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Final Fantasy XV - Omen Cinematic Trailer

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Final Fantasy XV has gone gold at long last, and it's got a moody, dreamy, action-packed new trailer to celebrate. The First 12 Minutes of World of Final Fantasy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7s8LHEOP2Q Final Fantasy 15 Preview: The Mother of Reinvention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQz2GPXTdWw Watch more from IGN here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfaCiiG5XOw&index=1&list=PLE196726F02565118 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #finalfantasy
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Text Comments (2702)
Willjin (3 hours ago)
Wow! Ok I'm hyped to play this game I've neglected.
Stranger (6 days ago)
Emery Evans (7 days ago)
This trailer really has foreshadowed the whole story. The dog was a reference as ardyn who leads him through the hole thing like a setup. Noctis being shown as the reason for Luna's death because of Ardyn.
Jorge Vivas (10 days ago)
This game could have been loads better..
Stephen Reed (10 days ago)
Kinda reminded me of Assassins Creed cinematics
Ewerton Carvalho (13 days ago)
Trailer Fake
SwordSkill2 (13 days ago)
This trailer leaves you feel like Noctis is some kind of reincarnation of Sin just like Jecht was and his father is actually trying to kill him, but apparently it would be too dark for Disn.. I mean Square Enix..
the games (14 days ago)
Nicholo Bongat (14 days ago)
Does everyone know that this is an alternate timeline?
teztorrence1116 (14 days ago)
Except the game is nothing like the trailer.
Naseem Wong (14 days ago)
Hint at future dlc
Homeward Rook (15 days ago)
Congratulations you've just played the whole game for free.
Salted Reaper (15 days ago)
they should so make this version! like ff15-2 a what if story
Jude Claudius (16 days ago)
JayMo (17 days ago)
Anyone else get goosebumps??
Madmonkeman (19 days ago)
Definitely false advertising.
Sam Fisher (19 days ago)
Noctus dies at the end of the story and there's no way to avoid it/alternate ending.
Skarfall (20 days ago)
Castor (20 days ago)
The music for this trailer... this whole thing A masterpiece
itsguy 246 (20 days ago)
Drive safe kids
Kieran Lanier (21 days ago)
I finished this whole game. Great game. NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THE TRAILER
Andy Chen (14 days ago)
This was meant to be a Omen, a future sight from King Regis before Noctis set out on his journey.
Xenruwell (21 days ago)
Nothing of that happened in the game. But nice trailer :D
Andre Suharman (22 days ago)
that man... He's Vitale from Devil May Cry 5 Right?
linux750 (23 days ago)
THIS should have been the opening scene of Kingsglaive. It could be titled "The King's Premonition" Too bad it was scrapped.
Kasper Selvejer (23 days ago)
Christ, why am I crying?..
Millie Steer (24 days ago)
I cried so hard watching this I WANT MOREEE
Millie Steer (24 days ago)
masahiko shirune (24 days ago)
I love both this and the game ITS SO AMMMAAAZZINNNGG
Edw DS (25 days ago)
YaoiFangirl 6996 (26 days ago)
Didn’t they show a part of this trailer in the game when Noctis was having a dream?
Shedletsky (26 days ago)
When trailers actually look like the game.
Gissell Romero (1 month ago)
blue hacker (1 month ago)
to bad the actual game is nothing like this
Will Alfies (1 month ago)
You Gonna Hold Something Hold True
cry diamond (1 month ago)
all of that action and the only thing you actually remember from the game is picking up random stuff and all you hear is Ignis "THAT'S IT" Gladio "what is it Iggie" Ignis "I've come up with a new recipe."
Mariano Diaz (1 month ago)
What's the name of the OST?
Zeta Radiant (1 month ago)
The CGI movie and the trailer are the best, but the story of the game is bad.
Will Alfies (1 month ago)
May Saul Forgive Us..
Will Alfies (1 month ago)
I See What You Mean White Wolf, Green Starlight Totality Down.
Polli (1 month ago)
uno uno (1 month ago)
Rian Kon (1 month ago)
Wait so why does noctus fight Luna in this? Or is it just a representation of “SPOILERS” Arden as Noctis because he’s of the same bloodline
xRaineDropsx (23 days ago)
The king was given this premonition right before Noctis was scheduled to leave. This is what WOULD have happened had Noctis not been accompanied by Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio. Without his friends he would have been led astray.
Cocona Cosplay (1 month ago)
only if the game was as cool as this trailer.
Connor Force (1 month ago)
What's that song on the radio in the beginning of the trailer?
Maxi S. (1 month ago)
tbh, it wouldve been cooler if the trailer was the actual gameplay, like you could decide if noctis would stay in the city and end up experiencing this gritty and dark adventure and you fight without his power to basically survive in the game. So like choosing the "hope" or "Omen" concept;Noctis either trys to change his fate, or accepts it. but on a funny note when noctis slowly got shirtless I was like," Ummmmm sir plz stop Imma die if you keep this up."😂 but its cool tho. the actual game was pretty and all but it made me dissappointed, hope they at least make a dlc of this part of the gameplay of the omen concept, bc if they remake it then it would just take longer to wait.
uchiha zharo (1 month ago)
did uchiha sasuke lost in final fantasy world?
Snooler Fadly (1 month ago)
16? This is mind from crazy mind
Hittcliff (1 month ago)
То эмоция когда разработчики не наебали нас, и дали практически таковой же графон будто и в трейлерах.. истина для таковой игры требуется пиздец какой компьютер..
Alix Man (1 month ago)
We will hace that graphics on PS5. 10 years to wait again..
Chann223 (1 month ago)
Damn, this trailer.
Jessie Joe (2 months ago)
is this just a game cinematics? or there is a movie?
Maxi S. (1 month ago)
Jessie Joe there was an anime movie/seires called brotherhood or somethin? Theres also a final fatasy movie called kingsglaive.
Havoc The Alpha Wolf (2 months ago)
why is it called "final" fantasy when there are thousands of remakes, games, etc..?
Bao Zai (2 months ago)
Bao Zai (2 months ago)
Chalimin차리민 (2 months ago)
they should make full out movies of this kind of cinematic, its just so beautiful
Kyle Keefe (2 months ago)
this made it look so much better than it was
A very well made trailer
AlotTome234 (2 months ago)
bullshit ending
Carlos Myers AA (2 months ago)
Esa es la película
Stoop Floy (2 months ago)
I would’ve waited another 5 years to play this masterpiece instead of the happy go lucky boyband XV that we actually got
jewel denzo (2 months ago)
Noctis what have you done
Syientha Julia (2 months ago)
like video
Ninja Dude (2 months ago)
Whats the cool thing about final fantasy?
Lala AnimeVideos (2 months ago)
amber williams (2 months ago)
my older sisters used to play this could someone explain the story I would really like to know this looks very interesting
TeraFlare93 (2 months ago)
And then you find out it appears in the game as a totally random flashy dream.
Gnoxxify (2 months ago)
This game was not nearly as good as this trailer made it seem like it would be.
Claire331 (3 months ago)
It was because of this trailer that I brought the game....and I still feel disappointed
Fire Ignitus (3 months ago)
That moment you realize this is old
boltos yeven (3 months ago)
Whats the song at the beginning?
Mark Anthony (3 months ago)
its amazing.... how the game was nothing like this. at all. waste.
alex drake (3 months ago)
This trailer was better than the game
Branny Cedeño (3 months ago)
Man, I wish any of this happened in the final game. This would have made for a darker story. Gosh, it is just a concept. What a waste. This game had so much potential...
Mumford Hobbes (3 months ago)
this trailer makes me feel lied to
Cesar Tudela Huaman (3 months ago)
Sisi todo bonito y eso hasta que se muere el pndj de noctis
Jehrail Funny4free (3 months ago)
Nun of This never happend in the game
Amin Limbu (3 months ago)
PSPFilms (3 months ago)
This trailer made me nut.
Auron 888 (3 months ago)
just breathtaking ...
Maxphyte (3 months ago)
I still like the game a lot but man I wish we didn’t have to watch this and Kingsglaive just to know certain character motivations along with some of their fates. I would have been pretty confused if I didn’t see those before playing the game.
Jess (3 months ago)
Was never much of a Final Fantasy fan, but this trailer gave me chills
St Werauchimmer (3 months ago)
Now i can say, trailer better than the whole game
Reza Pahlawan (3 months ago)
Hail boyband
BTS Golden Maknae (3 months ago)
My first ever final fantasy game and it was amazing
PowerL1N3 (3 months ago)
I wish this were a level in the game
PowerL1N3 (3 months ago)
My favorite trailer
Annabell Shortcake07 (3 months ago)
Is it a future game???
muhd ariff (3 months ago)
Itz Injectz (3 months ago)
Wow, This trailer is really foreshadowing a WHOLE story....
Rize - (3 months ago)
noctis lucis
omega portal (3 months ago)
sad that this trailer doesnt reflect how the story/game was 1%... Really thought Noctis was gonna get all badass and evil at some point leading to this Luna fight, but no square pussied out on this idea... This is why shows like game of thrones are so popular, because they arent afraid of developing characters.
JUST MUSIC (3 months ago)
did anyone notice the assassins creed logo on the subway train scene?
kenneth shields (4 months ago)
.... Is that really the same game 🤔
Clark Garry Tamba (4 months ago)
I think this is the full dream of noctis
Kacc (4 months ago)
Heatz (4 months ago)
Where is Noctis' friends?
David Guerrero (4 months ago)
Me hubiera encantado que esa fuera la historia, una trama compleja en la que el protagonista termina siendo el villano, eso podría haber dado como resultado el origen de un enemigo que serviría para una secuela, pero termino siendo una historia más, pero al menos con un villano algo decente.
LostStorm 96 (4 months ago)
Mr. Nice! (4 months ago)
Better love story than final fantasy 15... oh wait
axel somers (4 months ago)
the minute i saw this trailer i couldnt stop thinking about buying it lol i dont really play adventure games that much, let alone rpgs, but the trailer was so beautifully made that it didnt matter to me when everyone in the comments said nothing in the trailer actually happened in the game. i just had to be involved with it one way or another. i dont play rpgs, but i am very familiar with how it works because my cousin plays a lot of it, so i could tell that there are very big differences with how ffxv operates than other rpgs. i think its a much lighter rpg compared to the contemporary ones, and i guess it to appeal to new comers like myself. it doesnt necessarily mean its bad, but id understand why so many people were disappointed. but hey, i just got to chapter two a few hours ago, after playing the game for seven hours, so who the hell am i to talk

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