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8 Things You Need to Know About Stardew Valley Before Playing It

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Stardew Valley is fantastic on Switch, and probably is on other platforms as well, but it can be a bit hard to process at times. That's why Alex has compiled all these lovely tips to help you out! Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (193)
Madcap Seer (17 days ago)
Fishing is ridiculously lucrative, once made over 4k in the first spring just doing that for one day
viktor laxson (28 days ago)
Thanks a lot man i was about to refund this game because i had no idea what to do, but this helped a lot
Markgamer 12 (1 month ago)
Here's a step by step guide to get a bunch of money and a great farm at the start of the game! 1.Water your crops as soon as you wake up 2.Clear your area and expand your farm when you have enough materials and seeds! 3.Go fishing till the end of the day!
Jeffery Chow (1 month ago)
Do crops die if you play less frequently (say once a week)?
WAX MELT LOVER (1 month ago)
This is a good game but I just wish the graphics was a little bit better.
Michael McCarthy (1 month ago)
Even if they parsnips aren't ready yet, buy the seeds on Tuesday as you won't be able to buy anything on Wednesday. Also, feel free to plant the mixed seeds. With the exception of the beans, it randomly selects a vegetable (not sure about flower) seed available to purchase so you don't have to spend any money at all. The seeds come when you cut down weeds.
hello am better (2 months ago)
haley is best waifu
M3G4 T3RR4 (2 months ago)
This game is just like real life, because I stay up all day doing nothing, and then conk out randomly at 2:00 AM.
This is making me wanna get it again I’m gonna ask my mom if I can get it again
Ashley S (3 months ago)
thank you so much for the therapy lesson in #8 im so perfectionist i would have done exactly that. go crazy.
Micah Buzan (3 months ago)
This game actually inspires me to try harder at real life tasks.
Matt W (3 months ago)
If you’re playing on PC hold shift for buying in bunches
ITS A DIO (3 months ago)
Reminds me of Animal Crossing New Leaf somehow
Jack N' Jill (3 months ago)
Actually, I'd argue against buying the backpack immediately. I'd suggest crafting a chest first. Only buy the backpack once you want to go to te mines. In most of my playthroughs, I use that 2000 gold for the strawberry seeds. Plant at least a few of them so you can get berries that you can turn into more seeds. Then, once you've unlocked the greenhouse around fall, you can plant those seeds there to get even more seeds for the upcoming spring. Buuut, if its only your first playthrough, do whatever you want lol. Get a feel for the game.
MrKezzerdrix (3 months ago)
My tips- ignore the trash bins. Drop everything to get berries when the bushes bloom. Get an apple tree by the end of spring. Dont waste time with the bat cave, you are NOT batman.
SkyreeXScalabar (4 months ago)
wait for the tv to say tomorrow will rain and use your watering can and then send it to get upgraded
Luchtig Broodje (5 months ago)
This is what i needed Thank you!
DARIUS BAZA (5 months ago)
TIPS AND TRICKS (read asap) •dont buy cheap crops, the profit isnt worth it.. its less then 100.. •egg festival? buy ALL the strawberries you can. buy 50 for 4000? and profit is almost 10,000 already •invest into the iridium fishing pole, also “leahs cottage” river fish has great fish too! •buy HELLLLLLAAA cauliflower profit is decent for newbie players •hit your 19th day???? stop planting crops. they wont make the season and theyll die. which means you lost money •plant crowded crops (like in this video), increases the chance of the crop fairy ANNNNDDDD more area for the magic yo work.
DARIUS BAZA (5 months ago)
also small crops are too tedious to keep up with. they use too much energy to replant and till and all that crap again. so much wasted energy for when it could be spent better with fishing or mining.
DARIUS BAZA (5 months ago)
if ima be real. ignore everything this guy said. you wanna prosper in this game where time management matters? •go to festivals, buy the expensive stuff with BIG profit •ignore talking and requests with NPCS, unless its on pierres billboard (and worth the reward) •FISH FISH AND KEEP FISHING. THE CHESTS YOU GET ARE WORTH IT. •19th day??? stop planting. your plants wont make the season. INSTEAD! mine tf outta the mines because the ores allow you to smelt, once you smelt? you get sprinklers. once you get sprinklers you dont have to water jack crap! •also aside from buying big crops like cauliflower and blueberries. ONLY buy 9 small cheap crops for farmers XP. thats it. not for money.
DARIUS BAZA (5 months ago)
•also i HIGHLY suggest you ignore the NPC social life for now (just for the spring season) and only do npc request IF! the reward is 200+. why be picky??? because each quest takes about 5 hours... if your even fast enough... you have 15 fast hours a day... 2 of those hours are penalty hours. 12-2am. those 13 hours u have are valuable. so why do them if you can fish for 13 hours and get 700$ easily from fish profit.
DARIUS BAZA (5 months ago)
•also for your first season. every beginner should spend most of your time fishing! fishes sell for about 100. you could catch 12 fishes a day if your good. which translates into ROUUGHLY~, $1,000 a day (not like that measly 500 you see this guy have)
Meh Space Dorito (5 months ago)
Wow! I’m so happy you got straight to the point in the video! :0 Thank you!!
Fire UK (5 months ago)
Wrong Plant 15 Parsnip seeds then use that 500 gold to buy potatoes
peeling_potato (5 months ago)
Mable Stark (5 months ago)
I have to say, the online hints are such an enormous help! Everytime I play, I'm googling stuff
Hammie Li (6 months ago)
Evil Genius (6 months ago)
As soon as you hit your first season change, upgrade your watering can. With that done, hold down the action button next time you water crops. You're welcome.
The Boone (6 months ago)
I think my main starter tip is to make yourself a chest ASAP.
Dank Blue (6 months ago)
Was he on a phone playing?
Pedro. com (6 months ago)
i started the game a little time ago, i only cared for abigail, ahem, relationships and not my farm, i restarted my game with another account :'(
Fine Wine (6 months ago)
I'm just gonna drop a tip here, despite the fact that pretty much no one will see it. Okay, here goes; CROPS THAT CONTINUE TO PRODUCE AFTER FIRST HARVEST ARE REALLY GOOD. Just use fertilizer, and watch the money pour in.
Helen Blatsky (6 months ago)
"Helloooo there lovely peeeeeople."
WaterProofBread (6 months ago)
Some Boi (6 months ago)
Xanndovo (6 months ago)
If you have this on PC with mods, would it be wise to purchase it for the switch?
Xanndovo (6 months ago)
If you have this on PC with mods, would it be wise to purchase it for the switch?
TheFriendlyMann (6 months ago)
Hey, Nintendo Life. The description disturbs me because the game started on steam. -_-
Star man04 (6 months ago)
Here’s my tip for new players. Don’t worry about saving food. You can always get plenty of it, so use it for more energy whenever you need to.
Josie Hirst (6 months ago)
Jokes on you i bought the game 5 minutes ago
If you ever have kegs or cheese presses, use them. A LOT. Wine is gives more money than selling the raw fruit itself, same goes with selling milk, but if you need a few extra gold, use a cask to age cheese or wine, it increases the price even more.
Logan Hankins (6 months ago)
Does anyone know how to ship one item at a time on the switch? I’m having so much difficult just shipping a few items at a time
Alison Duarte Gabriel (6 months ago)
NOOB Video for Noob players - worst tips to give to a noob player .-.
Band Guru (5 months ago)
u iz dhumb
Nuki Howlter (6 months ago)
One other too I’d give to someone just starting out is start planting multiple crops at once and don’t sell every single one of that crop. Keep one or two. It seems like a waste but later on in the game you’ll need a bunch for completing bundles in the community center. On the topic of saving things, make sure to keep one of each item you can get in the game in a chest. In the late game, you’ll need specific items to complete requests and-Like I did- you’ll instantly regret your entire life choices seeing that you needed a void essence and ended up selling it years back and it’s not fun to go back to the mines and look for another one
VortexMania :3 (6 months ago)
I found an iron bar in the museum trash bin
TheNintendo Pioneer (6 months ago)
How much is this?
Star man04 (6 months ago)
The game, without sales or tax or whatever, is 14.99 US dollars.
FaTal Instinct (6 months ago)
On steam it's on sale so it's $10 But if you are wanting to buy it on switch it's prob $15 usd
The Real DTermined101 (6 months ago)
Wack em across the head with a hoe😂
krillin6 (7 months ago)
Oct 2017 and people are watching this basic shit?
Jayden Hamilton (7 months ago)
What I like about stardew valley is that there are monsters you need to fight.
Hudson555xGames (7 months ago)
Funny video!!! I noticed you didn't mention usually a books pop up with those squigglies, ha ha.
Asad Rais (7 months ago)
"Hellllo there lovely peeeeople, its Alex from nintendo life heeere" Never gets old 👌
ONLINEKILLER (8 months ago)
I already started the game😢
Khairil Ashraf samsudin (8 months ago)
Why no mobile gaming on android or ios
Star man04 (6 months ago)
Do you mean “Why isn’t Stardew Valley on Android and IOS?”? If so, it’s because those devices don’t have buttons to be used to move the character, unless you count the volume and off buttons, which I don’t.
Adam Chivers (8 months ago)
So why can't I let people see me in the trash
Star man04 (6 months ago)
Adam Chivers They will be utterly disgusted that you are digging around in a garbage can, causing you to lose friendship points with them.
ExpensiveMagic (8 months ago)
Nathan Mckinney (8 months ago)
Does this game have split screen???
Star man04 (6 months ago)
Nathan Mckinney No. Multiplayer isn’t even in the game yet, and local split screen is not currently planned.
Game so fun and easy
How do you get in your bed. All my currency is depleted due to not being able to.
Star man04 (6 months ago)
Shaka when the walls fell Walk into it from the side.
Corey Williams (9 months ago)
Thanks for this. I think I'll pick the game up soon
John van Capel (9 months ago)
I agree with most of these tips. However, I do want to correct Alex on some things. First off, you want to NOT invest in Parsnips too much. Kale and Cauliflower may take longer to grow, but the tradeoff is that you make much more money for them. Even better, buy one each of Green Bean and Potato, then spend whatever money you have left on Cauliflowers. Cauliflowers are the most profitable Spring crop in year 1. You'll need one Parsnip crop, one Green Bean crop, one Cauliflower crop and one Potato crop for story reasons. It's worth doing that as soon as you can. Additional tips: 1. Plant Cauliflower, Melon and Pumpkin in 3×3 patterns so they can grow into Giant Crops. It's rare, but when it happens you'll be raking in the moolah. 2. Fishing is fantastic early-game money. Do a lot of it. 3. Once the Mines unlock, try to do at least 5 floors of said mines per day. 4. Don't destroy all the grass on your farm immediately. Later on you can harvest something useful from it.
Willemijn Wechstapel (7 months ago)
John van Capel Investing in parsnips isn't that bad. Look up the stardew valley wikia and you can see that the dailyearned money from parsnips isn't that bad. Plus, you'll need 5 goldstar parsnips for the community centre
ソーフィー (9 months ago)
i've completely finished stardew valley. It may seem boring at first and hard to make money, but theres so much more things in the game. You just have to keep going, trust me, i have over 200+ hours in this game, it's way addicting.
BlackStarVega (9 months ago)
I already bought the game with out knowing Anything.... Regardless, this advice was Spot on! I appreciate it. For the most part I've done everything you said ^_^
Saul Botello-Sanchez (9 months ago)
You’ve gained a follower.
Tripodmaster 8912 (9 months ago)
0.23 *Spends every last coin on parsnips* * facepalm *
Eocina Q (9 months ago)
a good way to make money fast in the first 2-3 in game weeks is to sell the parsnip seeds you get at the beginning and then use all your money to get cauliflower and grow it in a 3x3 square and **hope**
Dr Teeth (9 months ago)
I once found cookies in the garbage once
Shirt (9 months ago)
build the bridge on the beach as soon as possible
Flix McFly (9 months ago)
Why is fishing so hard on the switch ?
Gwenevere Ryuk (6 months ago)
Ambi Cahira thank you. Fishing is so hard.
Ambi Cahira (6 months ago)
Jennifer Cavaillé no experience with switch but find the button that makes the green bar react and then you spam it rather than press it. :)
Gwenevere Ryuk (6 months ago)
So true . Can someone explain me which button to press please ? :)
Ambi Cahira (6 months ago)
The fishing is awful for everyone at first! It gets better and easier with time I promise! Try repeat tap instead of hold!
M e d u s a (6 months ago)
Yeah I fucking hate it it’s so frustrating
Sentry The Noob (9 months ago)
You’re Not That Good at this game...
Adam Gauvreau (9 months ago)
Don't be scared to try new things and plant different seeds the game is pretty much a free for all you don't even need to farm if you don't want to
Devilcraft 42 (9 months ago)
Thanks for the last tip! I was struggling so much on how to start a new game!
Niecey Wiecey (9 months ago)
Should I just restart? I accidentally bought beer and wasted all my money. It was really an accident.
Star man04 (6 months ago)
NinJaRon Indeed. Just like real life, spending all of your money on alcohol is bad.
German_Yoshi (9 months ago)
Niecey Wiecey you should definitly restart. Theres no change to get this money back :0
Maxxrevv (9 months ago)
Farmville 2017
Wumpy (9 months ago)
DONT BUY PARSNIPS THEY ARE SO BAD If you want actually want to learn more about stardew and some tips and tricks go over to dangerously funnys YouTube channel you won’t be disappointed
Dracleos (9 months ago)
dont you hate it when people give tipps who doesnt now either alot about it?, you should have looked up thing on the internet
carefreecaptain (9 months ago)
I cannot recommend enough cutting down trees on your farm to gather 50 pieces of wood and crafting a storage chest. This will save you so much headache before you can afford the backpack.
ArsenicSteel00 (9 months ago)
Want tips? Use Star Dew Valley wiki
8-Bit Fan (9 months ago)
whats a peepole?
sunsbookishgamesx (9 months ago)
This game is so ADDICTIVE
Lara Croft (3 months ago)
SchafSenpai No, It can be overwhelming at first but it becomes easy. It is really addicting!
SchafSenpai (6 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx is it hard?
fuloran1 (6 months ago)
Very very much like harvest moon. So good!
snowstormkitten (6 months ago)
Lx Beltran i actually havent played this game yet so i cannot compare haha
Finex3000 (9 months ago)
Great! Hey can you do an advanced SDV tips video? Or like 10 things to learn about beyond the basics in SDV? I feel like you definitely can look on wikis but it would be amazing if someone could put together a video list of like all the mid to end to post game things that you can do in the game. I always feel like I'm missing things but hate slogging through wikis.
Shirt (9 months ago)
theirs plenty of videos for that
Hulk (9 months ago)
Hey Alex.
That_Radical_Guy (9 months ago)
Swallow my pride? I read game wikis for fun
NG ! (9 months ago)
I got the game on Thursday and already in Auttaum so I'm already in love make sure to make more good content.
sunsbookishgamesx (9 months ago)
muddyviolet Gaming the game is so much bigger than i thought it would be
anoni miss (9 months ago)
Game looks stupid..why do people play these horrible games it's dumb
Star man04 (6 months ago)
Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it’s awful. I don’t like Mac ‘n Cheese, but I don’t say that everyone who likes it is a dipshit.
MrQuadro83 (7 months ago)
Ian (8 months ago)
"I don't like concept, therefore everyone who does is stupid"
Ant (9 months ago)
anoni miss I just bought it like 10 minutes ago, and it’s pretty fun lol I don’t play these whatsoever. I play rpg shooters dark souls etc.
Shirt (9 months ago)
its an amazing game don't hate on it before you try it
Anthony Tan (9 months ago)
Save your money for the spring festival and buy all the strawberry seeds you can afford
Fulken (9 months ago)
iUnwiser (7 months ago)
Fulken Ancient seed, in a greenhouse
Catlluminati (7 months ago)
Want a better tip for 2nd year-rrrrrrs? *CRANBERRIES* *DROWN THE VALLEY IN CRANBERRIES* *DO IT NOW*
That_Radical_Guy (9 months ago)
Coming back from the prosperous blueberry fields in the soviet states of Europe during the meme war, I can verify that that is very true. Almost lost the war due to the enemy’s blueberry industry
Anthony Tan (9 months ago)
Fulken this guy speak the truth listen to him
Rylo151 (9 months ago)
After your first lot of parsnips invest in the most expensive seeds, they take longer to blossom but are worth the wait in comparison, just make sure you have enough time left in the season for them to grow, they die immediately once it changes each month.
Prolly datboi WinkWonk (9 months ago)
Didn’t watch this video before playing Didn’t know the box was for shipping, thought it was for storage Got my fishing rod and the same day I got it I stuck it in the box for safe keepings When will my rod return from war
AriochStarr (3 months ago)
Ain't nobody got time for tutorials!
Helen Blatsky (6 months ago)
Why do you ignore cutscenes
TheFriendlyMann (6 months ago)
read what mayor lewis says
Connie Letts (6 months ago)
I thought it was storage too 😂😂😂
Dom Arseneault (9 months ago)
You can go buy another rod from Willy at the beach
My Geeky Life (9 months ago)
Can you also make a little more advanced video of this also? Got sub from me!
Prince Peach (9 months ago)
My Geeky Life I have horrible vision. It is perfectly fine unless you aren't aware that you need reading glasses. If you can't see the stuff in handheld mode, get an eye test. I've been playing exclusively in handheld mode
sunsbookishgamesx (9 months ago)
My Geeky Life yes i need in depth
bigjobby11 (9 months ago)
Can anyone tell me how i tell what season it is on the switch, buggered if i can find it?
Star man04 (6 months ago)
You can tell in multiple ways, such as what crops are currently being sold, what items can be found on the ground, the colors of the area, or the songs that play. The colors are a light green in spring, darker green in summer, oranges and reds in fall/autumn, and white in winter.
Anthony Tan (9 months ago)
bigjobby11 look infront of the general store there is a calendar on what day it is and when the season ends
ZeLilHuntsman (9 months ago)
Another tip is to start work on the community center as soon as possible. If you miss a bundle, you’ll more than likely have to wait until the next year to get another chance to complete it.
Touch of Chaos (1 month ago)
Before all that you must slay the dragon though or it would all be for nothing.
Shikese (7 months ago)
Lilbigbomb Correction. He sends a letter after you read the alien text
ZeLilHuntsman (9 months ago)
msmith056 Certain items can be donated to the community center to complete different bundles. But in order to be able to do that, you have to talk to a wizard (as crazy as that sounds XD). He usually sends you a letter to come meet him the day after the community center is unlocked.
msmith056 (9 months ago)
Lilbigbomb I’m a newbie here👋🏾What do u have to do in the community center in order to work on it? I was confused when I was in there and just walked around
MrCoshly (9 months ago)
Invest in expensive seeds! CAULIFLOWERS ARE YOUR FRIEND
Nuki Howlter (6 months ago)
For spring, strawberries are the most valuable crop you can harvest but seems as if it’s year one, you can’t get strawberries until the egg festival on the 13th so cauliflower is the way to go until then. If you save up enough seeds for next years harvest, you can start off the season by planting strawberries on the first day.
Willemijn Wechstapel (9 months ago)
But maybe wait 'till you have harvested the 15 parsnips for farming level 1, so you can craft a scarecrow. You don't want your expensive cauliflower seeds ending up in the mouths of those anoying crows. :/
Shirt (9 months ago)
I did potatoes then strawberries stawberries are easily the best spring crop
MrCoshly (9 months ago)
Anthony Tan theres not really a wrong way to do it, just make sure you have a bit of variety, its just nice selling all your cauliflowers at the end of spring for a fat paycheck
Anthony Tan (9 months ago)
MrCoshly I thought bean stock is better if you plant early in the season. The stock keeps regrowing the plant doesn’t disappear after you harvest it stays the whole season
Gandalf the Black (9 months ago)
My advice is this: don't sell or get rid of wood or stone.
PrismaticSimmer (9 months ago)
Tip: upgrade all your tools in winter season.
Anthony Tan (9 months ago)
PrismaticSimmer eh I hear that from people but I still do it because some days I don’t need a pickaxe and I need that pickaxe during winter. My idea is just plan ahead and go fishing for the day or plan something else rainy days work too.
Conor Porteous (9 months ago)
The TV is your friend, check the weather channel if you're about to upgrade your watering can. If it's raining tomorrow, water your crops and turn in the can for upgrading, you'll not miss out on crop growth/paying out..and you get it back the day after the rain. Upgrading at the end of a month when you're not going to get another round of crops grown is also a great time to upgrade..
Nebuladark (9 months ago)
0:03 seconds in, darn sound was off back to 0:00, ''hello there lovely people'' ahhhh so much better :D
Nebuladark (9 months ago)
All tips I can stand behind since I did all of them haha great video Alex :D
AJ5025 (9 months ago)
The problem is that if the subscribe button is chopped into many pieces, I can't press it anymore... You've got to think about potential subscribers before saying these things Alex... 😉
Brian Frazier (9 months ago)
Buy enough strawberries during the egg festival in spring for the next spring the profit margin is one of the biggest and it is your only chance to buy them. You can plant them in year one but you get more harvests if you save them for year 2. ALWAYS HAVE STRAWBERRY SEEDS, and don't ignore the community center.
Thanks man this what i needed
RPG Waldorf Maker (9 months ago)
Another tip: all vegetables in the wrong season die immediatly, so crop them and study their grow time before the 28th day of the season!
fluffy tony (9 months ago)
thanks how do i get my stamina bar up?
Shirt (9 months ago)
it can get bigger if you complete certain tasks and get star drops
guuu881 (9 months ago)
Go to sleep and it will refill overnight. Alternatively, many foods can recover some stamina (any such food should specify how much stamina it recovers in its description).
Duffy Dood (9 months ago)
How much is this game on the switch?
goatmilkvodka (9 months ago)
Duffy Dood $17.99 AUD
scott hanna (9 months ago)
Duffy Dood 14.99 usd
jolly joshy (9 months ago)
Once I found a dwarves book in those beach worms
Joeynator3000 (9 months ago)
...This game just makes me wish that the Rune Factory series could continue. TwT
Mirage Gaocariomon (9 months ago)
Seconded. I love the RF series. I still play RF4 to this day (Just finally unlocked Venti as a battle partner and got the New Game + feature).
Mangaki_321 (9 months ago)
me too. love those games

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