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Disgaea Refine A Remake New Story Trailer ( Upcoming RPG Tactics Nintendo Switch Game 2018 )

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The New Story Trailer of Disgaea Refine A Remake . Enjoy and Please subscribe == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == and like to support me
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Text Comments (79)
Antonio7vLeL (8 days ago)
hay poco esfuerzo en esto estan reciclando los de por si pobres scenarios de la version PC lo unico nuevo (aparentemente) son los sprites de los personajes, que parecen como cortados del 5 o el D2 :/
felipe dias (14 days ago)
Itsabler lisis (3 months ago)
Pancak3 (3 months ago)
NIS Didn learn? Really? After being completelly assholes about the release of Disgaea 5 on pc. They need to stop putting thing on their asses and do things right.
AHK Al-Kaabi (3 months ago)
Cash grab!?
keiharris332 (3 months ago)
Looks like all the other games... Even the same team attacks.
CrazyGamer19851 (3 months ago)
is this just a remaster?
Shearman TheWeeb (3 months ago)
Remake not remaster
DEVIANT KNIGHT (3 months ago)
you know i love the game i however hate grinding to lvl 9999 thats just stupid
Itsabler lisis (3 months ago)
Itsabler lisis (3 months ago)
9999 is op tho so it's worth it
Neko Medic (3 months ago)
"obligatory laharl confirmed for smash comment"
Andrew Thomas (3 months ago)
Say what you want but Riding a meteor into enemies never looked so awesome
Wite Elric Laxus (3 months ago)
Its basically the same I wish they would add Rozalin , Adell and Zetta as Playable atleast
Wite Elric Laxus (3 months ago)
Self-aware Analytic I played the PSP ver as a kid and Played on the PPSSPP emulator now as a teen and was sad when I couldnt use Adell Rozalin and Zette after preparing , making a strategy to beat em haha. I didnt grind for a legendary Rank 39 or 40 Item haha just a Normal Cosmic Blade was nuff and the super support also known as Priere and a secondary damage with Marjoly haha
Self-aware Analytic (3 months ago)
Wite Elric Laxus the DS version has Rosalind and Adell in it. I grew up with the DS version.
Personalitythief (3 months ago)
but what about steam edition ? :(
ZeroTheHeartlessKing (3 months ago)
it's more of steam has disgaea 1 but it's the old port while switch/ps4 is getting the refined version even tho NIS said the PC will get this one as well as a update
Neptune Planeptune (3 months ago)
Not ewrione has Steam.
Jonathan Irizarry (3 months ago)
How many remakes they going to make? Give me 6 you milking assholes!
Red John (3 months ago)
Werde es direkt kaufen!!! Ich liebe Disgaea mit seinem komplexen kampfsystem und den echt lustigen Charakteren 😁 Auch wenn es leider wieder nur auf Englisch ist 🤔 egal..... Disgaea for the WIN 😍😎
Smug Sneasel (3 months ago)
I already have Disgaea 1 HD on Steam. Unless you give me something new with this, like a grand other story, Nippon Ichi, then I see no reason to even think about getting this.
TemhotaTech (3 months ago)
I'll buy because I love Disgaea, but honestly I think they should stop remaking this game, and try focusing on Disgaea 6.
Amirul Faisal (3 months ago)
Neptune Planeptune lol what a bullshit excuse. dont want to play the game on PC just because you hate to play on PC? wow i bet youre one of those shitheads who rather buy a 60$ release port instead of a more cheaper version on steam. also you dont have a PC or any other older consoles but yet you have a switch that is much more expensive compared to other consoles today? stfu
Neptune Planeptune (3 months ago)
I am note Broke but i dont wasting over 100 Euro for ONE Stupid Game that has HORRIBLE Aged. And i newer said i speak for them. I said my one oppinion about it.
blazingzero (3 months ago)
Like I said no one cares. It's not our fault you're broke. You don't speak for the majority of new players. Go complain somewhere else.
Neptune Planeptune (3 months ago)
I dont buy a Console for only ONE Game. Also i live in a Land were the Game was NEVER released so wathever i doo i have to pay Much to get it. But with the Sxitch Version i can buy it without Problem and play it also were and when i want. For me its Perfect.
blazingzero (3 months ago)
You sound retarded. D1 has been remade plenty of times on many consoles. If you have no console to play it then that sounds like a personal problem. MOST players have a console they can play this on, don't expect ppl to sympathize with you because you're broke.
Awakening of Lite (3 months ago)
I really hope it's not just updated graphics and gameplay. So many more people would buy it if they made it a mini collection like making this with D2 or Disgaea 2.
Alexis Guillen (3 months ago)
Dam I have to fix my ps4 so I can play disgaeas again.
levintine777 (3 months ago)
So this is just disgaea 1 but with D4 graphic? No thanks
Neptune Planeptune (3 months ago)
I say yes thank because i cant Play Disgaea 1
Jojo Stark (3 months ago)
Lazy shit. Hard pass
GrimAngelAkum (3 months ago)
Whai don' t make new story!!!!!??? We neeeeddddd new storyyy, not old stor! A have this games ps1 and psp x.x
Wolfwood2057 (3 months ago)
Aren't there already like 6 Disgaea games and 1 direct sequel? I'm not sure this is a series to complain about a lackof sequels....
Neptune Planeptune (3 months ago)
And i have nether and are NOT able to play the original Game! So i am happy about this.
Flonne The Angel Trainee (3 months ago)
They got rid of galactic demons for rifle demons so they are doing things
Chuwi Kitten (3 months ago)
U have this on ps1 and PSP but I have this on Gameboy
Jojo Stark (3 months ago)
Is a really lazy port. They just adder modern sprites and thats it
Choiruddin Hamzah (3 months ago)
i see disgaea PC version..
TNTtheLEGEND (3 months ago)
Love this game, the remakes are ridiculous. None the less, I still preordered the collector's edition🤣
TNTtheLEGEND (3 months ago)
Besides, this looks like a true remaster.
Robert Bernard (3 months ago)
I bet people are gonna rip the hell outta this game and mod it into the PC version so that people can FINALLY get the HD PC remake they "deserve".
Korbo (3 months ago)
I'll be waiting for that
xdxwills (3 months ago)
I am going to buy a switch now...
xdxwills (3 months ago)
yeah I just wish it was on steam like Disgaea 1 and 2.
TNTtheLEGEND (3 months ago)
xdxwills comes out in ps4 too
AyaneOfDeath (3 months ago)
Tell me what you want, this is lazy.
millgiass (2 months ago)
Of course you can beat the game with one person if you're a weirdo who likes to grind on ridiculously low exp guys non stop. You definitely can't beat the game with one character without grinding of some sort.
SonofRiggnarok (2 months ago)
I may be wrong but... 1:16 the flail is different. XD To be honest I hope they made the enemies hard or something... If I can just beat the game with one dude again I'm gonna be upset. :/
GunsMcRoy (3 months ago)
Msg me if you'd like to game, Nep. :)
millgiass (3 months ago)
You can't really fuck up a Disgaea game because it's pretty controlled. And the first game is considered the one with the best story. So you're kinda comparing apples and oranges here.
Jahiem Young (3 months ago)
millgiass this is better than previous Sonic Games by Sega.
I hope this game has the kickass animations of Disgaea 5
Sprout Klauser (3 months ago)
Nope they just remastered this into HD version
Fortex (3 months ago)
sadly no

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