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The Crew Online (Xbox One) | 450+bhp Cars, Cruise, 1/4 Mile Drag Racing & More

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My voice isn't in this one because my editing software kept crashing every time I tried editing it in :/. Discovered a pretty cool track on The Crew and did some runs with a friend. Brought out my 2010 Camaro SS & 2012 Challenger SRT8. Hope y'all enjoyed the video if y'all are trying to play add me GT: SpecAgent BEN GT: SpecAgent BEN Instagram : http://instagram.com/specagentproduction Twitter : https://twitter.com/SpecAgentBEN Facebook : http://tinyurl.com/ojq57eb Twitch : http://tinyurl.com/knuju3b Become A YouTube Partner! : http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=8zcr4qockmdxat
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Text Comments (37)
Carson Hlava (1 year ago)
Can I get a shoutout plz
they need to make a game where u can dirt drag bikes for Xbox one
10 100 (2 years ago)
Evan myers+ thanks
V12SLAMMED 2004 (2 years ago)
y they got the same rims
MaximusHD 302 (2 years ago)
Where is the drag strip?
stillrumone (2 years ago)
Nicke Fraser (2 years ago)
you talk?
Rickey Hilliard (3 years ago)
forza 5 forza horizon 2 quarter mile.....hit me up
Maverick Alpha (3 years ago)
Where is the drag strip ?
901louiezay Tv (3 years ago)
U suck
SininsteRT8 !! (3 years ago)
Add me i have the crew and lots of maxed out cars need people to race and cruise with smashin__laughin
Zieen (3 years ago)
What is the song please ?? 00:00
Matt Power (2 years ago)
let it be
Matthew Bustillos (3 years ago)
It's by Blackmill off the miracle album, not sure which song though.
Parental Advisory (3 years ago)
hi im probably gonna buy the crew in week 9:) if u want to play add "lmfz7" on xbox one
BeeGeeBeatz (3 years ago)
Looks like the steering is and physics of the game is not the greatest. Looks too arcadish for me. I play my gt6 over this any day. But this game does have really good sound and graphics
fluttershy289 (3 years ago)
And a map woth over 6000 miles of road on a smaller map of the USA with real cities and racetracks like leguna seca and sebring.
ReaL BsoM (3 years ago)
Ps4 Id ALMATHWR-2015
Justin Clark (3 years ago)
How the fuck do you get online
Tahj Ahmed (3 years ago)
The whole games online, you need to meet players to make a crew, then you can invite them to your game and you can have fun together😊
Eyan Stevenson (3 years ago)
Please I really need advice and cant decide on Crew or  Horizon 2? which do you prefer to play?
MX922_DYL (3 years ago)
Horizon 2 is deffinetly better, the crew is also fun but not as good overall.
iiambrandonn #916 (3 years ago)
I am on PS4 but I say get Forza Horizon 2, but I haven't played any of those two yet so don't take my word.
Tahj Ahmed (3 years ago)
But crew has alot more exploration.. I mean alot like its the whole US... and its acually real places too... Unlike horizon 2 fake europe places... Has way more customization, it acually has a real story line, and its just more fun in general, so get crew, but it make some time to get used to the handling model, its a bit wierd when you first play it.😊
Tom North (3 years ago)
Get forza horizon 2 its awesome!!
Jamie Marshall (3 years ago)
Will u add me on xbox one
Wanderson (3 years ago)
Patrick Patterson (3 years ago)
Add me SneakyBandit09
Devion Tube (3 years ago)
My gt for Xbox one is DiluteSpider414 please friend me in January I'm gonna start playing the crew I have gta 5 I have forza 5 and more I'm gettin lots of games for Christmas
Bob mc bob (3 years ago)
Hey am I able to be in your next Gta v online Xbox 360 car meet please it would be awsome man keep up the good work
LowMedia (3 years ago)
Special thanks to me for calling goes or na lol
Patrick Patterson (3 years ago)
+SpecAgentProduction can you add me SneakyBandit09
SpecAgentProduction (3 years ago)
Of course broham lol
YourBoySwift (3 years ago)
Can you do a forza horizon 2 meet up on 360
AquaAscari (3 years ago)
I think a cool idea would be a track day since they actually have real race tracks.
SpecAgentProduction (3 years ago)
Yeah there's a couple ideas I had in mind lol
Austin Greene (3 years ago)
Bitch you guessed it ! And yous right

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