so much better than gta v
Penday21 (6 months ago)
I have good old hit and run for my ps2. 1 like = 1 person who has a ps2 now still.
Technology Videos (6 months ago)
Watch dogs system requirements please
ITZLIT (6 months ago)
you can find that in the steam page below
Defalt The rat (6 months ago)
Good open world games that are like GTA ( in my opinion ) : Saints row Just cause Watch dogs Mafia Red dead redemption LA Noire Far cry Sleeping dogs Lego city undercover Bully Crack down ( note i do love all the games in this list as well and other genre based games ! )
Brennan Perdue (6 months ago)
I wish crackdown 3 would come out on ps4
Rock Life (6 months ago)
i loved saints row 4 :) and 3 i played it before i bought gta 5 and i have all of the games in the video
Patrick . (7 months ago)
Mafia 2 is the best game 👍and its created in my state!😂(Czech)
GamesAlike (7 months ago)
That's awesome man! :)
Jerry Ao (7 months ago)
sleeping dogs <3
Cringe Games (7 months ago)
That lego game was the best choice ever😂😂😂
Julian Johnson (7 months ago)
What's the song when you were showing of watchdogs 2
Tom Beattie (7 months ago)
I play The Crew!
sayed raza (8 months ago)
Does all these games are available for android ?
Christopher Quintanilla (8 months ago)
Hit and run is amazing
skateforbaker1999 (8 months ago)
simpsons hit and run and bully were the shit back in the days when i was to young to play gta hahah
Sidney J. Duffy (8 months ago)
Saints row 3 was better than saints row 2
Willy Horizont (8 months ago)
Dead islands?
Infctd Chikn (8 months ago)
Did anyone see the mouse on the screen at Beaming.Drive
GamesAlike (8 months ago)
das auto (8 months ago)
Gta copies just cause
Overrated UK (8 months ago)
das auto just cause copies gta. GTA came out before
DarkBacon567 (9 months ago)
You seen like a very good YouTuber could you watch my latest video and give me advice
Vikram Verma (9 months ago)
u are owesome bro & thanks
Liu Tze Long (9 months ago)
Sleeping Dogs is such a good game I can’t believe how little attention it has
The Uncunning Fox (9 months ago)
APB is quite ok acually
Ken Brady (9 months ago)
Makes me realize how much I like far cry
Theoretical Hacker (9 months ago)
I was decided between saints row and just cause but I got saints row
iDarkling (9 months ago)
Does anybody know the PC requirements for mafia 2?
mxnarch raps (9 months ago)
iDarkling you can run it on a 512 mb graphic and a intel pentium(1 ghz to 2.5 ghz)
Travis Jones (9 months ago)
Saints Row 1& 2 and Godfather 2 are the best GTA clones in my opinion...Sleeping Dogs isn't bad neither.
Michael Dasanta (9 months ago)
Why would you want a game like grand theft auto if you could have grand theft auto? 🤔
GamesAlike (8 months ago)
true lol
mxnarch raps (9 months ago)
Well why are you here then😂
Stef (9 months ago)
Michael Dasanta you Get bored if you play the same openworld game for 3 years
Skullzy - Fortnite (9 months ago)
I feel like instead of The Crew (which I love a lot) it should be Fallout 4
Nyzheem the goat (10 months ago)
Dead rising would be way better if they had free roam without being timed
Shockdy (9 months ago)
Saucy Jay They do. You are just playing the demo.
Georgia Fullerton-Onfroy (10 months ago)
i play just cause 3 and mafia 3
Rezky Jamil (10 months ago)
Bully is my childhood xD I love that game
Aj 247 (10 months ago)
I just want a gta game were rock star isn't greedy
Johnaras (10 months ago)
I think about buying Assasins Creed: Origins at a PS4. Should I buy it?
John Mang (10 months ago)
Open World Gamer (10 months ago)
Short and to the point I like the video bro thank you
Madan Das (10 months ago)
Kiwi (10 months ago)
Im very late but what is the game in the thumbnail?
OMG//Adheepb (10 months ago)
HOW CAN YOU FORGOT ASSASSINS CREED? P.S(i still agree with ur list tho but why??)
king mark (10 months ago)
Bully is sooo fun
Michael 546 (10 months ago)
What about the getaway
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
Thank you for mentioning it!
Sunil Shrimali (11 months ago)
I subscribe
The Big Meme (11 months ago)
Can anybody tell me a game similar to Grand Theft Auto that is rated T at the very highest age rating?
GTA IS BETTER THEN ALL OF THESE (accept for farcry)
Jason Marshall (11 months ago)
i wish la nore had a mp to it that was fun
Megabenjamin (11 months ago)
Dying light is better than GTA by a long shot. But it's not the best zombie game, the last of us is
Dons Channel X Unknown (11 months ago)
you forgot the Driver series.
Saurabh Priyadarshi (11 months ago)
No one can beat gta v.....
Josh Cox (11 months ago)
U can be a world star youtuber
GamesAlike (11 months ago)
haha you have made my day lol
Lil Savage (11 months ago)
Fallout 4 and AC Origins
GamesAlike (11 months ago)
Thank you for mentioning!! :)
Why Not? (11 months ago)
The Simpsons game, fuck now that brings back memories of my childhood
GamesAlike (11 months ago)
haha i know!!
Stacks (11 months ago)
Great video!!!!
GamesAlike (11 months ago)
Thanks man! :)
Breaktime Brian (11 months ago)
I'm from Kenya
Vivek yadav (11 months ago)
I think WATCH DOGS 2 is more better than GTA 5
KerrBox (1 year ago)
ok so here's my pitch for my perfect sandbox game - - saints row 1 and 2's character creation - batman/sleeping dogs/mad max's combat, but you need to train to get better at it - watch dog's parkour - cars of all classes - san andreas's RPG elements - just cause's grappling hook (maybe) - gta 5's underwater, but maybe get rid of the breath meter because it's a VIDEO GAME and i don't really want to be burdened by that while exploring underwater - red dead redemption's dead eye - gambling i'm sure i'll think of more but feel free to add what you think would be cool to this list
NoHack? NoProblem (1 year ago)
Thnx... U give the game that i didn't know

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