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Myth vs Tfue - Pro Playgrounds (1v1 BUILD BATTLES!)

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Text Comments (11801)
Jose Mendoza (27 minutes ago)
mbappe handsome <3
j r (1 hour ago)
Lmkaaoaoaob myth is so cool and edgy
eenhoorn 123 (2 hours ago)
Myth is better
BearMugs (3 hours ago)
U get breakfast DELIVERED to your house?!? Where's the kitchen, u one fuking lazy boiiiiii
Pranav Rajesh (3 hours ago)
paalki (3 hours ago)
sometimes it is very fast but its still normaly
paalki (3 hours ago)
im a faster builder than myth when i see this xddd
ares 054 (6 hours ago)
Rex & Grip (6 hours ago)
You are a fucking monster!
Christian Gomez (6 hours ago)
why he shoot his shit down thats some hella pussy shit lmao trash. we all know tfue better
YungKarl (7 hours ago)
1v1 ninja
michael colon (10 hours ago)
They took getting High ground to the next level 😂
Gage Taylor (11 hours ago)
So many tfue fans trying to defend tfue losing 4-0.
Sebastian Mendez (11 hours ago)
I would be cool to see myth v ninja. Myth is a way better builder but ninja knows how to outsmart people. So it would be cool.
Troye Is My Love (11 hours ago)
I kinda figured he was gonna win lmao
The Raptor Pack (12 hours ago)
Myth and Tfue are both great players but Myth won 3-0, he had really smart plays, like the reset so Tfue fanboys should stop whining about “””cheating”””
Zayed Alhosani (14 hours ago)
tfue is noob
ii Zeroz (14 hours ago)
Evan needs (15 hours ago)
Myth didn't even put where he lost, and he lost every build fight. SOOOOOO i still think tfue is way better.
TN Js (15 hours ago)
Tfue hhh تفو عليك
M Kd (16 hours ago)
Tfue is doch eh ein scheiß lappen
Jajaja nunca había escuchado a myth hablar en español xddd
CREEPY TROLL (16 hours ago)
عرب فورتنايت (17 hours ago)
tfue is the best
Justin Rampley (17 hours ago)
4-0 myth better then tfue
KingGoku_0.o (17 hours ago)
Why you put when only myth win nigga?
KingGoku_0.o (17 hours ago)
Tfue is better when he don’t know who he is fight in too
Kim Hana (17 hours ago)
Sidney Mcintosh (18 hours ago)
Fuck poki
Willgamer Randall (18 hours ago)
Willgamer. your so good 👍
Lil Boss (19 hours ago)
Tfue trash
HoustonAndOne (19 hours ago)
Myth is the best builder in the world
Martín G (19 hours ago)
Que hace Mbappé jugando con Tfue?
Moksh Mehta (21 hours ago)
Congrats cir 3 mill and damn u wrecked him
masterofribolxgames Pro (23 hours ago)
Tfue had no shield
Lewis Plays (23 hours ago)
Myth vs ninja like if u agree
אביב ברוך (23 hours ago)
Myth 10000000000 true 0
Riley Game5top (23 hours ago)
Tfue is garbage
joshuadagoat josh (1 day ago)
Tfue is better
DMNFR (1 day ago)
Myth>Tfue confirmed
TheJERK (1 day ago)
Your keyboard sound like "sex"
Asif Ali (1 day ago)
MY acount is shazaib1870 on ps4 can i have skull truper
Mr. Springroll (1 day ago)
Tooo crazzzy man
Zixseiz Gaming (1 day ago)
Myth i live you 💪💪
1234 (1 day ago)
tfue is salty
lil icy (1 day ago)
1ninja 2myth 3Nick eh 30 10000000000000 me 😎
ASsASsIn (1 day ago)
You can tell that’s not Tfue
Dean Gaming (1 day ago)
And u guys still compare tfue against ninja
BySergi (1 day ago)
Tfue continues being the best with great difference
Owen Parker (1 day ago)
Every time u kill him he says I have no mats that’s bs
its the wheelyboyz (1 day ago)
Myth u are a god bro😀😀😀😀😀
Minato 1 (1 day ago)
XxTheMonstersxX (1 day ago)
It's my first time watching the player "myth" i heard that he Is one of the best players, and today the first time that i see this guy, i can say "damn, he's a fucking beast"
Papinick 432 (1 day ago)
I tough tfue was the best player it’s ninja
Liam Ash (1 day ago)
BlessedOG (1 day ago)
Confirms tfue doenst hack😂😂
Aurora Puente (1 day ago)
Why did myth keep shooting building down?
jaden6 (1 day ago)
Terry Medrano (1 day ago)
Top 10 anime battles
Vincenzo Caporelli (1 day ago)
E poi c’è chi dice che Tfue è più forte di myth o ninja
Josue C P (1 day ago)
You Speak Spanish...
fortnite for life (1 day ago)
Domenico Costanzo (1 day ago)
man you're like marcus from watch dogs 2 haha
Collin Oyer (1 day ago)
Wait what tfue beats ninja but not you my man
YourBoiNizzy (1 day ago)
I love seeing that gay kid loose I hate tfue so much sorry for the word gay but I hate him so much ninja myth and Daquan are the main
SkyBlue R (1 day ago)
Myth's glasses got him the win
Gaming Mystery (1 day ago)
All the butthurt tfue fans be like “it’s not fair he wasnt using a skin
TaNk- ARXX (1 day ago)
Myth=the best
Mlg Squeaker (2 days ago)
Faze vs tsm
Philippe Ferland (2 days ago)
Tfue is better than you
FZRAM (2 days ago)
Myth cheap tactics lol
Taylor Evans (2 days ago)
Hahahah Tfue is laughing and joking the whole time and Myth is full on try hard mode
IRL TV (2 days ago)
He forgot a lama
binebiker binebiker (2 days ago)
Myth vs ninja pls
Robert Todorovic (2 days ago)
Ninja: 1° Myth: 2° Not Tfue: 3°
Mayson tye (2 days ago)
Myth is better than true
iBuild Matt (2 days ago)
Omg your the best
invisibleMF YT (2 days ago)
Yayyy! Myth Won!!!! Myth is better than TFUE!
ABitOfLevi (2 days ago)
Tfue is better my ass
Dragon Rex 325 (2 days ago)
I wasn’t expecting that
Youtha (2 days ago)
I Love myth❤️
Adam Šimáček (2 days ago)
Nice myth
FIFA Game (2 days ago)
Myth you are better than tfue You and ninja is the player in the frotnite
Mirko (2 days ago)
Tfue suck guys XD
out In the earth (2 days ago)
RaK Dapper (2 days ago)
Try with ninja please broo
Melissa Jo S. Wheeler (2 days ago)
Myth destroyed tfue
Colin the gamer Smith (2 days ago)
Myth better than tfue
Jacob Cutler (2 days ago)
I like how his sorry ass only showed clips of him winning fights lol we all know t fue is better
TechNina (2 days ago)
Tfue gets rekt whenever he doesnt play against bots Lol
Mr. Savage 101 (2 days ago)
Myth vs Lachlan
Dub Ninja (2 days ago)
myth still better then tfue
'Abd ar Rahman (2 days ago)
That second one wasn't fair
LICH SFD (2 days ago)
atleast tfue isn't salty or raging like most of the times , nice tfue
heX (2 days ago)
Thumbnail is tfue as a gurl
Sauce Clan (2 days ago)
We are better than both of them by we I mean everyone in our squad check us out *Disclaimer* We hate self promotion but we gotta do what we gotta do 🤷‍♂️ don't waste your time trying to roast or expose us cable the haters fuel us!!
reyninjadefuse (2 days ago)
tyfue 46 (2 days ago)
Why have you copied my YouTube name?
xXxGAMERxXx nop (2 days ago)
yeah, yeah can what myth kill more than tfue but in kills win tfue and in deaths myth death more and a Boy Wintrrz he kill a myth 2
Jaeden Koprowski (2 days ago)

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