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The Bible Video Games Of Yesteryear - Complete In Box

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The company Wisdom Tree occupied a unique place in the video game market in the 1990s. They were made cheaply and quickly, and what you saw on the box versus what you saw in the game could be quite different.
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Clint (9 days ago)
I totally remember seeing this at a Christian bookstore as a kid. There was even a kiosk that would let you play it. I thought it was dumb then and went home and played Super Mario. Really fascinating collectors item though, because it's just so weird.
Adrian Capataz (12 days ago)
fck you kotaku defending devs when they bully a player, fkcing retarded media.
Idiotic Tirades (12 days ago)
Not my thing but it's cool that they exist.
rtony yllescas (14 days ago)
MsMarieLynn (15 days ago)
Your amusement on this is absolutely infectious!
videogameobsession (15 days ago)
Moses is all about chewing gum and kicking ass and he's all out of gum! "Come get some!" hehe
Mario Guzman (16 days ago)
I really enjoyed this. Nice presentation, Chris.
Lamar Alexander (16 days ago)
I owned Bible Adventures as a kid.  Trying to gather animals for Noah's Ark was so much fun.  But playing as David and trying to kill Goliath was near impossible, as you had to "aim" the stone at the center of his forehead.  Still, fond memories of those games.
RMD Cade (16 days ago)
I had King of Kings. It was a wacky game for sure. I think it was an actual in-house production instead of a reskin. The mechanics were terrible enough to have been developed in-house, that's for sure.
SonOfAKing (16 days ago)
As a christian II grew up not actually playing these games because I thought they looked really dumb. Now that I am adult they still look dumb AND are a terrible idea for games.
Galactic Genesis (16 days ago)
Charlie Wood (16 days ago)
I think you mean so god damn weird. I grew up in a "christian" environment and even though I was allowed to watch and play whatever I wanted we also had this little gem for the Genesis. I thought it was supposed to be Bomberman all of this time, but lo and behold, it's Crystal Mines!! That's a game I've never heard of! Anyway, Exodus is a lot of fun and now that I know the game it was actualy based off of I can learn more about that one instead, thanks : )
G Lee (16 days ago)
Bible and video games shouldn't be in the same sentence..
DistantDeadWorlds (14 days ago)
They can. Ive played some godlimination games and was really good. Also brutalmoose talks about speedrunning a strange bible game. Dont forget the weird bible racing game
TheKoolAidThatKares (16 days ago)
You just put them in one.
Galactic Genesis (16 days ago)
farcry 5
_*Christiaan*_ [BL4H] (16 days ago)
G Lee why
Matthew Wolfe (16 days ago)
Man, I remember playing Noah's Ark back in the day. Good stuff!

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