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Chain Chomp in Mario Tennis Aces Gameplay - Nintendo Switch

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Text Comments (144)
Dusty (2 days ago)
He balances the ball on his head,
Peyton Jackson (7 days ago)
Chain Chomp with a tennis racket in its mouth is still the most freaking wonderful thing I have ever seen
MechaBlaze (9 days ago)
painterjosh (13 days ago)
wow this scares me a bit... i don't know why XDDD
painterjosh (13 days ago)
wow this scares me a bit... i don't know why XDDD
Duck Sensei (14 days ago)
They need a nerf, I rallied for 2 minutes once because of how easy it is for them to defend
melted dali (13 days ago)
Git Gud
So we have had Goombas playing Baseball Bloopers in Mario Party And now this?
He is probably the next Mario kart playable and smash bros
xx bombcreeper (15 days ago)
Who would win Mario a professional tennis player and was in here since the beginning One barky boi
unsub (15 days ago)
Nerf chain chomp, dude is ridiculously broken
Carl Williams (16 days ago)
Goodest boy.
Z Ghost 200 (17 days ago)
Who let the chomp out
Porter Wallington (17 days ago)
please support this good boi and his dreams
Daniel Flanagan (18 days ago)
A sentient ball and chain that barks like a dog that plays tennis with a racket in its fangs. All of gaming had been leading to this singular moment in time. We can go no further.
Kooka Man (18 days ago)
Woof woof
Yord (18 days ago)
Chainchomp in smash!
FireSonicYT (18 days ago)
chain chomp is still a weird choice... and i love it.
Anil Erdem (18 days ago)
What is it with Mario spinoff titles always having some oddball character (no pun intended....maybe) Mario Kart 7 honey bee queen Mario Kart 8 pink Gold Peach and now this 😅
Kribby the Trap (15 days ago)
at least Chain Chomp is original unlike Pink Gold Peach
FireSonicYT (18 days ago)
and back with the mario baseball games had a goomba as a playable character, and he doesn't even have arms.
Shane Siemssen (18 days ago)
Chain Chomp for Smash. Please Nintendo!
wikichris (18 days ago)
Ridiculous is good but this may have taken things too far.
ShadowSpin (18 days ago)
Off the chain, bro.
T Striker (18 days ago)
Look at this good boy follow his dreams I'm so proud
MaddestMike (19 days ago)
I really want this game now! :D
Alexander Wood (19 days ago)
Ok Chain Chomp is adorable AF
PhenomsServant4 (19 days ago)
Ok so having a Chain Chomp may equally be the most wtf and most awesome addition to a Mario spinoff game ever.
HK pig (19 days ago)
this remind me to when the goombas played baseball with a hovering bat
Tazerrtot (19 days ago)
Sooooo, he's basically Air Bud?
After Math (19 days ago)
toadette bitch ass vs chain chomp bitch ass
890Mitch (19 days ago)
please tell me there is a way to turn off the annoying heart beat noise
Jayden The Super Star (19 days ago)
Of course they're are gonna say "oh my God chain chomp is playable YAAAAAYYY" but I'm still not impressed.😒 And why is everyone calling waluigi a God huh? And people need to stop calling spike "fishy boopkins😡 *AND WAIFU IS A HORRIBLE WORD TO SAY* 😠😡😠😡😠😡
Mr. Balloon Head (19 days ago)
Pepto Abysmal (19 days ago)
A good boy to be sure
gaeelll (19 days ago)
How are ppl already playing this??
DomanPuddr (19 days ago)
He got invited to play it early by Nintendo
Anjo Banjo (19 days ago)
Anyone else feel that as the Mario games become more graphically intensive that Toad has gotten creepier? I think it’s the lack of the nose.
Shrub Duh (19 days ago)
What is that announcer tho
Shrub Duh (19 days ago)
*You know i wanna play as him he's my homie*
Is the narrator the same from the GBA/GCN era?
zombieslaya3456 (19 days ago)
Wait what. WHAT
Red C (19 days ago)
They should have made him wag his chain like a tail! When gets a point or a win.
SonofMrPeanut (19 days ago)
You go, big guy!
K Bruh (19 days ago)
Chain chop for smash lmao
Dante Mele (19 days ago)
How's Handheld Mode?
SPassMario (16 days ago)
Dante Mele Very nice
froggerzard6606 (19 days ago)
whoever thought to make chain chomp a character needs a raise
Red C (19 days ago)
froggerzard6606 but they missed the opportunity to make him wag his chain like a tail when gets a point or win. People would have eaten that up!
Harttman (19 days ago)
A never knew I wanted it playable, but now I want it for smash 5 😂
MamaLuigi Official (19 days ago)
Something I didn't know I wanted But I want it now
Ricardo Hernández (19 days ago)
Interestingly enough, twatdette had a more annoying voice.
King Lucky (19 days ago)
Cool Orange Fox (20 days ago)
When a METAL BALL WITH NO HANDS AND FEET is better than you at tennis XD
blue inkling (19 days ago)
Cool Orange Fox so true
DomanPuddr (19 days ago)
Uranus ???
Uranus (20 days ago)
Cool Orange Fox It isn’t a real character.
Matt Beattie (20 days ago)
I'm guessing chain chomp is a strong but slow type?
johnson SC (7 days ago)
Matt Beattie hes mid strong and mid speed
Grana Banana (20 days ago)
this game better be ACE... ahem....
Dan 2017 (20 days ago)
Give me dry bones and I’ll be happy.
CSnake YT (20 days ago)
BOI ur twitter did not lie.
Brandon Roberts (20 days ago)
chain chomp for wimbledon
The Phenomenal Gamer (20 days ago)
If pink gold peach is a playable character, I will not buy this gane
Unmeltable Dude (19 days ago)
They're gonna add Baby Pink Gold Peach instead.
LukeDoesGaming // LDG (19 days ago)
The Phenomenal Gamer unless they add DLC, there most likely won’t be, since dataminers have 99.99% confirmed that there is no pink gold peach in the game’s data.
Anistorm (20 days ago)
Did they really put a heartbeat if you're on match point? I hate that.
Kribby the Trap (15 days ago)
Da King (20 days ago)
These characters grunt when hitting like tennis professionals. I always hated that. So annoying. Godddamn Toadette needs to be quiet
thedreadedzero (20 days ago)
Is this literally the same as the previous video but from the other perspective..?
Camren Brown (20 days ago)
So no Magikoopa again?😒
my tits (20 days ago)
zwippie92 (20 days ago)
0:40, that line shot... Jesus, I could almost swear it was out :)
Kasper de Oude (20 days ago)
It saying HAWK HAWK at every shot is gonna get annoying '-.- game looks great tho! Thanks for the gameplay
xd Frogie (13 days ago)
Kasper de Oude well waluigi keep saying WAHHH all the time too hahahha
Kasper de Oude (19 days ago)
yeah that's basically all he does haha. that and getting stars for mario after breaking through metal bars
Dante Mele (19 days ago)
Kasper de Oude Its character nature, changing it will affect ALL games and that won't happen.
Dan Feldman (20 days ago)
Im talking about the demo
The Theory Kid (20 days ago)
How did you get to play the game? Practice games?
Dragonwolf (19 days ago)
The Theory Kid sent a review copy probably
Mr Wapaka (20 days ago)
Chain chomp is such a lazy and dumb idea . I would rather see a new Mario brother (unrealistic) or something clever. But NOT A CHAIN CHOMP
Mr Wapaka (20 days ago)
xeno4445 ` it’s kind of cool but not a good Idea. I mean look at his surcharge. Come on Nintendo
Mr Wapaka (20 days ago)
my tits goomba really would be awesome but I simply don’t like chain chomp that much
my tits (20 days ago)
Philip I. a playable chain chomp is a fucking event just wait for playable goomba in mario kart
Randy Sprunger (20 days ago)
Is this the first playable chain chomp?
MechaBlaze (9 days ago)
Aside from Odyssey, yes
jump 7holes (16 days ago)
Well there was a minigame in Mario Party 6 where you rode on top of a chain chomp and threw a bone to the finish line :Throw Me a Bone
Yord (18 days ago)
Now we need it in Smash
Dante Mele (19 days ago)
Bobcat One Minus the capture for MTA.
Bobcat One (20 days ago)
Not if you include Odyssey
Dan Feldman (20 days ago)
Dan Feldman (20 days ago)
It isnt leting me downlod the game
SporkinStork (20 days ago)
jump 7holes (18 days ago)
SporkinStork greetings! Brethren
Jayden Musco (20 days ago)
This is my dream.
GamerDanGames GDG (20 days ago)
They should definitely add DLC characters
Oh Yeah & Knuckles (17 days ago)
GamerDanGames GDG They are they mentioned it in the direct they’ll do tournaments and participants can get characters* (*And even if you don’t you still get the character as well)
GamerDanGames GDG (17 days ago)
Nikki K I think they should do what they did with Kirby Star Allies with free DLC characters
Mytmyles (19 days ago)
Nikki K (19 days ago)
GamerDanGames GDG .This seems to be a perfect game to do this to.
Generico Garbagio (20 days ago)
jakinator (20 days ago)
Nooooooooooo I wanted to see his special full meter shot thing
gamer boy (17 days ago)
jakinator do you mean the power shot? (just like in mario power tennis?)
Dante Mele (19 days ago)
Vesmir NG-3 They probably allowed Mario's as it was shown in their trailers.
Vesmir NG-3 (19 days ago)
jakinator But GameXplain show this for Mario beating Giant Piranha Flower. I think they allowed.
jakinator (19 days ago)
I'm talking about the shot with the special animation, which would be better to experience on my own. But I understand they're probably not allowed to show it
Dante Mele (19 days ago)
This is an early access gameplay, Nintendo has the rights to restrict some things from being shown before release, if breached access is rejected. Don't forget the streamer who LEAKED the final boss of Odyssey before release, he got a 3 month ban on YouTube and caused these to appear less often.
YOUR TRUMP GAY (20 days ago)
No waluigi?
YOUR TRUMP GAY He Still In Mario Tennis Aces!
MinecraftSteve2009 (20 days ago)
Real shit?
This is truly the best tennis
Ryan (20 days ago)
Still can’t beat playing as waluigi imo
Ryan (19 days ago)
Rialster 2000 That could be a skin if he gets into smash, who knows
Rialster 2000 (19 days ago)
Why dosent waluigi have a dumb metal skin like purple alluminim waluigi
liam bradley (19 days ago)
Well waluigi is the greatest creation of all time.
Dante Mele (19 days ago)
He moonwalks in this game!
my tits (20 days ago)
Ryan this is a pretty fucking close second
James O'Connor (20 days ago)
Toadette is actually so annoying in this game
Wildonthewolf (15 days ago)
Everyone is annoying in this game, they're all so noisy!
Ethan Brown (18 days ago)
Daniel Priestley (19 days ago)
+James O'Connor How Dare You! 😡
Jovan Krstin (20 days ago)
Toadette is annoying in ever game imo
perfect blue (20 days ago)
James O'Connor Unfortunately, every character makes noice when hitting the ball. It's pretty annoying I must admit.
K. G. Glez (20 days ago)
Um wtf
Mario Duran (20 days ago)
TromboneSliderr _ (20 days ago)
Mario Duran actually first
Luke Tanuki (20 days ago)
YOUR TRUMP GAY (20 days ago)
Ur first So what?....
Mario Duran (20 days ago)
GG you won by 3 seconds

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