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Top 5 FIGHTING Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2017 & 2018 )

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Here Top 5 of Bests New Fighting games 2017 & 2018 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (26)
Top Anime Genesis (3 months ago)
Nesty (3 months ago)
Street fighter theme song always get u pumped
ILikeBigBoobies69 (5 months ago)
lol 2hu
meowbert tv 2 (5 months ago)
I wish it was on 3ds
СONSTANTINE (11 months ago)
sf 2 its fucking shit!))) sf 3d strike the best mech, if capcom vs snk new will be super cool. I played on ps1 and ps2 and dreamcast, snk made kof 14, capcom sf5 and namco tekken 7. where cool fighting on nsw?!)))
Döglasch Santos (11 months ago)
Where are MK10, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7 and Injustice 2? Switch is still to me a secondary console unfortunately, cause I played this like hell as a kid :(
Poly Gyro (3 months ago)
You played injustice 2 as a kid? K.
saahil sumbly (9 months ago)
Sf V isn't demanding at all the switch could probably 1080 docked
Full Jacket (9 months ago)
not possible those games are far to demanding to come onto the switch.. tekken 7 is already 720p on xbox1 and its optimized in certain areas where texture quality is not great. can def forget it and NRS games... SF V hhmmmm mayyyyybe on the switch at 720p with lower textures
Jimbo Deadite (11 months ago)
It would be sweet if Nintendo bought back Clayfighter! I would buy that on my Switch!
Ghost Peppers (11 months ago)
Jimbo Deadite Hell yeah👍The only thing Clayfighter needs is *Mario Odyssey type of time and effort in development. It could turn out to be a hellva game.*
Erwin Dharrel Daita VII (11 months ago)
Touhou New Fighting game will be Released on Spring of April 2018 A.D.
Erwin Dharrel Daita VII (11 months ago)
Touhou 16 game will be released on Winter of January 2018 A.D.
Erwin Dharrel Daita VII (11 months ago)
Magical Girl Raising Project - Rouge Killers - will have the Fighting game for Nintendo Switch, it will be Released on January,25,2018 for the Nationwide includes the US, EU, AU, JP, and Many More Countries on the Worldwide, it was based on the Light Novel in June 2012, The Manga in Fall 2014, and also the Anime series of Fall 2016 for October,1,2016 and Between December,18,2016 For the 12 Episodes. The Company was made by Endou Asari/Kadokawa Games or Even Takarajimansha/Konami Entertainment.
Starman (11 months ago)
MK4 was on the 64... if Mortal Kombat came to switch, I'd probably freak! well, I'm older now so whatever we old people do to show excitement is what I'd actually do... but you get the point
david dagon (11 months ago)
I hope to see Xenoverse 2 switch version at e3
Name Plays (5 months ago)
david dagon but we got fiterz insead
Daniel Alexandru Patac (11 months ago)
Arms looks dope btw great list
Ghost Peppers (11 months ago)
I truly don't won't to sound like a nostalgic hobo. But Got Damnit Nintendo. *Why haven't you look into bringing back Bloody Roar or Primal Rage?* Capcom vs Tatsunoko, Project Justice, Powerstone, Darkstalkers, a new Wrestlemania Arcade Game.
Nesty (3 months ago)
Primal rage with todays graphics would so cool i hope they make that or a well made godzilla fight game
Benjamin Adam Mcdonald (9 months ago)
Ghost Peppers I'm saying the same thing brother
Vertiz131 (9 months ago)
Wow... I thought I was the only one left with a taste for the retro fighters. Those games you listed are so underrated. I'm actually only 19 lol, but I've had older games when I was younger. I used to love Rival Schools
Ghost Peppers (11 months ago)
mark Smith *Question bro...Does Nintendo have a partnership with SNK?* And if so...why hasn't Nintendo and SNK talked about making a new Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown or King Of Monsters for the Switch?
Ghost Peppers (11 months ago)
KingMaru *Bloody Roar Primal Fury came to the Gamecube.*

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