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10 Video Games You'll Never 100%

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The games that ruined everything for the perfectionists. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Snake Eyed Ghoul (11 days ago)
That Mortal Kombat (2011) achievement is the epitome of the perfect video game achievement. It lets you explore the whole game, giving you one core goal to reach, but you can reach it in your own way. It also lets you experience everything the game has to offer. Its much better than the whole "grind this" style of achievements
decreetum1angelos (11 days ago)
You def. Missed dark cloud 2 for ps2 dude
Ole Jørgen Rønning (15 days ago)
The only game i’ve finished 100% was lego batman, and even that was a pain in the ass!
Nekro Reaper (28 days ago)
uhhh the comments and this video alone make me feel like everyones a noob and im considered a "hardcore" gamer cause im a trophy hunter and that makes me cringe. i mean seriously the whole dead space 2 one was just the easiest on this list and the game isnt even scary...the no mans sky one though...jesus christ....made me laugh the way you ended it on that note but my god i remember the hype for it with everyone and i never once gave a shit to want to play it....but now even more so less than before which i didnt think could be possible. jesus.
mloik fred (1 month ago)
Find all objects in donkey kong n64
State of Opportunity (1 month ago)
Quake 4.
Karroth X (1 month ago)
100% in white knight chronicles, pff, give me the game, and 999 hours and im done, i played this 5-10% of this time in the 7 days i had playstation now for free :D
Timothy Schwarz (1 month ago)
Without a statagy guide or internet help. Final Fantasy X-2. There are so much stupid things you have to do in a certain order such as rest at this time then go here to watch this. And after all that there is the via infinito which with LV 99 characters is still almost impossible.
Finn Murphy (1 month ago)
sarg nagel (1 month ago)
Another noob channel coming up with G.R.A.W. but not with Quake 4
weirdness with echo (2 months ago)
Fallout 4
Dillon Curless (3 months ago)
Wow makes me feel good to know MGS2 was on this list, I 100% that one, all dog tags in EVERY DAMN DIFFICULTY and that last Metal Gear Ray battle. The battle with Ray was bull shit however, I waisted 4 consecutive weekends (no joke) perfecting this, to not get hit by 1 attack by Ray as they keep coming and you loose count, as a child. 1 fucking hit kills you! Bull shit!
Sleeping Conscious (3 months ago)
All I have to say is God of war challenge of the gods
Kristian nørgaard (3 months ago)
As a person who always have punched my friends in their faces during Rock Band, I will never complete it 100%...
Michael Roth (4 months ago)
Star ocean 3
Travis Keeton (4 months ago)
I actually don't consider a game 100% complete until it's beaten on all difficulties, all collectables have been found and all weapons fully upgraded "if it's needed". Achievements/Trophies don't fucking count.
Nicole The Author (4 months ago)
I have 200 games and a basically 100% all of them but the evil with in 2 ._.
Llort Mc'Trolling (4 months ago)
Try and tell an achievement hunter or a completionist that they will never get 100% on certain games just because YOU aren't good enough to do so yourself. We will laugh at you. I got 100% completion on dead space 2, gow 3, and ff XI. The rest of the games are trash in my personal opinion, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't play them if I had them. I'm just not going to waste my own money on them is all.
Raziel Souvare (4 months ago)
Love that last bit "Good. F***ing. Luck." xD
Intergalactic Enemy (4 months ago)
Lol ds2 i did at 15
Andrew Mock (4 months ago)
I did beat dead space 2 on hardcore. Just for the sick suit😏
Sheesi Nanab (4 months ago)
I'm surprised The Witcher 3 isn't on the list lol
Thomas Becker (5 months ago)
Batman Arkham Knight
Sean Denny (5 months ago)
Gotta say no mans sky put the icing on perfectly
YH Zheng (5 months ago)
You might wanna change the game for number 1 spot, because No man's sky are just a big fat lie.
James Martinez (5 months ago)
Fucking hilarious
James Martinez (5 months ago)
Love the last one
KattyJG (5 months ago)
Are you doubting me? HARDCORE MODE AINT SHIT
KattyJG (5 months ago)
Literally coming from someone who died 30000 times in Fallout New Vegas on Hardcore
Chelini Helmes (5 months ago)
How about world of warcraft
David Meyer (5 months ago)
You should Do another Video but this Time 100% on a Stats Screen, Not including Achivements
Spartan 118 (6 months ago)
Mobarak Jama (6 months ago)
I never tried neither of these things nor 'll never.
Okay Keith (6 months ago)
I'm currently playing DS2 (dead space 2) on Hardcore mode. I almost broke my controller 😭. I couldnt get pass chapter 2 but eventually I made it to my first save in chapter 4. Now its just a matter of beating the remaining chapters
josht18ffx (6 months ago)
There may be an almost infinite number of planets in no man's sky but anyone who played it knows it's more like 7 planets constantly repeated
RocketeerRaccoon (6 months ago)
I actually beat Gears of War 3 a long time ago with that achievement.
Dashawn Walters (6 months ago)
Bro how many planets?
Corey Patterson (7 months ago)
1. Tales of Maj'Eyal - More achievements than the rest of your Steam library combined, and you'll only ever unlock a handful per playthrough.  Even the game's own dev team admits that achievement hunting in this game is a monumental task.  2. World of Warcraft - The world event achieves alone are a year's worth of work (literally, it's impossible to do them any faster), many PVP achievements are impossible to all but the best players, and there's no shortage of achievements that are more luck than skill.  And that's before you get into every expansion adding its own game's worth of entries to the list.  3. Hyrule Warriors - This game has orders of magnitude more collectibles, unlockables, and missions than any other entry in the Zelda franchise, including Breath of the Wild.  Good luck with that!
ChromeGadget (7 months ago)
Elite Dangerous. It's got the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy to explore. The community as a whole has only discovered a third of it, collectively.
Poet (7 months ago)
WTF are my Gow 3 clips doing in this video? Well, that's nice i think but would've been nice if you asked me first !
?MrDeluxe ¿ (1 month ago)
That's not you
will haynes (7 months ago)
Cry me a river.
Jack Curry (7 months ago)
Just Cause 2 is impossible to 100%, i know, i watched my brother try
the_smershed hatter187 (8 months ago)
Rock band was easy I was the drummer except for that last song
Tito UKF (8 months ago)
Immortal Blaziken (8 months ago)
0. I have 100% 0 games.
jflem69 (8 months ago)
The elderscrolls online has a trophy where you have to be in the top 5 of pvp to get after doing and finding everything in the massive mmo already
Alan Quinney (8 months ago)
What was the number of planets in no man's sky 😂😂
Davis Hurt (8 months ago)
what about every lego game ever
Saekwon Gandy (8 months ago)
Fallout new vegas every quest and and class set up plus killing all characters by killing for no reason and quest wise and using every gun creating everything at work benches and andddj just straight up killing everyone
MarkuS (8 months ago)
ds2 hardcore isnt that hard...? play trough the hardest difficulty before that and you'll realise hardcore is actually a little bit easier (not countin the 3 saves tho)
Hessed3712 (8 months ago)
When you got to NMS and started saying how many planets there were, I thought you were speaking another language. Thanks for teaching me my numbers 😋.
Andre Halgryn (8 months ago)
I subscribed after the last line of no man's sky. gg wp mate
Zachary Pranka (9 months ago)
Juan Bermudez (9 months ago)
When I start a new game, I make sure to check the achievements first, to keep them in mind and now what to do in order to get them, but as soon as I finish the game, even tho I didn't get all the achievements, the game is completed for me. I did what I could, so... NEXT!
ritcheyz (9 months ago)
I beat Hardcore mode on my first try :V
Riley Skazas (9 months ago)
Diablo III?
Rc1136Darman1 (9 months ago)
i completed nms! I saw a lets play, saw a planet in it and have seen everything because of it.
Mateo Baysse (9 months ago)
AngelRasmus3 (9 months ago)
'Metal Gear Solid 2' Sorry to disappoint you Jules, but me and my brother completed this game 100%. God dang the Harrier and Vamp battles were fucking hard!!! They took hours alone XD
CarlosAGV (9 months ago)
and i completed first dead space with 100%... dont remember if there was a similar achievement as DS2
SuitcaseSpeakers (9 months ago)
Wolfenstein 2 - mien liben... enough said
spaceforger Gaming (9 months ago)
Yo the main story line for the white knight chronical doesn't take no 50-60 hours it took me like 10 hours max it honestly was pretty short if you just power lvld for till you could 1 shot lesser minions in an area then clear the story quests
thegoldenfret123456 (9 months ago)
Luke Weiland (9 months ago)
Borderlands 2??
ThelemicMagick (9 months ago)
Besides the fact the game is utter crap, Montezuma's Revenge 2 for the Nintendo DS shows your progress in percentages, which *never* exceeds 97%, not even after playing for more gold and buying all available upgrades after the end credits.
Jay Haynie (9 months ago)
You didn't include Minecraft with all its seeds
darkwolf1304 (9 months ago)
i took a drink during the no mans sky portion, i choked on my drink xD
Captain Reads (9 months ago)
GHOST RECON! WOOT-WOOT! I'm a huge fan of the Tom Clancy games, I own quite a few, but Wildlands is the first and only GR game that I own lol.
James Lee (9 months ago)
Clash of gay
Bo Ex To (9 months ago)
Lost Planet 2. In order to get all the Nom de Guerre (Player Titles) you had to have gone to certain conventions and gotten codes to unlock certain Titles.
First Cooommment (9 months ago)
Nice choice of music. 👌
Dirty_Leprechauns ™ (9 months ago)
quake tho
Mr Needs (9 months ago)
I didn't think the endless setlist was that difficult on Rock Band, I finished it on expert 4 times, with each instrument, got platinum artist achievement on Xbox 360.
ace gaming (9 months ago)
I learned alot of stuff from gaming And one them is 100% no matter what
Jalynn Van Baalen (9 months ago)
Is this a challenge? Cause it feels like challenge
Zukefly0099 (10 months ago)
XD the NMS bit was gold
The UnFadingRocket (10 months ago)
I have NMS and i dont see any trophy or achievement requiring me to find every damn planet in the game and i bought it at launch
ILOVEPIE (10 months ago)
darktooth347 (10 months ago)
No Runescape, no 200 mill exp in each skill? For shame.
Ian McDonald (10 months ago)
I have done 0 games 100%, the only game I'm close on is slime rancher, don't laugh, it was free so I got. my definition of complete is completing a campaign on normal or harder
Slayne7410 (9 months ago)
Will vouch, while it only held my attention for a week or so, I enjoyed the game for the time I played it. The games I've come closest to 100% without even trying are L4D2, Borderlands, and Diablo 3 though. I don't typically do achievement hunting in games though.
SHR SHRED (10 months ago)
i find it discusting that games that are 18+ are shown to a younger audience so easily without even mentioning that there will be very violent content in this video.Wonder how the next generation treats rape oO?
Zaid Mousa (10 months ago)
I hope Gmod is on this list
Tyler Remy (10 months ago)
Red dead redemption was the best game I ever 100%
Jacob Vest (10 months ago)
I died at the end XD
Richard McMillan (10 months ago)
rockband one also came out WAY before trophies, so people who were good at the game stopped before it came out
Harvey Green (10 months ago)
Skyrim?witcher 3?
punkfan97 (10 months ago)
Skyrim is nearly impossible to complete 100% unless you have no life
Edin_Plays (10 months ago)
brandon viles (10 months ago)
Rock Band was easy to 100% for me because I've been playing GH and RB pretty much my whole life, so have my friends I did it with. I also have 100% Gears 3, and God did it take me a while. It was the only game I played for eight months straight, never again.
Zerated Db (11 months ago)
Skyrim and fallouts
Fire Vulpix (11 months ago)
Surprised runescape isn't on there. Absolutely impossible to get completionist, all cosmetic overrides, all weapons, items & armor. All pets. Kill counts that are endless. Getting 200m xp in 27 skills where 1-99 for 13m xp takes near a month alone. Good luck.
Todd Doering (11 months ago)
Dragon Age: Inquisition So many of the series' fans were completionists (myself included) that for the third game they decided to put in a few things just for us. Specifically multiple missions that have no quest logs, or any other hints to what you are supposed to do that people are still finding. The only thing they have in common is that you have to go back and forth between different ends of the game's massive maps and perform a combination of difficult, grindy, and impossible-to-guess tasks with little to no reward. At at the end of one of them you unlock a secret boss (which is identical to normal enemies) named 'Treasure'.
Tetsujin1330 (11 months ago)
What, no Wild Arms 4(us version)? It took me a full month to realize the last entry in the monster list would never be filled in. The damned thing was removed from the game in the US.
Scott Noseworthy (11 months ago)
You guys should try LoTRO (Lord of the Rings online) that games years of grinding to 100%
Tyler Nold (11 months ago)
At the end I was like no mans sky is easy till I heard the number of planets there are
Zodiac Unleashed (11 months ago)
The greatest phrase, "rarer than rocking horse shit"
dylan durance (11 months ago)
I only have 1 more onyx metal to complete in GoW 3 but i havent played it on a while since GoW4 release
Chase Sutherland (11 months ago)
I 100% only one game. Lego star wars the force awakens.
Der Ernste (11 months ago)
Leave Sonic alone :c
Aaron Hinojosa (11 months ago)
No man's sky is trash anyways
Randy Savage (11 months ago)
I have 100% in No Man's Sky babaha
adi beniacz (11 months ago)
Mgs 2 europen extreme . Took me 3 month to beat and destroy 2 pad years ago. Newer again ...

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