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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline in Chronological Order

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From the creation of the Infinity Stones to Thanos' impending invasion in Avengers: Infinity War, we put the events of the MCU into chronological order. Thanos' Black Order Explained - Who Are the Avengers: Infinity War Villains? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIWJi94mtNk Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (4179)
Tristan Rivera (15 minutes ago)
well at least its not complicated like x men
Maayo Chapman-Hill (28 minutes ago)
where is wonder women
meghna behera (2 hours ago)
it was real good but u missed on 'the ancient one'
Homan Ngujede (2 hours ago)
Thank u IGN, Now I know how to make a superhero timeline of my own, without copyright
R. X. L. (8 hours ago)
great videos!!! but i would put dr strange right after civil war. cuzz if you remember just befort the car accident dr strange ask a guy (BIlly) on is cell (what you got for me) .. Billy ancers thers a 35 year old air force LT.col crush is lower spine in some kind of experrimental armer..so for Billy to telling dr strange that... it means that it just hapend !! right ??and then blak panter. and then home coming and after that aint man and the wasp and ragnarok and then infinity war ... doeas this make scence!! sorry for my orthograph!! anglis is not my forté please tell me if i am right .. and i would like for you to make a new video about this thank's IGN keep up your great work
jayz p (11 hours ago)
This By Far Was The Best Breakdown On A Timeline Ever .. Precise Too.. At The Sametime I Was Watchin Iron Man 3... SMH.🖒🖒
Maxisamelon (12 hours ago)
One thing about this timeline is a little wrong, because Thor ragnorak took place during civil war and that is why he wasn’t in that movie
Fahad S (14 hours ago)
George Bray (1 day ago)
Your senpai (1 day ago)
Me: I’m older than a whole cinematic universe I feel so cool Me: remembers that it’s more popular me Me: 😞
Chakaka Daba (1 day ago)
It “IS” in chronological order.....lol
Edward Wolbrueck (1 day ago)
#2 was confirmed by Marvel. “4 Years Later”
Eddy Grand (1 day ago)
I wish he would've included Peter's parents deaths and the death of Uncle Ben, but since that wasn't SHOWN in the MCU I guess it makes sense.
Flame Wassup (1 day ago)
Spoiler:Red Skull has a stone...that’s all I’m going to tell you
Silencer Shhh (2 days ago)
This is true?
TJ (2 days ago)
the movie doesn't have to take place during the same time that the movie comes out in. The Avengers could have happened in 2010 for all we know. Look at captain america. The first movie takes place in the 40's, and the movie came out in 2011. Basically, the year the movie comes out in doesn't have to be the same year that the movie takes place in.
TJ (1 day ago)
eagc7 you’re confused I’m trying to say that just because something didn’t happen in the same year the movie came out in doesn’t mean that the movies like black panther and Spider-Man homecoming came out in 2020. At this point you’re just agreeing with me
eagc7 (1 day ago)
I never said they were set in 2020
TJ (1 day ago)
eagc7 doesn’t mean that black panther and Spider-Man homecoming takes place in 2020 though
eagc7 (1 day ago)
Avengers does take place in 2012, the TV shows have firmly placed that as the day the film takes place plus Guardians is set in 2014, we know IW is set 4 years after Guardians thus its 2018, they mention that CW was 2 years ago, placing it in 2016, and in CW they mention that the Avengers operated for 4 years, placing their formation in 2012
Aruran Kasinathan (2 days ago)
Can you do the Predator timeline and the Conjuring universe?
Kyly Cline (2 days ago)
You forgot after red skull got defeated but bravo
Safire (3 days ago)
Soul stone is with red skull on Vormir :)
sheldin venus (3 days ago)
What was happening on earth during the events of guardians vol2.(specifically the seed activation scene)
cool ninja (3 days ago)
on my birthday
Carnage King (3 days ago)
Mary M (3 days ago)
With the “ahem” *Revengers*
Jared Waters (3 days ago)
Avengers couldn't have happened in 2012, The big week was in 2009, so it's entirely possible that Avengers takes place in 2009/2019 months after CAP wakes up. Why? Because there's no way Cap is just chillin out for 2.5-3 years. He asked do you have a mission for me? When Fury shows up, that's implying he's still new to the situation-- Also if he'd be chillin for 3 years don't you think he would have checked all those things off his list? if Spider-Man Homecoming takes place in 2017 then that would be roughly 8 years.
eagc7 (1 day ago)
it is 2012 accoring to CW, IW and the tv shows
JayJay (3 days ago)
Is Deadpool linked in here in any way or no
Cole Conrad (3 days ago)
Spider-Man takes place 8 years after avengers (says it in the beginning of Spider-Man) so should be 2020
eagc7 (1 day ago)
the 8 year later thing was confirmed to be a mistake
D E V O N (3 days ago)
So iron man 2, iron man, and then iron man 3, wtf😂😂, they doing done star wars shit🤣
I dont understand because in spiderman homecoming at the start peter explains how captin america is going crazy and the do the whole civil war thing at the start at spiderman homecoming that means the battle scene in captin america civilwar peter goes and fights with tonys team
Jose Mazariegos (3 days ago)
Also tony gives peter the iron spider in infinity war
Jose Mazariegos (3 days ago)
I think thanos messes up the time line bc at the end of Spider-Man tony offers him the iron spider and ur saying if infinity war happened before Spider-Man homecoming
Daniel Mejia-Reza (3 days ago)
Captain Marvel takes place in the 90's
Cj Diaz (3 days ago)
You forgot antman and yellow jacket event
Beau Moffroid (3 days ago)
Someone help out here so you know how in Spider-Man homecoming they move up state New York from the avengers tower but they are already there in age of ultron and then after age of ultron they have civil war and recruit Spider-Man and then they move upstate New York again in Spider-Man homecoming ??
eagc7 (1 day ago)
Only Cap, Widow, Vision, Wanda and Rhodey moved to the Upstate, Stark stayed on Stark Tower after Ultron, but following CW, Stark rejoined the Avengers, thus he decided to move to the new base. Remember its just Stark moving to the new base, not the team
Lucky Lucian (3 days ago)
In Infinity War, Tony Stark tells Dr. Strange that Thanos has been in his mind for the past 6 years which, assuming IW takes place in 2018, means that the first Avengers movie takes place in 2012. I would say the 8 Years Later was a typo and shouldn't count since Homecoming was produced by Sony and not Marvel Studios.
CORNDOG USER (3 days ago)
The Spider-Man homecoming director confirmed it was meant to be 6 years later placing it in 2018, with the events of infinity war early in 2019
eagc7 (1 day ago)
Spider-Man is set 4 years later, the 6 years later was more for the time that it happened between Avengers and IW, Avengers is in 2012, Spidey in 2016 ,thus 4 years Avengers is in 2012, IW is in 2018, thus 6 years
Kilola Brummell (3 days ago)
The soul stone is on vormir
Kodi Eastman (4 days ago)
They mention Steven strange in the winter soldier
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Yes, but Kevin Feige has already clarrified that Strange was still a surgeon when he was a target of HYDRA
Amr Yasser (4 days ago)
how about the events of r Strange u dumb !!
Faith Hudson (4 days ago)
Diabeticox (4 days ago)
So, in what order do i watch the movies?
selelaury (4 days ago)
"Fury's big week" hhahahah
G-Luke (4 days ago)
Y'all conpletely ignored all the TV Shows so this is VERY wrong
BionicMilkshake (4 days ago)
How could stark be iron man in 1999 and become him in 2000
BionicMilkshake (4 days ago)
The Thor:Ragnarok is recent because Thor is helping banner get out of his hulk form
Lion Univerze (5 days ago)
Dormamo from dr strange look like thanos
Lion Univerze (5 days ago)
Where did that metal came from ?
SkullyRodger (5 days ago)
Shouldn’t Doctor Strange be a little bit before Age of Ultron because you can see the Stark Tower right before Strange goes on his date. Other than that, everything else seem good. Great job on the video
eagc7 (3 days ago)
its set the year after ultron
J (5 days ago)
For Infinity War 2 they might have to retcon everything if characters come back
lil s (5 days ago)
All he forgot was the vibranium meteor
Marcelo Giacomini (5 days ago)
you guys should do one with the marvel series (Like MAOS that constanstly references the movies) but we can wait till the next avengers movie next year
DT Bricks (5 days ago)
So why dose black panther have the old suite at the begins of his solo film
Abdullah Pullin (5 days ago)
Someone needs to put all these movies together in the order of the video
Snek (6 days ago)
Ragnarök hasn't actually happened yet because in ragnarök Thor also dies and much more. But i guess it's just Marvel appropriating the Norse Mythology to fit their movies
Tisura Ambalangodage (6 days ago)
They mention doctor strange in Captain America: winter soldier. So that means he got his powers before winter soldier right?
videocris (6 days ago)
Nice job man you Earned your lake
Bruce Blaney (6 days ago)
Actually Iron man and 2 take place in 2010
Joshua White (6 days ago)
ThatCanadianGamer (6 days ago)
And the English language was born at the beginning of time because everyone speaks it
Branco Rebolloso (6 days ago)
This made me confused
KAMARI BANREY (6 days ago)
When he talks about the stones you can see the Infinite Gauntlet in the beginning
Nolan Hughes (6 days ago)
Remember when Chris Evans said he didn't want to play Captain America because he didn't want to be tied into too many movies.
I get all The likes (6 days ago)
Soul stone : it’s on vormir
Wakanda RunsYT (7 days ago)
Wait a minute Thor the dark world takes place in 2013 and you're saying that Thor took place in 2009 and Thor didn't see Jane Foster after that then in Thor the dark world(which takes place in 2013) Jane Foster said she didnt see Thor after 2 years so Thor takes place in 2011 right
Michael Erikson (7 days ago)
Avengers takes place in 2011
8 years thing was a mistake
Kenneth Mobley (7 days ago)
I still don’t understand how in Spider-Man homecoming the avengers tower was sold and they were moved to upstate but they already moved upstate in avengers age of ultron
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Stark didnt moved to the upstate until Homecoming only Cap, Widow, Rhodey, Vision and Wanda moved there. Stark stayed in Stark Tower after Ultron, but moved out of it during Spidey
Kenneth Mobley (7 days ago)
I mean the only thing I can think of is that they still owned the tower and decided to sell it years later and move out all the avengers stuff?
j Roc (7 days ago)
Did I miss u mentioning the drop off of the reality stone (aether) to thus collector? Post credit scene from a Thor movie
Alexandru Poenar (7 days ago)
This is like all u need to know before watching infinity war
Awesome Sauce (7 days ago)
Thank you IGN!! This summer my family and I will be doing an MCU Marathon in timeline order, though we couldn't figure it out you guys really helped!!
Wolf Rex (8 days ago)
Wait didnt iron man 1 released in 2008 then why is iron man 3 before that
Funny Comedy (8 days ago)
Wait the beginning of Spider-Man homecoming said 2012 in the movie it said 8 Year’s later then it shows Peter Parker but u said peter Parker as spider man took place in 2016
eagc7 (3 days ago)
The scene where Toomes cleans up the chitauri stuff at the beginning of the film is set in 2012, but the rest of the film is set in 2016
Adeeb (8 days ago)
Hank Pym and Janet Van Dye disarmed the missle in 1987
Charles page Crasher (8 days ago)
what about dead pool
eagc7 (3 days ago)
not in the mcu
Wimbomaker (8 days ago)
Imagine if they didn't destroy Asgard, Thanos would still have to go there for the Space Stone but he'd fight Hela, Thor, Loki etc. That would have been dope.
Benny Nguyen (8 days ago)
Actually avengers takes place in 2008
eagc7 (3 days ago)
2012 according to civil war and infinity war
John Longmeyer (8 days ago)
This can’t be right because in Spiderman homecoming event you said took place in 2012 have something that says eight years later and you only put it for years later
Cody Smith (9 days ago)
What happened to the birth of superman? Oops... sorry wrong universe
Exabyte 13 (9 days ago)
I heard that the 8 years later from Spiderman was a mistake, it should have been 6 years apparently, (but I think 4 would’ve been better for the timeline).
Jason Nge (9 days ago)
You forgot about the first sorcerer Supreme.
The Island223 (9 days ago)
I think avengers takes place at the end of fury’s big week. Which should make homecoming’s 8 years later work
eagc7 (3 days ago)
problem is that in infinity war stark says the events of avengers happened 6 years ago (placing avengers in 2012) and in CW Ross says the avengers have opereted for 4 years (again placing avengers in 2012)
Miko Chan (9 days ago)
The Collector and The Grand Master looks the same...
toprakcem savas (9 days ago)
How is homecoming in 2016? How is black panther in 2016? How is ant man in 2016? You messed up 2016 didn't you
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Civil War is set in May-June 2016, Black Panther is set 1 week after CW, so it is 2016, Spider-Man is set 2-3 months after CWm at the start of his sophomore year (Placing it in August-September 2016), so they are in 2016
Francis Srečko Fabian (10 days ago)
Well done.
Frog And Man Gaming (10 days ago)
I watched Captain America: Winter Soldier and when the guy that talks about people that might be a threat to Hydra in the future says that Steven Strange is a threat, but he doesn't become Dr Strange until 2016
Jordan Bernotavicius (10 days ago)
I believe the first Iron Man took place in 2010. You can probably Google that to fact check me. The placement of Doctor Strange in the timeline is rather ambiguous though.
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Strange watch before his car crash dates the day of hsi accident has being Feb 2016 and the director said the film covers a year, so its not ambiguous
Sky Hites (10 days ago)
Instagram placed me in the Thor fandom for no apparent reason, my girlfriend always talks about marvel, my family isnt a marvel kind, i be came addicted to the cast, i watched three of the four most recent movies, and thus, here i am, struggling to learn as much about the mcu without having to buy the films. If someone has any good videos PLEASE LET ME KNOW
Ralph Bartman (11 days ago)
In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Shield/Hydra agent ( the roof scene) said that One of the treats for them is Stephen Strange. So i think that The Doctor Strange movie occurred before the Winter Soldier
M VD Horst (11 days ago)
The soulstone is on vornir
Nick Vincent (11 days ago)
Spider-Man homecoming is 2020
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Jackie Kelly (11 days ago)
In gaurdians of galaxy showed the the purple infinity stone
Caelan Austin (11 days ago)
I saw infinity war
Hades Pilot (11 days ago)
They just made a mistake ar Spiderman homecoming
Jake Tarin (12 days ago)
Did Obidia Stane know how Howard Stark really died?
Blubeets12 (12 days ago)
Soo.. if infinity war takes place right after ragnarok and ragnarok takes place in 2017, wouldn't infinity war also take place in 2017 also
Blubeets12 (3 days ago)
eagc7 oohh ok I get what you sayin
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Not exactly, you could say the after credit scene is set in 2018, just like how Guardians 2 is set in 2014, but the end credit scene with groot is set in 2018
lordnerdyguy (12 days ago)
I mean wouldn’t it make more sense if Avengers just took place in 2009? After Fury’s Big Week would the Avengers really have to wait for 3 years for something to bring them together? Loki wouldn’t need 3 years for his tesseract plan either. If Avengers took place in 2009 then 8 years later would be 2017, the year Home-Coming was released.
eagc7 (3 days ago)
Problem is the tv shows, Civil War and Infinity War all place Avengers as being set in 2012.
paranoid (12 days ago)
saved me hell of a time!!!!!
Taylor Morgan (12 days ago)
So after going over all of this what would be the correct order to watch all of the movies in order
Marvel Fan!!! (3 days ago)
no there is no correct order man watch all of them in any way you want and then connect them inside your mind
Rapola RA (12 days ago)
You did not telled witch year is t'chaka killed his brother
RICHEY099 (12 days ago)
Where does mermaid man and barnacle boy take place on the timeline? You forgot that
Vegas Tips and Tricks (12 days ago)
Very cool! Thanks for putting this together.

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