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SOMA - Debut Gameplay Trailer - Eurogamer

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Strange occurrences are disrupting the routines of the PATHOS-2 research facility. The radio is silent. Behavioral anomalies of the machines are increasingly dangerous, if not... malevolent. The facility is devolving into chaos. No weapons, and the only escape is practically unthinkable. From Frictional Games, creators of the groundbreaking Amnesia and Penumbra series, SOMA is an aberrant tale of scientific inquiry and survival; an entropic exploration of synapse and circuit that wades through the delusions of human consciousness. Three years in the making, SOMA is a unique continuation of Frictional Games' signature style of explorative horror, provocative storytelling, and unfathomable tension, free of distractive cut-scenes and combat. SOMA is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (856)
Dennis the (2 days ago)
Coming back now i dont really see the semblance of this trailer behind the full game. Though that isnt a bad thing as i enjoyed the final products theme. I just wonder how this would of turned out
K4nler (1 month ago)
That´s like seeing an old picture of a friend in highschool.
Maximilion Averback (6 months ago)
TBH i wish the actual game was more lovecraftian like this is. A little less sci-fi and a little more otherworldly eldritch horror would've made it even more magnificent to me. just my opinion, just my personal taste. Which would still leave the door wide open for the whole discussion about what makes humans...human and the line between simulation and reality.
Taylor Itkin (8 months ago)
I wish this is what had come out.
Johny Stage (11 months ago)
this part is not in game...or yes?
Kyle Anthony Stuart (1 year ago)
I like the actual gameplay than this one.
daAmazin FatB0y (1 year ago)
Just beat SOMA n came hear to see how different it became. Glad it wasn't Amnesia Sci-Fi edition coz it seemed like it was going in that direction. This was what got me interested tho so its funny when you think about that. I love how he only spoke when it was necessary, Ever since Nathan Drake, every character gotta be injected with extra life to make em more human but unlike Nathan Drake, the others that do this tend to annoy you instead. The aproach Fractional Games took with Simon was just like dead Space 2 wioth Isaac, obnly when necesary. none of that WOAH, AAAA, OH SHIT< OH NO, WTF?, dear god! or any of that other shit like we seeing in this demo. Glad how it turned out. just kinda wish it wasnt as linear as it was though, not telling you what to do a lot of the times made up for it.
LittleSiren24 (1 year ago)
I mean, think about it, why was this dirty, dingy room inside this alien looking environment? The wall broke apart so easily with one touch.
Filthma (2 years ago)
Dude, Frictional need to go crazy with all the concepts from this trailer and make a totally new game out of it. I love the final product SOMA as is but, some of this shit looks fucking *deliciously* creepy.
Zetey a (1 year ago)
Filthma I agree.
Black Pants (2 years ago)
It certainly feels more alien and supernatural. I love the final product, but even with similar themes this is a whole other game, which I would love to see completed.
日猫 (2 years ago)
This part could be something that happened before your awakening. Comet hit 6 month before the events of the game. All this time WAU experimented with robots and humans. This part looks like the creation of those humanoid monsters roaming the station.
Golatseed (2 years ago)
the problem many gamers probably had was that this game was not like turn on and play is. you have to read the notes und just forget everything else and just play this game for a couple of hours. with headset in a dark room. then you have the perfect mood for this game. like being alone with machines around you
Golatseed (2 years ago)
my question is why so many gamer feel this trailer better than the actual game? its because the storytelling in this trailer is more linear maybe?
HangDeath (2 years ago)
Man this looks like it could of been an awesome Survival Horror, trying to survive on an alien starship!
GreatScotticus (2 years ago)
I'm just making a mod on recreating this trailer using the SOMA level editor. I'm almost finished making the map, just need to the scripting, it'll hard though but worth it.
GreatScotticus (1 year ago)
I forgotten I uploaded this comment, at the moment I gave up working on it, I did really well on the map, but I couldn't locate the right codings on the Frictional Game's site. I've still got everything saved so there's a chance I'll continue at some point.
StillGotShit4Brains (1 year ago)
done yet?
Dayle Armstrong (2 years ago)
I can't help but feel this was an entirely different story in this trailer. It seems the route this trailer was going had more to do with machine like Aliens experimenting on our brains than what we got. Without spoiling it, it was very very different. With spoiling it the art direction for the ship and what would later would be used for WAU/Structural gel seems to lend itself to being Alien. I would say this trailer does not represent the game as it exists now to any degree.
Decaffeinated 4671 (2 years ago)
Honestly, the vertical-slice video from early 2013 of SOMA fits this video more. Of course, you could also head-canon it as being a dream in a mockingbird unit's head; a representation of his mind being violated and put into a weird robot-body. It's still wayyy off tonally from the final product.
- - (2 years ago)
This honestly looks way more fun than the actual product. I prefer the H.R. Giger-inspired art style, and I'm more intrigued about what story might unfold from what happened here.
Snorre Productions (1 year ago)
Watch the trailer for SCORN probably the most HR Giger esque game out there
BETEPOK MonolitH (2 years ago)
Andreas Mouratai (2 years ago)
Seems like Amnesia: Alien Invasion or w/e..
FuranDuron (2 years ago)
Wtf? None of this was in the game.....
Drake106cp (2 years ago)
Because this trailer came out in 2013 and the release date came out in 2015.
gabrielchcosta (2 years ago)
haha this has NOTHING to do whit the actual game xD
Hasphew (2 years ago)
Can you smell it? It smells of DLC.
Vesa Härkönen (2 years ago)
+Hasphew i hope so
FlyingAce1016 (2 years ago)
none of this made it into the game awww
1God1Fury (2 years ago)
I thought the game would be in space and story plot about reconstruction of the brain into the machine (not exactly flase, but I imagined it differently in my mind)
Daniel Flinders (2 years ago)
came back to this trailer after watching a play through of the final game I have to say I wish it was like this trailer.
Snorre Productions (1 year ago)
So you wish it was like Alien?
Ferris Argyle (2 years ago)
+Prof. Mental Oh I understand
Daniel Flinders (2 years ago)
+WarudoAMV poor, have to buy food and pay bills instead of games on a whime.
Ferris Argyle (2 years ago)
+Prof. Mental Why didn't you play it yourself?
The August Rusher (2 years ago)
Playing this game on my YouTube channel! Check it out! Totally worth your time! This game is insane! Hits you way deeper than amnesia!!! Gameplay is totally worth it! Come join meh!
Big Smoke (2 years ago)
I wonder what they were getting at here, or at least what Friction's plans for the story and the game were at the point this was released because the actual game is barely like what this video shows.
pyotr lol (2 years ago)
I was expecting a bunch of brains in soma but I am pretty sure someone thought changing data and stuff would be more 2015
SillyWilly (2 years ago)
this has (almost) nothing to do with the finished game other than the fact that the brain in the center of the room could possibly be the early rendition of the WAU. if I had to guess I'd say they released this simply as a demo to show off the engine they use for the game. this isn't even the same kind of setting. and I also don't ever remember hearing the name raznik in the actual game. Now I would love for frictional games to go back to this and maybe make it it's own separate game or maybe some type of DLC .
SillyWilly (2 years ago)
but don't get me wrong the finished game was AWESOME!!
Copper Sssnek (2 years ago)
I played the entire game and then I found out about this trailer. I love the game. This trailer seems more like a symbolistic representatin of Simon's story.. The human him realising he is actually just his mind controlling machines around.. and getting destroyed all over :)) It's something like what Simon would dream if he would ever sleep. That's how I see it..
zainul0021 (2 years ago)
Come on guys, the location in the first amnesia trailer isn't even in the actual game and no one complains about it
Praise the Sun (2 years ago)
The finished game is a work of art. People complaining that it isn't like this must be retarded, this came out 2 years ago, of course games are going to evolve over that time. The finished game is far better than this. Frictional have really outdone themselves.
Praise the Sun (1 year ago)
+Zetey a Holy shit, weird to think it's been out for a year.
Zetey a (1 year ago)
Praise the Sun I loved the SOMA we have today and I love this version of it
Darren Shepherd (2 years ago)
Guys-- This trailer was created when the game was still under HEAVY development, so obviously, things have changed. Yes, bit disappointing that this scene isn't in the game, but the trailer is more to give you a sense of what the game will somewhat be built around.
MrNwn007 (2 years ago)
this part of the game is not in the full game i didnt see it in gameplay
Jakov Ćurić (2 years ago)
Too bad the game looks nothing like in this trailer...Still a good game tough,good story. Not scary at all
sailornaruto39 (2 years ago)
How come they didn't put this part in the game? Kinda false advertising no?
forestR1 (2 years ago)
I saw this trailer when it first came out, just came back to see it again after playing through SOMA. what a difference!. what was here looked very interesting and it's what I was thinking of when I bought the game. but they took a different path. That's fine, I LOVED it. I was a bit worried that it would be hide and seek ala alien isolation (which I cant play for more than 30min at a time and get so turned around in) this had a good balance. great story, and beautiful graphics (played on PS4)
En1x (2 years ago)
where is this scene in the game?
osip667 (2 years ago)
Excuse me, is there any site of explenation of soma story. I mean i didnt understand everything in this game. What happened to people on earth and underwater or why that black gel attacked on people.
osip667 (2 years ago)
Thanks. Yep a lot.
En1x (2 years ago)
+osip667 Kory said well. That gel is the cause of an AI called WAU. The goal of this AI was to preserve humanity in the base. That gel can bring dead body to life and dead circuits too. But something failed and WAU become mad and infected humans and it becomes your primary enemies. Hope it helped.
Kory Graphic (2 years ago)
+osip667 The earth has got destroyed by an asteroid. People built bases under the ocean and they made this ''ARK'' to save themselves in a virtual world. Your job is to send the ARK in the space. I would not like to live in that fake world!
Felipe (2 years ago)
Me lo termine este juego ... Una maravilla :D
random encounter (2 years ago)
It's a shame they haven't include this brains thing in the final version. Still a great game though.
-Xtazzee- (2 years ago)
wish this part was in the game
Scuffy P (2 years ago)
WAU! That cut area looked pretty cool.
arjun sandeep (2 years ago)
Your fuckin right Bro...
MrAncop (2 years ago)
This level isn't even on the game, such a shame because it looks a hell lot better than the actual game...
fenton15 (3 months ago)
I can see this being like a part two to soma. if at all possible.
Zetey a (1 year ago)
MrAncop I thought the game was excellent but this was also an amazing idea
Noob Trader (2 years ago)
+MrAncop yeah no
leo almiron (2 years ago)
+JayJay Golden really? wow thanks man i didn't know that :v
JayJay Golden (2 years ago)
+leo almiron He's not saying it's better BECAUSE it isn't in the game. He's saying he thinks it looks better than what actually is in the game, and thinks this should be in the game instead because it looks better.
Jip Jackson (2 years ago)
Just finished game and it an amazing piece of Sci-Fi. But. This trailer shows the very best part of the Amnesia type gamepley. You actually interact with the environment to make things happen. The release you can pick things up and look through drawers as in Amnesia and trailer BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO FIND EVER? You never ever have to grab a block and have a wall come down, the mechanic is not used at all, ever. If you need a part for a machine or something you simply click on it and it's in the inventory. Why they changed it is beyond me but I seriously fear it has a lot to do with the way gaming has gone these days, as in making them too easy. No failure states. Great game but shoulda been more like this.
Just finished the game.It's one hell of a ride !Grrreeeeaaat oneee !
Benjamín Cardona (2 years ago)
this fucking part is not even in the end of the game SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
xdan (6 months ago)
You expected them to show the end of the game in a trailer?
Benjamín Cardona (2 years ago)
+The Investigamer i enjoyed the game, but i was expecting the whole time just for this part... And it annoyed me to see a different version of it "CARE SPOILER", when you find the hearth of the enemy.
The Investigamer (2 years ago)
+Alex Santos I'm kinda happy it wasn't honestly. I LOVED the game and this just doesn't seem like it would fit at all..
jimmyjackz (2 years ago)
I just beat the game and I didn't see any of this footage in the game. I like the current game very much and really liked the story but this early footage looks like the game I was hoping Soma to be be. Now don't get me wrong the finished Soma is a great game but It just left me wanting more or at least different endings to strive to get.
Pepper Millers (2 years ago)
+The Investigamer I don't know, I think it should have been about exploration and puzzles (puzzles that make you think, not those petty excuses for puzzles in the main game).
The Investigamer (2 years ago)
Not the first enemy that teleports.
mitchcraft (2 years ago)
+jimmyjackz I feel annoyed, i really was initially pulled expecting the game to be like this trailer but let's be honest this is a representation of a completely different game they had in mind to begin with!!!
The Investigamer (2 years ago)
+jimmyjackz I'm actually glad they scrapped this typical fear-factor imagery and developed a thoughtful, provoking, and mood-setting story that relies more on psychological horror than in your face visuals. The deep sea part with the angler fish that tricks you with a light? That was brilliant. The creature that can only attack you if you look into its eyes? THAT is brilliant. Loved SOMA, loved every minute :)
ChaosStep (2 years ago)
How did they manage to release a game that looks and plays worse than this, after 2 years more in production?
Tadej Lapuh (3 years ago)
Ughh guys...I've already finished the game and there's no room like this?!?!!?I have never seen this section in the game...what the hell...can anyone explain why?
squeebor (2 years ago)
+xX_GTA-funzos_ Xx notice that the voice isn't simon's. This is a different character.
Riccardo (2 years ago)
this is a prequel teaser, i think that is made for let you see the first experiments with the WAU.
Silergo (3 years ago)
That wasn't in game. It's been deleted?
DUSKPIT (2 years ago)
+Silergo Well, levels are still in game files, you can watch them in editor. As Soma is capable of running mods, i think, we'll see them.
lolrus555 (3 years ago)
so....uh, could somebody humor me? Since the game finally came out, can anybody confirm if you actually run into this guy in the game proper? I mean, do you visit the area he was in and find his corpse, or find him turned into a robot?
VKF (2 years ago)
You do find a lot of people turned into robots, and (early game spoiler) you're playing as one yourself. Just not this particular guy and not this particular area. I think they've said that they've created this level specifically for this trailer, to show off the game without spoiling the story.
EBTcraft15 (3 years ago)
Nope. They revamped a lot of things from what we've seen in the early/debut material they've shown. Personally, their earlier drafts seemed much more interesting than the finished product.
Samno95 (3 years ago)
I'm currently 4 hours into the game, and pretty much none of the themes featured here (brains in metal shells, corpses with their heads sliced in half) have shown up - it seems the game has changed dramatically during development. I hope I'm wrong, but this teaser is WAY more like what I wanted and expected from SOMA, this clip alone feels way more like Amnesia. I'll have to see upon completion.
H5 (2 years ago)
Actually you, the player, are a corpse with its head sliced open.
BeauChaotica (2 years ago)
+The Investigamer You should check out the Talos Principle if you enjoyed these themes.
Riccardo (2 years ago)
+The Investigamer take my butt, you win
The Investigamer (2 years ago)
+kazjoy40 What, you wanted it to be a clone of The Evil Within/Outlast/every other horror game? How many horror games go to a deep underwater research facility after the human race has perished huh? How many question SERIOUS existential crisis such as what it means to be a "being", where life begins and ends, can a robot with a human conscience be considered a human, etc? This game was brilliant, and had such a complex interlocking story told in an absolutely flawless manner. I am SO glad they didn't just make another run-in-the-mill horror game with no narrative or conversation to be had. Just spooky monsters in a spooky asylum with jump after jump after jump -- that is NOT what I want out of a good psychological horror. SOMA is what I wanted.
MrAncop (2 years ago)
+kazjoy40 Yup, theres nothing of this in the game, it looks way more good, matrix-esque I would say, the actual game looks like Doom 3+Dead Space.
Köze D. (3 years ago)
It hurts when you finish the game...
Cold fire (3 years ago)
"Ergo Sum"? Isn't that DeCart's theory about what lies outside conciousness?
AviatorSam (2 years ago)
Cogito ergo sum, "I think, therefore I am" is a quote popularized by Descartes.
Ryan Bennett (3 years ago)
is the voice actor cry or something?
sailornaruto39 (2 years ago)
+Ryan Bennett Uh.. No?
The Okami Project (3 years ago)
reminds me of penumbra
krasnik6969 (3 years ago)
this was a very bad and annoying trailer.  Whats with the "not visible hands" stupid game !!!
its0re0time (3 years ago)
Gives me a heavy "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" vibe
Nekotrap (3 years ago)
I want to play this °^°
Meettheslenderman (3 years ago)
I hope this is just as creepy and panic inducing as Amnesia :) The situation also looks very strange, and i love strange things! I hope though that it will be longer than Amnesia since i completed Amnesia for the first time in one day wtf XD The tunnel reminds me of the matrix :)
Tristen Graves (3 years ago)
is there a link to the demo?
Tristen Graves (3 years ago)
seriously?! Whats the email because i don't see it on somagame.com
Asyif Ranul (3 years ago)
Email and ask the creators, then they will give you the link to the alpha ^_^
Banana Bread (3 years ago)
Not everyone is going to have a voice that suits a dark story. Not everything is going to be a voice resembling some sort of grounded character who will take charge in these situations. Personally, anyone who sits here saying the voice acting sucks, that may be your opinion but that's a real guy. He voice acted and you didn't he made money or volunteered. On a different note, Amnesia was a story where you had to hide, you can't fight and that's one of the biggest parts. The voice sound genuinely frightened and he sounds like a normal person pulled into some sort of Android Hell. Take your pick, I like it. No, in fact- I love it!
c widd (3 years ago)
why does the wall explode when you pull the rock out?
Luciano (3 years ago)
When Amnesia came out everyone complained about its lack of quality. Now it's a classic. But it's easy to rely on a formula that has worked before, and these guys are just doing something different. I respect them for that.
Joshua Fuentes (3 years ago)
Now, people are shitting on it. But wait until PewDiePie, Markiplier and other Youtuber plays it and say they actually like it and you'll see how the people will start to love it like a bunch of brainless sheep. Because that's the way internet works...
Joshua Fuentes (2 years ago)
+Cheeses Because people are fucking stupid. That's why. This is the internet. Shitting on stuff that are not even out yet. Killing games and movies that are not even born...
PwoperCheeses (3 years ago)
+Joshua~F. | Exprimez-Vous ! This game actually looks really good... I don't understand why people are hating on it. Maybe because its not "Scary enough" in this?
Trope (3 years ago)
Looks promising, but that voice actor is pretty annoying. Having a main character voiced in a game like this takes away from the atmosphere imho
Sagi Yudelevich (3 years ago)
"Cogito ergo sum" => "I think, therefore I am". - By René Descartes.
Norga plays games! (3 years ago)
Hope it comes out in october so I can do a halloween lets play
闇咲慧音林檎 (3 years ago)
アムネシア ヒラーゲームの 最新版
Ramiz S (3 years ago)
"Cognio - ergo sum" (I think hence I exist) in the end intrigued me. And yeah, the game will raise a question of consiousness and the edge between a human and a robot
Ádám Pajor (3 years ago)
So... are we robot with human consciousness (and believes about himself, he's a human) or a human with some weird AI in this game?
H5 (2 years ago)
Jarrett*. And Simon's brain scan has not been installed onto a ''robotic diving suit'' but onto a Cortex ship that was shoved into the back in the skull of Imogen Reed who has been merged with the diving suit.
The Investigamer (2 years ago)
+Ádám Pajor You're Simon Jarette, or rather, the brain-scanned consciousness of Simon Jarette who lived in the year 2015. Now it's the year 2104 and Simon Jarette's consciousness awakens directly from the scan in an underwater research facility. You discover that the scan of you has been installed onto a robotic diving suit, so you aren't technically human. You are the sentient conscious of a human who once lived, with all his memories, knowledge, timeline of events, etc.
UltraKryptonian (3 years ago)
YAWN!!! Not scary, poor voice acting, and limited game world. I'll pass on this.
Ádám Pajor (3 years ago)
+UltraKryptonian Did you see the extended trailer?
BoomNuggettime (3 years ago)
Limited game world? Are you saying you never pick up any game that is not open world?
TheFalloutShot96 (3 years ago)
He has amnesia. Go figure
Christian Gleason (3 years ago)
Cant wait to see people play this game to death
Joshua Fuentes (3 years ago)
+Christian Gleason I know right? It's terrible how horror games are usually so bad that when a good one comes out we just can't avoid it. We have to see it over and over until you get sick of it. It's good when it start but then everyone start to hate because you just can't avoid it... Hi Amnesia. Hi Slender. Hi Five Nights At Freddy's. Hi Outlast... Whatever people think, those are good games... which became bad because people played them to their deaths...
FeArlessGamingStudios (3 years ago)
yes something to keep me going till Outlast 2
BoomNuggettime (3 years ago)
This will probably be better than outlast and outlast 2
Dr. Jones (3 years ago)
no xbox? why am i not surprised?
Jer L (3 years ago)
Finally a new game inspired by HR GIGER's masterpieces.
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (3 years ago)
Apparently, custom stories are back and have full support from Frictional.  Also, people are saying there won't be much of an inventory, but it WILL be way better than Machine For Pig's "Item System".  Also, all objects will be intractable once more.  Meaning you can pick shit up again and toss it at your heart's content.
RaxuRangerking (3 years ago)
Very interesting game. I was waiting for a dirt-cheap jumpscare at the end, and it didn't arrive; that's a sign of a good horror game imo. Voice acting could use a bit of work, but otherwise this looks like it'd be really creepy and fun to play.
RaxuRangerking (2 years ago)
+GreatScotticus It's better in the final release than it was in this trailer.
GreatScotticus (2 years ago)
+RaxuRangerking I love the voice acting in the game.
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (3 years ago)
+RaxuRangerking Well, the trailer was made when the game was in pre alpha. It entered beta recently and people are testing it. Voices in the game in 2013 were probably there as placeholders. They have probably changed up voice actors based on feedback. That's how development usually works. Usually. They did it with Weatly in Portal 2.
Allan Miles (3 years ago)
This comment section is more frightening than the game...
Bill21 (3 years ago)
when the game release for pc i really want to play that game is crazy
ヨヨ (3 years ago)
Considering the past projects from Frictional Games have been some what Lovecraftian in their nature, they got some pretty Mi-Go shit going here~
Cory Baxter (3 years ago)
Do SOMA you people want this game? =D
TheBlazersfan22 (3 years ago)
why is it. Frictional games is the only company out there. who really knows how to make a consistent horror game? Penumbra , amnesia have been really good at making me crap my pants and scream . Every time something scary happens.
BMW4979 (3 years ago)
amnesia, perfekt start of a game
psychventure (3 years ago)
looks good
Bluer Sora (3 years ago)
Penumbra was amazing in everything, Amnesia was very scary, A machine for pigs was not scary but had an amazing story, this one called Soma looks good to but the trailer doesnt show much,,, the voice acting is ok but i prefer when the character is silent so we can make the voice in our heads and think for ourselfs. I see this game is going to be released for ps4 to, i hope they dont start with dlc pre order crap like every game nowadays.
Bluer Sora (2 years ago)
+Rawkfistlol I know you didn't said they were bad, i do trust your opinion about soma and i'll be sure to play it.
Rawkfistlol (2 years ago)
+Bluer Sora im not saying that amnesia or penumbra were bad, i loved it too, but for me, its just, soma, is really much better, because of reason i've written earlier:)
Bluer Sora (2 years ago)
+Rawkfistlol Oh yeah? well the game must be amazing like the other previous frictional games. I'll have to play it someday.
Rawkfistlol (2 years ago)
+Bluer Sora Simon's voice actor did a great job, i loved it much more, than just fucking walking around in an old castle with a lamp, at least you can feel your character's emotions.
Jose Goiaba silva (2 years ago)
ZanySkull (3 years ago)
Hey this games coming to ps4 too, cool, I don't really have a decent pc at the moment so I'm excited!
Brian Sanichar (3 years ago)
Woohoo I love survival horror !!!
777John_Rambo777 (3 years ago)
Can't wait......
Samuraislash600 (3 years ago)
Finally! A SciFi horror game that actually has good atmosphere! I'm excited!
Dezmon Franco (3 years ago)
Hey now won't u look at that it's only coming out for ps4 and pc😊. I wonder y Xbox one isn't getting this. Hint hint *coughs Xbox one sucks *stops coughing sorry guys just had a cough
Biosector16 (3 years ago)
Anyone else get some serious Prometheus vibes during the second half during the last half of the video?
Nig Nog Jenkins (3 years ago)
+WAMiners Its like they looked at some of his art and thought that'll do.
WAMiners (3 years ago)
+biosector07 Ya seems pretty H.R. Giger-esque
Biosector16 (3 years ago)
*Prometheus vibes during the last half of the video? Damnit, I had one job.
gogetaSSfive (3 years ago)
I think the voice acting will just only add on to the story and general player confusion. I know the fact that he started freaking out over the brain being peirced and saying some words about 'is that me?' definitely put WAY more tension on the scene for me than making them find some way to pause it and have 'is that me?' pop up on the screen long enough for me to read. I really like the voice acting--I think they'll just use it to panic the player even more, like they did just then.
Dragon tamers (3 years ago)
What kind of H R Geiger shit is this?
CAZ-H (3 years ago)
I haven't been excited for a video game in like 2 years. I am so excited for this.
DeadOnArival (3 years ago)
wait WAIT JUST A GOD DAMN MINUTE, COGITO ERGO SUM I THINK THEREFORE I AM, i have no mouth and i must scream.
Reactionist (3 years ago)
The voice acting sounded very natural, what the fuck people?
Vinter (3 years ago)
I am reaaallllyyy enjoying this H.R. Giger feel!!

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